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Artwork of Mantine Surf

Mantine Surf (Japanese: マンタイン サーフ Mantain Surf) is a minigame in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is a specific type of Poké Ride where the user rides on the back of a Mantine to surf on the ocean waves. This allows the player to travel between Mantine Surf Spots located at the beaches on each of Alola's islands.

There are four beaches in Alola where the player can Mantine Surf at, each course increasing in length and difficulty.

The player first gains access to Mantine Surf after Hau suggests they should try it to travel from Big Wave Beach to Heahea Beach.


Mantine Surf

While riding on Mantine's back, the player surfs on the ocean waves while performing moves to earn points.

While Mantine moves forward automatically, the player can move it left or right by sliding the Circle Pad in the desired direction. When riding on a wave, the player can slide the Circle Pad left to surf down the wave and increase Mantine's speed, and also increase speed if they slide the Circle Pad to the right while near the wave's trough. As Mantine gains speed, an air current will surround it, changing color the more its speed increases (from white to yellow to orange). The player can leap into the air by sliding the Circle Pad right while riding a wave, and the higher Mantine's speed was, the higher it will fly and the longer it will stay in the air for, allowing the player to perform more moves.

While the player is surfing, several wild Pokémon will appear in the water to serve as obstacles. Coming into contact with any of these will cause Mantine to spin out and lose speed. Tentacool remain stationary but will be knocked underwater if the player crashes into them; Corsola and Pyukumuku dwell on rocks and will fall into the water if the player crashes into them, though the rock will remain standing; Sharpedo attempt to chase the player and charge at them, and may strike from behind if a player lands from a nearby wave; Wailmer emerge from circular shadows in the water; and Wailord (exclusive to the Hyper and Master Courses) occasionally emerge from the waves and take up the majority of the lower surfing area. Crashing into multiple obstacles in quick succession or crashing into a Wailord will briefly knock the player off of Mantine, losing all of their speed.

Once a course has been completed, the player will receive Battle Points, here referred to as "Beach Points", depending on how well they did. The amount of Beach Points earned gradually increases until 10 BP at a score of 40,000, at which point it plateaus until getting over a score of 70,000, where the rate begins to rise exponentially. The maximum number of Beach Points that can be earned in a single session is 50, which requires a score of at least 145,000.

After becoming No. 1 by achieving the high scores on all four Mantine Surf courses, the player can receive a Surfing Pikachu from the Boss of the Surf Association at its Heahea Branch.

Electric Unknown
Held item:
Bag Gold Bottle Cap Sprite.png Gold Bottle Cap
Pikachu/ Lv.40
Electric Physical
Electric Special
Normal Physical
Water Special


While in the air, the player can slide the Circle Pad in any direction to have Mantine spin and twist to earn points. Sliding the Circle Pad up, down, left, and right will allow the player to perform a Front Flip, Backflip, Left Roll, and Right Roll, respectively. If Mantine is still moving as it lands back onto the wave, the player will crash, lose their accumulated speed and take several seconds for Mantine to resurface.

By chaining several moves together, Mantine will perform a specific bold move, earning even more points than usual. Waiting until the bubble around the player dissipates before using another move will increase the amount of points gained. Initially, the player only has access to three specific moves, but more can be obtained by coming in first on each course.

  • Huntail Spiral (Japanese: スクリューハンテール Screw Huntail) - Available from the start. This move can be performed by doing three Right Rolls in a row.
  • Gorebyss Spiral (Japanese: スクリューサクラビス Screw Sakurabyss) — Available from the start. This move can be performed by doing three Left Rolls in a row.
  • Lanturn 360 (Japanese: ランターン360 Lantern 360) — Learned after becoming No. 1 on one course. This move can be performed by doing a Backflip, Front Flip, and a Backflip in succession.
    • Performing this move when the waves are high earns the player more points than usual.
  • Primarina Twist (Japanese: アシレーヌフリップ Ashirene Flip) — Learned after becoming No. 1 on two courses. This move can be performed by doing three Front Flips in a row.
    • Performing this move when the waves are low earns the player more points than usual.
  • Starmie 720 (Japanese: スターミートルネード Starmie Tornado) — Learned after becoming No. 1 on three courses. This move can be performed by doing a Right Roll, Left Roll, Right Roll, and a Backflip in succession, or by doing a Left Roll, Right Roll, Left Roll and a Backflip in succession.
    • This move earns the player a large number of points regardless of the size of the wave it was performed on.
  • Over-the-Gyarados (Japanese: オーバーザギャラドス Over-the-Gyarados) — Learned after becoming No. 1 on all courses and then talking to the Boss of the Surf Association. This move can be performed by spinning in all four directions in turn.
    • Performing this move once earns the player a large number of points by doubling the score of the previous jump, but doing it multiple times in one session will cause the player to lose points.
  • Magikarp Splash (Japanese: コイキングスペシャル Koiking Special) — Available from the start. This move can be performed by failing to complete any of the other moves after four maneuvers.
    • Performing this move for the first time earns the player a large number of points, but subsequent performances aren't worth much.

In the anime

Mantine Surf in the anime

Mantine Surf was first featured in the Where Are You Going, Eevee? segment at the end of Sparking Confusion!, where a wild Mantine proceeded to do it with Eevee on its back. At first, Eevee had trouble staying on Mantine's back while it was performing surfing tricks, but after a few attempts, it was able to successfully stay on. It was revealed in We Know Where You're Going, Eevee! that Lana's father witnessed this event.

In Alola, Alola!, Ash, his classmates, and Misty tried it out while traveling to Treasure Island.

In the manga

Mantine Surf in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

Mantine Surf was first featured in Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!", where Professor Burnet used it to catch up with Professor Kukui's boat.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 巨翅飛魚衝浪 Geuihchifēiyùh Chūnglohng
Mandarin 巨翅飛魚衝浪 / 巨翅飞鱼冲浪 Jùchìfēiyú Chōnglàng
Finland Flag.png Finnish Mantine-surffaus
France Flag.png French Surf Démanta
Germany Flag.png German Mantax-Surfen
Italy Flag.png Italian Surf Mantine
South Korea Flag.png Korean 만타인서핑 Mantine Surf
Poland Flag.png Polish Mantine Surfing
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Surfe Mantine
Russia Flag.png Russian Сёрфинг с Мантайном Syorfing s Mantaynom
Spain Flag.png Spanish Surfeo Mantine

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