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This article is about the movies that exist in the Pokémon world. For movies that take place in the Pokémon world, see Pokémon movie.
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These are movies that have been shown to exist in the Pokémon world.

In the games

A scene from a Pokéstar Studios movie
Main article: Pokéstar Studios

References to movies in the Pokémon world were very rare outside of the anime, until the release of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Before that, there were only a few references in the games. One such reference is in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. When the player interacts with the television of the ground floor of their house in New Bark Town, it says, "There's a movie on TV: Stars dot the sky as two boys ride on a train..." When the player interacts with the same television in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, it mentions another movie: "The TV is playing a movie! Two boys are in a cave searching for treasure!" Other televisions in these games don't reference these or any other movies.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 introduced the Pokéstar Studios, a place located above Virbank City, where the player can take part in creating movies representing several genres. For a full list of these movies see Pokéstar Studios Movies.

A video creation feature appears in the form of Trainer PR Videos / Pokévision in Pokémon X and Y.

In the anime


A billboard advertising Gigantic

Gigantic is a movie starring famous actor Fiorella Cappuccino, which Ash said is a dumb movie. There was a large billboard advertising it in the English dub of Princess vs. Princess. In the Japanese version, the poster promoted Super Idol Fiorella Cappuccino's appearance at the Princess Festival.

I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday

I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday

I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday (Japanese: 三度の飯より朝ご飯が好き There's Nothing I Like More Than Breakfast) is a film directed by Cleavon Schpielbunk. It was mentioned in Lights, Camera, Quack-tion, where a small clip of it was also shown. Brock said that it was his favorite film, and Katrina said that she almost saw it. Its dub title is a reference to I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Only one small scene from the movie was shown, which depicts an elderly Japanese couple eating in a traditional Japanese house.

Pokémon in Love

Pokémon in Love

Pokémon in Love (Japanese: ポケモンザムービー Pokémon the Movie) is a film directed by Cleavon Schpielbunk. He filmed the movie in Lights, Camera, Quack-tion with the help of Ash, Misty, Brock, Katrina, and the Team Rocket trio.

The plot is based on Romeo and Juliet and the stars of the film are a Wigglytuff and Misty's Psyduck. In the film, Wigglytuff and Psyduck fall in love, but their feuding families (groups of Normal- and Water-type Pokémon, respectively) disapproved. Suddenly, an arrow came out of nowhere towards Wigglytuff, but Psyduck jumped in its path, giving his own life to save Wigglytuff. After this, the feud ended and the two families lived in peace.

In Go West Young Meowth, he invited Ash, Misty, Brock, and Delia to go to the Hollywood premiere of his film, who ended up being his only audience. However, he had cut out all scenes with humans in it due to being a film about Pokémon, leaving Ash and friends quite annoyed that their effort had been wasted.

A billboard and several posters for this movie appeared outside a cinema at Indigo Plateau in Fire and Ice. The cinema was one of several places Ash passed while looking for a place to eat.

That Darn Meowth!

That Darn Meowth!

That Darn Meowth! is a film seen in Go West Young Meowth that was shown at an outdoor screening at Camp Pokéhearst when Meowth was young. At the time, it was brand new, direct from Hollywood. Its dub title is a reference to That Darn Cat!. It was left unnamed in the original Japanese version.

It was about a young couple with a pet Meowth, and they gave it ice cream and fried chicken. In one scene, the couple were seen riding on a motor scooter.

Ultra Maximum

Ultra Maximum

Ultra Maximum is a movie shown in The Screen Actor's Guilt. The movie features famous actor Brad Van Darn who fights against a group of masked, green clothed villains and defeats them all on his own.

In a preview of the movie, a narrator says: He's more electrifying than a Zapdos! He's cooler than an Articuno, and he's hotter than a smoldering Moltres! Now the golden boy at the silver screen is back! Watch Brad Van Darn in 'Ultra Maximum'! Coming soon to a theater near you. This is followed by Brad Van Darn himself adding: I'll take YOU to the Ultra Maximum!

Ash, Misty and Brock saw the preview of this movie on a screen on a building in The Screen Actor's Guilt, having just been confronted by a mysterious man who, after watching the said preview, Ash and his friends now recognized as Brad Van Darn.

