Professor Neroli

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Professor Neroli
ネロリ博士 Dr. Neroli
Sleep Professor Neroli.png
Art from Pokémon Sleep
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation IX
Games Pokémon Sleep

Professor Neroli (Japanese: ネロリ博士 Dr. Neroli) is a Pokémon Professor who appears in the Pokémon Sleep mobile game. He specializes in the sleeping habits of Pokémon.


Getting Started
"Oh! Welcome to the world of Pokémon Sleep! I'm Neroli."
"I'm here to research the sleeping habits of Pokémon."
"You see, many creatures that we call Pokémon live here."
"And they're very mysterious!"
"I've been working to record them while they're asleep to delve into their sleeping habits."
"These islands are also home to many Snorlax, and my research has convinced me of one thing:"
"These Snorlax somehow exert a mysterious power to put Pokémon around them to sleep!"
"So I developed a device called the Sleep Synchronizer to amplify this snoozy power of Snorlax's!"
"I've been putting in some real effort so we can sync your sleep with that of a Snorlax and cause more Pokémon to gather around."
"I'd like you to use this device whenever you sleep so that we can study the sleep styles of the Pokémon that gather here."
"Of course, you'll need helpers to assist you. For your first research partner, I'll entrust you with a friendly Pikachu!"
"Try to get some sleep with your new Pikachu. That'll be the first step in our research."
"Let's get straight to readying everything we need for your first day!"
A New Helper
"Starting today, this Pikachu will aid you in your research! Why not start by giving him a nickname?"
Decide Your Bedtime
"Let's set a goal for when you and Pikachu should hit the hay each day in order to do your sleep research. If you get to bed by the bedtime you set for yourself, you'll earn a reward!"
All Ready!
"You're all set to start gathering data for our research now, so come back when you're ready to sleep. Don't forget!"
Sleep Research Tutorial
"Looks like you succeeded in collecting your first sleep data. That means it's time to learn how we conduct sleep research."
Later: "Let's get back to that sleep research as soon as you're ready. We'll begin by reviewing the sleep you tracked."
Start Now: "Let's get started by checking the sleep data you collected."
"Here you can see both how long you slept and your sleep score for this session."
"An adult can reach a sleep score of 100 by making sure they get at least 8.5 hours of sleep."
"Your goal is to reach 100, so try to get as much sleep as you can!"
"Next, let's look at your different sleep stages."
"These sleep stages help show how deep your sleep is."
"When tracking your sleep, I classify it into three stages: Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering."
"Try to keep an eye on how your sleep fluctuates over time."
"This next screen is where you can see your sleep type."
"Your sleep type captures the qualities of that sleep session and is decided based on comparison with your past sleep."
"When you don't have much data yet, your sleep will instead be compared to generic sleep data."
"Build up your own data to be used for comparison, and the precision of these measurements will keep going up."
"I ask that you do your best to track your sleep every single day, without fail!"
"Finally, let's turn our attention to Drowsy Power."
"You see, Drowsy Power is what I call the mysterious power that Snorlax on these islands possess."
"It's a power that seems to both draw Pokémon close and lull them to sleep."
"This power depends on Snorlax's Strength (how much it has grown) and your sleep time."
"By increasing this power, you can get lots of different Pokémon to come sleep near Snorlax."
"And then, you may discover some of the rare sleep styles they can display!"
"Now that we've covered all that, let's take a look at your Drowsy Power for this sleep session!"
"Well, well! Looks like Snorlax has provided a nice, strong Drowsy Power again today. Let's check on our sleeping Pokémon, then!"
"It appears that Snorlax's Drowsy Power has drawn a small crowd here to sleep!"
"Nice job registering that new sleep style in your Dex. Keep it up as you research the other Pokémon here, too!"
"You'll find that each species of Pokémon can be classified as having a particular sleep type."
"And your sleep type for a given session will cause Pokémon with that same sleep type to gather."
  • If the player's sleep type was Dozing
"Since your sleep type was deemed to be Dozing type this time..."
"it has caused Dozing-type Pokémon to gather."
"Dozing-type Pokémon tend to include Grass and Bug types."
  • If the player's sleep type was Snoozing
"Since your sleep type was deemed to be Snoozing type this time..."
"it has caused Snoozing-type Pokémon to gather."
"Snoozing-type Pokémon tend to include Fire and Electric types."
  • If the player's sleep type was Slumbering
"Since your sleep type was deemed to be Slumbering type this time..."
"it has caused Slumbering-type Pokémon to gather."
"Slumbering-type Pokémon tend to include Water and Ground types."
"Get plenty of sleep each day to keep discovering different kinds of Pokémon!"
"Good work on that sleep research! Now, I'd say it's snack time for the Pokémon."
"And Pokémon just love eating Poké Biscuits!"
"Why don't we hand some out to the Pokémon here, to thank them for aiding us in our studies?"
"Looks like Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle gained some friendship points!"
