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This article is about the Nintendo 3DS title. For the cancelled Game Boy Color title, see Pokémon Picross (GBC).
Pokémon Picross
Pokémon Picross logo.png
Logo of Pokémon Picross
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: Puzzle
Players: 1 player
Connectivity: None
Developer: Jupiter Corporation
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation VI spin-off
Release dates
Japan: December 2, 2015
North America: December 3, 2015
Australia: December 4, 2015
Europe: December 3, 2015
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Official site
English: Official site
Japanese boxart
Pokémon Picross JP logo.png
Japanese logo of Pokémon Picross
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Pokémon Picross (Japanese: ポケモンピクロス Pokémon Picross) is a freemium Nintendo 3DS game that was released in Japan on December 2, 2015, in North America and Europe on December 3, 2015, and in Australia on December 4, 2015. A picross, from picture and crossword, is a genre of puzzle games, also known as a nonogram. It was developed by Jupiter Corporation.

The game features 312 puzzles featuring many species of Pokémon, including all Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and Mega-Evolved Pokémon as of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The game was announced in the November 12, 2015 Nintendo Direct. It became unavailable after the discontinuation of the 3DS Nintendo eShop on March 27, 2023.


Pokémon Picross is a puzzle game where you reveal a hidden Pokémon illustration. Once you solve an illustration of a Pokémon, you can collect that Pokémon. Collected Pokémon help you solve more difficult puzzles. With 300+ standard Pokémon puzzles, a significantly harder advanced mode, and Daily Training, this game will supply hours of enjoyment.


Each puzzle consists of a grid of squares. To complete a puzzle, particular squares are shaded in to make some sort of picture. In each puzzle, there are numbers adjacent to each row or column which indicate how many squares in each corresponding row or column need to be shaded. For the tutorial area and for some puzzles later on, Professor Tetra is there to guide the player; players can opt to skip the tutorials and just solve the puzzles without help.

Pokémon are acquired as a puzzle is successfully completed, and captured Pokémon can be used to reveal clues in later puzzles using one of 12 different skills; after doing this, they become tired and must recharge over time. Mega Evolved Pokémon are also available, and exist as separate entries from their original form.

The player's team of Pokémon is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Up to 5 Pokémon can be placed on a team at a time.
  • A team may not have duplicates of the same species of Pokémon. For instance, a team cannot have both Greninja and Ash-Greninja.
  • Up to one Mega Evolved Pokémon may be used per team, and they cannot be on the same team as their original form.

Squirtle and Eevee are not presented immediately as puzzles, but instead are given to the player upon leaving the tutorial area for the first time. Their puzzles are shown later.


Picrites are rare stones with magical power that can be obtained in-game or purchased in the Nintendo eShop. Picrites allow players to access new areas and can speed up the recovery of any tired non-Legendary and non-Mythical Pokémon's skill.

Picrites are primarily rewarded in-game by completing stages; many stages offer a first-time clear reward of 30 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites. Players may also earn additional Picrites by completing goals with each successful solve. For instance, a puzzle may need to be solved in five minutes or less; doing so earns the player bonus Picrites. There may also be multiple missions on a single puzzle; completing them all at the same time can earn more Picrites. Each goal has a specific number of Picrites as a bonus, which is indicated next to that goal. Other methods to obtain Picrites include medal rewards, and daily training.

It is also possible to obtain Picrites through the Nintendo eShop, where packs of Picrites are available for sale.

Up to 5,000 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites can be purchased (equivalent to ¥3,750). Once this many Picrites have been purchased, the Shop will not allow further purchases, and instead change into a button to redeem 1,000 Picrites on demand for free. These Picrites can be redeemed an infinite amount of times. Having infinite Picrites effectively removes most of the game's wait-time mechanics - the exception being cooldowns on tired Legendary or Mythical Pokémon, which cannot be skipped unlike regular Pokémon.

