Ula'ula Island

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Ula'ula Island ウラウラじま
ʻUlaʻula Island
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Ula'ula Island.png
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Location: Southeast Alola
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Ula'ula Island Map.png
Location of Ula'ula Island in Alola.
Pokémon world locations

Ula'ula Island (Japanese: ウラウラじま ʻUlaʻula Island) is the southeastern of the four major islands of Alola. Tapu Bulu is the island's guardian deity.


Ula'ula Island has two trials for the island challenge, leading to a grand trial with Nanu.

Generation VII Region: Alola
Trial Captain
Type Totem Pokémon Ally Pokémon
マーマネ Mamane
Hokulani Observatory
Hokulani Observatory
Dream Electrium Z Sprite.png
Charjabug ×2SM
Skarmory and DedenneUSUM
アセロラ Acerola
Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site)
スーパー・メガやす 跡地
Supermarket Megacheap (Abandoned Site)
Dream Ghostium Z Sprite.png
Haunter and GengarSM
Banette and JellicentUSUM

Grand trial

Grand trial
Generation VII Region: Alola
Island kahuna
Type Trial Stamp
クチナシ Kuchinashi
Malie City
Malie City
Dream Darkinium Z Sprite.png
Ula'ula Trial Completion.png
Ula'ula Trial Completion

Locations on Ula'ula Island

Anime-exclusive locations

In the anime

Ula'ula Island in the anime

Ula'ula Island was first mentioned in The Guardian's Challenge!, when Kiawe said that he had delivered packages to the island early in the morning before coming to Pokémon School.

The island made its first proper appearance in Getting a Jump on the Competition!, where Ash, his classmates, Hala, and Team Rocket visited Mount Lanakila and took part in the Pokémon Sled Jump Games. Hala ultimately came out as the tournament's victor.

Team Rocket visited the island again in Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?, where they were informed by Giovanni that the island kahuna of the island, Nanu, can give them a Z-Ring. Whilst on the island, they had their Darkinium Z stolen by a Gengar which appeared after Jessie broke a shrine. After chasing it and taking their Darkinium Z back, they were given a Z-Power Ring from Nanu and used it to make James's Mareanie perform the Z-Move Black Hole Eclipse, defeating the Shadow Pokémon. After that, Jessie received a Mimikium Z

Ash visited the island once more in Tough Guy Trials! for the grand trial with Nanu. He battled Nanu in a battle to determine whether or not Ash could take on the grand trial, and was defeated by him. However, in Guiding an Awakening!, he managed to win in a grand trial rematch and was rewarded with Lycanium Z. Following that, Ash left and returned to Melemele.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

Sun, Moon, and Professor Kukui traveled to Ula'ula Island on their mission to deliver a Mirage Berry to Tapu Bulu. On their way, Kukui's yacht was approached by Professor Burnet and Lillie, who had come to join up with Sun's group. Before they could properly get together, a wild Bruxish attacked the yacht and caused everyone to pass out with its powers. While Sun managed to rescue Lillie, who was trapped at sea, he and Lillie ended up falling unconscious and washed up on a beach, where they were found by Acerola. Moon, Kukui, and Burnet were rescued by the Aether Foundation and were taken to Aether Paradise to recover.

Having arrived at Ula'ula Island, Sun took on the trial given to him by Acerola, and soon joined up with the Trial Captains at Po Town, only to find them being thrashed by the Ultra Beasts. The group of Ultra Beasts that were summoned at Po Town ended up breaking out of the town's barrier, proceeding to run amok throughout Ula'ula and causing destruction to various locations. Innocent civilians caught up in the danger were transported to Hokulani Observatory for shelter. Sun and Moon then met Anabel and Looker, where they also managed to deliver a Mirage Berry to Tapu Bulu.



Main article: Pokémon world in relation to the real world → Alola

Ula'ula Island's real-life counterpart is the Hawaiian island of Hawaii. Red is the island's official color.[1]

Name origin

ʻUlaʻula is Hawaiian for red.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 烏拉烏拉島 Wūlāwūlā Dóu
Mandarin 烏拉烏拉島 / 乌拉乌拉岛 Wūlāwūlā Dǎo
Denmark Flag.png Danish Ula'ula-øen
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ula'ula-saari
France Flag.png French Ula-Ula
Germany Flag.png German Ula-Ula
Italy Flag.png Italian Ula Ula
South Korea Flag.png Korean 울라울라섬 Ullaulla Seom
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Ula'ulaøya
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyspa Ula'ula
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ilha Ula-ula (SM060-present)
Ilha de Ula-ula (SM002)
Russia Flag.png Russian Остров Улаула Ostrov Ulaula
Остров Ула'Ула Ostrov Ula'Ula[2]
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ula-Ula
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Ula'ula-ön


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