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デスゴルド Deathgold
Verich artwork.png
Greevil (a.k.a. Mr. Verich)
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Relatives Ardos and Eldes (sons)
Trainer class Grand Master
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD
Member of Cipher
Rank Grand Master

Greevil (Japanese: デスゴルド Deathgold) is the leader of the criminal group Cipher. He is the only character in the game to have the Trainer class Grand Master (Japanese: シャドー総帥 Shadow Leader).

In the games

Although it seemed that Cipher was destroyed with the defeat of Evice, that was not the case. Chief Sherles comes across some evidence that Evice was only in charge of Cipher's activities in Orre, and that the true leader was still at large. Indeed, five years after Evice's arrest, Cipher returns under the leadership of its Grand Master, Greevil.

Under the guise of a man named Mr. Verich, Greevil wins the favor of the Sailors of Gateon Port by providing free food and drinks every time he visited The Krabby Club. On one of his visits, he comes across a Thug by the name of Zook who is pushing around the player and his sister Jovi. After having one of his bodyguards, Ardos, defeat him in battle, Verich chastises Zook for his actions and leaves.

After the player shuts down the Cipher Key Lair and defeats Gorigan, Greevil appears on a TV monitor and reveals himself as the leader of Cipher. He taunts the player by claiming that he would never reach his HQ on Citadark Isle.

At the very end of the game, the player infiltrates Citadark Island and defeats all the Cipher members inside, including Greevil's bodyguards; Ardos and Eldes. The player then challenges Greevil himself. Greevil begins by summoning the much-mentioned XD001, a Lugia turned into the ultimate, unpurifiable Shadow Pokémon by Cipher. However, the player is able to snag it. Enraged, Greevil then fights the player himself with a complete team of six Shadow Pokémon.

After the player defeats or snags all his Pokémon, Greevil is mentally broken, unable to comprehend his defeat. Ardos tries to encourage Greevil to blow up Citadark Isle, but Eldes protests and claims that Greevil is going too far, also revealing himself and Ardos to actually be Greevil's sons. Eventually, Greevil listens to Eldes's reasoning and agrees to accept defeat graciously, much to Ardos's anger. It is implied that Greevil turns himself in afterwards, although the battle against him can be repeated at any time.



After Shadow Lugia is dealt with

After others are snagged

If a Shadow Pokémon was not snagged in the first battle, it will replace the corresponding Pokémon in this team.


For the quotes as Mr. Verich, see Mr. Verich → Quotes
Cipher Key Lair (TV monitor)
"Gorigan. That is quite enough. Accept that you have lost."
"Hohoho. We meet again. You do remember me, don't you? Yes, indeed. I am Mr. Verich. Or perhaps I should say Greevil, the Grand Master of Cipher. I must say I am taken aback. I never once imagined that you would destroy our factory. But that's not important. Even though the mass output of Shadow Pokémon has ended, our plan itself is unharmed. We have already completed XD001's final tuning. It now rests with me."
"Now, I shall prepare our final plan to activate XD001. Do you honestly think you can stop me? I shall be at Cipher's HQ. It is on Citadark Isle off the coast of Gateon Port. It is an inpregnable fortress that repels all with cruel waves and thick clouds. No one can reach it! Come if you dare. I'll enjoy waiting for you. Hohohoho!"
Citadark Isle
  • Upon first entering the dome
"Hohoho! Now this is quite a surprise. You managed to defeat Ardos. Of course, you have also beaten so many of my followers. Perhaps it's no surprise you won."
"I must say that I haven't been this excited in a long time. I do have an appreciation for the strong, you see. However, I also cannot allow your interference. My Shadow Pokémon plan is nearing completion."
"So, for the time being, I think I will have you securely out of the way right where you are now."
  • Upon re-entering the dome through B1F
"Who allowed this child to penetrate our defenses so deeply?! What is the meaning of this?! The others can't be counted on at all. I am giving you the responsibility of dealing with this child."
  • Upon entering the dome's second floor
"Hohoho. So, you have even come this far. I had no idea that a mere child like you would pursue me this long."
"Prof. Krane, Data ROMs, and the Lair… You alone derailed every one of our well-laid plans. Well, perhaps not just you. The news broadcast by ONBS did not help Cipher's cause at all. However, my Shadow Pokémon plan isn't finished yet. The final act is about to unfold. Having come this far, I think you've earned the right to know what I have planned."
"The creation of Shadow Pokémon that permanently resist purification. That was the first step. Next, I plan to create an army of Shadow Pokémon that work independently on my orders alone. When this second step is done, I will take over the world without having to rely on bothersome people. And now…"
"Let me introduce you to my faithful servant. The one that shall become the central figure in my Shadow Pokémon army."
"Come forth, XD001!"
  • Before battling Shadow Lugia
"Code name XD001… Now freed of all adjustments, I present to you Shadow Lugia! This Lugia is the first of the Shadow Pokémon that cannot be purified. Now, let us celebrate the completion of my Shadow Pokémon plan in advance! Fall prey to Shadow Lugia!"
  • If lost before to Lugia
"Hohoho! My Lugia is delighted to see new prey arrive!"
  • After dealing with Lugia, before battle
"How dare you, child! How dare you defeat/snag my Shadow Lugia! My one loyal subject! There's nothing left! But I will personally see to the total destruction of your Pokémon!"
  • After snagging Lugia, if lost before
"Hohoho! Return as often as you wish! The more you rebel, the happier my Pokémon become!"
  • Being defeated
  • After being defeated
"How… A mere child… A mere child crushed my cherished plan?"
"But… If I did that, our Shadow Pokémon data and our subordinates would be lost as well…"
"Y-You're right…"
"Y-yes… For Cipher's sake, sacrifices must be endured…"
"…Yes. It can't be helped. Don't begrudge us, child."
"Oh… Everything I did… All of it was a mistake…"
"Now, let us celebrate the completion of my Shadow Pokémon plan in advance. I will personally see to the destruction of your Pokémon."


  • Greevil is one of five Trainers to battle the player with more than six Pokémon. The others are Ghetsis in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Volo in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, AI Sada in Pokémon Scarlet, and AI Turo in Pokémon Violet.
  • Greevil's name is a combination of greedy and evil.
  • Grand Masters also exist in the Pokémon Trading Card Game game for the Game Boy, though they have a different Japanese title, グランドマスター Grand Master.
  • Four of the Pokémon used by Greevil in his rematch with Michael are used by the Cipher Admins on Citadark Isle.
  • Greevil uses the Legendary birds, of which Lugia is the trio master. Interestingly, the Legendary beasts and its counterpart Ho-Oh are also obtainable in Pokémon Colosseum.
  • If the player fights Greevil after purifying every Shadow Pokémon in the game, an alternate ending will play where Michael puts away the Snag Machine as he no longer needs it.
  • In Pokémon Colosseum, a resident of The Under speaks of a man who made a fortune in the city's mines that he hopes used his money for good. This originally appeared to be referring to Evice, but may have been referring all along to Greevil instead. As a result, it is unclear if Greevil always was intended to be the supreme leader of Cipher or if his rank over Evice was a retcon introduced in XD.
  • Despite being the ultimate leader of Cipher, Greevil's team is significantly lower-leveled than Evice's.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Malafid
Germany Flag.png German Phrenos
Italy Flag.png Italian Malvaro
Spain Flag.png Spanish Avavil

Grand Master

Language Title
France Flag.png French Grand Maître
Germany Flag.png German Großmeister
Italy Flag.png Italian Granmaestro
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gran Maestro

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