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セキ Seki
Legends Arceus Adaman.png
Art from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blue, green, blonde
Hometown Diamond Settlement
Region Hisui
Relatives Unnamed grandfather
Perrin (descendant)[1]
Trainer class Clan Leader
Generation VIII, IX
Counterpart(s) Adaman (Masters)
Games Legends: Arceus, Masters EX
English voice actor Micah Solusod[2] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Kaito Ishikawa[3] (Masters EX)
Member of Diamond Clan
Rank Leader
Anime series Pokémon: Hisuian Snow
Debut Two Hues
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Adaman (Japanese: セキ Seki) is the leader of the Diamond Clan. He has a rivalry with Irida, who leads the opposing Pearl Clan.

He is an ancestor of Perrin,[1] with whom he shares a striking resemblance.

In the core series games

Adaman is the leader of the Diamond Clan. He has a generally laid-back personality, but knows when to take a stern approach as he will scold his clan members when they do wrong. He often bickers with Irida, the head of the Pearl Clan, as they disagree over the true nature of the almighty Sinnoh, but he is able to put their rivalry aside when problems arise that will affect all of Hisui.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Adaman is first encountered when both of the clan leaders confront Commander Kamado, the boss of the Galaxy Team, about what to do about the frenzied Noble Pokémon Lord Kleavor — noting that the Diamond Clan can not directly interfere with Pearl Clan Pokémon lords. Adaman trusts and encourages the player to study Kleavor despite Irida's hesitation. Later, Adaman talks to Wyrdeer about the player's quest and gives the player a Celestica Flute to be able to summon Ride Pokémon (mentioning that he is unable to play it himself).

After some frenzied Pokémon are dealt with, Adaman comes back to Galaxy Team HQ as he is worried about frenzied Lady Lilligant and irritated that a missing Arezu might have something to do with it. Once Arezu is found, Adaman expresses doubt in his leadership abilities because of his lack of foresight. He tasks the player anew to help quell Lilligant and expresses his gratitude when the player is successful. He has Arezu apologize for causing Calaba trouble and asks that she doesn't keep things from him anymore.

Adaman shows up at Team Galaxy HQ again to ask for help with the frenzied Lord Electrode when he is interrupted by Melli, and apologizes for Melli's poor behavior. In an attempt to prove the player's worthiness to Melli, he battles the player. He scolds Melli for more of his bad behavior when Melli is unconvinced. Adaman has to intervene when Melli blocks the player from quelling Lord Electrode and the two disagree on whether Lord Electrode has been blessed or is suffering.

Adaman and Irida meet at the Galaxy Team HQ again to discuss quelling Lord Avalugg. They regroup in the Alabaster Icelands where Adaman leads the player to get help from Sabi and Braviary. After Avalugg is quelled, all are hopeful the rift will close and a soft moment is shared between the two clan leader.

The next day, Kamado calls the clan leader to Galaxy Team HQ after waking up to a red sky. Adaman denies Kamado's claims that the player is behind the change in the sky and all of the problems the rift has caused, but ultimately cannot prevent the player's expulsion. Adaman reunites with the player at the Ancient Retreat after checking back in with his clan. Adaman and Irida agree to help the player, but decide that only one can directly help the player to avoid attracting Kamado's attention.

Choosing Adaman

Adaman will join the player as they take on the Trial of the Lakes. He is awed by the power of the Arc Phone to open hidden cave entrances. When the player approaches the rift at the peak of the Coronet Highlands, Adaman hears the voice of his almighty Sinnoh in his body, Dialga, egging the player on to catch it as it appears from the rift. After the capture, Dialga through Adaman warns of Palkia's arrival. They all retreat despite a little hesitation from the clan leaders. Adaman receives guidance from Dialga to find certain components to be able to quell and capture Palkia. Melli arrives on his worst behavior and Adaman once again has to scold him. Adaman meets the player in the cave where Origin Ore is found, where they are accosted by the Miss Fortunes and Adaman is surprised by the presence of former clan member Clover. He extends an offer for Clover to return to the clan, but is turned down. When they return to town and create the Origin Ball, Adaman is contacted by Dialga again to return to the rift with Dialga in the player's party. He informs the player he will help in whatever way he can before the player faces Palkia.

Choosing Irida

While the player takes on the Trial of the Lakes, Adaman takes on the job of keeping an eye on Kamado. He meets up with the player once the Red Chain is completed. Adaman is shocked by Irida's communication with Palkia. They all retreat after Dialga's destruction of the temple, despite a little hesitation from the clan leaders. Adaman manages to gather the pieces of the Red Chain before retreating. Melli arrives on his worst behavior and Adaman once again has to scold him. Adaman meets the player in the cave where Origin Ore is found, where they are accosted by the Miss Fortunes and Adaman is surprised by the presence of former clan member Clover. He extends an offer for Clover to return to the clan, but is turned down. When they return to town and create the Origin Ball, the group returns to the rift with Palkia in the player's party. Adaman informs the player he will help in whatever way he can before the player faces Dialga.

