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Artwork of a Max Raid Battle against a Pangoro.

A Max Raid Battle (Japanese: マックスレイドバトル Max Raid Battle) is a Pokémon battle against a wild Dynamax Pokémon in an attempt to catch the Pokémon. The Dynamax Pokémon will stay in Dynamax form for the whole battle, and has additional abilities as well. Only one player Pokémon can activate Dynamax during a Max Raid Battle, and only for three turns until it runs out. In addition, up to three other players can connect using the Y-Comm over the internet or local wireless in order to battle the Dynamax Pokémon.

The weather that a Max Raid Battle starts out in varies depending on the time the Max Raid Battle is started.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨團體戰 Gihkgeuih Tyùhntái Jin
Mandarin 極巨團體戰 / 极巨团体战 Jíjù Tuántǐ Zhàn
France Flag.png French Raid Dynamax
Germany Flag.png German Dyna-Raid
Italy Flag.png Italian Raid Dynamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 맥스 레이드배틀 Max Raid Battle
Russia Flag.png Russian Максирейд Maksireyd
Spain Flag.png Spanish Incursión Dinamax

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