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SM029 : Lulled to La-La Land!
Sun & Moon series
SM031 : The Island Whisperer!
The Ol' Raise and Switch!
SM030   EP969
Lilie, Take Good Care of Pikachu
First broadcast
Japan June 15, 2017
United States September 9, 2017
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Sun
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター -20th Anniversary-
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 面出明美 Akemi Omode
Storyboard 神谷純 Jun Kamiya
Assistant director 渡辺正彦 Masahiko Watanabe
Animation directors 直井由紀 Yuki Naoi
夏目久仁彦 Kunihiko Natsume
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Ol' Raise and Switch! (Japanese: リーリエ、ピカチュウをかわいがってあげてね Lilie, Take Good Care of Pikachu) is the 30th episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 969th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on June 15, 2017 and in the United States on September 9, 2017.

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Professor Kukui has given the class an intriguing assignment: everyone switches Pokémon partners for the weekend! Each new pairing has a few bumps in the road at first—Snowy refuses to eat under Ash’s care, and Kiawe just doesn’t know how to handle a Water type like Popplio.

Soon, though, the temporary partners prove themselves to each other! After a successful battle, Lillie happily cuddles Pikachu. Ash and Snowy find their bond through training. Steenee’s soothing Sweet Scent helps Sophocles fall asleep. Togedemaru is a whiz at helping Mallow clean the restaurant, and Popplio pitches in at Kiawe’s farm while Lana and her sisters groom Turtonator to a sparkling shine!


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One day at the Pokémon School, Ash and his classmates watch as Pikachu, Steenee, Popplio and Togedemaru have a race around the classroom. The Pokémon race up the ladder with Pikachu in the lead, followed by Steenee in second place, Togedemaru in third and Popplio bringing up the rear. Ash, Mallow, Lana and Sophocles cheer their Pokémon on as they jump down onto the classroom floor as Togedemaru and Popplio catch up with Togedemaru but as they race around the tables, Togedemaru trips, causing Popplio and Steenee to fall as Pikachu reaches the finish and jumps into Ash's hand. Mallow, Lana and Sophocles praise the efforts that their Pokémon put in as Kiawe notes that Pikachu was at an advantage with speed. Professor Kukui arrives at that moment, noting how well everyone is doing with their Pokémon as the students greet him. Professor Kukui announces that today, they'll be trading their Pokémon partners, much to their horror. With everyone sitting at their tables, Mallow asks what Professor Kukui means by trading Pokémon, while Lana worries that this means Popplio will be leaving. Fortunately, Professor Kukui clarifies that they'll only be changing partners for a short period of time so that they will get to understand the natures of different Pokémon.

Reactions to Professor Kukui's announcement are varied. Ash thinks that this will be fun as Sophocles says this will give him a chance to gather data on non-Electric-types, but Lana isn't keen on being separated from Popplio. Meanwhile, Lillie notes that this will be a great opportunity as she wants to play with Pokémon other than Snowy, and Kiawe agrees that this will be a good idea. Professor Kukui brings out six sticks, saying there are two of them with the same color and the ones with the same color will trading their Pokémon with the other. Lillie and Ash have a red colored stick, so they will be trading Snowy and Pikachu. Lillie informs Snowy that they will be apart from each other for a while and tells it to listen to Ash. Rotom tells her not to worry about Snowy, as he has gathered all the data on Snowy's behavior and routines. Meanwhile, Mallow tells Sophocles to take care of Steenee while he checks that Togedemaru will be fine without him. Kiawe checks with Lana that her sisters are at home and thinks they would be afraid of Turtonator; Lana tells him not to worry as she doesn't think they'll be afraid. Professor Kukui tells them that the trade starts from now until Monday and he is keen to see how they get along with their new partners.

Komala rings the bell, signalling the end of school. Kiawe and Popplio set off on Charizard, with Lana telling him to take care of Popplio. Kiawe promises that he will and likewise tells her to take care of Turtonator. They set off, with Kiawe telling Popplio to hold on tight whilst Lana hopes that Popplio will be alright. Meanwhile, Mallow informs Togedemaru that it is time for them to set off, while Sophocles tells Mallow to take care of Togedemaru. Lillie's limo driver arrives and opens the car for Pikachu, who jumps in. Ash tells Pikachu to try not to shock anyone by accident, then Lillie says she'll see him and Snowy on Monday. Lillie then attempts to enter the car but becomes nervous of Pikachu. Sensing why, Pikachu moves further along the seat as Lillie gets in, and her driver closes the door before driving off, with Ash waving goodbye while Snowy looks concerned. Later, Ash and Snowy arrive at Professor Kukui's house, where Ash calls out Rockruff and Litten before opening his backpack and waking Rowlet up. Rowlet rolls out of the bag and off the table, startling Snowy in the process. Ash proceeds to tell his Pokémon to be nice to Snowy.

