Dr. Proctor

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Dr. Proctor

Dr. Proctor (Japanese: ドクター・ドク Doctor Doc) is a character of the day who appeared in A Chansey Operation. He is a doctor for humans, who was forced to treat injured Pokémon after an accident involving Team Rocket and a truck load of stolen Pokémon.

Dr. Proctor is a womanizer; he made advances on Misty, Jessie, and Nurse Joy. However, these attempts failed on Misty and Nurse Joy, but not on Jessie, who fell for him immediately.

Proctor also appeared to be very lazy, but mostly, he had very little confidence that he could treat Pokémon, as he had no experience in the matter. He didn't want to open up his hospital to treat any of the injured Pokémon until Ash, his friends, and Nurse Joy convinced him to. However, once he was engaged, he became a skilled and competent physician, treating his patients with confidence and compassion. He also proved to be a formidable fighter, using his medical equipment as weapons to help foil Team Rocket's attempt to steal all of the injured Pokémon again.



Dr. Proctor's Chansey (×2)
Chansey (×2)
This two Chansey was temporary used by Dr. Proctor to help him to treat Pokémon that was involved in an accident.

None of Chansey's moves are known.

Debut A Chansey Operation

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小山力也 Rikiya Koyama
English David Brimmer
Arabic مروان فرحات Marwan Farhat
Czech Radovan Vaculík
Finnish Arto Nieminen
European French Laurent Van Wetter
Hebrew שלמה שליו Shlomo Shalev
Hungarian Nandór Holl
Italian Claudio Moneta (Mediaset)
Maurizio Merluzzo (TPCi)
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Robert Ostolski
Brazilian Portuguese Cássius Romero
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Montero


  • Dr. Proctor appears to be based on Dr. Doug Ross, a character on the American drama ER. Rikaya Koyama, Dr. Proctor's Japanese voice actor, was the voice of Dr. Ross in ER's Japanese dub. Like Dr. Proctor, Dr. Ross is a womanizer. And, as Dr. Proctor was drawn to look like Dr. Ross, he looks like an animated version of Dr. Ross's actor, George Clooney.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ドクター・ドク Doctor Doc
English, Italian, Polish, Spanish Dr. Proctor
Finnish Tohtori Luusaha Literally Doctor Bonesaw
French Docteur Lafleur

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