Picrite Picross 3DS.png
Cost Notes
United States Eurozone United Kingdom Canada Japan
200 $0.99 €0.99 £0.89 $1.24 ¥80 One-time use
800 $3.99 €3.99 £3.59 $4.99 ¥400 One-time use
200 $1.49 €1.49 £1.39 $1.86 ¥150 N/A
1,000 $6.99 €6.99 £6.29 $8.79 ¥700 N/A
2,000 $12.99 €12.99 £11.69 $16.29 ¥1300 N/A
4,000 $24.99 €24.99 £22.49 $31.24 ¥2500 N/A


Energy controls how many squares players are able to paint in puzzles. When encountering a Pokémon in the field, painting a square black uses one piece of energy. If a player runs out of energy, no more squares can be painted, and therefore no puzzles solved. Each piece of energy takes a period of 1 minute to regenerate, meaning that it would take 3 hours and 20 minutes to regenerate 200 pieces of energy, an expansion which Tetra forces the player to buy after clearing S01-02 for the first time. Energy can be refilled by pressing Y on the map screen and selecting to refill the energy gauge, at a cost of 10 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites per refill. Players may instead opt to upgrade their energy meter:

Level Energy Cost Total Wait Time
1 100 N/A 01:40 Starting level
2 200 50 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites 03:20 The player is forced by Professor Tetra to buy after S01-02.
Tetra gives the player the amount to buy at that time.
3 300 100 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites 05:00 N/A
4 400 150 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites 06:40 N/A
5 Unlimited 400 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites N/A Energy is unlimited after this upgrade


Eevee's support skill
Main article: Skill (Picross)

Each species of Pokémon is assigned one type, and has one of 12 skills depending on that type. The strength of a skill varies depending on the Pokémon - generally speaking, stronger effects are given to evolved, Mega Evolved, Legendary, and Mythical Pokémon.

Name Type Effect
Blue Force Picross 3DS.png Blue Force Water Ice It changes the color of hint numbers to blue on rows with confirmable squares.
Rising Reveal Picross 3DS.png Rising Reveal Normal It reveals squares vertically, centering around the activation square.
Slash Reveal Picross 3DS.png Slash Reveal Ground Rock It reveals squares horizontally, centering around the activation square.
Cross Reveal Picross 3DS.png Cross Reveal Fire It reveals squares in a cross shape, centering around the activation square.
Square Reveal Picross 3DS.png Square Reveal Dragon It reveals squares in a square shape, centering around the activation square.
Diamond Reveal Picross 3DS.png Diamond Reveal Fairy It reveals squares in a diamond shape, centering around the activation square.
Scatter Reveal Picross 3DS.png Scatter Reveal Dark Poison It reveals squares randomly.
Auto Fix X Picross 3DS.png Auto Fix X Steel It automatically fixes squares when you fill them in or place X marks incorrectly.
Auto Fix Picross 3DS.png Auto Fix Grass It automatically fixes squares when you incorrectly fill them in.
Hyper Scan Picross 3DS.png Hyper Scan Flying Fighting Bug It scans the grid and fixes incorrect squares.
Slow Time Picross 3DS.png Slow Time Electric It makes the time slow down.
Freeze Time Picross 3DS.png Freeze Time Psychic Ghost It makes the time stop for a while.


Main article: Puzzle (Picross 3DS)

The main game features 312 puzzles divided into 31 areas (including the tutorial). In regular play, a Pokémon whose puzzle is completed is automatically caught.

Main Game

The first area in the game, Area 00, serves as a tutorial area and has puzzles featuring various items in the Pokémon games. The first four puzzles are mainly tutorial-driven, whereas the fifth puzzle is the first puzzle the player can really solve on their own. Stage 01-01 makes the player use Pokémon skills to show them off. Throughout the tutorial and for the first two Pokémon stages, the player can earn Picrites as a reward; after this, there are no Picrites given for puzzle solving and the player must earn bonus Picrites through challenges or purchase them directly.


There is a password function built into the game. Passwords can be entered using one of two methods: players can either tap a stage requiring a password to enter it, or players can tap the first icon on the bottom of the screen and click the password button.

