Red's Clefairy

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Blockhead Clefairy
鈍間のピッピ Blockhead Pippi
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Red Clefairy PM.png
Debuts in Introducing the Pokémon Clefairy!!
Caught at Pallet Town
Evolves in Clefairy Evolves... At Last?!
Clefairy Evolves... At Last?!
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location With Red
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This Pokémon spent 23 chapters as Clefairy and less than 1 chapter as Clefable.

Clefairy (Japanese: ピッピ Pippi), also known as Blockhead Clefairy (Japanese: 鈍間のピッピ Blockhead Pippi) by other Pokémon, is Red's first Pokémon and Pikachu's cousin in Pokémon Pocket Monsters and related manga. Along with Pikachu, he is one of Red's closest Pokémon, albeit also an annoyance to him and the rest of his team.

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In the manga


Under Dr. Takeda's ownership

With Dr. Takeda

Clefairy was a student in a school located in the Clefairy Village. After Dr. Takeda graduated from the Pokémon Trainer's School, he went to the school in the Clefairy Village and chose Red's Clefairy who was wearing a mask as Dr. Takeda thought that Red's Clefairy was cute. After Red's Clefairy took off the mask, Dr. Takeda changed his opinion about him and yelled at the Clefairy who was the teacher of the Clefairy School. With no other choice, Dr. Takeda took Red's Clefairy with him and they arrived to a restaurant. He paid the bill for the amount of food that he and Clefairy ate. Afterwards, he has Clefairy trained in order to do a Pokémon battle but refused as he didn't believe in them. Dr. Takeda, having enough, runs off with Clefairy behind. Clefairy then goes to Kanto where he ends up bothering Professor Oak at his lab.

With Red

PM series
Clefairy in his debut

Clefairy officially debuted in the first chapter where he was a wild Pokémon living in a field. Red, racing to get to Professor Oak's lab before his rival Green does, decides to take this field as a shortcut where he finds a wild Nidoran♂ and the Clefairy who attempt to attack him. Clefairy drops some coconuts on Red from a tree above, only to shortly fall off and drop onto the Nidoran♂, knocking him out. Red thanks Clefairy for the help and continues to run for the lab, finding that Green had already made it there. While the three discuss about Professor Oak's favor of completing the Pokédex, Clefairy bursts into the lab and is yelled at by the professor. When given the choice of which first Pokémon he wants, Red decides to take Clefairy with him, which thrills the Pokémon greatly. Green is however skeptical that Red can be a successful Trainer with a Clefairy, and has his chosen first Pokémon Charmander attack the Clefairy, setting his tail on fire and causing the Pokémon to run around frantically, which sets the entire lab on fire and enrages Professor Oak.

Red attempts to challenge the Gym Leader Brock in a battle, but Clefairy flees after seeing his Onix shortly after witnessing Green and his Charmander being thrown out the Gym, which forces Red to drag Clefairy back. Inside, the two learn of Brock's Pokémon collection, and find out that Clefairy's cousin Pikachu is also a part of it. This angers Clefairy and gives him the courage to fight Brock's Onix in a battle, which Clefairy prolongs by using an assortment of tricks. Clefairy later manages to defeat Onix by drawing his picture onto its tail, causing Onix to chase its tail until it becomes dizzy, and becomes knocked out after Clefairy smashes a fallen pillar on its head. By winning the battle, Clefairy's cousin is freed from Brock's collection and joins Red's team.

Following the battle, Red, Clefairy and Pikachu camp out for the night. Clefairy catches a fish and he and Red fight over it since Red was starving and Clefairy wanted to save it for himself for tomorrow. It slipped out of their hands and landed in Pikachu's mouth. Since Clefairy lost his fish, he uses Pikachu as a fishing rod but Red warns them that doing so could electrocute the whole river. Clefairy, ignoring his Trainer, does so away with the results being that all of the fish get shocked. Pikachu electricity gives the trio not one, but a pile of fish for them to eat. While they were having dinner, a Zubat glides down and steals one of their fish. Clefairy responds by tackling it but as Zubat landed on the ground, it evolved into Golbat. Golbat chased Clefairy around until Green threw his Poké Ball at it. Clefairy then wants to evolve and tells Red the false way. Red falls for it by giving Clefairy a lot of food which made Clefairy lazy and Red mad. Clefairy then tells Red the truth that he'll need a Moon Stone in order for him to evolve.

