Treasure Island

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Treasure Island
たから島 Treasure Island
Treasure Island.png
Treasure Island
Region Alola
Debut Partner Promises!

Treasure Island (Japanese: たから島 Treasure Island) is an anime-exclusive island in the Alola region. It is located near Melemele Island and is uninhabited by humans; however, it is home to many wild Pokémon.

Treasure Island was visited by Ash and his Pikachu in Partner Promises! following the recommendation of a saleswoman, who mentions that the island is full of wild Pokémon as well as materials to help make accessories for her shop. Ash and Pikachu spend most of the day there, where they played with the local Pokémon and helped a Wimpod that was lost and separated from its group. It was also where they spotted the spirit guardian of Akala Island, Tapu Lele, for the first time.

It appeared in a flashback in The Island Whisperer!, when Ash remembered seeing Tapu Lele.

It reappeared in Alola, Alola!, when Ash took his classmates there along with Misty, who was visiting the region, while riding on some Poké Ride Mantine.

Pokémon seen on Treasure Island

Treasure Island Crabrawler.png
Crabrawler (multiple)
Treasure Island Cutiefly.png
Cutiefly (multiple)
Treasure Island Ribombee Cutiefly.png
Ribombee (×2)
Treasure Island Cutiefly Ribombee Butterfree Comfey.png
Treasure Island Cutiefly Comfey.png
Comfey (×2)
Treasure Island Alolan Exeggutor.png
Alolan Exeggutor (multiple)
Treasure Island Wimpod.png
Wimpod (multiple)
Treasure Island Wingull.png
Wingull (×3)
Treasure Island Pikipek.png
Treasure Island Spinarak.png
Spinarak (×2)
Treasure Island Ledian.png
Ledian (×5)

Previously seen

Tapu Lele anime.png
Tapu Lele

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 寶物島 Bǎowù Dǎo
Denmark Flag.png Danish Skatteøen
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Treasure Eiland
Finland Flag.png Finnish Aarresaari
France Flag.png French Île au Trésor
Germany Flag.png German Schatzinsel
Italy Flag.png Italian Isola del tesoro
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Treasure Island
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyspa Skarbów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ilha do Tesouro
Spain Flag.png Spanish Isla del Tesoro
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Skattkammarön

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