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This article is about the Professors specializing in Pokémon. For the TCG tournament term, see Professor Program (TCG).
From left to right: the Professors of Kalos, Kanto, and Alola

A Pokémon Professor (Japanese: ポケモン博士 Pokémon Expert) is considered an expert on Pokémon in their respective region. Pokémon Professors are often researchers as well, and many times they are the ones responsible for distributing Pokédexes and giving Trainers their first partner Pokémon.

Several known Pokémon Professors have had reports published in Pokémon Researchers Monthly. Pokémon Professor is also a Trainer class used by Augustine Sycamore in Pokémon X and Y and Kukui in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. Many professors are accompanied by laboratory assistants, these aides often provide help with tasks, or perform small chores and field work.

List of Pokémon Professors

Core series

Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos
Professor Oak Professor Elm Professor Birch Professor Rowan Professor Juniper Professor Sycamore
Lets Go Pikachu Eevee Professor Oak.png HeartGold SoulSilver Professor Elm.png Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Professor Birch.png Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Professor Rowan.png Black White Juniper.png XY Professor Sycamore.png
Pokémon ecology[1] Pokémon breeding Pokémon habitats Pokémon Evolution
and form changes
Origin of Pokémon Evolution,
Mega Evolution, and change
Alola Galar Hisui Paldea
Professor Kukui Professor Magnolia Professor Sonia* Professor Laventon Professor Sada Professor Turo
Sun Moon Professor Kukui.png Sword Shield Professor Magnolia.png Sword Shield Sonia.png Legends Arceus Professor Laventon.png Scarlet Sada.png Violet Turo.png
Pokémon moves Dynamax Galar's history Pokémon ecology Terastal phenomenon and time travel

Taking into account that Pokémon are living beings and that the science that studies living beings is the Biology, it is implicit that the vast majority of Pokémon Professors would be considered as biologists (not all since in Sonia's case, her field of study is the history of Galar, so she would be a historian).

Professor's assistants

Main article: Professor's assistant

Many professors are helped by assistants. These characters often have similar works of studies to the professor they are working for. Many of these characters take part in the main story of a game and provide helpful insight on behalf of the professor.

Other individuals who study Pokémon

Professor Cozmo is a meteoriticist from Fallarbor Town
illustrated by Ken Sugimori

Aside from the main professors that the player may come across, there are other known professors and researchers they may visit. They may be a part of a game's story, related to another character, or provide context and lore of a game or a setting's background and history.

Other known professors
Known researchers
Cynthia is a known researcher of myths. Her house is usually covered in paperwork!
Illustrated by Atsushi Furusawa
Related groups
The Aether Foundation is known to care for troubled Pokémon, which in turn helps research them as living things

Side games

Spin-off games

Other fields of study

In the anime

Other professors, scientists, and researchers introduced in the anime include:

Pokémon specialists

Other fields of Pokémon study

Pokémon computer scientists

Pokémon archaeology

Pokémon paleontology


Other fields of study




  • Dr. Anna, operates a clinic and uses her Pokémon to help people's health.
  • Dr. Proctor, runs a hospital for people.



  • Cullen Calix, studies medicine and works at the Pokémon Institute.



In the manga

Other professors, scientists, and researchers introduced in the various manga include:

Pokémon Adventures

Apart from the main Professors of each region, there are also two notable Pokémon researchers: Professor Yanase Berlitz of the Sinnoh region, who researched ways to control Legendary Pokémon such as Rayquaza; and Mr. Berlitz, her husband. Currently, both of them work as Professor Rowan's assistants.

In the TCG

Full Art print of Professor Magnolia
Main article: Professor's Research (Sword & Shield 178)

Professor's Research was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era), featuring different Professors in its artwork over time. It allows the player to discard their hand, then draw seven cards; an identical effect to previous Professor characters' cards.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢博士 Pokémon Boksih *
小精靈博士 Síujīnglìhng Boksih *
Mandarin 寶可夢博士 / 宝可梦博士 Pokémon Bóshì *
神奇寶貝博士 / 神奇宝贝博士 Shénqí-baǒbeì Bóshì *
Denmark Flag.png Danish Pokémon professor
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Pokémon Professor
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-professori
France Flag.png French Professeur Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Professor
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Pokémon professzor
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Profesor Pokémon
Italy Flag.png Italian Professore Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 박사 Pokémon Baksa
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Pokémon professor
Poland Flag.png Polish Profesor Pokémonów
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Professor de Pokémon
Professor Pokémon
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Professor Pokémon
Russia Flag.png Russian Профессор Покемонов Professor Pokémonov
Spain Flag.png Spanish Profesor Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémon-professor
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Pokémon profesörü
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Giáo sư Pokémon

See also

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  1. Kris:"But Professor Oak is already perfecting the study of Pokémon ecology." (Pokémon Masters EX)