Plusle and Minun and the Princess Rescue

Plusle and Minun and the Princess Rescue

Plusle and Minun and the Princess Rescue (Japanese: プラスルとマイナンの大冒険 Prasle and Minun's Big Adventure) is a movie shown in Lights, Camerupt, Action!. This movie was the newest movie Elijah and Camerupt were carrying around in Lights, Camerupt, Action!, wanting to show it in little villages which didn't have a movie theater. It features action as well as comedy. The movie seems to be quite short.

It is a silent movie and is narrated by a person who holds the script (Elijah in the said episode). It features a Plusle and Minun who live in a forest. They live together happily, but one day, an evil Exploud shows up and kidnaps princess Kirlia. The princess is imprisoned in a castle up on a high mountain and the Plusle and Minun decide to rescue her. On their journey they are attacked by an Armaldo. Suddenly a courageous Pikachu shows up and takes down the Armaldo. Together with Pikachu, the Plusle and Minun hurry themselves to the castle and confront Exploud. The three heroes defeat the Exploud, destroy the castle and save princess Kirlia. After that they live happily ever after in the forest, together with other Pokémon.

The story of this movie is remarkably similar to the story of Super Mario Bros., with a princess being captured by an evil monster and two almost identical heroes who save her.

Wonder Fighters the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Wonder Launcher

Wonder Fighters the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Wonder Launcher

Wonder Fighters the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Wonder Launcher (Japanese: ミラクルファイターザムービーパート24:ミラクルシューターの謎 Miracle Fighter the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Miracle Shooter) is a movie that was advertised on a big screen upon Ash and his friends' arrival in an unnamed town in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!. It is the newest in a series of Wonder Fighters films, and the actor that plays the lead Wonder Fighter in this movie is the fifth actor to play the role. Cilan mentioned that the third actor was his favorite, and that he "played it cool", but was replaced after just one movie. Ash had heard of the franchise, suggesting that it had been shown in Kanto as well as Unova.

In the movie, the Wonder Fighter fights with her Golurk against a Trainer with an Escavalier.

Yamask of the Opera

Yamask of the Opera (Japanese: デスマスの仮面 The Mask of Desumasu) is a movie that was mentioned by Cilan in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!. It is a classic film following a young actress and her passion for acting. It is a reference to The Phantom of the Opera.

The Legend of the Pokémon Knight

The Legend of the Pokémon Knight

The Legend of the Pokémon Knight (Japanese: ポケモンナイトの伝説 The Legend of the Pokémon Knight) is the movie that Luke made with Ash, Cilan, Iris, and his Zorua in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!. It has 10 scenes.

Originally Zorua was to play all of the characters, but she got upset because she only wanted to play Princess Yuria, the main character. Luke then cast Ash, Cilan, and Iris, along with their Pokémon, instead. Ash played Sir Ash, Iris played Dragon Master Iris, and Cilan played Captain Cilan. Iris also did all the voices for Princess Yuria, as Zorua cannot talk.

In the plot, the Kingdom of Pallet's Princess Yuria is kidnapped by the evil Captain Cilan the pirate, because she alone holds the secret to finding the kingdom's treasure. Captain Cilan fought Sir Ash and won, escaping with the princess. Sir Ash the Pokémon Knight vows to rescue the princess, and journeys to meet the legendary Dragon Master Iris, who trains him to fight. Meanwhile, Captain Cilan headed to the treasure cave and used Princess Yuria's power to open it. However, he was interrupted by Sir Ash, who had tracked them down due to his heart being connected to Princess Yuria's. He used his newly discovered power to defeat Captain Cilan and rescue Princess Yuria.

After the conclusion of the planned plot, Team Rocket tried to steal Zorua, but Cilan requested that Luke keep filming, so they were all staying in character and improvised. Princess Yuria was revealed to actually be a Zorua, and was captured by Team Rocket. Captain Cilan revealed that he was in fact Pokémon Sorcerer Cilan, and had been controlled by Team Rocket all along. Sir Ash, Dragon Master Iris, and Pokémon Sorcerer Cilan then all worked together to rescue Zorua. Zorua then ultimately defeated Team Rocket itself with a Night Daze. Pokémon Sorcerer Cilan then worked out that Dragon Master Iris was in fact the real Princess Yuria in disguise; she had disguised herself and put Zorua in her place after she realized that Team Rocket was after her and the treasure. Upon returning to the Kingdom of Pallet, Pokémon Sorcerer Cilan vowed to work alongside Sir Ash and always protect Princess Yuria.