Clefairy and his rival, Charizard

The trio go to Mt. Moon and a Snorlax who resides there gives directions to where the Moon Stone is after Clefairy asked for where it was. Snorlax tells them that it is in Cerulean City where Misty is. They head Cerulean City where they meet Misty and find the Moon Stone. However, Misty requests a battle and Clefairy goes up. He changed his mind when his opponent is a Blastoise but goes back in after Misty mocks him and Red. Clefairy fights Blastoise's water blasting strategies by sucking up the river water, he turns gigantic and spits it back onto Blastoise, winning Red the battle, the Moon Stone and the Cascade Badge. As Red was about to get the Moon Stone, a Mew comes by and takes it which led the trio in chasing after it. Clefairy had too much trouble with finding Mew since he kept on finding other things instead. After finding the Mew which was in an abandoned water mill, he along with the group meet Bill who was transformed into a leopard and his wife was transformed into a Mew. Seeing Clefairy, Bill decides to use him in one of his experiments but his wife stops him before he could do so. Afterwards, Clefairy battles Green's Charmander who evolved straight into Charizard when Green decided to catch Bill's wife who was a Mew at the time. Clefairy, using a firemen's uniforms, battles Charizard who becomes stronger than Clefairy expected. Clefairy has Bill shrink Charizard in order for Clefairy to have a fair advantage but Clefairy got shrunk too since he didn't leave the machine in time. Due to that, Green decides to stop catching Mew. Clefairy along with group than watch when Bill and his wife change back into humans. When Bill's human form was revealed to be hideous in appearance, Clefairy and the group run away in fear.

After dealing with some Diglett in Diglett's Cave, Clefairy took on Lt. Surge's Voltorb. Clefairy used some defensive tactics in order to take less damage from Voltorb but Voltorb was stronger than he expected after it was stuck to a wall that Clefairy created. As Voltorb was tough, including when it evolved into an Electrode, Clefairy was partnered up with Pikachu. Clefairy was able to defeat Electrode by swatting it but unfortunately blew up the S.S. Anne. When Clefairy went inside Blue's mansion, he faced a Gastly which kept dodging every one of Clefairy's techniques. Gastly got the upper hand until Clefairy brought along a statue that scared it away. After meeting Blue, he battled with his Haunter. During the battle as Clefairy couldn't see Haunter, his antics started to destroy all the objects in the room, including the blue item collection that Blue has. Seeing this made Haunter bring out its full power by evolving into Gengar. The stuff around the room were still getting destroyed and Clefairy found out about the Silph Scope that caused Gengar to be visible. He snatched it from Blue and gained the upper hand. Clefairy then wagged his finger at Gengar and Gengar fell asleep afterwards. After the battle, Blue chased Clefairy and the group out of the mansion for the destruction that happened earlier.

Arriving in Celadon City with Red and Pikachu, Clefairy went to a Department Store there where he tried out some of the items. A robbery which was led by a Machoke occurred. Clefairy tried handling the situation but got punched by Machoke. Clefairy then lured Caterpie, Kakuna and Butterfree away from Machoke. He took a Repel and sprayed the three Bug-type, rendering them useless. An Ekans who was part of Machoke's group attacks Clefairy next. Due to a bite that Ekans inflicted, Clefairy ended up getting hurt. He panicked until Red stabbed him with some medicine, which made Clefairy accidentally bump into Ekans and trap it into a bottle. Machoke became mad and evolved into Machamp. Clefairy gets chased by Machamp and hid inside a collection of Poké Dolls. Using the toys in the Department Store, Clefairy was able to outmaneuver Machamp but a bike caused him to get caught by the Fighting-type. Red managed to save Clefairy by catching Machamp. After Red caught Machamp, Clefairy has already biked far away.

