Wela Fire Festival

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The Wela Fire Festival

The Wela Fire Festival (Japanese: ヴェラの火祭り Wela Fire Festival) is an annual festival that has been celebrated by the citizens of Akala Island and Fire-type enthusiasts alike for over a century. It takes place at a shrine on Wela Volcano.

The reigning Akala island kahuna is responsible for hosting the event. The kahuna presents all of the attendants' Fire Pokémon with the legendary Wela Crown (Japanese: ヴェラの冠 Crown of Wela), an item made from cooled lava that is said to boost a Fire Pokémon's powers. The festival celebrates the power of Wela Volcano and honors it for giving Akala Island its nutrient-rich volcanic soil.

The Wela Crown

In A Crowning Moment of Truth!, during the festival, an Alolan Marowak stole the Wela Crown from Olivia's hands. Kiawe and his friends gave chase, and the following day, Kiawe used his Turtonator to defeat Marowak in battle. Marowak then handed Kiawe the Wela Crown and agreed to join his team. With the Wela Crown returned, Olivia continued the festival, and she went on to place the crown on Marowak, as well as Ash's Pikachu and Litten.

Kiawe first attended the festival with his grandfather, who was a previous Akala island kahuna, and he continues to go to the event. A year before A Crowning Moment of Truth!, Kiawe had his Turtonator crowned by Olivia.

In other languages

Wela Fire Festival

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Wela Ildfestival
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Wela Vuur Festival
Finland Flag.png Finnish Welan tulifestivaali
France Flag.png French Festival du Feu de Wela
Germany Flag.png German Wela-Feuer-Festival
Italy Flag.png Italian Festa del fuoco di Wela
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Wela ildfestival
Poland Flag.png Polish Festiwal Ognia Weli
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Festival do Fogo de Wela
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Festival do Fogo Wela
Russia Flag.png Russian Огонь Велы Ogon' Vely
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Festival del Fuego Wela
Spain Flag.png Spain Festival del Fuego del Wela
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Wela Eld Festivalen

Wela Crown

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Wela Kroon
Finland Flag.png Finnish Wela-kruunun
France Flag.png French Couronne de Wela
Germany Flag.png German Wela-Krone
Italy Flag.png Italian Corona di Wela
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Coroa de Wela (anime)
Coroa Wela (SM034 blurb*)
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Coroa Wela
Spain Flag.png Spanish Corona Wela
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Wela-kronan

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