Ultimately, the movie was said to receive raving reviews, but Mr. Matthews said that the battle scenes weren't quite exciting enough. In An Epic Defense Force!, Luke mentioned that The Legend of the Pokémon Knight got top honors at film festivals.

Enter the Beartic

Enter the Beartic

Enter the Beartic (Japanese: 凍れツンベアー Freeze, Tunbear) is a movie that was a big, worldwide hit, and the first real martial arts movie using physical fights that achieved fame. It started the "Martial arts mania" genre and was Brycen's debut on the big screen. It is a reference to Enter the Dragon.

The movie is set on a lonely island, far off in the sea, dominated by an evil organization. A martial arts tournament is held on the island, and the character played by Brycen enters. He arrives on the island by boat and fights a Beartic in the tournament. Because of the harsh fight the character played by Brycen and Beartic have, they gain respect for each other and they become friends. Ultimately, they combine forces and defeat the evil organization present on the island.

Cilan mentioned he's seen this movie 25 times.

The Game of Ice

The Game of Ice (Japanese: 氷の遊戯 Game of Ice) was a planned sequel to Enter the Beartic. The production for the movie had already started, but the star of the first movie, Brycen, suddenly quit. It is unknown if the movie was completely cancelled or if it was still released with someone else as the lead actor. It is a reference to Game of Death.

In Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!, it was revealed that Brycen quit because he wanted to train more with his Beartic.

The Way of the Beartic

The Way of the Beartic (Japanese: 氷への道 Way to the Ice) is a movie that Brycen and his Beartic starred in. According to Cilan, it was a huge hit, just like Enter the Beartic, and caused long waiting lines at the theaters. It is a reference to Way of the Dragon.

Fist of Ice

Fist of Ice (Japanese: 氷の鉄拳 Iron Fist of Ice) is a movie that Brycen and his Beartic starred in. According to Cilan, it was a huge hit, just like Enter the Beartic, and caused long waiting lines at the theaters. It is a reference to Fist of Fury.

Miracle Hunter 24

Miracle Hunter 24 (Japanese: ミラクルハンター24 Miracle Hunter 24) is a movie starring a Golurk that was mentioned in An Epic Defense Force!. Like the Wonder Fighters franchise, the Miracle Hunter franchise has spawned at least 24 films. The Golurk from this movie has its own footprint at Pokéstar Studios's Walk of Fame.

Gone with the Pokémon

Props from Gone with the Pokémon

Gone with the Pokémon (Japanese: ポケモンと共に去りぬ Gone with the Pokémon) is a classic movie that was filmed at Pokéstar Studios that was mentioned in An Epic Defense Force!. It features a Pansear and a Minccino who are in love. According to Luke, it won the "Pokécademy Award". It is a reference to Gone with the Wind.

Items from this movie are displayed in the Pokéstar Studios Prop museum. The items are a necklace, which was worn by Minccino in the movie, and a knife, which was used by Pansear.

Princess Pokémon's Holiday

Princess Pokémon's Holiday

Princess Pokémon's Holiday (Japanese: プリンセスポケモンの休日 Princess Pokémon's Holiday) is a classic movie that was mentioned in An Epic Defense Force!. It stars a Lilligant who plays the role of a princess. According to Luke, it won the "Pokécademy Award". It is a reference to Roman Holiday.

In All for the Love of Meloetta!, Cilan recalled a scene from the movie where Lilligant is eating a Bearticone on a stairway. It was filmed in the streets of Virbank City. The dress worn by Lilligant in this movie is displayed in the Pokéstar Studios Prop museum.

Pokémon Wars Saga

The prop from Pokémon Wars Saga

The Pokémon Wars Saga (Japanese: ポケモンウォーズサーガ Pokémon Wars Saga) is a movie saga mentioned in An Epic Defense Force!. It is a reference to Star Wars.

The movie features a big crystal tower. A miniature model of this tower is displayed in the Pokéstar Studios Prop museum.

Dirty Herdier

A poster for Dirty Herdier

Dirty Herdier (Japanese: ダーティハーデリア Dirty Herderrie) is a movie that was mentioned in An Epic Defense Force!. It is a reference to Dirty Harry. The lead role is played by a Herdier, who takes the role of a Pokémon cop. Ash mentioned he saw this movie and remarked that the lead character eats sandwiches while fighting bank robbers.

