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Pokémon: Paldean Winds
PPW02 : Breathe In
Breathe Out
Breathe Out
Web release
Japan September 6, 2023
United States September 6, 2023
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation WIT Studio
Screenplay 内海照子 Teruko Utsumi
Storyboard 竹下良平 Ryōhei Takeshita
Assistant director つしまゆりか Yurika Tsushima
Animation directors 鳥井なみこ Namiko Torii
近藤綾 Aya Kondō
つしまゆりか Yurika Tsushima
No additional credits are available at this time.

Breathe Out (Japanese: 息をふく Breathe Out) is the first episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds. It was first released on the official Pokémon Japanese and English YouTube channels on September 6, 2023.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


Just before the arrival of a certain transfer student, three students at an academy in Paldea are tasked with making a video showcasing their school.

The reserved Ohara is a skilled flutist, but she’s feeling under pressure due to an upcoming concert. In addition, she’s doing her best to help with the video, but it just isn’t going right.

Fed up with it all, she runs away to Glaseado Mountain, under the pretext of doing the academy’s Treasure Hunt activity.


In Mesagoza in the Paldea region stands Naranja Academy. The academy's director Clavell, has entrusted three students, Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma, the task of creating a video for new students that "shows how fun, amazing, informative, and challenging the academy is". At a meeting to decide how to proceed with the video, Ohara is getting anxious since Aliquis is focusing on his rival Nemona (who is teaching younger students about Terastallization) and Hohma is reading about Cetitan. Ohara mentions that she heard Aliquis's brother is coming to watch his next battle against Nemona, and urges him to do his best. Aliquis replies that he always does his best. Aliquis then mentions that Ohara doing a solo performance in the concert must be exciting as it is a great honour. It makes sense as her father is conducting. Ohara starts to say something about her father but is interrupted by Hohma, who is excited by a new study about Cetitan being able to communicate through sound waves. Aliquis berates Hohma, saying that he and Ohara were talking. Hohma's Quaxly accidently blasts Aliquis with water, leading to him scolding Hohma to keep it in check.

Ohara contacts Director Clavell and decides to leave the video project as she feels she is not the right person for it. Clavell feels that Ohara is the perfect person for the job, but decides to let Ohara figure it out for herself. He however asks if she has discussed leaving her band club duties with her father. As Ohara is visibly shaken up at the mention of her father, Clavell apologies for overstepping and lets Ohara know that his door is always open if she needs help. Ohara travels all the way to Glaseado Mountain to get away from things, using her Treasure Hunt as an excuse, but feels bad about it. She does not get along well with her parents and due to pressure on performing well during the solo act of the performance, breaks and throws away her flute.

On Glaseado Mountain, Ohara is having something to eat when she spots Arven. Calling for her Fuecoco to come back, she recognizes Arven's academy uniform. Arven ignores her as well and continues on his path. Suddenly, a Cetitan erupts out of the snow on the mountainside, and starts to chase Arven. Ohara remembers a conversation with Aliquis and Hohma before she left.

Aliquis and Hohma were trying to film part of the video about a statue of someone important from the academy's history. Upon spotting Ohara, they asked her where she was headed. She replied she was on her way to look for treasure on Glaseado Mountain. Aliquis noted she was taking her flute to the mountain, to which Ohara replied, "Only on the way up." Aliquis took a moment to ponder on her answer and took a bite out of his favorite snack, which turned out a be a spicy one. Hohma was exited since Glaseado Mountain was where Cetitan lived, and told Ohara about some of his favorite facts about them. One interesting fact was that the sounds made by Cetitan are similar to the sounds of a flute.

Back in the present, Ohara realizes that she can use her flute to calm down the Cetitan chasing Arven, but she broke it and threw it away. While Arven is being chases by the Cetitan, Ohara feels helpless, and cant do anything but pray for his safety. Suddenly, she hears Fuecoco, who was looking for Ohara's flute and brought it back. After making sure that Fuecoco is okay, Ohara plays a gentle soothing melody on her flute, which calms down the Cetitan. Cetitan leaves as two Cetoddle enjoy the melody.

As Ohara packs her flute into its case, Arven thanks her and compliments her flute-playing. Ohara mentions that her father taught her to play. Arven notices Ohara's discomfort at the mention of her parents, and asks if she gets along with them. Ohara says she doesn't, and was only able to play the flute so well because Fuecoco was with her. Arven thanks Fuecoco for saving him too and goes on his way. Ohara says she'll never let Fuecoco go and decides to head back to the academy. After a wonderful performance at the concert which her teachers and friend attend and applaud, Ohara feels she understands the bond between her and her Pokémon now.

Major events





Ohara Cat Protano Ohara Shion Wakayama オハラ 若山 詩音
Fuecoco Rikako Aikawa Hogator Rikako Aikawa ホゲータ 愛河里花子
Aliquis Paul Castro Jr. Aliquis Minako Kotobuki アリキス 寿 美菜子
Meowscarada Kei Shindō Masquernya Kei Shindō マスカーニャ 真堂 圭
Hohma Caroline Spinola Hohma Marin ホーマ 麻鈴
Quaxly Tatsuki Kobe Kuwassu Tatsuki Kōbe クワッス 光部 樹
Arven Henry Mason Pepper Makoto Furukawa ペパー 古川 慎
Nemona Olivia Vidas Nemo Eriko Matsui ネモ 松井 恵理子
Cetoddle Fumiko Takekuma Arukujira Fumiko Takekuma アルクジラ 武隈史子
Corviknight Kensuke Satō Armorga Kensuke Satō アーマーガア 佐藤健輔
Fletchling Yuna Ogata Yayakoma Yūna Ogata ヤヤコマ 緒方佑奈
Clavell Pete Zarustica Clavel Tadashi Wakabayashi クラベル 若林 正



  • The closed captioning incorrectly spells Terastallize as "Terrastallize".

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Pokémon: Paldean Winds
PPW02 : Breathe In
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