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Below is a timeline of events in the history of the Pokémon world, primarily those established in the canon of the Pokémon games, since these tend to also apply to other forms of canon. There is also a separate timeline of events for the anime series as well as one for Pokémon Adventures, both of which differ from that of the games.

There are many stories and legends surrounding the history of the Pokémon world. It is not entirely clear if these legends are true or not, but there are many hints in the series that suggest that they are.

Please note that the below timeline is based on both speculation and confirmed information from different aspects of the Pokémon franchise.


The clash between Groudon and Kyogre as depicted in ancient paintings

Beginning of the universe

This information is based primarily on the mythology of both the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions.

  • In a vortex of complete chaos and nothingness, a single Egg comes into being, which then hatches into Arceus, the first Pokémon in existence. Arceus then creates Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, giving them power over time, space, and antimatter respectively. Giratina, as punishment for its destructive nature, is sent by Arceus to live in the Distortion World. Dialga and Palkia then succeed in creating the universe and Pokémon world and retreat into their own dimensions afterwards, with a point of access being at the ancient Spear Pillar in Sinnoh.
  • Kyogre is formed by the pressure in the deep sea trenches, Groudon is formed deep inside the Earth, likely from hardened magma and earth, and Rayquaza is formed by the minerals of the ozone layer. Rayquaza proceeds to fly around in the ozone layer, occasionally coming to rest at Sky Pillar.
  • Kyogre and Groudon then proceed to fill the sea and create land, respectively. A chance meeting turns the two into rivals, and a conflict for dominance over the Pokémon world begins. This battle continues until Rayquaza quells it, causing Kyogre and Groudon to retreat to special caverns, where they rest until the events of Generation III many years later. The Red and Blue Orbs are created to prevent the reawakening of Kyogre and Groudon, and are left at Mt. Pyre for safekeeping. At this time, Mew may have been plentiful and lived in large numbers.
  • The Sinnoh region is created around Mt. Coronet. During this violent procedure, Stark Mountain is created due to shifts in the crust of the world and Heatran is formed in a pool of lava. Arceus creates the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs before falling into a deep slumber.


This information is based primarily on the study of Fossils and other archaeological remains. Some of this information is also based on scientific research.

Millions of years before Generation I:

  • The earliest known prehistoric Pokémon existed at this time. It is possible that the Mew population may have decreased at this stage, as they slowly gave way to other Pokémon species. The first humans also appeared around this time.
  • Anorith is stated to have existed in primordial seas, with its eight legs at some point developing into its known eight wings.
  • 300 million years ago: An ancient version of Genesect was born. Kabuto and Kabutops lived in the sea.
    • Team Plasma later used Genesect's DNA to create an infinitely stronger version of it with cybernetic technology.
  • An unspecified hundreds of millions of years ago: Carbink begins its undisturbed underground sleep after its birth. It was born from deep underground temperatures and pressures.
  • Relicanth is said to have remained unchanged for over 100 million years.
  • 20,000 years ago:
    • A meteorite containing Eternatus fell in the Galar region.
    • The first Claydol was brought to life from a clay doll.
  • 10,000 years ago: During the last Ice Age, the Mamoswine population flourished, then decreased when the Ice Age ended.
  • At some point in the distant past, the Magikarp population mutates due to unknown reasons and becomes weaker.
  • At some point after the Iron Age, Regigigas is sealed away in the Snowpoint Temple, and Regirock, Regice and Registeel are sealed away at various points across the Hoenn region after years of human worship.

3,000 years before Generation V:

3,000 years before Generation VI:

AZ and the ultimate weapon

3,000 years before Generation VIII:

2,500 years before Generation V:

2,000 years before Generation V:

  • Conkeldurr is said to have taught humans how to make concrete using centrifugal force.

2,000 years before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

  • Hoenn is plagued by meteor showers. A meteor turns the homeplace of the Draconid people into Meteor Falls.
  • The world overflowed with natural energy which Groudon and Kyogre, in their primal forms, fought over. They ravaged the earth and were only calmed by Rayquaza after the Draconid people summoned it using a wish on a meteor at Meteor Falls. The people of Hoenn begin to revere Rayquaza as a savior.