The Titanic Tyranitar

Cilan recalling The Titanic Tyranitar

The Titanic Tyranitar (Japanese: 大ポケモンバンギラス The Great Pokémon - Bangiras) is a movie that was mentioned by Cilan in An Epic Defense Force!. It features a real Tyranitar which causes destruction around it. Cilan mentioned he saw this movie ten times. It is a reference to the Big Monster Series from the games.

My Sweet, Sweet Lady

My Sweet, Sweet Lady

My Sweet, Sweet Lady (Japanese: マイ・スイーツ・レディ My Sweets Lady) is a movie featuring Diantha. It was advertised on a large billboard in The Bonds of Evolution!. It is likely a reference to My Fair Lady.

Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu!

Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu!

Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu! (Japanese: 迅雷のヒーロー!スーパーピカチュウ!! The Lightning-fast Hero! Super Pikachu!!) is a movie made by Frank. Driven by the happiness he achieved from being together with a lot of Pikachu in his youth, Frank wanted to make a movie to make children all over the world smile. He managed to make this movie together with his Pokémon, his granddaughter Jean, and Ash and his friends, who passed his film set in Lights! Camera! Pika! when he was in the early stages of shooting the movie. It stars many of Frank's own Pikachu, including all five varieties of Cosplay Pikachu, and also stars Ash's Pikachu in the lead role. All the Pikachu in the movie talk, through the use of voice actors. It is five minutes long.

It takes place in Pikachu Land, a town where many Pikachu live together in peace. Suddenly, this peace is disrupted by Pikachu Libre and his gang of masked Pikachu. The Pikachu stand up against Pikachu Libre, but are held back by the masked Pikachu. Out of nowhere, a heroic Pikachu called "Super Pikachu" shows up, and fights Pikachu Libre and his gang. Super Pikachu ultimately proves to be no match, and Pikachu Libre and his gang succeed in kidnapping Pikachu Belle and Pikachu Pop Star. They bring the two female Pikachu to a high cliff, but Super Pikachu gets up and finds them. Super Pikachu gets beaten up again, but gets helped just in time by Pikachu Rock Star, Pikachu, Ph. D, and the other Pikachu from Pikachu Land. Together, they blast Pikachu Libre and his gang off and save Pikachu Belle and Pikachu Pop Star. The movie also includes a blooper and behind-the-scenes montage at the end called The Very Best of Super-Pikachu's Back-Slapping Bloopers! (Japanese: ピカチュウのドキドキNG大賞 Pikachu's Shocking Bloopers), shot by Serena.

Spy and Sidekick

Spy and Sidekick

Spy and Sidekick (Japanese: Spy and Sniper) is a famous action movie mentioned in Sobble Spies a Stealthy Strategy!. The lead character is a female spy and Pokémon Trainer portrayed by actress Jacqueline, who goes on missions with her Inteleon. In the movie, the spy and Inteleon take on various men with suits and sunglasses and a number of helicopters. One scene sees Inteleon leaping from a skyscraper as an explosion occurs. The movie was a huge hit and led to audiences asking for more, eventually resulting in a sequel being made.

Goh and Ren were revealed to be big fans of the movie, while Ash had never heard of it before. After being shown a few screenshots from the movie, Ash admitted the movie looked really cool.

Spy and Sidekick 2

Spy and Sidekick 2

Spy and Sidekick 2 (Japanese: Spy and Sniper 2) is the sequel to Spy and Sidekick, and was made after the first movie becoming a big hit. It is directed by world famous director Kublock, and was shot at least partially in the warehouse district of Vermilion City. Like the first movie, Spy and Sidekick 2 focuses on a female spy and Pokémon Trainer portrayed by Jacqueline and her partner Inteleon. It was featured in Sobble Spies a Stealthy Strategy!.

One scene features the spy running away with a suitcase and being attacked by a group of men with suits and sunglasses and their Murkrow. Inteleon shoots down the Murkrow with Snipe Shot, after which the men order their Murkrow to strike back. However, they are interrupted when a car suddenly comes driving in, driven by three mysterious figures. The figures introduce themselves as Inteleon's aides and tell it to come with them. Inteleon does not trust them, after which the figures reveal themselves to be Team Rocket in disguise. Even so, they continue to offer Inteleon to come with them. Team Rocket on their part are interrupted by two young Pokémon Trainers (portrayed by Ash and Goh) and their Pokémon.

