Cave of Origin

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Cave of Origin 目覚めのほこら
Shrine of Awakening
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Cave of Origin OR.png
Map description: A long-sleeping Pokémon will descend upon this cavern in order to awaken its true powers.
Location: Sootopolis City
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III, VI
Hoenn Sootopolis City Map.png
Location of Cave of Origin in Hoenn.
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The Cave of Origin (Japanese: 目覚めのほこら Shrine of Awakening) is a cave near the north end of Sootopolis City. It is guarded by Wallace of Sootopolis Gym and is said to be the cave where life begins. Its opposite landmark is Mt. Pyre, said to be the place where life ends.

Here, the player will discover GroudonROR or KyogreSAS in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire after an encounter at the Seafloor Cavern and a face-off against Team MagmaROR or Team AquaSAS.

Residents of Sootopolis are not permitted to enter the Cave of Origin.

In Pokémon Emerald, the Cave of Origin is where Wallace can be found debating where Rayquaza is located, until the player gives him a hint that it is at the Sky Pillar. However, the player cannot enter the cave, even after awakening Rayquaza.


Item Location Games
X Attack X Attack 1F, northeast of the south exit (hidden)  OR  AS 
Revive Revive B1F, south of the northern stairwell (hidden)  OR  AS 
HM Water HM07 (Waterfall) B3F, near the northwest corner  R  S 


Generation III

No Pokémon can appear by walking at the GroudonR/KyogreS/WallaceE room.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Zubat Zubat
Cave Cave
28-35 90%
Golbat Golbat
Cave Cave
33-36 10%
Zubat Zubat
Cave Cave
30-34 60%
Golbat Golbat
Cave Cave
33-36 10%
Sableye Sableye
Cave Cave
30, 32, 34 30%
Mawile Mawile
Cave Cave
30, 32, 34 30%
Special Pokémon
Kyogre Kyogre
Premier Ball Only one
45 One
Groudon Groudon
Premier Ball Only one
45 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Generation VI

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Golbat Golbat
Cave Cave
33-36 69%
Sableye Sableye
Cave Cave
33-36 31%
Mawile Mawile
Cave Cave
33-36 31%
Horde Encounter
Zubat Zubat
Horde Encounter Horde Encounter
18 100%
Special Pokémon
Kyogre Kyogre
Primal Kyogre
Premier Ball Only one
45 One
Groudon Groudon
Primal Groudon
Premier Ball Only one
45 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


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Reason: ORAS 1F, B4F, and B5F
Version Entrance 1F B1F B2F B3F B4F Hidden passage B5F
Ruby Cave of Origin Entrance RS.png Cave of Origin 1F RS.png Cave of Origin B1F RS.png Cave of Origin B2F RS.png Cave of Origin B3F RS.png Cave of Origin B4F R.png
Sapphire Cave of Origin B4F S.png
Emerald Cave of Origin Entrance E.png Cave of Origin 1F E.png Cave of Origin B1F E.png
Omega Ruby Cave of Origin Entrance ORAS.png x150px Cave of Origin B2F ORAS.png Cave of Origin B3F ORAS.png Cave of Origin B4F ORAS.png x150px Cave of Origin hidden passage ORAS.png x150px
Alpha Sapphire x150px x150px


Version B1F B2F B3F
Cave of Origin B1F unused E.png Cave of Origin B2F unused E.png Cave of Origin B3F unused E.png

In the anime

The Cave of Origin was mentioned in A Three Team Scheme!. A group of Team Magma members led by Tabitha, and a group of Team Aqua members led by Shelly, initially mistook a set of ruins on Dewford Island for the Cave of Origin. When they failed to find what they were looking for from the ruins, they understood their mistake and left.

In the manga

Cave of Origin in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire arc

The Cave of Origin was first mentioned in I More Than Like You, Luvdisc II, where Wallace was revealed to be its guardian.

In The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XII, Steven revealed that Groudon and Kyogre were headed to Sootopolis City because the Cave of Origin would allow their minds to awaken now that their bodies had been awakened.

The Cave of Origin first appeared in It All Ends Now II, where Ruby and Courtney stood in front of it while preparing to use the Red and Blue Orbs in an attempt to stop Groudon and Kyogre's fight. In It All Ends Now III, Courtney was suddenly pulled into the cave by a tentacle, just as its entrance collapsed on top of her, killing her.

In It All Ends Now V, Archie and Maxie emerged from the cave after Ruby and Rayquaza had succeeded in stopping Groudon and Kyogre, swiping the Orbs and intending to restart the crisis.

In the Chuang Yi translations of Pokémon Adventures volumes 19, 20, and 21, the Seafloor Cavern was incorrectly referred to as the Cave of Origin.


  • In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the player can reenter the cave after capturing or defeating Groudon/Kyogre. In Pokémon Emerald, the entrance is blocked for the rest of the game after awakening Rayquaza in Sky Pillar.
  • In Ruby and Sapphire, the cave is dark but can be illuminated by Flash. In other games, the cave is normally lit.
  • Although the Cave of Origin was reduced in size for Pokémon Emerald, data for the removed floors still exists in the game's code.
  • In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Pineco is said to be found in the Cave of Origin in FireRed. The guide likely meant to say Altering Cave, which can be found in FireRed and LeafGreen, but Pineco can only be found there with an event distribution that was never distributed.
  • In the Generation III games, no background music plays on the bottom floor of this cave. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the only other area in the game that shares this distinction is the Inside of Truck. (In Pokémon Emerald, Birth Island also has no background music.)
    • As a result, if a Pokémon evolves or an Egg hatches here in these games, the evolution background music will play on the floor until the player leaves.
  • In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the player's PokéNav Plus will be unusable in the bottom floor due to electrical interference from the intense natural energy in the room.
  • In Pokémon Emerald, the player can see past the outer edges of the map on the lowest floor, leading to a visual glitch.
    • Additionally, there is a misplaced gemstone tile near the entrance to this floor, which interrupts the intended design of the cliff face.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 覺醒神殿 Goksíng Sàhndihn *
醒吾祠堂 Síngngh Chìhtòhng *
Mandarin 覺醒神殿 / 觉醒神殿 Juéxǐng Shéndiàn *
覺醒祠堂 / 觉醒祠堂 Juéxǐng Cítáng *
醒吾祠堂 Xǐngwù Cítáng *
France Flag.png European French Grotte Origine
Germany Flag.png German Urzeithöhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta dei Tempi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 각성의 사당 Gakseong-ui Sadang *
부활의 사당 Buhwar-ui Sadang *
Poland Flag.png Polish Dziewicza Jaskinia
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Caverna da Origem
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Cueva Ancestral
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Thần điện Thức Tỉnh

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