1,500 years before Generation I:

  • The earliest known system for writing is developed and used at the Ruins of Alph, Tanoby Ruins, and Solaceon Ruins. Archaeologists are currently unsure whether the nearly identical Unown preceded or succeeded the writing system, but it is assumed they share some sort of connection.
  • The Farfetch'd population decreases due to overhunting.

1,000 years before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

  • A thousand years after the events at Meteor Falls, a meteor struck Hoenn, creating Sootopolis City. Groudon and Kyogre reawakened to fight over the wellspring of primal energy which came from it. The people of Hoenn wished on Rayquaza to save them, and using the meteor, Rayquaza performed the world's first Mega Evolution and calmed the two. Sky Pillar was built in Rayquaza's honour, and the Draconid people promised to pass down the prophecy that in 1,000 years the meteor would return - causing the events of the Delta Episode.

800 years before X and Y:

  • Xerneas released life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to a forest, where it went to sleep in the form of a tree.
  • Yveltal absorbed life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to the mountains, where it went to sleep in the form of a cocoon.

Recent history

This information is based on historic records.

Ecruteak City

Hundreds of years before Generation I:

Hundreds of years before Generation II:

  • The Sinjoh Ruins were built by two groups of people, from Sinnoh and Johto's Ruins of Alph. The site's architecture expresses a fusion of the two group's ideas and mythology.

c. 700 years before Generation I:

c. 500 years before Generation I:

c. 400 years before Generation I:

  • Azalea Town in Johto is struck by a long-term drought. After bringing the rain back once again by yawning, Slowpoke gains an honorable position in that town.
  • The Pokémon move Toxic is invented by a ninja.

c. 300 years before X and Y:

c. 200 years before Generation V:

c. 150 years before Generation I:

c. 100 years before Generation V:


c. 50 years before Generation V:

  • Elgyem is seen for the first time when it appeared from far in the desert.

c. 50 years before Generation VIII:

c. 40 years before Generation III:

  • Lunatone is seen for the first time in a crater.

c. 32 years before Generation VIII:

  • Mustard is dethroned as Champion of the Galar League after an 18-year long victory streak, and retires soon after.

Several decades before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:


20 years before Generation V:

  • N is born.

14 years before Generation V:

12 years before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

11 years before Generation I:

10 years before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

20 years before Sun and Moon:

  • The first Pokémon created by scientific engineering, Porygon, is created.

Less than 10 years before Generation I:

Contemporary history

From the Pokémon games:

Some years prior to Generation I:

  • A team of scientists discover a new Pokémon (at the time) deep in a jungle in Guyana, South America on July 5. They name the Pokémon Mew on July 10. Mewtwo, a clone of Mew, is born on February 6. Mewtwo escapes from and destroys Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Mansion on September 1 and then goes to Cerulean Cave.
  • Sabrina's Gym is declared the official Gym of Saffron City after a Pokémon battle between Sabrina and the leader of the Fighting Dojo.
  • Giratina returns to the Pokémon world.
  • The Battle Resort opens in Hoenn.
  • Goldenrod Radio Tower is torn down due to being old and creaky. During the process, the Radio Tower Director comes across the Clear Bell, which he keeps for the time being. A new Goldenrod Radio Tower is built in its place.
  • Construction of the Royal Unova begins.

One year prior to Generation I:

Generation I/III/ORAS:


Between I/III/ORAS and II/IV:

Three years after Generation I/Generation III/ORAS (Generation II/Generation IV):

Approximately two years after Generation II/Generation IV:

Between Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Generation V:

Between Generation II/IV and Generation V:

At least three years after Generation II/Generation IV (Generation V):

