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グリーンフィールド Greenfield
Greenfield Normal.png
Region Johto
Debut Spell of the Unown: Entei

Greenfield (Japanese: グリーンフィールド Greenfield) is an anime-exclusive town in Johto. It is the setting for Spell of the Unown: Entei.

Greenfield while under the Unown spell

Greenfield's sweeping green valleys filled with fields of flowers and windmills make it an incredibly scenic location. According to Misty, Greenfield is one of the most beautiful locations in Johto. It contains a Pokémon Center and a play park, where Lisa and Ash battled. The Hale mansion is a significant landmark, being the home of Unown researcher Spencer Hale, his wife, and their daughter Molly. According to the anime maps, it is located just southeast of Goldenrod City.

In Greenfield, Molly discovered some tiles that her father left behind when he was kidnapped by the Unown and sent into the Unown Dimension. The tiles contained the Unown, and over the course of the movie, the pristine environment was almost completely crystallized thanks to the Unown's efforts to fulfill Molly's fantasies. Ash and his friends intervened, they managed to get Molly to abandon her fantasy world in order to restore the real one. With her newfound belief, an illusory Entei created by the Unown broke through the swarming Unown's barrier, which then restored Greenfield to its former beauty.


Pokémon Center Hale Mansion
Greenfield Pokémon Center.png Greenfield Hale Mansion.png

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Greenfield
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Greenfield
Finland Flag.png Finnish Greenfield
France Flag.png French Greenfield
Germany Flag.png German Greenfield
Iceland Flag.png Icelandic Grænunvöllur
Italy Flag.png Italian Greenfield
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Greenfield
Poland Flag.png Polish Greenfield
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Greenfield
Russia Flag.png Russian Гринфилд Grifild
Spain Flag.png Spanish Greenfield
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Greenfield

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