He somehow returned to Celadon and went in the Game Corner. After Pikachu won the jackpot at the Slot Machines, Clefairy was given a chance to relax in a pool behind a mansion. However, this was interrupted when Hitmonlee snatched Pikachu. Clefairy chased after him to a wrestling ring. He fought Hitmonlee and struggled to stay on par with him. When Giovanni brought out a dynamite, Pikachu zapped it away with his eyes and landed in Clefairy's hands. He ate the dynamite which made him stronger and then defeated Hitmonlee with Mega Punch. After stopping Giovanni, Clefairy is then told about Pikachu's winnings being gone and then chased Red. After Red's boat got burned by Green's Charmander, he, Clefairy and Pikachu were stuck on an island. On the island, he ends up facing Erika and her Venusaur. Clefairy ended up winning when Red reminded him to use Barrier to deflect Venusaur's SolarBeam and it worked. After the battle, Erika shared her boat with Red and Pikachu. Clefairy went on her flying ship as he could not go on the boat. At first, he had trouble controlling it since it took him around the world quickly. Back on the mainland, Clefairy ate in a deli and then went to Silph Co. to rescue Erika's father. He hid inside her Venusaur but blew the group's cover when he passed gas. Luckily for them, a grunt who was chasing Clefairy and Pikachu could not keep up. In an attempt to go on the top floor of Silph Co., he climbed on a vine that Venusaur was holding out. Unfortunately, the piece that Clefairy was holding snapped and fell back down. Clefairy managed to catch up to Red when they got inside. He fought Giovanni's Hitmonchan after Giovanni summoned him in Silph Co. Using some cunning skills, Clefairy managed to trap Hitmonchan into a buffet. With Hitmonchan defeated, Giovanni gave Clefairy several Porygon to deal with. As Clefairy was outnumbered, the multiple Porygon gave Clefairy problems. Clefairy managed to defeat Giovanni when Pikachu destroyed the device that caused the Porygon to multiply. With Team Rocket defeated again, Clefairy tried out the cloning machine and multiple Clefairy came out, annoying Red.

Clefairy and his cousin, Pikachu

Clefairy went to a castle and met Sabrina. He gets challenged to a magic game after touching Sabrina's crystal ball. Kadabra becomes Clefairy's opponent. Using a magical box, Clefairy goes inside with a cat but it doesn't work out. He then uses a safe and some fire-wood. Clefairy has Kadabra light up the fire wood. Unfortunately, the act did not work out as the dynamite were lit and blew up the whole castle. For punishment in doing so, Red had Clefairy swim in the water while he had Pikachu rode on a bicycle-shaped boat. Clefairy arrived in Seafoam Islands where he relaxed in a beach but Red wanted him to catch some fish for dinner. Instead, a Shellder jumped out of the water and attached itself to Clefairy. Many more Shellder attach themselves to Clefairy and he runs in pain. As Clefairy kept running, he stumbled across a cage that trapped him and the group. The village elder arrived and freed the trio. Clefairy was then given a lifetime supply of food. Afterwards, he goes to the cave where Articuno was located. Inside, he stumbled across Green's Charizard and they fought, with Clefairy being the victor. Deeper in the cave, he transforms the place into a diner but Green did not like that. After getting into a fight with Charizard who already devolved back into Charmander, he noticed an interior shaped as a castle and that many Pokémon were frozen. Clefairy found out that Articuno froze them. Seeing that made Clefairy want to battle it. He tried his best to prevent himself from being frozen but Articuno got the best of him and Clefairy ended up covered in ice. However, Clefairy managed to defrost himself and tricked Articuno into getting comfortable so that Red would catch it easily, in which he did using a Master Ball. After Red caught Articuno, Clefairy shared the good news to the elder and she showed him her Lickitung which showed the group some affection by slapping them with its tongue.

