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0554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Violet Lang
バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang
Violet Adventures.png
Artwork from the Scarlet & Violet arc
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Counterpart(s) Florian
Debut Scarlet & Violet arc

(Japanese: バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures. He is a student at Uva Academy.


According to artist Satoshi Yamamoto, Violet was designed using his own customizable player character in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[1] At first, he used the default hairstyle, but felt that it wouldn't be too distinguishable from Ortega. He showed the list of hairstyles in the game's strategy guide to members of his family, asking which one looked like a prince, and based Violet's design off their suggestions.[2]


Violet debuted in the Scarlet & Violet arc. Shortly after transferring to Uva Academy, Violet caused havoc during the opening ceremony while searching for another student named Arven. Once Arven was located, Violet forced the boy to help him search for Herba Mystica, only to be challenged to a battle by Nemona.


On hand

Violet's Fuecoco
Fuecoco is Violet's first known Pokémon. Violet received it from Director Clavell after he transferred to Uva Academy.

Fuecoco's only known move is Ember.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
Violet's Nymble
Nymble is Violet's second known Pokémon.

Nymble's only known move is Struggle Bug.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
Violet's Wooper
A Paldean Wooper is Violet's third known Pokémon.

Wooper's only known move is Mud Shot.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
Violet's Smoliv
Smoliv is Violet's fourth known Pokémon.

Smoliv's only known move is Razor Leaf.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc

Status unknown

Violet Lang's Miraidon
Miraidon is a Pokémon that travels with Violet. It serves as Violet's method of traveling around Paldea.

None of Miraidon's moves are known.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc

Traveling with

Violet Rotojii.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang From Pokémon Violet


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