N and Reshiram
  • The events of Black and White:
    • Hilbert/Hilda along with their friends Cheren and Bianca receive their very first Pokémon in the bedroom of Hilbert/Hilda's house in Nuvema Town from Professor Juniper. The three decide to leave Nuvema Town and go on a journey across their region of Unova, with Cheren wanting to learn as much about every kind of Pokémon possible and Bianca going against the wishes of her dad. Upon arriving in Accumula Town they encounter the nefarious Team Plasma who announce their plans for Pokémon liberation to separate Pokémon from humans. Hilbert/Hilda then battle Team Plasma's leader, a mysterious man known only as N who claims Pokémon are his friends. Hilbert/Hilda make a journey across the land of Unova challenging all eight Gyms and earning all eight Badges. After earning the eighth Badge, they travel to the Pokémon League where they defeat the Elite Four. Upon defeating the Elite Four, they discover that N has already defeated the Champion Alder and promptly summons his castle, destroying the Pokémon League Castle. Ghetsis, one of the members of the Seven Sages reveals that he had the plan to separate people and Pokémon so that he could be the only person in the whole world with Pokémon. After defeating N and Ghetsis with Reshiram/Zekrom N becomes sorry for all his wrongdoing and flies off to distant lands on his dragon of legend. Hilbert/Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca continue their journey in Unova and get recruited by an undercover officer codenamed Looker to discover and arrest the remaining six of the Seven Sages. After the arrest of all six, Hilbert/Hilda returns to the Pokémon League, re-defeats the Elite Four, then challenges and defeats Alder, becoming Champion of Unova.

Between Black and White and Black 2 and White 2/X and Y:

Two years after Black and White (Generation VI):

Encountering Yveltal
  • The events of Black 2 and White 2 and X and Y:
    • Nate/Rosa receives their first Pokémon from Bianca in their hometown of Aspertia City. Together with Hugh, who hopes to take back his sister's Purrloin from Team Plasma, the duo takes on the new lineup of Gyms in the Unova region. After earning their seventh badge from Drayden, Team Plasma attacks Opelucid City, covering the city in unbreakable ice. The Shadow Triad takes the opportunity to steal the DNA Splicers from Opelucid Gym. Nate/Rosa and Hugh chase Team Plasma to Humilau City, where after earning their final badge, they confront Zinzolin, Colress, and the Shadow Triad at the Giant Chasm. After the Triad releases Hugh's sister's Purrloin, now a Liepard, Hugh tells Nate/Rosa to go ahead and confront Team Plasma's leader, Ghetsis. Just before Ghetsis freezes Nate/Rosa alive with Kyurem's Glaciate, N flies in on Reshiram/Zekrom, saving them. However, Ghetsis uses Kyurem's power to turn Reshiram/Zekrom back into an orb, then uses the DNA Splicers to turn Kyurem into Black/White Kyurem. Nate/Rosa knocks out Kyurem, causing the two Dragon Pokémon to separate, then defeats an enraged Ghetsis. Thankful, N suggests that Nate/Rosa proceed to the Pokémon League. Heeding his words, Nate/Rosa ascend Victory Road, defeats the Elite Four, and emerges victorious in battle with the new Champion, Iris. After returning home, Hugh's sister thanks to the player for helping her big brother, and tells Nate/Rosa that she has been dreaming of a Zoroark calling Nate/Rosa's name. At Hugh's suggestion, Nate/Rosa returns to Victory Road, finding a Zoroark that leads them to the ruins of N's Castle, where N and Reshiram/Zekrom challenge them to battle. After being defeated, N says goodbye to his dragon and releases it by asking it to turn back into an orb to give to Nate/Rosa. Nate/Rosa climbs to the top of Dragonspiral Tower, and faces Reshiram/Zekrom again, this time, in an attempt to capture it.
    • Calem/Serena leave their home in Vaniville Town meeting Shauna and Serena/Calem who invite them to join them for a meeting in Aquacorde Town. Calem, Serena and Shauna receive their first Pokémon from Tierno and a Pokédex from Trevor on behalf of Professor Sycamore. After delivering a letter to their Mom from Professor Sycamore, they head on an adventure traveling across Kalos challenging eight Gyms in order to earn eight Badges to then challenge the Pokémon League. Along their journey, they come into contact with Team Flare, an organization whose goal is to create a "beautiful and better" world while making money. They try to do this by stealing fossils from Glittering Cave, siphoning electricity from the Kalos Power Plant, stealing the Poké Balls from the Poké Ball Factory in Laverre City, and attempting to agitate and capture an Abomasnow. Calem/Serena also encounters a mysterious giant called AZ on several occasions, first being on Kalos Route 13. After earning their seventh badge from Olympia, Calem/Serena are contacted by Lysandre, a man introduced by Professor Sycamore, who reveals himself to be the leader of Team Flare and his intention to use the ultimate weapon to eliminate all life in the world. Calem/Serena battle Lysandre first in Lysandre Labs and again in the Team Flare Secret HQ, before making their way down to the basement where they find XerneasX/YveltalY and battle them, before battling against Lysandre once more. Even though Lysandre is defeated, and Calem/Serena and their friends reason with him, he still fires the ultimate weapon. The blast the weapon emits destroys it and buries Lysandre and the HQ, ultimately disbanding Team Flare. Calem/Serena then heads to the Pokémon League where they defeat the Elite Four and Diantha, becoming Champion of Kalos. After becoming Champion, Looker contacts Calem/Serena to help him fight crime in Lumiose City.