Clefairy volunteered to battle Koga when he saw that he stole some Chansey from a juggler. He went up against Koffing first and had trouble with its gases. Clefairy countered it with his own gas and waved a fan to make the figure made out of gas to look real, and took out Koffing. Grimer was next and one touch from it made Clefairy to wash himself off as Grimer was dirty and he did the same to it. Clefairy then placed Grimer in a washing machine but it escaped. As Clefairy was cornered, the Chansey that were trapped broke themselves free and saved Clefairy. After Pikachu rescued their eggs that were stolen by a Chansey torturer, Clefairy was baking them as he became hungry and the Chansey smacked him with a wooden pillar for doing so. After some Team Rocket Grunts kicked him up in the air, he landed in the Pokémon Sea House where he volunteered to work there as the cook. As Clefairy had poor skills, the customers left. Clefairy then became a mummy in a haunted house. Giovanni, his twin brother, and Ditto, who was disguised as a Clefairy, find Red and their Ditto takes on Red's Clefairy. Both sides kept mimicking each other until the food eating contest where Red's Clefairy was triumphant in and the other Clefairy revealed itself to them as Ditto. Even though Clefairy won, he kept eating until the place was about to blow up.

As a Clefable

Clefairy participated in a Sports Meet event where he cheated in the first event by combining himself with Machamp. Despite the cheating, he was able to lift up a heavy Snorlax. Clefairy gets tricked by Green's Magnemite and Voltorb, but was only successful with the latter one. He then ran in a race. Using ropes, he grabbed onto a Rapidash and got burned in the process. Rapidash throws Clefairy and he landed onto Professor Oak, which made the professor upset at him. Clefairy also participated in the baseball match as well as the swim race with Red and won. However, in the latter one, he accidentally bumped his head onto the pool walls which caused part of it to come off and a bunch of water came out. After arriving on Cinnabar Island, Clefairy goes to a museum on behalf of Professor Oak and his pal wanted to demonstrate the use of Evolution stones by testing them on an Eevee. Eevee battled Clefairy and managed to get the upper hand due to the fact that it could evolve into three different Pokémon*. Even with Pikachu's help, Eevee was hard to beat. After Pikachu who evolved into Raichu was hit by Vaporeon's Water-type attack, Clefairy took the Thunder Stone out of Raichu's mouth and devolved back into Pikachu. He took on Vaporeon after it touched the Fire Stone which made Eevee evolve into Flareon. Clefairy could not handle Flareon so Red threw a Moon Stone at him which made him evolve into a Clefable. Due to this, he was able to finish Flareon off with a combination of Flash and an unidentified slapping move. Clefable then devolved back into a Clefairy after eating several Moon Stones and looking silly.

In the form of a Mewtwo

Still on Cinnabar Island, he goes to Blaine's restaurant where he and Green's Charmander get challenged by Blaine's Pokémon Quiz. Throughout the quiz, Clefairy got all of the answers to the questions wrong and got beaten by several of Blaine's Pokémon. Later, he challenged Blaine's Arcanine and both became covered in cement temporarily. Clefairy went to Giovanni's mansion when Green had a race with Red. In the mansion, he picked up a book on the bookshelf which turned out to be a switch for the secret laboratory. Clefairy noticed that Giovanni and his twin brother were creating Mewtwo using a Mew held hostage by them. When Mewtwo broke out of the machine, Clefairy had a battle with it. As Giovanni made Mewtwo to be very powerful, Clefairy was no match for it, until he threw it in a machine. Clefairy went in the same one and had Bill mix his DNA with Mewtwo. After the process was complete, Clefairy got out and noticed from a mirror that he had Mewtwo's form. The battle continued and Clefairy defeated Mewtwo. Afterwards, he goes inside the machine again with Giovanni's Pokémon. Clefairy returned to normal and Giovanni's Pokémon had Clefairy's face on them.