There are four passwords in the game, all of which are region-locked:

Region Character
Ash-Greninja Pokémon Picross.png
Mew Pokémon Picross.png
Zygarde 10 Percent Pokémon Picross.png
(10% Forme)
Zygarde Complete Pokémon Picross.png
(Complete Forme)
Japan 80930344 72398476 75946452 15768352
North America 34111425 [1] 75603372 [2] 72005601 96734255
PAL 89907383 [3] 18587211 [4] 74326715 [5] 77742314 [6]

Once a player has entered all four passwords for their region, the password button is removed, and the player is informed that all passwords have been entered. This means there are no passwords to unlock bonus Picrites or for any other purposes.

Mega Pencil

There are 48 puzzles for all Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution. These puzzles require the Mega Pencil. Upon tapping any of these puzzles, Professor Tetra points out her ability to manufacture one at the cost of 500 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites. The player can opt to decline or accept this proposition and whether to play the puzzles at that time or not. Once the player has a Mega Pencil, it is not necessary to obtain another one to do additional puzzles involving Mega Evolution. Once the Mega Pencil is obtained, clicking a Mega Evolution puzzle results in Tetra appearing to prompt the player, saying, "Pokémon can Mega Evolve! Let's have it undergo Mega Evolution." Players can also tap and drag on a puzzle location and drag (with or without the Mega Pencil) to bypass Tetra's comments.

All Mega Evolution puzzles have missions like every other puzzle, which provide 288 Picrites total as rewards. Additionally, 21 puzzles require Mega Evolved Pokémon, 16 of which are different puzzles, meaning even more Picrites can be earned on those puzzles. Additionally, six medals pertain to Mega Evolution while seven others involve certain teams or full completion in some fashion, at a value of 3 Picrites apiece. In total, it's possible to earn 381 Picrites with the Mega Pencil that cannot otherwise be earned in any way, making the purchase value of the Mega Pencil about 119 Picrites after completing the game.

Once a Pokémon's Mega Evolution is obtained, the icons for both the regular form and the Mega Evolution appear in the Pokémon list. Players can choose either to be in the party; however, the party is limited to a single Mega Evolution. Dragging a second Mega Evolution to the party results in all slots except the existing Mega Evolution slot turning red, allowing a player to swap that Pokémon only. Naturally, when a Mega Evolution is in the party, the regular form is forbidden to be in the party, and the same is true for trying to add a Mega to a party with the regular form already present; the only slot available for dragging either form in that situation is the same slot as the other form. It's interesting to note that there is no mechanic for Mega Evolution during the puzzle, and that a Pokémon that Mega Evolves (or before its Mega Evolution) can be used while its other form is resting.

Mythical Pokémon

Mythical Pokémon have a special mechanic at play in Pokémon Picross. With the exception of Mega Diancie (which is available after catching Diancie itself), Mew (which is locked by a password as noted above), and Phione (which does not appear at all), all Mythical Pokémon will appear after a countdown timer has expired. Players do not get to see this countdown timer, and this timer continues to count while the game is not running.

When the timer expires, the player will be greeted by Professor Tetra informing of "big news". At this point, a Mythical Pokémon becomes available in one of the various areas of the game. These Pokémon stages have a red exclamation mark icon over them and a timer counting underneath; this timer represents the amount of time before the Pokémon is gone. These Pokémon must have their stages accessed within a set time period or they will disappear. If the Pokémon does vanish, the player will see another notification from Tetra and the countdown will begin again for the next random appearance; if the player is on that map, the map will then reload with the stage removed. If a Pokémon is allowed to vanish, it does not necessarily reappear immediately and another may appear first. In the event a player is not in the game, the notification may not be given immediately, but after a brief time the appearance will be triggered. If the 3DS is closed when the appearance countdown timer expires, the Pokémon will not appear nor will its availability countdown begin until the player has the game active again, with the notification appearing immediately upon opening the 3DS with the game running. The player will therefore always have the full time available to access the stage, though returning the game to an inactive state will not stop the timer at this point.

Once a Mythical Pokémon's stage is accessed, players can finish the puzzle regardless of the appearance timer and catch as normal; this means a player can pause and close the 3DS right after entering the stage (such as if low on energy) and come back with a full energy meter three hours later to finish the stage, if need be. If the player quits and the appearance timer still has time on it, the player can try again (this may be done to equip Pokémon with certain skills). If the player quits the puzzle after the appearance timer expires, the player will lose the chance to catch that Pokémon and have to try again a day or two later, based on the appearance rate. Once a Mythical Pokémon's stage is completed, it stays permanently and can be visited at any time to complete challenges.

