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サン Sun
Sun Adventures.png
Age 11 (as of the fourteenth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday August 31
Blood type B
Eye color Silver
Hair color Dark blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola (originally Kanto)
Relatives Great-grandfather
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Sun

Sun (Japanese: サン Sun) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Sun is a Trainer originally from the Kanto region that aims to collect 100 million yen for an unknown reason. To do so, he takes on various jobs in order to raise the money he needs. Due to his main line of work being delivery, everyone calls Sun "Sun the Courier" (Japanese: 運び屋サン). For his endeavors to collect money, he is given the title of "Saver" (貯める者 Saver).


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Sun in his Riding Wear

Sun is first seen as a child talking to his great-grandfather over a video phone. Sun's great-grandfather attempts to show some Alolan Meowth off, but their selfish personalities lead to them ignoring him. The sight of the Alolan Meowth give Sun the desire to visit the Alola region one day.

In the present day, Sun takes on a part-time job of removing wild Pyukumuku from a beach. He accidentally throws one into the face of a girl named Moon, angering her. They are interrupted by the two Team Skull Grunts that hired Sun for the job in the first place. The male Grunt gives Sun the money for the job, but proceeds to refuse to pay Sun when his Salandit notices a Pyukumuku that had not been removed. Moon sees through this lie and points out that the female Grunt slipped the extra Pyukumuku onto the ground when no one was looking. The male Grunt silences Moon by having his Salandit his her with its and then lies that the action broke Salandit's tail, which meant Sun would have to work to pay its medical bills. Angered, Sun destroys the cast around his leg and uses his Alolan Meowth, Dollar, to defeat the Grunts, forcing them to run away. Although annoyed that he can no longer work on the beach, Sun decides to dry Moon's wet clothes with the heat of his Litten, En. He then summons a Tauros with a Ride Pager to help Moon deliver a package to Professor Kukui.

Sun sets out to Professor Kukui's, only to come back after realizing that he forgot to take the item that needed to be delivered. Moon reveals that the delivery is actually herself and the Rotom she had with her. Sun then takes Moon through Hau'oli City's Shopping District, where they meet the locals. When Sun's injured foot begins to start hurting again, he is left unable to move. Moon decides to help Sun with her medical skills. She searches through a collection of healing items, but is unable to find the Figy Berry she needs to help Sun. After finding the Berry in a tree being pecked at by wild Pikipek, Moon pulls out a bow with a Poké Ball-tipped arrow and fires it at the Berry to knock it to the ground.

With the Berry, Moon heals Sun's injury. When Sun asks why she didn't use a Pokémon, Moon tries to explain, but is interrupted when Sun notices something in the sky. Moon turns around to find that Tapu Koko, the guardian deity of Melemele Island, has appeared before them. Tapu Koko proceeds to attack the two, forcing Sun to battle it. After a short battle, Tapu Koko escapes and leaves behind a Sparkling Stone. Afterward, Sun and Moon arrive at Professor Kukui's laboratory, only to find the Professor bursting through the roof after testing out the moves of his Rowlet and Popplio.

After Sun introduces Moon and Professor Kukui to each other, Moon hands over Rotom, to Kukui's delight. Kukui reveals that he wanted Rotom, which is not found in Alola, because it is capable of combining with Sun's Pokédex. When Rotom attempts to go inside the Pokédex, it freaks out and runs away, which Sun reveals is due to him constantly mishandling the Pokédex, causing it to become dirty and smell bad. Angered, Kukui beats Sun up and tells him to go and retrieve Rotom while he cleans the Pokédex. Later that night, an injured Sun returns to Kukui's house, having successfully retrieved Rotom. After Moon heals Sun's wounds for free, she notices a fire coming from Iki Town, which Sun reveals is due to a festival that will be held there the next day.

The next day, Sun is asked by a sleep-deprived Kukui why he wasn't informed about Sun's encounter with Tapu Koko the previous day. Kukui reveals that the Island Kahuna Hala asked to be reported about any sightings of Tapu Koko. To Sun's annoyance, Kukui also reveals that he decided to enter Sun in the battle that will be held in Iki Town's festival. At the festival, Sun does some part-time work by helping people place their stalls, but expresses annoyance that he is forced to put off any potential jobs due to being entered in the tournament.