A battle ensues, with Team Rocket using Poochyena and Houndour, and the Pokémon Trainers using Pikachu and Cinderace. Eventually, Team Rocket decides to target one of the Trainers' Sobble. Poochyena and Houndour are defeated by a camouflaged Inteleon however, saving Sobble in the process. Inteleon then proceeds to blast Team Rocket off with its Snipe Shot.

Another scene features the two young Pokémon Trainers heading inside a cave to rescue a Gothita kidnapped by Team Rocket. The villainous trio manages to trap the Trainers inside a cage, with only the Trainers' Sobble managing to avoid the trap. Sobble takes on Team Rocket and manages to outsmart them with its cloaking ability, but Team Rocket reveals a device that covers Sobble with dust, making it visible again. However, Sobble suddenly learns U-turn and it returns to its Trainer's Poké Ball. With Sobble's help, the Trainers manage to break out of the cage. Following this, the Trainers' Pikachu and Cinderace blast off Team Rocket.

Ash and Goh visited the set of the movie after Ren told them it would be filming in Vermilion City. Originally, the scene with Inteleon taking on a group of Murkrow was planned out differently in the script. However, Team Rocket interrupted the shooting of the movie, after which Ash and Goh also intervened. Kublock liked this turn of events, and decided to shoot against script and keep this in his movie, much to the shock of his film crew. Kublock himself was put asleep during the shooting, when Team Rocket's Poochyena used Yawn and it accidentally hit the director. Regardless, the shooting continued and a still sleeping Kublock was taken off the set by his crew after the scene wrapped. The scene in the cave with Ash and Goh taking on Team Rocket was also not in the script originally and was shot by Team Rocket's surveillance drones and cameras. After blasting off Team Rocket, Kublock and his film crew arrived on the scene and viewed the footage from Team Rocket's cameras. Kublock was so impressed by the footage that he decided to put it in his movie, again to the shock of his film crew. It is unknown if the movie was ever finished and released.

Unnamed movies

In The Screen Actor's Guilt

At the end of The Screen Actor's Guilt, after Brad Van Darn's manager allowed Brad to keep his Smoochum, he starred in a movie with it. In the preview of this movie, Brad is seen climbing a waterfall with Smoochum. Now that it appeared with Brad in his movies, Smoochum now has its own merchandise, with several girls being seen holding Smoochum dolls.

In Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Several unnamed movies were shown in Lights, Camerupt, Action!.

One movie featured a boy, based on Red from the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, traveling with his Pikachu and talking Clefairy. Ash watched the movie in a theater together with his mother, Gary, and Professor Oak and greatly enjoyed it.

Another movie, which Brock saw with some of his siblings was based on a classic spaghetti western. It featured a sheriff (a Snorlax) and an outlaw (a Machoke) dueling with Remoraid water guns. According to Brock, it was the best western movie he ever saw.

Max once saw a science fiction movie with his father, mother, and sister. It featured aliens which had taken control over a Meowth and quadrupled its size to destroy a city, only to be confronted by the air force, piloted by the Pichu Brothers and a Marshtomp. This movie is based on the Japanese television show Ultraman.

May once saw a movie on her own which featured a luxurious spaceship with a Natu and a Xatu who were in love. The spaceship collided with a huge ice asteroid however and the Xatu fell overboard, plunging into the deep darkness of space, while its lover Natu tragically looks on. It is a reference to Titanic.

In the past, Elijah showed a movie featuring the Pichu Brothers to the children of the village where Mariah lived, which didn't have a movie theater. The movie was greatly enjoyed by Mariah and the other children of her village. The clip seen is actually a clip from the end of Camp Pikachu, when the Pichu Brothers depart on the train, implying that Camp Pikachu is actually a real movie in the Pokémon world.

In Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!

Several unnamed films appeared in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!.

In An Epic Defense Force!

Billboard and poster movies

Unnamed movies were shown on billboards and posters in An Epic Defense Force!. One movie features a Gothita wearing a hat. Other movies feature a Pidove flying towards the sky and a Watchog as a baby in a stroller. All of these movies are considered classic movies which were filmed at the Pokéstar Studios. According to Luke, all of these movies won the "Pokécademy Award" at one time or another.