Most Mythical Pokémon are available in their areas for an hour, though Genesect, Diancie, Hoopa Unbound, and Arceus, all from the last five areas of the game, stay for shorter varying lengths of time if their stages are not accessed. All Mythical Pokémon stages are the largest size available in the game, 20×15.

As soon as Arceus is caught, the timers for all remaining Mythical Pokémon are cut in half.

The Mythical Pokémon, their areas, the length of their appearance timers, and the amount of time each Pokémon is available for are as follows:

Pokémon Area Wait time
Available time
Celebi Pokémon Picross.png
04 20 1 hour
Jirachi Pokémon Picross.png
07 20 1 hour
Deoxys Pokémon Picross.png
16 36 1 hour
Manaphy Pokémon Picross.png
02 20 1 hour
Darkrai Pokémon Picross.png
18 36 1 hour
Shaymin Sky Pokémon Picross.png
(Sky Forme)
09 36 1 hour
Arceus Pokémon Picross.png
30 48 30 minutes
Victini Pokémon Picross.png
24 36 1 hour
Keldeo Resolute Pokémon Picross.png
(Resolute Forme)
11 36 1 hour
Meloetta Aria Pokémon Picross.png
(Aria Forme)
21 36 1 hour
Genesect Pokémon Picross.png
26 44 15 minutes
Diancie Pokémon Picross.png
27 40 45 minutes
Hoopa Confined Pokémon Picross.png
Hoopa Confined
08 36 1 hour
Hoopa Unbound Pokémon Picross.png
Hoopa Unbound
29 40 45 minutes


After completing Stage 05-03, Professor Tetra will appear to tell the player about Mega Picross puzzles. These puzzles involve clue numbers that cover two rows or columns and apply to squares in both rows and columns. The player is then invited back to the lab and given three new puzzles to complete in turn; these puzzles do not give any Picrites as a reward and have no missions tied to them, but do use the player's energy. Upon completing these three puzzles, players can unlock access to Alt-World for 300 Picrite Picross 3DS.png Picrites. After unlocking Alt-World, the player can freely travel between the two worlds. In the Alt-World, the player can solve Mega Picross puzzles and complete another set of missions for each stage; however, missions in the Alt-World offer no rewards.

Stage availability works differently in Alt-World than in the main world. While the player can catch Pokémon not yet caught in the main world, new areas cannot be unlocked in the Alt-World directly; they can only be unlocked from within the main world. Each area in the Alt-World initially has those stages available that are nearest to a neighboring area that is already unlocked in the main world: For instance, Area 12 will start with A12-01 (linked from Area 11), and might also have one or both of A12-03 (linked from Area 13) and A12-04 (linked from Area 14) available. Within one area, the Pokémon themselves appear in a different order than in the main world, though the stage access paths are the same. Once unlocked in the main world, Mythical Pokémon stages and password stages are available in the Alt-World as well. It is possible to catch Mythical Pokémon in the Alt-World before completing the stage in the main world.

Daily Training

Once a day, Tetra will allow the player to complete a challenge featuring random puzzles. These puzzles don't form any kind of picture, and only serve as speed challenges for players. A usual "workout" involves completing a group of 7×7 puzzles in a set amount of time. If a player can complete the challenge, the reward is a small number of Picrites (between 4-13 depending on progress). Pokémon cannot be used here; Tetra states puzzles must be solved on the player's own merits.

As players advance through the areas of the game, the base training prize increases. After starting at 4 Picrites, reaching Area 05 allows Tetra to finish "research", and the base reward increases to 5 Picrites. As the level reward increases, players get an additional number of bonus Picrites. An example is completing Daily Training while in Area 05 and with a Lv.2 bonus, which rewards 6 Picrites. There are 10 levels to this bonus; being at Lv.10 gives the biggest bonus on top of the challenge clear reward; combined with stage clear rewards, this makes it possible to earn enough Picrites to unlock the next area in a matter of days. The boost in the daily training reward occurs with every four areas unlocked, meaning a player with 25 areas unlocked has reached the highest possible daily training reward (10 Picrites), while a Lv.10 bonus (3 Picrites) and a prize for meeting the target time (2 Picrites) yields a possible daily 15 Picrites for Daily Training.