"Every day that you help me out by conducting research, I'll be sure to give you one of those Bonus Biscuits."
"Now, why not give Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle a Great Biscuit next?"
TUTORIAL — Friendship Points Get You New Pokémon Friends
"Looks like Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle has maxed out its friendship points!"
"When you get close to a Pokémon like that, you can befriend them. Then they can help you out, too!"
"And that's it for snack time. Why don't we take a look at the results of your research?"
"You made serious strides in your Pokémon sleep research! Keep it up next time!"
TUTORIAL — Sleep Research Recap
"So, do you think you've got the gist of our research process?"
"Basically, I'm asking you to help me research the sleep styles of any Pokémon that gather around Snorlax thanks to your sleep."
"Then we'll be able to fill in more and more entries in the Sleep Style Dex."
"Keep resting your very best and I'm sure you and I can complete the Sleep Style Dex, no problem!"
"That wraps up our sleep research for the moment! And while it's a bit sad, I'm afraid it's time for us to say farewell to this Snorlax."
"We'll need to find another Snorlax to help us out for the coming week."
"There are a lot of little islands around these parts, and we seem to find Snorlax living everywhere we go."
"For now, I'd like us to focus our research on Greengrass Isle."
"While you're filling in your Sleep Style Dex, I'll get to work on some arrangements so you'll be able to access new areas in time, too."
"But for this week, go ahead and select Greengrass Isle!"
"This Snorlax will be your new research partner for the week. Nice to meet you, Snorlax!"
TUTORIAL — Raise a Snorlax Each Week
"Now this is really key if you want to carry out your sleep studies nice and efficiently:"
"you must raise Snorlax up to grow as big as possible!"
"Each week, you'll have seven days from Monday till Sunday to help Snorlax build up Strength as you carry out your research."
"Keep filling up more of your Sleep Style Dex, and at the end of the week, it'll be time for us to say farewell to this Snorlax."
"But that means we can move to a new site and find another new Snorlax to work with!"
"So give it your all to raise this Snorlax up as much as you can in this week you have together!"
"We're nearly at the end of my lectures, I promise! I just want to teach you some basics of how to raise a Snorlax."
"Pikachu gathered up some Berries while you slept, so try giving them to Snorlax."
TUTORIAL — Use Food to Raise Snorlax
"See, eating Berries helped Snorlax build up its Strength."
"If you keep feeding Snorlax like this, you can raise it to be big and strong!"
"You can also cook dishes and treats for Snorlax if you like. Try tapping Snorlax later to give it a go!"
"Gosh, that was a lot to cover all at once, but that's it! Lecture time is over!"
"I still only scratched the surface of all the things you can do here, so try poking around to discover what else you can learn."
"And good luck with that sleep research! Sleep tight!"
  • After tapping Snorlax
"OK, time to fess up, I still have one more lecture in me. It's about a great way to help Snorlax grow big and strong."
"Let's give cooking a whirl, so we can make this Snorlax stronger than ever!"
"I readied some ingredients you'll need for cooking, so here you go!"
TUTORIAL — Cooking
"You can try your hand at cooking up to three times a day, each within certain windows of time."
"These are morning, afternoon, and night, so try to remember to do some cooking when you have the chance!"
"Each Snorlax will request the type of dish or treat that it likes best."
"Looks like this week's Snorlax wants to eat curries and stews."
"To start things off nice and easy, let's have you make a dish using the Auto Cook option."
"Congratulations! You've cooked your first dish!"
"Let's go give Snorlax a taste!"
"Did you see how Snorlax's Strength shot right up after eating that dish?"
"Eating your cooking will help Snorlax build more Strength than Berries, so cook every day to help Snorlax grow!"
"The kind of dish you'll end up with when you cook will depend on the combination of ingredients you put in the pot."
"Your helper Pokémon may occasionally pick up ingredients for you, so keep an eye out to gather their finds."
"And that's it for my cooking lecture! Thanks for listening in!"
TUTORIAL — Helper Pokémon's Energy
"Oh dear! Looks like your helper Pokémon are a bit weary."
"With all they do to pitch in with your research, you'll find your helpers can get low on Energy."
"As they do, the speed at which they help out will also get slower."
"Getting some shut-eye together with you will let your helpers recover Energy, depending on how long you sleep."
"So try to get lots of sleep for the sake of your helpers, too!"
TUTORIAL — Sleep Pass Basics
"With a Sleep Pass, you can save up sleep points based on how long you sleep."
"Then you can take the sleep points you've earned to the Point Exchanges."
"You'll be able to trade them for some pretty fancy items—even things like Master Biscuits!"
TUTORIAL — Master Biscuits
"Today I'd like to give a little lecture about a very prized item: the Master Biscuit."
"Master Biscuits are amazingly effective. If you give just one of these special treats out..."
"it will instantly fill a Pokémon's friendship points to the max!"