Jules's movie

A young filmmaker named Jules made a film for the Pokéstar Studios Film Competition along with his Krookodile in An Epic Defense Force!. In it, Mecha Tyranitar attacks a city and it is up to Jules and his Krookodile to stop it. With little hope left, they decided to use their ultimate weapon, the "Final Blaster". They succeed in destroying Mecha Tyranitar and vow to protect the future of the world.

The movie was met with a big applause from the audience, but did not manage to win the first prize.

Luke's movie

A film that Luke made for the Pokéstar Studios Film Competition along with Ash, Iris and Cilan in An Epic Defense Force!. It is five minutes long. The production logo for the film is a parody of the MGM logo, with Zorua in place of the lion and Yamask's mask underneath it.

The movie opens with "Unova Defense Force" pilot Ash (portrayed by Ash) and his Pikachu and Pignite, spotting a Mecha-Tyranitar in the ocean from his plane. He is told by his superior to do anything to prevent it from going on land on Pokémon Island. Mecha Tyranitar takes the plane down and Ash and his Pokémon manage to escape with parachutes. It is revealed that the Mecha Tyranitar takes orders from an alien conqueror from the planet "Cilanolon" (portrayed by Cilan) who pilots a UFO.

Ash and his Pokémon land on Pokémon Island where they meet twin sisters (portrayed by Iris and Luke's Zorua using her Illusion ability) who watch over the island. Ash tells them that Mecha Tyranitar is coming and that they have to take refuge, but the sisters tell him that they cannot abandon the Pokémon on the island and that they will protect them by reviving the legendary titan Golurk that turned into a statue long ago.

Mecha Tyranitar reaches land and the alien conqueror manages to capture the island's Pokémon with it. The sisters try to revive Golurk but Mecha Tyranitar destroys the Golurk statue before they can do so. It then attacks the sisters, but they are saved by their Golett. Golett appears to die, but is revived with the tears of the sisters, after which it proceeds to evolve into Golurk and increase in size. Golurk defeats the Mecha Tyranitar with Mega Punch, after which it frees the stolen Pokémon from the alien conqueror. It then attacks the UFO with Gyro Ball, causing it to explode. After restoring the Golurk statue, Golurk devolves into Golett and happily reunites with the sisters.

The movie was met with a standing ovation by the audience. They voted it as the best movie, causing Luke to win the first prize of the competition. President of Pokéstar Studios Mr. Gold remarked that Luke made his movie with a lot of love.

In A Talent for Imitation!

An unnamed movie was featured in A Talent for Imitation!. The movie, directed by world-famous director Kublock, revolves around Gardevoir twins. The older Gardevoir sister is portrayed by a real Gardevoir, while the younger sister is portrayed by a Ditto using Transform. One scene featured the younger Gardevoir being attacked by two Shiftry, with her older sister rushing in to save her. The setting for the movie included ominous as well as idyllic-looking mountainous landscapes. The movie faced some production troubles because of Ditto temporarily losing its ability to transform properly, but it was eventually completed when Ditto eventually regained its confidence.

In other languages

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I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Näin, mitä söit viime tiistaina
France Flag.png French Souviens-toi de ce que tu as mangé mardi dernier
Germany Flag.png German Ich habe gesehen, was du dienstags gegessen hast
Italy Flag.png Italian Ho visto cosa hai mangiato martedì scorso
Poland Flag.png Polish Co jadłeś w zeszły czwartek
Russia Flag.png Russian Я видел что ты ел вторник
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Se lo que Comieron el Verano Pasado
Spain Flag.png Spain Indiana Jones y el Arroz Frito
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Jag såg vad du åt förra tisdagen

Pokémon in Love

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Verliefde Pokémon
Finland Flag.png Finnish Rakastuneet Pokémonit
France Flag.png French Le Pokémon Amoureux
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon in Love
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon innamorati
Poland Flag.png Polish Zakochany Pokémon
Portugal Flag.png European Portuguese Pokémon Apaixonados
Russia Flag.png Russian Влюблённый покемон
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon Enamorados
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémonkärlek

That Darn Meowth

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kiusankappale Meowth
France Flag.png French Un Sacré Miaouss
Italy Flag.png Italian Attenzione a quel Meowth!
Poland Flag.png Polish Zakochany Meowth
Russia Flag.png Russian Этого одного Мяута
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mi Dulce Meowth
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Den förbaskade Meowth

Ultra Maximum

Language Title
Poland Flag.png Polish Ultra Maximum
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ultra Máximo

Plusle and Minun and the Princess Rescue

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Plusle ja Minun prinsessaa pelastamassa
France Flag.png French Posipi et Négapi au secours de la princesse
Italy Flag.png Italian Plusle e Minun e il Salvataggio della Principessa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 플러시와 마이농의 대 모험
Russia Flag.png Russian Пласл и Майнун и спасение принцессы
Spain Flag.png Spanish Plusle y Minun y el Rescate de la Princesa
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Plusle och Minun räddar prinsessan

The Legend of the Pokémon Knight

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小精靈騎士傳說
Mandarin 神奇寶貝騎士傳說
Denmark Flag.png Danish Legenden om Pokémon-Ridderen
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch De legende van de Pokémon ridder
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-ritarin taru
France Flag.png French La légende du chevalier Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Die Legende des Pokémon-Ritters
Greece Flag.png Greek Θρύλο του Ιππότη Pokémon
India Flag.png Hindi द लेगेंद ऑफ द पोकेमोन नाइट
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Kisah Sang Ksatria Pokémon
Italy Flag.png Italian La leggenda del cavaliere Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 나이트의 전설
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Legenden om Pokémonridderen
Poland Flag.png Polish Legenda Pokémonowego Rycerza
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese A Lenda do Cavaleiro Pokémon
Russia Flag.png Russian Легенда рыцари покемона
Spain Flag.png Spanish La leyenda del Caballero Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Legenden om Pokémonriddaren
Thailand Flag.png Thai ตำนานแห่งอัศวินโปเกมอน!!

Wonder Fighters the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Wonder Launcher

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 奇蹟戰士電影版第二十四部 奇蹟發射器之謎
Mandarin 奇蹟戰士電影版第二十四部 奇蹟發射器之謎
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ihmesoturit-elokuva, osa 24: Ihmeheittimen arvoitus*
Italy Flag.png Italian I fantastici combattenti (Parte 24): Il mistero del Milabilancere
South Korea Flag.png Korean 미라클 파이터 24번째 극장: 미라클슈터의 비밀
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Mirakelkemparne, filmen, del 24: Mysteriet med Mirakelutskytarn
Poland Flag.png Polish Magiczni Wojownicy, część 24: Tajemnica Magicznej Wyrzutni*
Łowca Cudów 24*
Russia Flag.png Russian Ловци чудес фильм, часть 24: Загадка ловца чудес
Spain Flag.png Spanish Los Súpercombatientes la Película Parte 24ª: El Misterio del Súperlanzador
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Underkastare, filmen, del 24: Mysteriet med underkastaren*
Mirakeljägare 24*

Yamask of the Opera

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Oopperan Yamask
Germany Flag.png German Das Makabaja der Oper
Italy Flag.png Italian Lo Yamask dell'Opera
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Opera Yamask
Poland Flag.png Polish Yamask w Operze
Russia Flag.png Russian Ямаск опиеры
Spain Flag.png Spanish El Yamask de la ópera
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Yamask på operan

Enter the Beartic

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 熊爭雪鬥
Mandarin 熊爭雪鬥
Finland Flag.png Finnish Bearticin kidassa
Germany Flag.png German Der Mann mit dem Siberio
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Operasjon Beartic
Poland Flag.png Polish Wejście Beartica
Russia Flag.png Russian Выход Бертика
Spain Flag.png Spanish Operación Beartic
Sweden Flag.png Swedish In kommer Beartic

Game of Ice

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰霜遊戲
Mandarin 冰霜遊戲
Finland Flag.png Finnish Panoksena jää
Germany Flag.png German Mein letzter Kampf im Eis
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Isleken
Poland Flag.png Polish Gra Lodu
Spain Flag.png Spanish El Juego con el Hielo

The Way of the Beartic

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 凍熊過江
Mandarin 凍熊過江
Finland Flag.png Finnish Bearticin tie
Germany Flag.png German Siberio schlägt wieder zu
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Beartic slår til igjen
Poland Flag.png Polish Droga Beartica
Russia Flag.png Russian Путь Бертика
Spain Flag.png Spanish El Furor del Beartic
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Beartic slår till igen