He arrived in Viridian City to face the final Gym Leader of Kanto, who turned out to be Giovanni. Clefairy battled his Rhydon first. He joked around with Rhydon by taking pictures of it walking its pet. However, this led to Clefairy getting punched by Rhydon multiple times. Clefairy then lifted it and placed it in a bowl. This did not work as Rhydon escaped. Clefairy was narrowly hit by Rhydon's first Horn Drill as he dodged the attack. However, Clefairy was hit by the second one and felt pain by the spinning drill. He used the Horn Drill attack to his advantage by placing a propeller on it, which sent Rhydon flying, taking it out. Clefairy's next opponent was Nidoking. Due to his tremendous strength which Clefairy and Pikachu couldn't take, Clefairy dressed himself up as a Nidoqueen. This made Nidoqueen enamored with Clefairy in the costume and got chased around.

Red went to Indigo Plateau and Clefairy became Lorelei's student when she disguised herself as a teacher. Her Cloyster would often be used to inflict pain to Clefairy. After Lorelei removed her disguise, Red used Clefairy to battle her and her Pokémon. Clefairy dealt with Jynx first. He prevented himself from succumbing the effects of her kiss, which made Jynx run off. Next was Cloyster and despite Cloyster poking him with its spiky body, Clefairy made it crash through a wall. However, he became frozen by her Dewgong's Ice Beam and Lapras. Red tried thawing Clefairy with an Ice Heal but the ice on Clefairy was too strong. He was later defrosted by Pikachu. Clefairy went to a restaurant and ate some spicy food which made the whole thing explode out of his mouth. With the fiasco over with, the waiter has him, Red and Pikachu choose a door. They go in that door and Clefairy and the others went out to a garden. He hid inside some bushes and was spotted by Bruno. Bruno then trains with him, Red and Pikachu. Throughout their training, Clefairy would often get hit by Bruno's Pokémon. Clefairy's disruption of the training caused Bruno to unleash his full strength. Clefairy has also shaved part of Bruno's head off which made him more angry. Afterwards, he called out his whole team to take on Clefairy and Clefairy became stuck along with Bruno's team when they were wrapped around by two of Bruno's Onix.

Taking a break, Clefairy, Red and Pikachu go on the luxury liner where Agatha spied on the Normal-type. In an attempt to drink his blood, Agatha befriends Clefairy by having him control the ship when the captain was knocked out cold. As the ship crashed, it gave Agatha a chance to bite Clefairy and transformed into a Golbat. However, there were Clefairy clones inside Agatha when she bit him and they escaped. The clones grew bigger and destroyed the luxury liner while the real Clefairy, who was weakened earlier by Agatha, climbed aboard on Red's rowboat. Back on land, Professor Oak made a crash landing to where the group was. He gave Clefairy an opportunity to go in space. He goes to a ship and the ship launched into outer space. Clefairy then landed in a planet with some already destroyed buildings. He, Red and Pikachu find out that Lance is also there. He took Red to a pool area and his Clefairy challenged Gyarados. Using Pikachu as bait, he was able to defeat Gyarados. Next was Aerodactyl and when Clefairy fed Aerodactyl a bunch of food, he emerged victorious. With both foes subdued, Clefairy had to handle Lance's Dragonite. As Dragonite was too powerful, Clefairy retreated along with Red and Pikachu and returned to the ship. As they were leaving, Lance and Dragonite ended up on the ship before they left and Clefairy crash landed. Clefairy had to deal with an angry Professor Oak while Lance fled on his Dragonite.

Clefairy dealt with Lance's Dragonite again when he was in a village. As Clefairy was about to defeat it for making the villagers suffer, Dragonite saved itself by saying that Lance is its savior and made up a story about how he found it abandoned when it was a Dratini. After the story, Clefairy forgave Lance and Dragonite. However, the story turned out to be made up when the parents of Lance's Dragonite arrived to pick them up. Clefairy chased after them while they escaped. Red went to a mansion and Clefairy had a rematch with the gag Mewtwo where it made an attempt to switch Clefairy's DNA with a Rattata's. However, this was foiled when Pikachu pushed it into the machine.