"Here, why not try giving a Master Biscuit to a Pokémon of your choice?"
TUTORIAL — Sleep Point Exchanges
"You can get Master Biscuits at the Sleep Point Exchanges by trading in your sleep points."
"As a special gift to you, my novice researcher, I'll provide you with some bonus sleep points each day."
"Work hard at your research for seven days, and you'll be able to save up enough points to get yourself a Master Biscuit!"
"I hope this hands-on lecture has given you a good idea of just how amazing these biscuits are."
  • After finishing a session of sleep research
"You made serious strides in your Pokémon sleep research! Keep it up next time!"
  • After claiming the first Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 7 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"And while you've been hard at work with your research, I've had time to make a new discovery about how Pokémon grow."
"We already knew the Pokémon living in this region grow by sleeping, mind you."
"But now I know for a fact that they can also grow stronger with a nice helping of Pokémon candies and Dream Shards!"
"For example, you could raise up that Pikachu I first gifted you using Pikachu Candies and some Dream Shards."
"Have a go at leveling your helpers up—it should make it easier for you to reach your next Dex goal, registering 12 sleep styles!"
"While you work toward that goal, I'll keep doing my own digging to find more discoveries like this that might help you out."
"Keep up the good work on that sleep research!"
  • After claiming the second Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 12 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"While you've been hard at work, I haven't been slacking either. I've set everything up so you can now cook whatever you want!"
"Up until now you've been relying on Rotom's help to cook using the Auto Cook option, right?"
"Well, now that I've got hold of some quality cooking tools for you, you can freely choose the ingredients you'd like to use."
"With the right combination of ingredients, you should be able to make dishes and treats that will make Snorlax's Strength soar."
"Keep trying out new combinations as you work toward your next goal: 20 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"While you do that, I think I'll get on arranging access to a new research area for us."
"Keep up the good work on that sleep research!"
  • After claiming the third Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 20 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"And while you've been studying your socks off in this area..."
"I got everything in order for you to tackle a new location! It's called Cyan Beach."
"Cyan Beach is known for its long, sandy shore and its delightfully bright and cheery vibe."
"You may be able to find some Water types that you haven't seen before if you head there."
"You should definitely pay it a visit as you strive toward your next goal: 35 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex."
"Don't you worry—I'll carry on with my own efforts to find new ways to help your research along!"
"So keep up the good work on your end as well!"
  • After claiming the fourth Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 35 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"While you were working on that, I figured out a way you can expand the size of your cooking pot."
"Have you noticed that there's a limit to how many ingredients you can put in the pot when cooking?"
"By using Dream Shards, you can now increase that limit, so you'll be able to add more ingredients!"
"Some dishes and treats require a truly huge number of ingredients, so you'll have to expand your pot if you ever hope to cook them."
"Try expanding your pot as you keep working toward your next goal: recording 70 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"I'll get back to setting up another new area while you do."
"Keep up the good work on that sleep research!"
  • After claiming the fifth Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 70 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"While you were occupied, I got right on that new area."
"Now you can visit Taupe Hollow for future sleep studies!"
"Taupe Hollow has quite the mystic feel to it, with the way the light pours from above through the hole in its ceiling."
"You may find some Ground and Rock types there that you haven't seen before."
"Go check it out as you continue toward your next goal: 110 total sleep styles in that Dex of yours!"
"While you explore, I'll get right back to looking for new ways to help your studies progress!"
"Keep up the good work on that sleep research!"
  • After claiming the sixth Sleep Style Dex goal rewards
"Well, look at this! Great job! You've now registered 110 sleep styles in your Sleep Style Dex!"
"A researcher as diligent as you deserves a fine reward. So here! A Thunder Stone!"
"As you may know, a Pokémon's appearance and stats can change enormously through Evolution."
"And Thunder Stones like that one can cause certain species of Pokémon to evolve. They're very mysterious items!"
"Not to say that items are the only way for Pokémon to evolve. There're actually many different methods of Evolution out there."
"Try your hand at evolving some of your helper Pokémon as you strive toward your next goal: registering 150 sleep styles!"
"I'll get back to setting up another new area while you do."
"Keep up the good work on that sleep research!"
  • At the end of a week and beginning of a new week
"Nice work this week! Looks like you're getting more and more used to doing research here."
"Now, alas, it's time to say goodbye to this Snorlax! We've got to pick next week's site."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ネロリ博士 Dr. Neroli From neroli (essential oil derived from the bitter orange flower) and 寝 ne (sleep)
English, German, Italian Professor Neroli Same as Japanese name
French Professeur Néroli Same as Japanese name
Spanish Profesor Neroli Same as Japanese name
Korean 네롤리박사 Dr. Neroli Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 橙夢博士 / 橙梦博士 Dr. Chéngmèng From 橙 chéng / chàahng (orange) and 夢 / 梦 mèng / muhng (dream)
Chinese (Cantonese) 橙夢博士 Dr. Chàahngmuhng

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