Professor Jacuzzi

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Professor Jacuzzi

Professor Jacuzzi (Japanese: シャクジイ博士 Dr. Shakujii) is a character of the day who appeared in Gulpin it Down.

He has studied Gulpin for over 50 years and leads a small town, somewhere between Verdanturf Town and Petalburg City, in its efforts to combat their annual Gulpin attacks. Professor Jacuzzi's first plan involved a giant Pokéblock to lead the Gulpin away. However, Team Rocket ended up stealing the Pokéblock and the Gulpin chased them out of town. The Gulpin then tried to escape through the sewer and later emerged onto the streets.

Professor Jacuzzi arrived with his Mach III Particle Cannon, a device inspired by Gulpin's Stockpile and Spit Up attacks, that beams objects up and shoots them away. The invention malfunctioned with one Gulpin left to go after accidentally beaming Ash's Treecko along with the last Gulpin. Gulpin used Spit Up while inside the machine, which reacted with the system's particles and made both Pokémon become giant. The two then continued their battle, although Treecko eventually returned to its normal size. Professor Jacuzzi, meanwhile, caught the large Gulpin with a Heavy Ball, ending the year's Gulpin attack.


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Professor Jacuzzi's Gulpin
Gulpin is Professor Jacuzzi's only known Pokémon. This Gulpin first appeared among a large swarm of Gulpin that swarmed his town in Gulpin it Down!. When Professor Jacuzzi used his particle cannon to rid the city of the Gulpin, this Gulpin was the last one remaining. However, at that point, the Professor's machine broke down. Once he got it working again, however, he accidentally absorbed Treecko, along with the Gulpin, as the two were battling at the time.

Due to Gulpin's use of Spit Up, both Pokémon grew to gargantuan proportions. Treecko and Gulpin continued fighting in the city until Treecko returned to its proper size and Professor Jacuzzi attempted to capture Gulpin. He first used a regular Poké Ball, but it failed. He then threw a Heavy Ball, which succeeded in catching the gigantic Pokémon. Although certain that catching it would have returned Gulpin to normal size, the Professor discovered upon sending out his newest Pokémon that it was still giant. Although he promised Ash and his friends that he would find a way to return Gulpin to its normal size, it is unknown if he has succeeded.

Gulpin's known moves are Sludge, Stockpile, and Spit Up.

Debut Gulpin it Down

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 渡部猛 Takeshi Watabe
English Maddie Blaustein
Finnish Veeti Kallio
European French Benoît Van Dorslaer
Italian Maurizio Scattorin
Brazilian Portuguese Fábio Villalonga
European Spanish Julio Núñez

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