Clefairy in battle with the gag Mewtwo

While the group went camping outside, Clefairy had a nightmare about a Drowzee and it became recurring, much to the annoyance of Red and Pikachu as they didn't believe him. They take him to a doctor which was a Machamp. Since Drowzee was nearby, it controlled Clefairy's mind in the form of a prank and made him see things that no one else saw. This happened until Pikachu saw Drowzee and Clefairy's innocence was proven real. As a result, Drowzee started giving the group nightmares until they returned to the same spot they were before it happened, with Drowzee laughing at them. As Red arrived in the Pokémon League, he had to put Clefairy in a Poké Ball since it was league rules. During Red's match against Blue, he sent out Clefairy against his Blastoise first. Clefairy held out a shield to defend himself from Blastoise's Hydro Pump. As Clefairy got closer, he jammed Blastoise's hydro cannons and Blastoise was sent flying out of the stadium. Clefairy went against the gag Mewtwo that Blue just caught sometime before the Pokémon League. Both sides were using gag moves and as Mewtwo couldn't take it anymore, Red and Clefairy became the winners. When Red battled Green next, Clefairy could not come out of his Poké Ball as he didn't want to battle Green's Charizard. Red forced him out of his ball by using a lighter to burn the bottom side. Clefairy leaped out of the ball. As Charizard delivered the first move, Clefairy was too scared to move so he kept on getting hit by Charizard's Scratch. At first, Charizard was able to knock him out but the real Clefairy came by on a ship and revealed that the finishing blow was on the Poké Doll. Continuing the battle, he prevented Charizard from using Scratch by clipping its claws. As Charizard went for Flamethrower, the pressure pushed it back and it was recalled. Clefairy went up against Machamp next. Machamp started the first move by punching several times at once. This sent Clefairy crashing and Clefairy mimicked Machamp's punching move but he used a poster board instead, depicting the action. Red then recalled him and sent him out again when both sides sent out their whole team. Due to the excessive fighting, Clefairy and his teammates drew against Green's Pokémon.

Clefairy found a bottle that gave him magical powers. This bottle was originally Alakazam's as he dropped it and it rolled outside. Using those powers, Clefairy had the power to control anything. When he accidentally started a fire in an alleyway, he used his powers to put it out but it made the fire even worse and Clefairy ran away. He summoned a group of Blastoise to do it and the fire was put out. The actions Clefairy did recognized him as a hero by the press. He thought about what he can do since he is a supernatural being and could control anything. As a train was coming by, Clefairy stood on the tracks and tried to stop it but failed. Alakazam then told Clefairy as it was riding the train that the powers have been worn off. Clefairy finally returned to Pallet Town and he, Red and Pikachu were recognized by the whole town. Giovanni then appears on TV and announced that he was going to blow up Pallet Town with a missile. When Giovanni launched the missile, Clefairy launched one of his own and clashed with Giovanni's. As Clefairy was on the missile, it ended up blasting him away, which saddened Red. However, he jumped off the missile in the last second prior to the explosion. After a hard landing, Clefairy got a Marill and stuffed it in a bag. He then went to a motorcycle shop and bought himself a motorcycle. Clefairy rode back to where Red and Pikachu were as he got jealous of them having fun without him. The Marill escaped from the bag and Clefairy followed it to Johto.


Sometime after arriving in New Bark Town, Clefairy heard from Professor Oak about a Chikorita being robbed. Professor Elm arrived and showed Clefairy being responsible. Clefairy, willing to prove that he is innocent, goes out and finds the stolen Chikorita. While searching, he ends up being unsuccessful as he found the related features instead of Chikorita itself. In an alleyway, Clefairy and the gang found the stolen Pokémon and battled Clefairy. In the battle, Chikorita was unscathed as it barely took damage from his Tackle. As Chikorita used Razor Leaf next, Clefairy improvised his own technique by taking leaves from the grass and using a Venusaur. Clefairy was finally able to defeat Chikorita with Pikachu's Thunderbolt. With the real thief, Green, revealed, Clefairy brought back Chikorita to Professor Oak and Clefairy was forgiven.

