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A poster advertising the Pancake Race

The Pokémon Pancake Race (Japanese: ポケモンパンケーキレース Pokémon Pancake Race) is an anime-exclusive pancake day competition that is held annually on Melemele Island. It was featured in Racing to a Big Event!. The competition is a relay race that involves Trainers and one of their Pokémon carrying a plate stacked with several Alola pancakes around the border of Melemele Island. The race is hosted by Anna.


Meowth and Wobbuffet disguised as a Bewear

Only real Pokémon can compete in the race. There are three sections to the race. In the first section, Trainers must carry a stack of pancakes towards the first stop on the race. At the first stop, the Trainers give their pancakes to their Pokémon to hold, which are in a wagon, for the Trainers to carry towards the second and final stop. On the next stop, each Pokémon takes the pancakes and races towards the finish line and the first one to cross the line is declared the winner.

Trainers and Pokémon who drop their pancakes are eliminated from the competition. During the race, Pokémon cannot use any moves, being disqualified if they do so. The winner receives an all-you-can-eat supply of Alola pancakes for a full year.

During the competition, Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles were eliminated for dropping the pancakes, while Kiawe did not finish the race due to Turtonator being too heavy for him to carry in the second section. Jessie and James were also disqualified; the former due to Mimikyu using Shadow Ball and the latter for competing with Meowth and Wobbuffet disguised as a Bewear, which was exposed by a real Bewear. Ash tied with Nina, the winner of the previous year's competition, as his Pikachu and her Alolan Raichu reached the finish line at the same time, while Samson Oak was declared the big winner together with his Komala.

Known competitors

Trainer Place
Samson Winner
Ash Runner-up (tie)
Nina Runner-up (tie)
Kiawe DNF
James Disqualified
Lana Eliminated
Jessie Disqualified
Mallow Eliminated
Sophocles Eliminated

Pokémon used in the Pokémon Pancake Race

Ash Ketchum

Ash Pikachu.png


Lana Popplio.png


Kiawe Turtonator.png


Sophocles Togedemaru.png


Mallow Bounsweet.png

Samson Oak

Samson Komala.png


Jessie Mimikyu.png


Meowth Team Rocket.png
Jessie Wobbuffet.png


Nina Raichu.png

Other competitors

Pokémon Pancake Race Machop.png
Machop (×2)
Pokémon Pancake Race Pinsir Growlithe Sudowoodo Herdier.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Raticate Munchlax.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Raticate Munchlax.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Riolu Espeon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Pinsir Growlithe Sudowoodo Herdier.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Pinsir Growlithe Sudowoodo Herdier.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Pinsir Growlithe Sudowoodo Herdier.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Various Pokémon.png
Pokémon Pancake Race Riolu Espeon.png

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 寶可夢鬆餅競跑 Pokémon Sōngbǐng Jìngpǎo
Denmark Flag.png Danish Pokémon-pandekageløbet
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Pokémon Pannenkoek Race
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-lettukisa
France Flag.png French Course Pokémon des Pancakes
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Pfannkuchen-Rennen
Italy Flag.png Italian Corsa Pokémon di frittelle
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Pokémon-pannekakeløpet
Poland Flag.png Polish Naleśnikowy Wyścig Pokémonów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Corrida de Panquecas do Pokémon (SM017)
Corrida de Panquecas Pokémon (SM013)
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Det Stora Pannkaksloppet

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