After the sky is returned to normal, Adaman comments on Kamado's tearful emotions and is subsequently sumo thrown. Adaman is able to find peace with the Pearl Clan now knowing that both clans were worshiping different gods.


Adaman sends all his Pokémon out against the player. Like all members of the Diamond Clan, he does not keep his Pokémon partners in Poké Balls.

First battle

Second battle

Umbreon and Vaporeon have effort level 3 in their Defense and Sp. Defense stats.

Third battle

This battle was made available in version 1.1.0. It is a one-on-three match where the player must only use Origin Forme Dialga.

Path of Tenacity

These fights are made available in version 1.1.0 after clearing Request 106: "Adaman's Hope".

First clear

Second clear

Third clear

Fourth clear

Subsequent clears

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Adaman (Masters)

Adaman forms a sync pair with Leafeon and Vaporeon in Pokémon Masters EX. Adaman became a playable sync pair on May 31, 2023.

In this game, Adaman arrived on Pasio by traveling through a space-time rift.

An audio drama, acting as a prelude to the Travelers from a Distant Past story, was recorded and posted on social media. The synopsis revolves around how Adaman and Irida arrived at Pasio.

Sync Dex Trainer NDex Pokémon Type Weakness Role Base Potential Availability
#166 VSAdaman Masters.png Adaman #0470 MastersIcon0470.png Leafeon Master Sync Pair Mark Masters.png Buddy Move Icon Masters.png
GrassIC Masters.png
FlyingIC Masters.png
Masters Tech.png ★★★★★☆EX Master Fair Sync Pair Scout
#166 VSAdaman Masters.png Adaman #0134 MastersIcon0134.png Vaporeon
WaterIC Masters.png
ElectricIC Masters.png
Masters Support.png ★★★★☆☆EX Trainer Lodge Friendship Level 100


Main article: Adaman/Quotes

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Adaman or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Other related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Adaman Su Astral Radiance Rare Holo 135/189 Time Gazer R 064/067
Astral Radiance Rare Ultra 181/189 Time Gazer SR 077/067
Astral Radiance Rare Rainbow 199/189 Time Gazer HR 083/067
      VSTAR Universe   155/172
Crown Zenith GGU GG57/GG70 VSTAR Universe SAR 240/172
Friends in Hisui Su Crown Zenith Uncommon 130/159 VSTAR Universe   160/172
Crown Zenith Rare Ultra 148/159 VSTAR Universe SR 249/172


For images on Adaman in Pokémon Masters EX, see: Adaman (Masters)



Legends Arceus Adaman.png Legends Arceus artwork 1.jpg
Artwork from Legends: Arceus Key art for Legends: Arceus

Concept art

Adaman concept art.jpg Mai concept art.jpg
Concept art from Legends: Arceus by take Concept art for Mai, showing the
relationship between her and Adaman

Game animation

Hisuian Snow Adaman and Mai.png
Illustration from Two Hues


Pokemon Trainers Adaman Plush Icon.png Hisui Days Merch 2 Hitoshi Ariga.jpg
Artwork for the Pokémon Trainers
plush merchandise line
Illustrations by Hitoshi Ariga for the Hisui Days merchandise line

Raw TCG artwork

For all images and products relating to this character in the TCG, see their In the TCG section
Art Life 20230128 Friends in Hisui.jpg
Artwork for the Friends in Hisui full art
illustrated by Kinu Nishimura for Crown Zenith


  • Adaman, along with Irida, was designed by take.[4]
  • While not directly related, Adaman and Mai consider one another to be siblings. This is described in Mai's concept art.


Language Name Origin
Japanese セキ Seki From 金剛石 kongōseki (diamond)
English Adaman From adamant (archaic term for diamond)
German Diam From Diamant (diamond)
Spanish Adamas From ἀδάμας adámās (Ancient Greek for adamant)
French Adamantin From adamantin (adamantine)
Italian Damon From adamantino (adamant)
Korean 찬석 Chanseok From 찬석 (鑽石) chanseok (alternate name for diamond)
Chinese (Mandarin) 剛石 / 刚石 Gāngshí From 金剛石 / 金刚石 jīngāngshí / gāmgōngsehk (diamond)
Chinese (Cantonese) 剛石 Gōngsehk
Russian Адаман Adaman Transcription from his English name
Brazilian Portuguese Ádamo From ἀδάμας adámās (Ancient Greek for adamant)


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  3. 【公式】『ポケモンマスターズ EX』「セキ&リーフィア」「カイ&グレイシア」が登場! The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel (Japanese)
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Wardens: MaiArezuIscanMelliSabi
Former members: Clover
Locations: Diamond Settlement
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