Sun and En activating a Z-Move for the first time

In the first battle of the first round of the tournament, Sun is paired up against the Masked Royal, but he refuses to take the battle seriously due to the lack of a monetary reward. When Hala reveals the prize for winning the tournament, an island challenge amulet, Sun assumes he can sell the amulet for money and becomes motivated to battle seriously. After a tough battle, En defeats the Masked Royal's Munchlax, giving Sun the win and allowing him to advance to the next round. The next battle is interrupted by the arrival of Team Skull's leader, Guzma, who had come to the festival in order to get payback on Sun for his victory over the Team Skull Grunts at Hau'oli Beachfront. Guzma then takes Grunt A's place in the tournament, putting him as Sun's opponent in the next battle.

In the first battle of the second round of the tournament, Sun faces off against Guzma. Through the use of tactics, Guzma's Masquerain easily defeats En. With only one Pokémon left, Sun sends out Dollar to face Masquerain, which it manages to defeat. With both parties down to one team member, Guzma sends out his final Pokémon, Golisopod. Golisopod proves to be a powerful opponent and even manages to break Sun's arm when he tries to defend Dollar from an attack. When Golisopod accidentally dirties the coin on Dollar's head with its claws, Dollar flies into a rage, giving it the strength to defeat Golisopod, allowing Sun to move to the final round. Angered by this defeat, Guzma and the Grunts leave the area.

Afterward, Moon bandages Sun's broken arm to let it heal. In the second battle of the second round of the tournament, Sun watches as Moon faces off against Gladion. To Sun and Gladion's surprise, the normally serious pharmacist Moon is actually a lover of Poison-type Pokémon. After Moon is defeated, Sun faces off against Gladion in the final round of the tournament. Gladion's Type: Null proves to be a powerful opponent, both in offense and in defense with its iron mask. Sun tries to defeat Type: Null by shooting En's fire hairballs into the mask, but Gladion sees through this strategy and tells Sun to stop fooling around. Angered by Gladion claiming that he doesn't have a legitimate motivation for participating in the tournament, Sun angrily declares that he will obtain the money he needs at any cost. As he does this, the cast on Sun's arm unravels, revealing the Sparkling Stone underneath. A powerful energy shoots out from a crack in the sky and lands on the Sparkling Stone before moving towards En. The energy powers up En's Ember, allowing it to create a powerful sea of flames that defeats Gladion's Type: Null. The strain of the attack causes Sun to pass out as he wonders just what move it was that En used.

Later, Sun is awakened by the blinding light of the sun. After questioning what happened to the tournament, Sun notices that he is in possession of the island challenge amulet. Overjoyed with his apparent victory, Sun decides to go exchange the amulet for money, but begins to question where he is. To Sun's shock, a talking Pokédex possessed by a Rotom reveals that they are currently on a yacht driven by Professor Kukui in the middle of the sea.

As they travel, Sun talks to Hala over a video phone. Hala reveals that he has taken Sun's Sparkling Stone as fixing it up for him. Kukui reveals that the guardian deities of Alola have been enraged by something and the only way to calm them down is deliver a Mirage Berry to each guardian. For that reason, Kukui and Island Kahunas have tasked Sun with delivering the Berries to each guardian. Although Sun is reluctant at first, he quickly accepts once he hears that he will be paid for each delivery. Moon introduces Sun to the Rotom Pokédex, which is the form the Rotom she delivered took after combining with a spare Pokédex that Moon received from Professor Kukui. Rotom tells Sun that it has decided to join with Moon instead of him and gives Sun his Pokédex back.

Afterward, the group arrives at Heahea City on Akala Island. There, they are greeted by Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana, the Trial Captains of Akala Island. The three reveal that they are unsure if Sun is worthy enough to take part in the Island challenge and wish to battle him to see if he's worthy. After a short battle, Kiawe takes a liking to Sun and accepts him as worthy enough to take part in the Island challenge, but Lana is still unsure and has the group follow her to Brooklet Hill.

The group travels to Route 5, where Lana reveals that she wants Sun to defeat the Totem Pokémon that is causing havoc at Brooklet Hill. After arriving at the trial site, Sun slips on a boardwalk and drops a one yen coin into the water. Sun tries to search for the missing yen, but is unable to see in the dark water. He is helped by a wild Wishiwashi, who found the coin and returns it to Sun. Finding the Wishiwashi cute and not wanting it to be attacked by the Totem, Sun decides to keep the Wishiwashi and names it Baht. Sun decides to put off catching Baht until he finishes the trial and instead asks it to help him find the Totem. After several hours of being lead around the area, Sun gets annoyed at Baht constantly leading him to the wrong Pokémon. Angered, En tries to attack Baht, causing it to get scared and flee. After Sun calms En down, a school of Wishiwashi begin to circle around Lapras before combining into their School Form and leaping out of the water. As the School Form Wishiwashi looms down on him, Sun realizes that Baht and the other Wishiwashi are actually the Totem.