At Lillie's mansion, Hobbes greets Lillie who informs him that they have a guest and is surprised to see Pikachu with her and inside whilst Pikachu eats macarons, Hobbes learns that Snowy was left with Ash and Lillie says that whilst she trusts Ash, she goes to approach Pikachu who turns towards her and startles her. Lillie tries again, reaching her hand out to Pikachu but when Pikachu becomes happy, Lillie is startled once more as she tries to pluck up the courage to touch Pikachu without Snowy, she becomes determined knowing that is Snowy can do it, so can Pikachu. In the garden, a collection of Pokémon are playing and they are joined by Pikachu and Lillie who tells Pikachu that it can play as much as it wants and soon Pikachu is playing with Petilil and Bonsly whilst Lillie makes notes, having decided to start with observation which Hobbes says is the first step to becoming friends. Lillie notices that Pikachu is agile and curious.

At the Aina's Kitchen, Abe puts a plate of food out ready for Mallow to serve to the customers as Togedemaru looks at the food she has just served, the customers note that Togedemaru is cute and invites Togedemaru to play with them which Togedemaru accepts as other customers invite Togedemaru to play as well, Togedemaru becomes excited at the others and begins to roll around in a ball, causing trouble by knocking over customers and tables as Mallow tells Togedemaru that it can't play in the restaurant before getting knocked over as Togedemaru lands on her knees as Abe notes that Togedemaru is quite hectic. Outside Sophocles' house, Sophocles has placed Steenee on the big wheel and attached a device to Steenee's head for research and asks Steenee to try and run but Steenee doesn't understand so Sophocles so he sets the wheel moving which causes Steenee to start walking before jumping off the wheel and goes towards the flowers as Sophocles notes that it would be easier if Togedemaru was here. At Lana's house, Harper and Sarah are overjoyed at seeing Turtonator as Lana tells them to be careful and not to do anything bad to Turtonator which they promise. Down at Kiawe's family farm, Kiawe has a handful of hay which he sets down before looking at Popplio who looks back at him as he wonders what to do as he isn't good with Water-type Pokémon as Mimo runs over to Popplio, inviting it to play with her as Kiawe suggests she goes to get some Moomoo Milk and take it with Popplio and they leave. As night falls at Professor Kukui's house, Ash tries to get Snowy to come over to him but Snowy walks off but as Ash tries again, Snowy freezes him with Powder Snow as Rotom notes that communicating with Snowy isn't easy as Snowy walks over and lies down next to a sleeping Litten as Professor Kukui informs them that dinner is ready. Ash collects four bowls of food and gives them to Rowlet, Litten, Rockruff and Snowy but Snowy isn't interested which finds strange as this is Snowy's favorite food as Professor Kukui places a plate of food for himself and Ash on the table.

That night, Sophocles is having trouble sleeping and despite his attempts, he finds it impossible without Togedemaru to provide him with a light as Steenee sensing his problem hops into bed with him and releases its Sweet Scent which helps put Sophocles to sleep. The next day at the Aina's Kitchen, Mallow is cleaning the windows but falls when Togedemaru, rolling around in a ball knocks into her but Mallow asks Togedemaru to stay still for a bit but Togedemaru continues rolling around in a ball, knocking into a mop and bucket, becoming all wet and getting wipes stuck on its spikes. Frightened, Togedemaru continues rolling around in a ball around the restaurant leaving the floor all sparkling and clean as Mallow realizing that this way is quicker tells Togedemaru to continue cleaning until it is complete and that once they're finished, they can enjoy breakfast. On the farm, Kiawe is calling a milk churn when Popplio bounces up behind him wanting to play but Kiawe is busy as Mimo rushes up, informing him that the Tauros are fighting and they rush over to where the Tauros are fighting whilst two Miltank watch, frightened by the Tauros.

Mimo asks Kiawe what they should do as Kiawe goes to have Turtonator stop them before realizing that he doesn't have Turtonator with him as Popplio approaches the Tauros as Kiawe warns Popplio to be careful but Popplio releases one of its balloons which splashes the Tauros as Kiawe realizes that Popplio is helping him which Popplio confirms. Getting the idea, Kiawe has Popplio create a bigger balloon before releasing it as it floats into the air above the Tauros before popping, splashing them with water, calming them down as Kiawe tells Mimo that they will calm down more once they bathe them and has Popplio use Bubble Beam gently on the Tauros which Popplio does and Mimo and Kiawe start to give them a scrub. Outside Lana's house, Harper and Sarah are jumping on Turtonator's back, excited by Turtonator's size as Lana warns them not to touch Turtonator's spikes but the spikes are quickly touched, causing it to explode, covering Harper and Sarah with ash but they are still excited as Lana apologizes to Turtonator for her sisters' actions before getting a brush out, allowing her to scrub Turtonator's back without touching the spikes which excites Harper and Sarah who come to help out as well and working together, they wash Turtonator's back.

