DNA Splicers

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DNA Splicers
Gene Wedge
DNA Splicers
DNA Splicers
Obtain sprite from the Generation V games
Introduced in Generation V
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The DNA Splicers (Japanese: いでんしのくさび Gene Wedge) are a Key Item used to transform Kyurem between its White and Black forms when Reshiram or Zekrom are also in the party.

In the games


Games Cost Sell price


Manual activation

The DNA Splicers can be used to transform Kyurem into its White and Black forms and vice-versa, through a process called Absofusion (Japanese: 吸収合体 Absorb Union).

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the DNA Splicers are a key point in Team Plasma's plans. Originally in Drayden's possession, they were stolen by the Shadow Triad after Team Plasma froze Opelucid City. They were then used by Ghetsis to transform Kyurem into Black KyuremB2/White KyuremW2.


Games Description
A splicer that fuses Kyurem and a certain Pokémon. They are said to have been one in the beginning.*
A splicer that separates Kyurem and a certain Pokémon when they are fused.*


Games Method
B2W2 Giant Chasm (dropped by Kyurem when caught, defeated, or fled from)
XY Kiloude City (from a Punk Girl in the second northeastern-most house of when she is shown a Kyurem)
ORAS Gnarled Den (on the left side of the room (hidden))
SM Aether Paradise (Secret Lab A; from an Aether Foundation Employee)

In the anime

The DNA Splicers in Pokémon Generations

In Pokémon Generations

The DNA Splicers was featured in two Pokémon Generations episodes. It first appeared in The Frozen World, in which it was revealed to be in Drayden's possession. Team Plasma needed the item to further their plans, and so several Team Plasma Grunts attacked Opelucid while Colress used the Plasma Frigate to freeze the entire city to allow Zinzolin to steal the DNA Splicers. The item was seen again in The King Returns, in which Ghetsis was seen using it to fuse Kyurem with N's Reshiram.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The DNA Splicers made their first appearance in the Black 2 & White 2 chapter. According to a report written to the International Police headquarters, Blake found the DNA Splicers at the Giant Chasm.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 基因之楔 Gēiyān-jī Sit
Mandarin 基因之楔 Jīyīn-zhī Xiē
France Flag.png French Pointeau ADN
Germany Flag.png German DNS-Keil
Italy Flag.png Italian Cuneo DNA
South Korea Flag.png Korean 유전자쐐기 Yujeonja Swae-gi
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ponta DNA
Spain Flag.png Spanish Punta ADN

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