Wales Island

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Wales Island
ウェルズ島 Wells Island
Wales Island.png
Sky view of Wales Island
Region Hoenn
Debut Where's Armaldo?

Wales Island (Japanese: ウェルズ島 Wells Island) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn, featured in Where's Armaldo?. It is a crescent-shaped island located somewhere between Mossdeep City and Sootopolis City.

There is a town on one side of the island. Although the rest of the island appears to be uninhabited, and is considered to be a nature preserve. Professor Proctor and his wife, Annie live on the island and also run a Fossil laboratory where they have resurrected several ancient Pokémon. Initially, the Professor hoped to invite people from all around the world to the island so they could see the Pokémon. However, after an Armaldo went on a rampage, the couple decided to abandon these plans. They instead promised Ash and his friends that they would keep the island a secret, and work hard to make sure the Pokémon would be safe.

According to Brock's handbook, Wales Island has remained unchanged for 1,000 years and ancient Berry trees continue to grow on one of Wales Island's capes. Professor Proctor showed Ash and his friends a simulation of the island's history, which explained that the island was once part of the mainland thousands of years ago, but rising waters led to its geographical isolation. Wales Island remained home to Anorith, Lileep, and their evolved forms Armaldo and Cradily, but they became extinct more recently.

Pokémon seen on Wales Island

Wales Island Breloom.png
Wales Island Lileep.png
Lileep (x3)
Wales Island Cradily.png
Wales Island Armaldo.png
Anorith → Armaldo


  • It should be noted that there is a country in the United Kingdom that is called Wales, where many fossils have been found.

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