Daily Training is accessed by tapping the arrow at the bottom of the screen and selecting the sixth icon, which looks like Tetra.

Mural Mode

There are 128 Mural Tiles scattered throughout the game. These puzzles can be completed whenever a player chooses without using up any energy. As with Daily Training, Pokémon cannot be brought to these puzzles to aid in solving. Visiting every area in the game is required to complete the murals; however, no Mega Pokémon puzzles offer these tiles as rewards. Upon completing all the mural tiles in one mural the entire mural can be reset and played again in order to obtain a better time.

Mural Mode can be accessed by tapping the arrow at the bottom of the screen and choosing the third icon.


There are 100 medals available in the game. Medals are rewarded to players for accomplishing specific tasks and all have a reward of 3 Picrites, allowing a player to earn 300 Picrites by collecting all medals.

Three medals are coded into the game but remain unused. These medals are:

  • Legendary Dream Team (Clear a puzzle with five Legendary Pokémon)
  • The Reliables (Catch all fully evolved first partner Pokémon from each region)
  • Mythical Dream Team (Obtain a mural tile)

The available medals are as follows:

Medal Picross 3DS.png
Medal #
Name Description
001 First Step Clear the tutorial
002 First Journey Unlock an area
003 New Traveler Unlock 5 areas
004 Super Traveler Unlock 10 areas
005 Hyper Traveler Unlock 20 areas
006 Master Traveler Unlock all areas
007 Hall of Fame Reach the ending
008 First Friend Catch a Pokémon
009 Novice Pokémon Trainer Catch 10 Pokémon
010 Intermediate Pokémon Trainer Catch 50 Pokémon
011 Super Pokémon Trainer Catch 100 Pokémon
012 Hyper Pokémon Trainer Catch 200 Pokémon
013 Master Pokémon Trainer Catch all Pokémon
014 First Trial Clear a Standard Mode mission
015 Path of Trials: Just Started Clear 10 Standard Mode missions
016 Path of Trials: Finally Halfway Clear 600 Standard Mode missions
017 Path of Trials: Almost There Clear 999 Standard Mode missions
018 Ruler of the Path of Trials Clear all Standard Mode missions
019 Alt-World Unlocked Unlock Alt-World Mode
020 First Challenge in Alt-World Clear an Alt-World Mode mission
021 Alt-World: Endless Road Clear 10 Alt-World Mode missions
022 Alt-World: Second Half Clear 600 Alt-World Mode missions
023 Alt-World: Final Push Clear 999 Alt-World Mode missions
024 Ruler of Alt-World Clear all Alt-World Mode missions
025 Further Challenge: Four Friends Clear the Cresselia puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 4 Pokémon
026 Further Challenge: Three Friends Clear the Kyurem puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 3 Pokémon
027 Further Challenge: Two Friends Clear the Giratina puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 2 Pokémon
028 Further Challenge: One Friend Clear the Mewtwo puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 1 Pokémon
029 Further Challenge: Solo Clear the Arceus puzzle in Alt-World Mode without Pokémon
030 New Power Obtain the Mega Pencil
031 First Mega Evolution Mega Evolve the first Pokémon
032 Novice Mega Evolution Trainer Mega Evolve 10 Pokémon
033 Super Mega Evolution Trainer Mega Evolve 20 Pokémon
034 Hyper Mega Evolution Trainer Mega Evolve 30 Pokémon
035 Master Mega Evolution Trainer Mega Evolve all Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolution
036 Code Breaker Unlock a password
037 Encounter of the Unknown Catch a Mythical Pokémon
038 Novice Mythical Pokémon Trainer Catch 3 Mythical Pokémon
039 Super Mythical Pokémon Trainer Catch 6 Mythical Pokémon
040 Hyper Mythical Pokémon Trainer Catch 9 Mythical Pokémon
041 Master Mythical Pokémon Trainer Catch all Mythical Pokémon
042 Training Master Clear Daily Training Lv. 10
043 Above and Beyond Clear Daily Training Lv. 10 within 00:01:40
044 Blue-Force Master Use Blue Force 50 times
045 Auto-Fix X Master Use Auto Fix X 50 times
046 Auto-Fix Master Use Auto Fix 50 times
047 Hyper-Scan Master Use Hyper Scan 50 times
048 Slow-Time Master Use Slow Time 50 times
