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Paniola Ranch オハナ牧場
Ohana Ranch
"Welcome to Moomoo Paddock!"
Paniola Ranch SM.png
Map description: The ranch managed together by the people and Pokémon living in Paniola Town.
Location: North of Paniola Town
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Paniola Ranch Map.png
Location of Paniola Ranch in Alola.
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Paniola Ranch (Japanese: オハナ牧場 Ohana Ranch) is a location on Akala Island in Alola, located north of Paniola Town. It connects to Route 5 to the north and Route 6 to the south. The Pokémon Nursery is located here.


Paniola Ranch is made up of fenced-in pastures meant for tending farmland Pokémon such as Tauros and Miltank. A single pathway runs from Paniola Town through a maze of tall grass and ramps to a three-way junction that diverges into the north and south, leading to Routes 5 and 6 respectively.

Places of interest

Pokémon Nursery

Main article: Pokémon Nursery

The Pokémon Nursery is located near the junction at the eastern end of the ranch. Similar to the Pokémon Day Cares found in other regions, the player may leave two Pokémon in the Nursery to produce Pokémon Eggs. Unlike the Day Cares, however, Pokémon that are left here will not level up, and the cost for retrieving a Pokémon is always PokémonDollar.png500.


Item Location Games
508MS.png Stoutland Search From Mallow in the Moomoo Paddock  S  M 
Moomoo Milk VI Moomoo Milk East of the bench on the north side of Moomoo Paddock (hidden)  S  M 
Scope Lens Scope Lens From Pokémon Breeder Wesley, after defeating him in the battle that the player agrees to have with the aggressive Tauros  S  M 
Fresh Water Fresh Water North of the two Tauros drinking from the pool of water, in Moomoo Paddock (hidden)  S  M 
Repel Repel East of the pair of hay bales on the south side of Moomoo Paddock (hidden)  S  M 
Super Repel Super Repel In the center of the grass field in the southwest corner of the eastern paddock (hidden)  S  M 
Soda Pop Soda Pop North of the Trainer Tips sign in the paddock east of the pathway to Paniola Town, inside the grass field (hidden)  S  M 
Ether Ether In the southwest corner of the paddock east of the pathway to Paniola Town  S  M 
TM Normal VI TM10 (Hidden Power) From a woman in the Pokémon Nursery  S  M 
Oval Stone Oval Stone Next to the spade in the fenced area full of hay bales opposite the Pokémon Nursery (hidden)  S  M 
Amulet Coin VI Amulet Coin Behind the truck to the east of the Pokémon Nursery  S  M 
Big Mushroom Big Mushroom In the center of the grass field southeast of the Pokémon Nursery (hidden)  S  M 
Heal Ball Heal Ball Opposite the grass field southeast of the Pokémon Nursery  S  M 
Mystic Water Mystic Water From the kid for scaring off the Sudowoodo (requires Waterium Z)  S  M 

Zygarde Cube

Item Location Games
Key Zygarde Cell Sprite.png Zygarde Cell In the northwest corner of the paddock with the rampsNight  S  M 
Key Zygarde Cell Sprite.png Zygarde Cell North of the sign in the paddock with the rampsDay  S  M 


A woman at the Pokémon Nursery will give the player an Egg containing an Eevee.

  Pokémon     Allies     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
128 Tauros
128 Tauros
241 Miltank
Grass Grass
12-15 5%
241 Miltank
241 Miltank
128 Tauros
Grass Grass
12-15 5%
506 Lillipup
506MS.png Lillipup S M
Grass Grass
12-15 40%
749 Mudbray
749MS.png Mudbray S M
Grass Grass
12-15 50%
Gift Pokémon
133 Eevee
Egg Egg
1 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Trainer Pokémon
Madame Elizabeth
Madame Elizabeth
ミツエ Mitsue
Reward: PokémonDollar.png3,000
703 Carbink Lv.15
No item
Pokémon Breeder Wesley
Pokémon Breeder Wesley
トモユキ Tomoyuki
Reward: PokémonDollar.png600
128 Tauros Lv.15
No item
Pokémon Breeder Glenn
Pokémon Breeder Glenn
マサオ Masao
Reward: PokémonDollar.png600
749 Mudbray Lv.15
No item
Gentleman Gerald
Gentleman Gerald
ゲンゾウ Genzō
Reward: PokémonDollar.png3,000
302 Sableye Lv.15
No item
Pokémon Breeder Amanda
Pokémon Breeder Amanda
ミチル Michiru
Reward: PokémonDollar.png600
506 Lillipup Lv.14
No item
058 Growlithe Lv.15
No item

In the anime

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Paniola Ranch first appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, where it was revealed to belong to Kiawe's family. It was also revealed that Kiawe delivers Moomoo Milk products the ranch produces for people across Alola with his Charizard, sometimes even before coming to the Pokémon School in the morning. Ash visited the ranch, helping Kiawe and his family in their farm chores.

In The Ol' Raise and Switch!, Kiawe took Lana's Popplio to his ranch as part of a school project, where his class temporarily traded their partners. Although Kiawe at first had trouble figuring out what to do with Popplio, it eventually proved its usefulness by calming down a pair of fighting Tauros.

The ranch reappeared in Big Sky, Small Fry!, where Kiawe visited it with Mallow, Sophocles and Lillie, who wanted to try out its various Moomoo Milk products, including cheese and ice cream, during their class's stay at Akala Island.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 歐哈納牧場 Āuhānaahp Muhkchèuhng
Mandarin 歐哈納牧場 / 欧哈纳牧场 Ōuhānà Mùchǎng
France Flag.png French Ranch Ohana
Germany Flag.png German Ohana-Farm
Italy Flag.png Italian Fattoria Ohana
South Korea Flag.png Korean 오하나목장 Ohana Mokjang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rancho Ohana

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