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Trading Card Game Islands '
TCG Island artwork.jpg
Artwork of the Trading Card Game Islands region
Introduction Pokémon Trading Card Game
Professor Dr. Mason
Starter Pokémon Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur Deck (GB1)
Starter Deck (GB2)
Regional Villains Team Great Rocket (GB2)
Pokémon League TCG Island Clubs
League Location Pokémon Dome
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Generation I, II
Games Pokémon Trading Card Game, Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!
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TCG Island in Pokémon Card GB 2
GR Island in the game

The Trading Card Game Islands are the setting of the Pokémon Trading Card Game games. The region consists of two small islands, TCG Island, which appeared in both games, and GR Island, which appeared alongside the original island in the second game only, much like Kanto and Johto did in Generation II.

Since the region has no routes like the Orre region, the character walks directly to their destinations. Thus, the only areas of interest on TCG Island are Pokémon Clubs, which are similar to Pokémon Gyms, a stadium for the Grand Masters, Mr. Ishihara's house, and Dr. Mason's Card Laboratory. GR Island's areas of interest include several bases for Team Great Rocket, a Challenge Hall for tournaments, a Game Center, which is similar to the Game Corners, Mr. Ishihara's Villa, and a Sealed Fort. Both of the islands have an airport, allowing the player to travel between the two islands.

As the game is focused on playing with Pokémon Cards, it is unclear if real Pokémon exist somewhere in the region, or even if it is set in the same universe as the other regions.

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TCG Islands
Grass Medal Science Medal Fire Medal Water Medal Lightning Medal Psychic Medal Rock Medal Fighting Medal
TCG Island
Fighting ClubFire ClubGrass ClubLightning Club
Psychic ClubRock ClubScience ClubWater Club
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallMason LaboratoryIshihara's HousePokémon Dome
GR Island
GR Bases
GR Grass FortGR Lightning FortGR Fire FortGR Water Fort
GR Fighting FortGR Psychic StrongholdColorless AltarGR Castle
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallGame CenterMr. Ishihara's VillaSealed Fort

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