Team Yell

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Team Yell
エール団 Team Yell
Sword Shield Team Yell Grunt.png
Artwork of Team Yell Grunts from Sword and Shield
Leader Piers
Region Galar
Admins Unknown
Major targets Budew Drop Inn, Route 5, Galar Mine No. 2, Route 6, Circhester Bay, Wyndon
Base locations Spikemuth
Anime debut Battling Turned Up to Eleven!
Adventures debut Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light

Team Yell (Japanese: エール Yell-dan, literally Yell Gang) is the villainous team living in the Galar region. They are fans of Marnie who want her to become Champion and get more publicity for their hometown Spikemuth. However, despite their good intentions to form a fan club of sorts, the grunts begin to take things too far by rudely obstructing Marnie's rivals in their Gym Challenges and doing anything to prevent them from becoming Champion instead, without their leader Piers knowing.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Team Yell obstructs Marnie's rivals by taking over hotel lobbies, preventing challengers from accessing transportation, and even shouting and distracting opponents during battle. When the player reaches Spikemuth, it is revealed that Team Yell Grunts are actually Spikemuth Gym Trainers in disguise, and that their leader is Piers.

Team Yell are first encountered in the lobby of the Budew Drop Inn in Motostoke, preventing Gym Challengers from signing in to the hotel. After Hop and the player defeat them in battle, a Trainer named Marnie appears and tells them off, explaining that they're her belligerent fans who often go too far in their support of her.

The player next encounters Team Yell on the bridge in Route 5, harassing a man in an attempt to force him to give them his Rotom Bike, claiming they need it to cross the bridge and chase down Gym Challengers. Once the player defeats them, they run off and the man gives the player the bike as a reward.

In Galar Mine No. 2, the player runs into Team Yell again. Two Grunts ask the player if they’re a Gym Challenger and ask to battle. However Hop shows up, which irritates the two, especially when he claims that he will be the next Champion of Galar. Hop then offers to battle them to prove that he’s serious, asking the player to help him in a Multi Battle. After the grunts are defeated, they leave quietly.

The player next finds Team Yell at the beginning of Route 6, admiring a sleeping Silicobra and blocking the entrance to the rest of the route. They tell the player that it is their duty to ensure the Silicobra can sleep peacefully. When an old woman asks to walk past, claiming she’ll make sure not to wake the Pokémon, they allow her through. However, when Hop arrives and asks to let through, the Grunts state that Hop and the player are too loud and will wake up the Silicobra and refuse to let them pass. The player then battles both Grunts, who run off once defeated.

On Route 7, a pair of Grunts can be encountered, blocking the eastern entrance to Route 9.

Team Yell are next encountered on Route 9, near a Drednaw and the man who gave the player the Rotom Bike earlier. They attempt to prevent the player from riding on the Drednaw and crossing the water to Spikemuth. The man claims he can make Rotom Bikes ride on water, however, the Team Yell Grunts ignore him. He asks the player to battle Team Yell for him. Once the player defeats one of the grunts, they both get on the Drednaw and ride away.

The player arrives at Spikemuth’s entrance only to learn that Team Yell is blocking Gym Challengers from entering the city. However, Marnie leads the player to an opening in the side of the city and leads them inside after the player defeats her in battle. During Spikemuth's Gym mission, the player fights several Team Yell Grunts. However, one of the Grunts the player fights forgets to put on his disguise and it is revealed that the Team Yell Grunts are actually Spikemuth Gym Trainers, who are trying to help Marnie become Champion in the hopes of it improving their hometown's run-down condition. The player then battles Team Yell's Captain and the Spikemuth Gym Leader, Piers, and earns the Dark Badge from him.