049 Freeze-Time Master Use Freeze Time 50 times
050 Rising-Reveal Master Use Rising Reveal 50 times
051 Slash-Reveal Master Use Slash Reveal 50 times
052 Cross-Reveal Master Use Cross Reveal 50 times
053 Square-Reveal Master Use Square Reveal 50 times
054 Diamond-Reveal Master Use Diamond Reveal 50 times
055 Scatter-Reveal Master Use Scatter Reveal 50 times
056 Filled-Square Fan Fill 100 squares
057 Filled-Square Ace Fill 1000 squares
058 Filled-Square Leader Fill 5000 squares
059 Filled-Square Champion Fill 10000 squares
060 Filled-Square Legend Fill 50000 squares
061 Button-Control Specialist Clear a puzzle using the button-control method from beginning to end
062 Stylus-Control Specialist Clear a puzzle using the stylus-control method from beginning to end
063 First Step to Primal Obtain a mural tile
064 Beginning and End Obtain all mural tiles
065 Embodiment of the Land Clear Primal Groudon's mural
066 Embodiment of the Sea Clear Primal Kyogre's mural
067 Apprentice Painter Expand the Energy Gauge
068 Diligent Painter Expand the Energy Gauge to level 2
069 Prolific Painter Expand the Energy Gauge to level 3
070 Master Painter Make the Energy Gauge unlimited
071 Photographer Take a screenshot
072 New Manager Expand the number of open slots for your party
073 Charismatic Executive Reach the max number of open party slots
074 Pokémon Picross Master Clear all puzzles in Standard Mode, Alt-World Mode, and Mural Mode
075 Unlucky Try to use a reveal skill that fails
076 First Partners Catch all first partner Pokémon from each region
077 Eevee Enthusiast Catch all Pokémon evolved from Eevee
078 Ceaseless Bonds Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Latios, Latias
079 Modification Encounters Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Genesect, Mewtwo
080 Electrifying Cuteness Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Dedenne, Emolga, Pachirisu, Minun, Plusle
081 False Love Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Luvdisc, Sudowoodo
082 Clash in the Atmosphere Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Deoxys, Mega Rayquaza
083 Fairy Bonds Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Mega Diancie, Xerneas
084 Powerhouse Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Talonflame, Landorus, Garchomp, Mega Kangaskhan
085 Time Traveler Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Dialga, Celebi
086 Versatility Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Zoroark, Zorua, Ditto
087 Purrfect Helpers Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Meowstic, Espurr, Purrloin, Weavile, Meowth
088 Glee Club Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Meloetta, Altaria, Jigglypuff
089 Pikachu Fan Club Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pichu, Raichu, Pikachu
090 First Tall Grass Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Fletchling, Bidoof, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Hoothoot
091 Strange Road Trip Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Slakoth, Marshtomp, Quagsire, Slowbro, Psyduck
092 Flower Explosion Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Floette, Lilligant, Shaymin, Meganium, Venusaur
093 Monochrome Pokémon Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pancham, Zekrom, Reshiram, Blitzle, Unown
094 Pearl and Oink Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Tepig, Clamperl
095 Brainiacs Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Uxie, Mewtwo, Metagross, Alakazam
096 Going Bananas Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pansage, Infernape, Aipom
097 Foxy Faction Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Delphox, Fennekin, Zoroark, Zorua, Vulpix
098 Wild Fight Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Chimchar, Poochyena
099 Abnormal Weather Clear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Abomasnow, Mega Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Tyranitar
100 Perfect Medalist Obtain all [other] medals


Main article: Staff of Pokémon Picross



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