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A crystabloom flower glowing due to the Illumina phenomenon

The Illumina phenomenon (Japanese: イルミナ現象 Illumina phenomenon) is a phenomenon affecting both Pokémon and vegetation of the Lental region. It causes afflicted Pokémon or crystabloom flowers to glow, and is the main research area of Professor Mirror.


The cause of the Illumina phenomenon is ultimately unknown. Professor Mirror initially hypothesizes that it was caused by the Tellur Meteorite that descended on the Lental region 2000 years prior to the events of New Pokémon Snap. However, murals in the Outaway Cave and Ruins of Remembrance indicate that the Illumina Pokémon existed before then, and that they were responsible for warding off the disaster that the meteor would have caused.

100 years prior to the events of the game, an explorer named Captain Vince encountered an Illumina Pokémon as a child; he thereafter endeavoured to meet the other Illumina Pokémon, recording his experiences in the Lental Travelogue.

During the events of the game, Professor Mirror seeks to understand the Illumina phenomenon. He enlists the help of Rita, the player, and later Phil and Todd Snap to help him uncover the secrets of the phenomenon. The player's love for Pokémon eventually attracts the attention of the Illumina Pokémon, gradually helping Professor Mirror to discover their locations.


An Illumina orb

The Illumina phenomenon causes Pokémon and crystabloom flowers to emit a glow. While glowing, a Pokémon is said to be in the Illumina state. For Pokémon, this increases the quality of photos taken while in the Illumina state, as evaluated by Professor Mirror; for crystablooms, only a crystabloom in the Illumina state is eligible for evaluation, and are not awarded a score. Crystablooms in the Illumina state will also affect Pokémon within a certain radius, or those that interact with the flowers. Initially, the phenomenon can only be witnessed under its natural occurrence; select crystablooms on select courses will be in the Illumina state, imparting the effect to nearby Pokémon.

After photographing a crystabloom undergoing the Illumina phenomenon, Professor Mirror will give the player Illumina orbs. These are unlimited, and can be thrown at Pokémon and crystablooms to temporarily put them into the Illumina state. Some Pokémon will react to Illumina orbs with actions that are unavailable in normal gameplay. Putting crystablooms into the Illumina state via Illumina orbs will occasionally have an impact on the surrounding environments, or may cause Pokémon nearby to take poses otherwise unseen.

Illumina Pokémon are Pokémon that respond uniquely to the Illumina phenomenon; their bodies are perpetually glowing in the same manner as normal Pokémon in the Illumina state. When an Illumina Pokémon is put into the Illumina state, its body is covered in vibrant patterns that are unseen under normal circumstances. These Pokémon can only be seen in Illumina Spots found on each of the islands on Lental. The first time the player travels through an Illumina Spot course, the Illumina Pokémon is the only Pokémon to be seen on that course; successfully photographing the Illumina Pokémon while it is in the Illumina state will automatically elevate the player's research level for that course, which may cause more Pokémon to appear to be photographed.

List of Illumina Pokémon

Course Pokémon Illumina state Behaviour
Florio Island Illumina Spot Meganium
Meganium Illumina.png Meganium wanders peacefully through the Illumina Spot, occasionally interacting with crystablooms in the Illumina state and putting Meganium into the Illumina state itself. This is the only Illumina Pokémon that can be photographed before acquiring Illumina orbs, and no special effort is needed to take the required photos.
Belusylva Island Illumina Spot Milotic
Milotic Illumina.png Milotic spends the majority of its time under the water in the Illumina Spot; Illumina orbs will not penetrate the surface of the lake. Throwing a fluffruit into the lake to hit Milotic will cause it to surface, where it can be affected by an Illumina orb. Once the Illumina state ends, Milotic will submerge again, and must be lured out with a fluffruit once more.
Maricopia Islands Illumina Spot Wishiwashi
Wishiwashi Illumina.png Many Solo Form Wishiwashi are scattered throughout the Illumina Spot; they are not considered Illumina Pokémon, and affecting them with Illumina orbs will not make them eligible for an Illumina Pokémon photograph. If many Wishiwashi are put into the Illumina state, they will gather and enter School Form for a period, which can be struck with an Illumina orb for a requisite photo.
Voluca Island Illumina Spot Volcarona
Volcarona Illumina.png Two Volcarona appear in the Illumina Spot; both are normally surrounded by fire, in which state Illumina orbs cannot affect them. Striking a Volcarona with two fluffruit will cause its flames to disperse, whereupon it can be affected by Illumina orbs. After the Illumina state ends, Volcarona will depart, returning after again being surrounded by flames.
Durice Island Illumina Spot Steelix
Steelix Illumina.png Steelix moves in and out of several holes throughout the Illumina Spot, and can be lured out by throwing fluffruit into its hiding place. Unlike other Illumina Pokémon, it must be struck with multiple Illumina orbs in order for it to enter the Illumina state.
Aurus Island Illumina Spot Xerneas
Xerneas Illumina.png Xerneas spends most of its time in the form of a ball of light while it travels through the Illumina Spot. Striking it with an Illumina orb will cause it to fully manifest, whereupon striking it with another will cause it to enter the Illumina state. It will only remain fully manifested for a brief period before retaking the ball-of-light form.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 霓光現象 Ngàihgwōng Yihnjeuhng
Mandarin 霓光現象 / 霓光现象 Níguāng Xiànxiàng
France Flag.png French Phénomène Lumina
Germany Flag.png German Lumina-Phänomen
Italy Flag.png Italian Fenomeno Lumina
South Korea Flag.png Korean 일루미나 현상 Illumina Hyeonsang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fenómeno Lúmini

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