After Red met up with Silver again, Clefairy battled his Totodile. He started with Tackle and Double Slap, which led Totodile into countering with Water Gun. Clefairy brought out some men to protect himself from Totodile's Water Gun. The battle was interrupted when Donphan was raging by. As Silver mentioned the source of the Donphan attacking, Clefairy left the area to get a racecar and chased Silver and Totodile as the wheels were made of Donphan. Clefairy began getting impatient over an Egg Red received from Professor Elm earlier. He wanted it to hatch so he pretended to become one and hatched. While taking care of the Egg in the hot springs, it slipped out of his hands and flowed away. The Egg was retrieved by Gold afterwards. Clefairy battled Gold's Cyndaquil for official custody of the Egg. It started by Clefairy chasing Cyndaquil and then Cyndaquil blasted Clefairy with SmokeScreen, which prevented him from doing anything. After taking some hits from Cyndaquil, Clefairy sucked up the smoke and then blew it out to immobilize Cyndaquil. This trick worked at first until Cyndaquil unleashed its flames from the backside. This sent Clefairy flying and crash-landed. He dressed himself up as a female Cyndaquil which made Gold's Cyndaquil fall in love. However, it was a trap for Cyndaquil as Clefairy brought out dynamite and blew up the area. The Egg than hatched into a Togepi which made Red, Clefairy and Pikachu excited.

Clefairy volunteered to battle a Sentret in the Pokémon Trainer's School where it evolved into Furret and Clefairy and Pikachu dressed up as one to defeat the original Furret. After the battle, he released the Pokémon that Earl was holding captive and Earl decided to have Clefairy teach his own class. However, he could not handle the students since they played rough. Clefairy and the gang go to Sprout Tower as a note in the Violet Gym told them that Falkner, the Gym Leader, is training there at the moment. Inside Sprout Tower, Clefairy met up with Falkner and his Natu. Clefairy took on Natu and he began by closing his eyes when Natu used Leer. After performing a dance, he got kicked by Natu's feet. As Clefairy performed the next attack, Natu dodged by teleporting which made Clefairy land on the ground, stomach first. Clefairy brought along a scale but Red did not like the idea. Clefairy then hid behind a wall but Natu easily found him and pecked him in the process. Natu used a combination of Confuse Ray and Peck to immobilize Clefairy but Clefairy still kept going and finished Natu off by tackling it. As Clefairy was still confused, Pikachu poured a bucket of water on his head. After defeating Falkner and tying up the Bellsprout, one of the Sages summons a giant one and Clefairy, Pikachu and Togepi battled it. As the giant Bellsprout was too strong, Clefairy brought along the Clefairy Rangers to take it on. With their teamwork, the giant Bellsprout was brought down by Flash, earning Red the Zephyr Badge. The group decide to eat out as a reward for defeating Falkner and Clefairy gets upset when the Clefairy Rangers ate all of his food. Then, he took on a Lugia with assistance from the Clefairy Rangers. However, when he bulged on some food, it caused the hideout to get destroyed.

