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Professor Bellis
ヒナギク博士 Dr. Hinagiku
Masters Professor Bellis.png
Artwork from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Black and gray
Hometown Unknown
Region Pasio
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Tamara Ryan[1]
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Professor Bellis (Japanese: ヒナギク博士 Dr. Hinagiku) is a Pokémon Professor operating on the artificial island of Pasio. She specializes in the relationship between Pokémon and sync stones, which are required for sync moves. She has the tendency to babble endlessly when the subject of sync pairs arises. She is also able to speak multiple languages, including Japanese and French.

After the introduction of Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon Masters EX, the player will receive their choice of an Egg containing a Kanto starter Pokémon, which hatches after completing a few Battles. After that, the player will occasionally receive additional Eggs to bring to Professor Bellis after completing a battle. The eggs are kept and incubated in her laboratory, as well as the Pokémon produced from the Egg, should the player choose not to take it into their care.


Residing in laboratory


Given to the player

Egg → Bulbasaur
Egg → Charmander
Egg → Squirtle


  • During conversation
"Be confident."
Legendary Event - The Beast That Devours the Sun
  • The Sunrise Calls
"Ah, <player>! What a joyous celebrazione this is! This time of year is always so exciting!"
"I hope it leaves you and your Pokémon feeling refreshed and ready for more fun on the horizon! Vive la vie!"
"That reminds me... Have you heard the rumor going around lately about a Pokémon up on the mountain peak?"
"According to my sources, people have been hearing a most ferocious roar coming from up there on clear mornings, just as the sun rises!"
"Apparently, it's made the atmosphere up on the peak tantalizingly tense! It must be a majestic Pokémon indeed!"
"I'm curious to know what sort of Trainer such a Pokémon would choose as its partner... Strange thing is, no one's seen or heard any sign of one."
"You know, today was the first clear day we've had in quite a while..."
"I suspect that when the kirakira sunshine sparkles tomorrow morning, our mysterious sync pair will make an appearance!"
"Oh, how auspicious it would be if such a special sync pair were to arrive just as we're celebrating this wondrous occasion!"
"It could be the chance of a lifetime! You should seize this opportunity, <player>! Carpe diem, as they say!"
Story Event - Baking Buddies
  • Pal Collaboration!
"Subarashii! How wonderful! Welcome, welcome!"
"Mais bien sûr! But of course! Palentine’s Day is a day to enjoy together with friends!"
"I have everything you would ever need to make sweets here. Have at it!"
"Are you two OK? You aren’t hurt, are you?"
"Don’t worry about breaking any of my tools. I can always fix them! Just think of this as an eksperimenteer!"
"I’ll clean up here. You all run along and find your friend!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヒナギク博士 Dr. Hinagiku From 雛菊 hinagiku (common daisy)
English Professor Bellis From Bellis (genus containing the common daisy)
German Professor Daisy From daisy
Spanish Profesora Margarita From margarita (daisy)
French Professeure Bellis From her English name
Italian Professoressa Bellisperia From Bellis perennis (scientific name of the common daisy)
Korean 데이지박사 Dr. Daisy From 데이지 daisy
Chinese (Mandarin) 雛菊博士 Dr. Chújú From 雛菊 chújú / chōgūk (common daisy)
Chinese (Cantonese) 雛菊博士 Dr. Chōgūk


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