In Wyndon, when the player is attempting to gain entrance to Rose Tower, Piers and Marnie lead a group of Team Yell Grunts to assist the player in finding and defeating the League Staff member with the key they need to do so.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

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In the anime

Main series

Team Yell Grunts in the anime

Team Yell debuted in Battling Turned Up to Eleven!, where they were revealed to have fooled Ash and Goh into going to Spikemuth for Ash's World Coronation Series match against Marnie instead of Wyndon, intending for him to be late for the match and have Marnie win by default. Thanks to Piers, however, Ash was brought to the match in time. After being berated by Marnie, Team Yell proceeded to cheer for her throughout the battle. Even though Ash won the battle, Team Yell was happy to learn that Marnie's battling skills had attracted attention and visitors to the Spikemuth Gym.

Team Yell reappeared with Marnie and Piers in A Flood of Torrential Gains!, watching Ash's battle with Leon.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Team Yell Grunts in Pokémon: Twilight Wings

In The Gathering of Stars, two Team Yell Grunts were present when Marnie received an invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament.

In the manga

Team Yell Grunts in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Team Yell debuted in the Sword & Shield arc. Two Grunts attacked Henry and Casey in an attempt to destroy their Gym Challenge uniforms. Their plot was foiled when Henry and Casey dragged the Grunts into a nearby Pokémon Den, forcing the four to team up in a Max Raid Battle against a Dynamax Gurdurr. In later rounds, they appeared to cheer for Marnie during her Gym battles.

In the TCG

The following is a list of cards mentioning or featuring Team Yell in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Team Yell
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Team Yell Grunt Su       V Starter Sets   019/023
Sword & Shield Uncommon 184/202 Shield U 058/060
Sword & Shield Rare Ultra 202/202 Shield SR 067/060
Sword & Shield Rare Secret 210/202 Shield HR 071/060
      S-P Promotional cards   085/S-P
Champion's Path Uncommon 067/073      
Piers Su Darkness Ablaze Uncommon 165/189 Infinity Zone U 095/100
Darkness Ablaze Rare Ultra 187/189 Infinity Zone SR 109/100
Champion's Path Uncommon 058/073      
Champion's Path Rare Rainbow 078/073 Infinity Zone HR 115/100
      Shiny Star V   173/190
Shining Fates Rare Ultra 069/072 Shiny Star V SR 194/190
Yell Horn I Darkness Ablaze Uncommon 173/189 Infinity Zone U 089/100
Team Yell Towel I Shining Fates Uncommon 063/072 Shiny Star V   156/190
Team Yell's Cheer Su Brilliant Stars Uncommon 149/172 Start Deck 100   388/414


  • Team Yell is the first villainous team with no specific evil intentions or goals. Instead, their only desire is for Marnie to become Champion.
    • They also have the fewest notable members out of all villainous teams in the core series, with only one — Piers.
  • According to Shigeru Ohmori, Team Yell are based on soccer fans, but adapted to be focused on a single Trainer, like the followers of a Japanese idol.[1]
    • Team Yell's methods seem to resemble football hooliganism, a real-life phenomenon in England and Scotland.
  • In the anime, if Team Plasma's original debut had aired as intended, Team Yell would hold the distinction of debuting later in their respective series than any other villainous team to date, first appearing 99 episodes into Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Language Name Origin
Japanese エール団 Team Yell From yell
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Dutch,
European Portuguese
Team Yell Same as Japanese name
Korean 옐단 Yell-dan Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 吶喊隊 / 呐喊队 Nàhǎn Duì From 吶喊 nàhǎn, yell
Chinese (Cantonese) 吶喊隊 Naahphaam Déui From 吶喊 naahphaam, yell
Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Yell From English/Japanese name
Czech Hlasiťáci From hlasitý (loud)
Finnish Huutoryhmä From huuto (yell/shout)
Indonesian Tim Yell From English/Japanese name
Polish Gang Fanów Literally Fan Gang
Russian Команда Крикуны Komanda Krikuny From крикун krikun (yeller)

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Captain: Piers (Masters)
Lower members: Team Yell Grunts
Spikemuth Gym Trainers
Related: Marnie (Masters)
Locations: Spikemuth

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