Between Black 2 and White 2/X and Y and Generation VII:

Two years after Black 2 and White 2/X and Y (Generation VII):

Lillie and Nebby as a Lunala
  • The events of Sun and Moon:
    • Elio/Selene leaves their home on Route 1 on a Pokémon journey three months after moving to the Alola region from Kanto. They receive their starter Pokémon from Hala and meet Lillie and Hau. Elio/Selene receives a Z-Ring at the festival inaugurating their island challenge, consisting of seven trials and four grand trials in order to become the island challenge champion. Along the journey, they encounter a group called Team Skull, whose members are misfits who failed the island challenge and aim to cause trouble, as well as another group called the Aether Foundation, whose goal is to cure hurt Pokémon. After defeating the leader of Team Skull, Guzma, at the Shady House, Elio/Selene travel to Aether Paradise, where they battle Lusamine, the president of the Aether Foundation. Lusamine opens Ultra Wormholes across Alola and enters one with Guzma. Elio/Selene and Lillie evolve Nebby into SolgaleoS/LunalaM at the Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM and travel into Ultra Space, where Elio/Selene battles Lusamine again and bring her and Guzma back to Alola. Elio/Selene catches SolgaleoS/LunalaM after Lillie tells it that she isn't a Trainer. Elio/Selene climbs Mount Lanakila to its summit, the newly opened Pokémon League, where they defeat the Elite Four and Professor Kukui, becoming the first Champion of Alola. A festival is held in Iki Town, and Lillie brings Elio/Selene to the Ruins of Conflict to battle Tapu Koko. The next day, Lillie leaves for Kanto to help her mother. The International Police contact Elio/Selene to investigate and catch the Ultra Beasts unleashed across Alola.
  • The events of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon:
    • Events proceed similarly to the above, but Lusamine now seeks to aid the Ultra Recon Squad in stopping Necrozma. When Elio/Selene and Lillie reach the Altar of the SunneUS/Altar of the MooneUM, they discover that Lusamine and Guzma have been defeated and Necrozma fuses with Nebby to become Dusk Mane NecrozmaUSDawn Wings NecrozmaUM. It is repelled, and Elio/Selene pursues it into Ultra Megalopolis, where they find it has become Ultra Necrozma. Despite its incredible power, Ultra Necrozma is defeated and Nebby is freed from Necrozma's influence. Sometime after Elio/Selene becomes the Champion, the Aether Foundation is attacked by Team Rainbow Rocket, which seeks to use the Aether Foundation's research to further their goals of multiversal conquest.

Generation VIII:

