Cerise Laboratory

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Cerise Laboratory
サクラギ研究所 Sakuragi Institute
Cerise Laboratory exterior.png
Cerise Laboratory
Region Kanto
Debut Legend? Go! Friends? Go!

The Cerise Research Laboratory (Japanese: サクラギ研究所 Sakuragi Institute), or the Cerise Laboratory for short, is an anime-exclusive Pokémon research laboratory located in Vermilion City in the Kanto region. It is directed by Professor Cerise, who works there with his research assistants Chrysa and Ren. It also serves as Ash and Goh's base of operations during Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


A domed area known as Cerise Park (Japanese: サクラギパーク Sakuragi Park) is located inside the lab. Ash and Goh keep their caught Pokémon there whenever they are not on a research mission.

In Legend? Go! Friends? Go!, the Cerise Laboratory officially opened as a Pokémon research facility. However, the building itself is significantly older and was abandoned for a time, as revealed in A Chilling Curse!. Three years prior, a Gengar haunted the facility after it was abandoned by its former Trainer. Professor Cerise was well aware of the haunting rumors when he purchased the building but was unfazed by it. The occurrences soon subsided once the Gengar gave up trying to scare him. However, in Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!, the supernatural occurrences resumed, likely because of new arrivals like Ash and Goh taking residence there. Eventually, Ash caught the Gengar.

In Panic in the Park!, as stated by Professor Cerise, the Pokémon created their own unique habitats just like in the real world. In some instances, a Pokémon from another habitat ended up invading the habitat of others, creating an imbalance and some problems which had to be solved by those responsible for taking care of the Pokémon in place. Some Pokémon are responsible for the food, especially Raichu, and others for taking care of the order, something done by Yamper.

Pokémon seen at the Cerise Laboratory

Cerise Yamper.png
Cerise Kanto Starters.png
Cerise Kanto Starters.png
Cerise Kanto Starters.png
Cerise Boldore.png
Cerise Piplup.png
Egg → Piplup (multiple)

Pokémon previously seen at the Cerise Laboratory


Mr. Mime
Ash Dragonite.png
Ash Gengar.png
Ash Lucario.png
Egg → Riolu → Lucario
Ash Sirfetch'd.png
Farfetch'd → Sirfetch'd
Ash Dracovish.png


James Morpeko Full Belly Mode.png

Pokémon left at the Cerise Laboratory


Goh Pokémon.png
List of Goh's Pokémon


In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Cerise-laboratorio
France Flag.png European French Laboratoire Cerise
Germany Flag.png German Kirsch-Laboratorium
Italy Flag.png Italian Laboratorio Cerasa
Poland Flag.png Polish Laboratorium Cerise'a
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Laboratório Cerejeira
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Laboratorio Cerise
Spain Flag.png Spain Laboratorio Cerezo
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Cerice Laboratuvarı

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