At Professor Kukui's house, Snowy is sleeping as Ash notices that Snowy still hasn't eaten and suggests that they all go for a walk as Lillie mentioned that Snowy enjoys going for a walk which leads Snowy to become interested as Litten and Rockruff join them and they head out for a walk with Rotom joining them. They walk to the Marketplace where they meet the Old lady who is pleased to see Litten doing well and offers them the berries that Litten enjoys so much and invites Rowlet and Rockruff to join in which they do as Rotom notes the fruit is full of nutrients and the Old lady encourages Snowy to join them saying that the fruit is made to share with others. Litten grabs a berry and takes it over to Snowy and Snowy, after looking at Ash, the Old Lady, Rockruff, Rowlet and Litten starts to eat the berry, with Ash's encouragement.

Heading down to the beach, Ash tells Snowy that they always train together and asks if Snowy wants to try as well which it does so Ash has Litten use Ember which hits nearby rocks as Ash mentions to Snowy that training relieves stress and to have a go as well and he tells Snowy that it is something else, Snowy uses Powder Snow on the rocks, freezing the rock and waves which Ash finds amazing and tells Snowy that it can become stronger and surprise Lillie and they continue their training. At Lillie's mansion, Lillie passes Pikachu a bowl of food to eat but when Pikachu approaches the bowl, Lillie becomes scared but apologizes saying that she got nervous because she wanted to become friends with Pikachu and wonders how Ash managed to succeed in befriending Pikachu and remembers seeing Ash have Pikachu use Quick Attack. Outside on the battlefield, Lillie tells Hobbes not to hold back who asks Lillie if she is sure about going through with this as Lillie asks Pikachu to battle with her as she notes that Ash and Pikachu are coordinated in battle so must have a lot of confidence and knows that she can get the chance to experience the feeling with this battle.

With Hobbes ready to battle with Oricorio, Lillie tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack which it does but Hobbes tells Oricorio to dodge it which it does before using Revelation Dance which hits Pikachu before using Teeter Dance as Lillie calls to Pikachu not to look at the dance but Pikachu becomes confused as Hobbes orders a Double Slap which hits Pikachu as Lillie becomes worried as Hobbes orders another Double Slap which sends Pikachu flying. Lillie asks Pikachu if it can still continue which Pikachu can and remembers that the key to battling is the trust between trainer and Pokémon and realizes if she doesn't have trust of confidence, then Pikachu will lose and knows that as Pikachu's partner right now, she'll have to give it her all but despite having doubts won't give in so easily and Pikachu shows that it trusts Lillie so Lillie orders another Quick Attack which hits Oricorio who tried to dodge it as Lillie notes that Pikachu's speed makes dodging hard before ordering a Thunderbolt which hits Oricorio, knocking it out. Lillie is stunned that they won and becomes excited and runs towards Pikachu and hugs it, saying she has had a great time with Pikachu before they both realize that Lillie is actually touching Pikachu and they continue their hug which causes Hobbes to cry slightly at the sight.

At school, the trainers are reunited with their Pokémon and Mallow really missed Steenee which surprises Sophocles as it was only for a few days but Mallow guesses he felt the same about Togedemaru which Sophocles admits before noticing Togedemaru brushing itself against Mallow's legs as Mallow notes that Togedemaru really liked the food from her restaurant, much to Sophocles' embarrassment as Kiawe sees that Turtonator's shell is much brighter as Lana informs him that Harper and Sarah cleaned it a lot. Professor Kukui notes that from trading partners, they really learnt a lot as Sophocles says that it was a great idea and he reproduced Steenee's aroma and used it for his Malasada's which makes it delicious. As the class help themselves to the Malasada, Mallow asks Lillie if she managed to become Pikachu's friend and she shows them she did by having Pikachu climb onto her body and everyone is pleased that she managed to do it as Professor Kukui tells her to keep pushing herself and she says that one step at a time, she'll manage to touch more and more Pokémon as Professor Kukui asks how Ash did with Snowy who says that he trained with Snowy and asks Lillie for a battle where he'll use Snowy and she'll use Pikachu. Outside on the school's battlefield, they prepare to have their battle and they start it.

Major events

  • Lillie becomes able to touch Pikachu.
  • Ash battles Lillie, although the end result is left unknown.
For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Bonsly (US and international), Steenee (Japan)



  • When Lillie gets scared when she tries to touch Pikachu, Pikachu is shown eating using his right paw, but in the next shot, he is shown eating using his left.

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SM029 : Lulled to La-La Land!
Sun & Moon series
SM031 : The Island Whisperer!
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