Fist of Ice

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰武門
Mandarin 冰武門
Finland Flag.png Finnish Jäänyrkki
Germany Flag.png German Die Faust aus Eis
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Isknyttnæven
Poland Flag.png Polish Lodowe Pięści
Russia Flag.png Russian Ледовый кулак
Spain Flag.png Spanish Furia de Hielo
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Isens nävar

Gone with the Pokémon

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 亂世小精靈
Mandarin 亂世神奇寶貝
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémonin viemää
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬과 함께 사라지다
Poland Flag.png Polish Przeminęło z Pokémonem
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lo que el Pokémon se Llevó
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Borta med Pokémon

Princess Pokémon's Holiday

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小精靈公主假期
Mandarin 神奇寶貝公主假期
Finland Flag.png Finnish Prinsessa-Pokémonin loma
France Flag.png French Vacance des Princess Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Ferien des Prinzessin Pokémon
Italy Flag.png Italian Vacanze Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 프린세스 포켓몬의 휴일
Poland Flag.png Polish Wakacje Pokemonowej Księżniczki
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese O Ferradio de Princessa Pokémon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Las Vacaciones de la Princesa Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Prinsessan Pokémons semester

Pokémon Wars Saga

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小精靈大戰
Mandarin 神奇寶貝大戰
Finland Flag.png Finnish Tähtien Pokémon-saaga
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 워즈 사가
Poland Flag.png Polish Saga Pokémonowych Wojen
Spain Flag.png Spanish La Saga de la Guerra de los Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémon Wars

Dirty Herdier

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 哈約克追捕令
Mandarin 哈約克追捕令
Finland Flag.png Finnish Likainen Herdier
South Korea Flag.png Korean 더티 하데리어
Poland Flag.png Polish Brudny Herdier
Spain Flag.png Spanish Herdier, el Sucio
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Dirty Herdier

The Titanic Tyranitar

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 大小精靈班吉拉
Mandarin 大神奇寶貝班吉拉
Finland Flag.png Finnish Titaaninen Tyranitar
South Korea Flag.png Korean 대 포켓몬 마기라스
Poland Flag.png Polish Tytanic Tyranitar
Spain Flag.png Spanish El Tyranitar Titánico
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Titanic Tyranitar

My Sweet, Sweet Lady

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 我的甜蜜女郎
Mandarin 我甜蜜的淑女
Denmark Flag.png Danish Alle elsker Diantha
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ihana, ihana nainen
South Korea Flag.png Korean 내 달콤한 숙녀
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Min søte lille dame
Poland Flag.png Polish Moja Słodka, Słodka Dama
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mi Dulce Lady
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Min sköna, sköna dam

Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu!

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 雷霆英雄!超強比卡超!!
Mandarin 雷霆英雄!超強皮卡丘!!
Denmark Flag.png Danish Lynende hurtig! Modig og stærk! Super Pikachu!
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Bliksemsnel! Moedig en sterk! Super Pikachu!
Finland Flag.png Finnish Salamannopea! Urhea ja vahva! Super-Pikachu!
Germany Flag.png German Rasant schnell! Tapfer und stark! Super-Pikachu!
Italy Flag.png Italian È veloce come il lampo! È forte e corragioso! È Super Pikachu!
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빠른 번개의 영웅! 슈퍼 피카츄!!
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Modig og sterk! Super Pikachu!
Poland Flag.png Polish Szybki jak błyskawica! Dzielny i silny! Super-Pikachu!
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Rápido e Rasteiro! Bravo e Forte! Super-Pikachu!
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Muito Rápido! Corajoso e Forte! Super-Pikachu!
Russia Flag.png Russian Быстрый, как молния! Отважный и сильный! Супер Пикачу!
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America ¡Veloz como un rayo! ¡Fuerte y Valiente! ¡¡Súper Pikachu!!
Spain Flag.png Spain Super-Pikachu: ¡Fuerte, Valiente y Rápido como el Rayo!
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Blixtsnab! Modig och stark! Super Pikachu!
Thailand Flag.png Thai ฮีโร่แห่งสายฟ้า! ซุปเปอร์ปิกาจู!!

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