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Riding a Basculegion

In Hisui, Ride Pokémon are a select group of Pokémon that are dedicated to assisting humans that they have deemed worthy. Ride Pokémon are descendants of five of the ten companions of the ancient hero of legend, who have received their blessing from Arceus.


There are five Ride Pokémon who, along with the five noble Pokémon, are watched over and cared for by Wardens of the Diamond and Pearl Clans. Ride Pokémon are often noticeably larger than average Pokémon of the same species, and cannot be caught.

After opening their heart by playing the Celestica Flute, a Ride Pokémon will give the player character a plate of its corresponding type. Once unlocked, the Ride Pokémon can be summoned at any time by replaying the Celestica or Azure Flutes.


After being unlocked, the player can summon a Ride Pokémon at any time by pressing the + button. If multiple Ride Pokémon are accessible, the player can toggle between them at any time pressing the left and right buttons on the directional buttons or D-Pad. When harmed by a wild Pokémon's poison, paralysis, or drowsiness, the Ride Pokémon will disappear and cannot be resummoned until the player recovers from the status condition, Basculegion and Braviary excluded. Like the Ride Pokémon from the Alola region, many Ride Pokémon are seen as alternatives for specific Key Items and HMs.


Wyrdeer can be seen as a replacement for the game's bike function from other games, allowing the player to travel faster than on foot. By holding the B button, Wyrdeer will be able to sprint faster than his standard run speed, this may cause the camera to automatically adjust to a better angle, however, the camera can still be moved manually during this action. Pressing the Y button allows Wyrdeer to jump over obstacles. During these jumps, if unlocked, pressing the A button will allow the player to switch to the Braviary mount. Wyrdeer can be summoned automatically by riding onto land with Basculegion or Braviary if the player previously used Wyrdeer, he is also the default Ride Pokémon if no previous Ride Pokémon was chosen before Basculegion or Braviary.


Ursaluna can be seen as a replacement for the game's Dowsing Machine from other games, allowing players to locate hidden items from underneath the ground by having Ursaluna sniff out where they are. The player rides on Ursaluna's back at a slightly faster pace than their standard run speed. A radar appears in front of Ursaluna's face, this radar starts off as a small green semi-circle. Once Ursaluna picks up the scent of an item, the radar will grow larger, turn yellow, and Ursaluna will start running at a faster speed. When close to a hidden item, the radar will turn red, until a red ! appears over a digging spot for an item, allowing the player to press Y and dig up the item. When over a spot without any sort of buried item underneath, Ursaluna will shake telling the player that he is unable to dig if the player attempts to dig. Ursaluna can be summoned automatically by riding onto land with Basculegion or Braviary if the player previously used Ursaluna.


Basculegion is seen as an alternative to the Surf HM, allowing the player to traverse through water. He can be summoned by either pressing + or A while in the water. Diving into the water with another Ride Pokémon will also automatically swap to Basculegion. While riding Basculegion, the player can do many things that they normally can do while on land, including catching and battling wild Pokémon using the ZR button and lock onto them by holding the ZL button. Like Wyrdeer, holding the B button will allow Basculegion to dash at a faster speed, this may cause the camera to automatically adjust to a better angle, however, the camera can still be moved manually during this action. By pressing the Y button, Basculegion is able to jump, Basculegion can then jump again by pressing Y a second time. While midair, holding the ZR button will cause the screen to blur and the game to slow down, allowing for more accurate throws against wild Pokémon and objects. Like Wyrdeer, being midair in either of these jumps can allow the player to swap over to Braviary by pressing the A button.


Sneasler allows the player to climb over most terrain and obstacles. The tall and lanky Pokémon moves slightly faster than what the player can normally walk, however, she cannot run and the player is unable to throw objects. Getting close to a wall and pressing A will allow Sneasler to grab onto the wall, while getting close to an edge or cliff and pressing Y will allow Sneasler to descend. Sneasler is only able to latch onto certain terrains, such as rocky cliffs and trees, she cannot climb up icy surfaces. Sneasler can be summoned automatically by riding onto land with Basculegion or Braviary if the player previously used Sneasler.


Braviary acts similarly to a hang glider. Once summoned, Braviary will take off with the player high in the air in the spot they are currently in. Braviary can be used to travel long distances across the map, however, he slowly descends, regardless if he is moving or standing in place in the air. Like Wyrdeer and Basculegion, holding the B button in the air will allow Braviary to dash, moving faster, but descends at a quicker pace. Holding the Y button allows for Braviary to dive instead. This dive goes at the same speed as his dash, but is pointed towards the ground for easier landing. Unlike Wyrdeer and Basculegion's dashes, the player is locked into a single camera angle while dashing. Braviary can also be summoned any time in the air by pressing the A button, either by walking off a cliff, or jumps caused by Wyrdeer and Basculegion.

List of Ride Pokémon

Pokémon Image Purpose Plate Warden Unlock requirement
LA Ride Wyrdeer.png Allows the player to move quickly, dash, and jump on land. Bag Mind Plate LA Sprite.png
Mind Plate
Legends Arceus Mai.png
Clear The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods mission.
LA Ride Ursaluna.png Allows the player to find items hidden underground. Bag Earth Plate LA Sprite.png
Earth Plate
Legends Arceus Calaba.png
Defeat Ursaluna at the Sludge Mound.
LA Ride Basculegion.png Allows the player to move, dash, and jump on water. Bag Splash Plate LA Sprite.png
Splash Plate
Legends Arceus Iscan.png
Catch a Dusclops and bring it back to Iscan.
LA Ride Sneasler.png Allows the player to scale or descend steep, rocky surfaces. Bag Toxic Plate LA Sprite.png
Toxic Plate
Legends Arceus Ingo.png
Defeat Ingo at the Coronet Highlands in battle.
LA Ride Braviary.png Allows the player to glide through air. Bag Sky Plate LA Sprite.png
Sky Plate
Legends Arceus Sabi.png
Climb through Snowpoint Temple and defeat Sabi in battle.


The player battles against two of the Ride Pokémon before obtaining them, being Ursaluna and Braviary. The player battles against Ursaluna in order to quell his rage, and against Braviary to prove themselves.

Ground Normal
Ursaluna Lv.26
Normal Physical
Ground Physical
Baby-Doll Eyes
Fairy Status
Play Rough
Fairy Physical
Psychic Flying
Braviary Lv.54
Brave Bird
Flying Physical
Normal Physical
Flying Status
Flying Special


  • Statues of the Ride Pokémon, along with the noble Pokémon, were built at the Temple of Sinnoh by the original Hisuian inhabitants. These are destroyed at the climax of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
  • The concept of Ride Pokémon is noted by Professor Laventon to be similar to the Ride Pokémon of Alola.
  • Sneasler is the only female Ride Pokémon.
  • Hisuian Braviary is the only Ride Pokémon to be a regional form. The rest are new evolutions of preexisting Pokémon.
    • Interestingly, the Ride Pokémon of Hisui consist of four evolutions of preexisting Pokémon and one Pokémon with a regional form, while the noble Pokémon consist of four Pokémon with regional forms and one evolution of a preexisting Pokémon.

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