Totem Wishiwashi's combined might forces Sun to run away in order to avoid its attacks. With En knocked out, Sun is forced to switch it out for Dollar but is hesitant to attack the Totem due to it being controlled by Baht. Sun's behavior angers Lana, who reveals that she actually trained the Totem Pokémon, but it became too strong and began attacking tourists at Brooklet Hill. Lana chastises Sun for underestimating her skills as a Trainer due to her usual shy and meek demeanor. Hearing this, Sun realizes that, like Lana, Baht is strong despite its weak-looking appearance and that he shouldn't go easy on it despite that. Sun commands Dollar to attack the Totem's left eye, where Baht is located, and defeats it, causing the entire school to break apart into several Solo Form Wishiwashi. To Sun's shock, Lana reverts to her usual personality and tells him that he passed the trial. Afterward, Sun officially adds Baht to his team.

Later, Sun and Lana are informed by Mallow that Kiawe was attacked by someone. They travel by sea to Konikoni City, where they meet back up with Moon and Mallow. The four travel to Memorial Hill, where they find an injured Kiawe lying on the ground, defeated. A group of Team Skull Grunts appear and claim that they were the ones who attacked Kiawe. Angered by this, Lana and Mallow tell Sun and Moon to tend to Kiawe's wounds while they battle the Grunts. Kiawe reveals that the Grunts weren't the ones who defeated him and it was actually a far more powerful Trainer. Kiawe tells Sun that he had been thinking about the attack En used at the Iki Town festival and pulls out a Firium Z from En's fur to reveal that it was the source of the attack.

Lana and Mallow tell Sun and the others to head to the Ruins of Life in order to check up on Tapu Lele while they stay behind. Sun agrees and sends out Tauros to take him, Moon, and Kiawe to the ruins. After Kiawe's injuries are healed by Moon, Kiawe tells Sun about Z-Moves and how to use them. With practice, Sun masters the pose for Inferno Overdrive, which Kiawe says will be needed to face the person who attacked him. Due to Sun not possessing a Z-Ring required to use Z-Moves, Kiawe decided to let Sun borrow his Z-Ring. Before Sun can take the Z-Ring, they are attacked by Gladion, who is revealed to have joined Team Skull as an Enforcer. The group notices that Gladion managed to easily kidnap Tapu Lele, which Moon attributes to Tapu Lele still being injured from an earlier battle with a mysterious creature at Lush Jungle. Moon assumes Gladion must need the deities to fight off the mysterious creatures and suggests that they work together in order to face them, but Sun refuses to work with someone who chooses to work with villains and decides to defeat Gladion with his newly learned Z-Move. Kiawe attempts to hand his Z-Ring over to Sun, but it is destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null.

Gladion reveals that the reason he forfeited the Iki Town tournament was because Hala declared Sun the winner after discovering he was in possession of a Sparkling Stone. Although Gladion claims that Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appears and points out that if Gladion truly believed that, he wouldn't have destroyed Kiawe's Z-Ring. The voice is revealed to be Kahili, who uses her Pokémon to attack Type: Null before delivering Sun his finished Z-Ring. Sun puts on the Z-Ring and prepares to use it to defeat Gladion.

The attack succeeds, causing Type: Null's mask to start breaking. Gladion, fearing what would happen if the mask shatters completely, switches out for his Porygon. Sun attempts Inferno Overdrive again, but the attack fails, leading to En's defeat. Gladion decides to give up on capturing Tapu Lele, calling it too weak to help him fight the mysterious creatures. Gladion reveals that the cracks in the sky are not an opening but an exit, and that something must be trying to break free into their world. After Gladion leaves, Tapu Lele wakes up and Sun delivers the Mirage Berry to it.

As thanks for healing its injuries, Tapu Lele asks the group to allow it to test their strength. Sun, Moon, Kiawe, and Kahili accept and send out their Pokémon to face the guardian deity. Despite the combined effort of their attacks, Tapu Lele proved to be a powerful opponent and easily blows their Pokémon away. When Sun refuses to give up, En evolves into a Torracat and manages to land a hit on Tapu Lele. While the attack doesn't harm Tapu Lele, it acknowledged their determination and flies off.

Afterward, Moon wonders what Gladion meant about the cracks in the sky being exists. She decides to consult the Rotom Pokédex about it, but the only answer it can give is "Necrozma."