  • The events of Sword and Shield and its Expansion Pass:
    • Victor/Gloria and Hop receive their starter Pokémon from Leon, the undefeated Champion, and meet a mysterious Pokémon in the Slumbering Weald. The two receive Pokédexes from Sonia, Dynamax Bands from Professor Magnolia, and endorsements from Leon to enter the Gym Challenge. They head on an adventure traveling across Galar challenging Gyms in order to earn eight Badges to enter the Champion Cup. Over the course of their journey, they encounter a group called Team Yell, whose members support Marnie in the Gym Challenge. They also encounter another group called Macro Cosmos, a conglomerate led by Rose, who has endorsed his ward Bede in the Gym Challenge. During the Champion Cup in Wyndon Stadium, Rose interrupts the Championship Match by reawakening Eternatus and bringing about the Darkest Day in an attempt to provide energy for the Galar region in 1,000 years. Victor/Gloria and Hop find a Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield and head to the Energy Plant in Hammerlocke, where they battle Rose and summon Zacian and Zamazenta. After defeating it, Victor/Gloria manages to catch Eternatus and returns to Wyndon to defeat Leon in the Championship Match, becoming the new Champion of Galar.
    • Sometime during their journey, Victor/Gloria travels to the Isle of Armor, where he meets a new rival, KlaraSw/AverySh, and is taken under the wing of former Champion Mustard as a student of his Dojo. Victor/Gloria competes in a series of trials with their new rival, eventually defeating them in a final battle, earning them the right to inheirit the Dojo's "secret armor", the Legendary Pokémon Kubfu. After growing close with their new Pokémon, Victor/Gloria and Kubfu challenge one of the Towers of Two Fists, culimating in a battle between Master Mustard and his own Kubfu. The two are successful, and Kubfu learns the secret of the tower, allowing it to evolve into Single Strike or Rapid Strike Style Urshifu.
    • After becoming Champion, Victor/Gloria and Hop stop the plans of Sordward and Shielbert as they cause chaos around the region in their misguided attempt to restore the Galarian monarchy. In the process, Victor/Gloria catch one of the two Legendary Pokémon of Galar, and Hop sets out to be a Pokémon Professor.
    • After resolving the incident with Sordward and Shielbert, Victor/Gloria returns to the dojo, where he finds Hop conducting research on Sonia's behalf. Mustard tells him that Urshifu hates the taste of Max Soup, so, in order for it to unlock its Gigantamax potential, a special ingredient is needed to make it drink the Max Soup. He doesn't reveal what this ingredient is, though, and leaves it to the duo to figure it out on their own. After a few bad guesses, Victor/Gloria and Hop travel to Honeycalm Island, where Victor/Gloria gets thrusted into a Max Raid Battle against a Dynamax Vespiquen. After defeating it, he finds the missing ingredient; Max Honey. Upon returning to the dojo, Mustard informs Victor/Gloria that he wants to battle him in a no-holds-barred battle, where he uses his full power. In the battle, Mustard uses his own Gigantamax Urshifu. After being defeated, Mustard declares that he has nothing more to teach him.
    • Sometime during their journey, Victor/Gloria travels to the Crown Tundra, where they meet the retired Gym Leader Peony, who recuits them as the leader of his exploration team, and tasks him with investigating three mysteries surrounding the tundra. In the first mystery, Victor/Gloria meets Calyrex, the former king of the Crown Tundra, and helps it reunite with its steed, Glastrier or Spectrier (as chosen by the player). In the second mystery, they investigate ruins scattered around the tundra, encountering and catching the legendary titans. In the third mystery, Victor/Gloria pursues the Galarian legendary birds across Galar. Upon solving these mysteries, Victor/Gloria finds a note describing a fourth mystery that Peony does not recall writing. Upon bringing it to the Max Lair, he learns about Ultra Beasts and Necrozma, and is eventually able to catch Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure.
    • Sometime after the events of the Sordward and Shielbert incident, The Isle of Armor, and The Crown Tundra, Victor/Gloria receives a call from Leon, receiving an invitation to a new type of competition called the Galarian Star Tournament at Wyndon Stadium. Victor/Gloria partners with Hop or Marnie in the inaugural Multi Battle tournament, and emerges victorious after defeating Leon and Raihan (if their partner is Hop) or Raihan and Piers (if their partner is Marnie), in the finals.


  • The chronology of the games was confirmed by Toshinobu Matsumiya on Twitter in May 2014, but the tweet was deleted shortly after.[1] No further comments on the chronology or deletion of the tweet have been made by Game Freak staff members.
  • In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Zinnia suggests the existence of another Hoenn region, indicating a multiverse with parallel timelines.
    • Additionally, when Maxie or Archie (in Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, respectively) are met at the Battle Resort, they consider the possibility that they would have been the one to endanger the planet in an alternate timeline.
    • The multiverse theory is later played with in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, in which Giovanni forms Team Rainbow Rocket with all the previous villainous leaders from universes where they had conquered or destroyed the planet due to no one being there in those timelines to stop them.


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