Later at Konikoni City, Sun watched Moon face a Totem Lurantis in order to train and get strong enough to face the mysterious creatures. After defeating Lurantis, Sun and the others head to Mallow's restaurant to talk with Professor Kukui's wife, Professor Burnet, over a video phone. They talk to each other over the various cracks in the sky that have been spotted around Alola and speculate that Nebby may have been the cause. Professor Kukui tells Burnet to take Lillie with her to Ula'ula Island, as that's the next destination where Sun and Moon will deliver the next Mirage Berry.

Later, Professor Burnet and Lillie meet up with Sun's group, who had boarded Professor Kukui's yacht to travel to Ula'ula Island. The group is attacked by a wild Bruxish, which uses its psychic powers to give everyone headaches. With Sharpedo Jet and Baht's help, Sun defeats Bruxish and saves Lillie, but ends up falling unconscious. Sun and Lillie later wash up on a beach on Ula'ula Island, where they are found by Acerola, who takes the pair to the Aether House to recuperate. After waking up, Sun is properly introduced to Lillie, who explains how the Aether House serves as an orphanage for children and Pokémon. When Sun sees Acerola, he notices the symbol in her hair, revealing that she is another Trial Captain.


Sun's Pokémon are all named after real world currencies. In-universe, Sun names his Pokémon simply based on their personality or physical appearance. The only exception is En, who was explicitly stated to be named after a currency.

On hand

Dollar (Japanese: ダラー Dollar) is Sun's first known Pokémon. He was first used to battle a pair of Team Skull Grunts after they threatened to dock the pay they promised Sun for his part-time job. He was given his nickname due to his sluggish personality when not in battle. Due to being descended from royalty, Dollar is very prideful and will fly into a rage if the coin on his head is dirtied. He is level 49, has a Quirky nature, and his Characteristic is "somewhat stubborn."

Dollar's known moves are Pay Day, Night Slash, Feint Attack, and Assurance*, and his Ability is Technician.

Debut PASM01
Main article: En

En (Japanese: エン En) is Sun's second known Pokémon. He was first used as a Litten to help Moon by drying her wet clothes with the heat from his flames. He later evolved into a Torracat in a battle against Tapu Lele. Sun received En from Professor Kukui. He has an Impish nature and his Characteristic is "scatters things often."

Debut PASM01

Baht (Japanese: バーツ Baht) is a Pokémon Sun encountered in Brooklet Hill. It was first seen helping Sun retrieve a 1 yen coin that was dropped into a lake. Finding it cute, Sun decided to add it to his team and asked it to help find Brooklet Hill's Totem Pokémon. After several hours, an impatient Sun got angry at Baht, which led to En attacking it despite Sun's protest. In retaliation, Baht summoned other Wishiwashi to combine into its School Form, revealing that they were the Totem the entire time. After defeating it, Sun properly added Baht to his team. It was given its nickname due to its eyes resembling the symbol ×.

Baht's known moves are Water Gun and Aqua Tail, and its Ability is Schooling.

Debut PASM09

Ride Pokémon

Sun's Tauros
Tauros is a Ride Pokémon that can be summoned at any time via the Ride Pager. Sun uses Tauros to help with deliveries.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut PASM01
Sun's Mudsdale
Mudsdale is Sun's second known Ride Pokémon. It was first mentioned when Sun explained that he accidentally dropped his Pokédex into its droppings, causing it to smell bad.

None of Mudsdale's moves are known.

Debut PASM03
Sun's Lapras
Lapras is Sun's third known Ride Pokémon. It was first used to move through the waters in Brooklet Hill to battle against the Totem Wishiwashi.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut PASM09
Sun's Sharpedo
Sharpedo is Sun's fourth known Ride Pokémon. It was first used to transport Sun over the sea to rescue Lillie from a wild Bruxish.

None of Sharpedo's moves are known.

Debut Sun & Moon chapter


Alola trials

Pokémon competitions



  • Sun never calls Moon by her name, instead preferring to call her "Miss Customer" (Japanese: お客さん).
  • Sun is 4'8" (141 cm) tall and weighs 92 lbs (42 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese サン Sun From Pokémon Sun
French Soleil From Pokémon Soleil

Sun's Pokémon

Main article: En → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese ダラー Dollar From dollar and a pun of だらだら daradara (sluggish)
French Grisbi From grisbi (slang term for cash) and gris (gray)


Language Name Origin
Japanese バーツ Baht From baht and a pun of × batsu (a symbol used to represent an incorrect answer)

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