Clefairy goes to the Ruins of Alph as a guard suggested him to go there. In order to get inside, Clefairy worked on various puzzles and the guard pulled a switch which opened a trap door that sent Clefairy, Red, Pikachu, and Togepi falling. Inside, he notices some statues of various Pokémon. Multiple Unown greet Clefairy and do funny stuff to him. Clefairy played with the Unown too. It continued until Clefairy attached them together, in which the Unown did not like. They attack him with Hidden Power. Clefairy, Pikachu and Charizard work together to battle the Unown. Afterwards, Clefairy found a way out by smashing a piece of a pillar which made the whole place crumble. Clefairy went to Union Cave by riding on a Lapras. He came across Giovanni and some Team Rocket Grunts who built an amusement park inside. Clefairy decided to try out the roller coaster and he crash landed. Unfortunately, the entrance to Union Cave was sealed and Clefairy had to stay and help Team Rocket continue their design of the amusement park. When the entrance was partially opened, it gave Clefairy and the group a chance to escape but closed when Clefairy was about to make it. He built a digger drill to drill a hole in the wall. As he was able to do so, Team Rocket followed them as they were escaping. The mecha took them deeper in Union Cave where Giovanni met up with them and summoned his Slugma from the river of lava. Clefairy battled it and won when he made Togepi cry and the tears caused Slugma to harden and return to the lava pit. Clefairy rode his digger drill to leave Union Cave and instead of the entrance, it took him to another part of the world.

Red and his Clefairy

Clefairy found a baby Cleffa by a catholic church and took care of it. He trained it until he encountered a Magmar with Magby. Both baby Pokémon battled each other with their evolved forms as the Trainers. After the battle, Magby and Magmar walked off and Clefairy continued to spend time with Cleffa. Cleffa's Trainer arrived and mentioned that the Cleffa was his which made Clefairy sad that Cleffa was leaving. Clefairy got to see Cleffa one last time until Cleffa stuffed itself with watermelons. Later, Clefairy took on Bugsy during the Gym Battle against Red. Clefairy went up against Metapod and Kakuna first. Due to their high defenses, Clefairy's attacks barely gave them any scratches. However, cement from a cement truck gave Clefairy the power needed to strike back Metapod and Kakuna. He was able to take them out when they tackled him and bounced off. Clefairy's next opponent was Scyther. Due to the cement-covered power up that was received earlier, Clefairy was able to easily defeat Scyther. He finally went up against Heracross. Heracross began with a combination of Horn Attack and Fury Attack on Clefairy. Clefairy slathered a tree with honey and Heracross got to the tree. This also caused other Heracross to get to the tree and beaten up Bugsy's Heracross which earned Red the Hive Badge.

Clefairy went to a circus and after watching a Phanpy do poorly in its act, he stepped in after the show to see if Phanpy was okay. Since Phanpy had trouble becoming a clown, Clefairy volunteered to take its place. The entertainers dressed up Clefairy in a girl's outfit but it didn't work. They tried again by dressing him up as a Phanpy and they were successful. This made Phanpy interested in him. However, as Clefairy changed costumes, Phanpy ended up tackling him but it turned out to be for affection. When the group had to go, Clefairy gave Phanpy's owner a letter and then sadly left. Clefairy and the others arrived in Goldenrod City where Professor Oak rushed to them and introduced DJ Mary to them. Clefairy became excited when he finally met her. They went inside the Radio Tower only to find out that it was taken over by Team Rocket. After the Radio Director that DJ Mary thought was real turned out to be Giovanni, Clefairy battled his Ledyba and Spinarak. Ledyba gave Clefairy a hard time at first since its Comet Punch sent Clefairy straight to a wall. A loud screech from somewhere occurred and when Clefairy used a broken bottle to scratch a chalkboard, it stopped. Giovanni then had Ledyba and Spinarak chase Clefairy around and Clefairy was having fun since he took advantage of Spinarak's String Shot to knit some clothing. After Spinarak launched Spider Web, Clefairy grabbed it and tied up both of Giovanni's Bug-type Pokémon and hammered them away. Just when the group was celebrating, Clefairy had to deal with Giovanni's Houndour. When Houndour used Bite on Clefairy, Clefairy got out his sleeping bag and took a nap. He woke up and got a power generator which was connected to the Radio Director's head and the voltage caused Clefairy's Flash to get stronger, which was the key to defeating Houndour. Clefairy gets recognized as a hero and does his own gig when the Radio Tower was restored to normal.

Clefairy and his childhood friend, Clefable

Still in Goldenrod City, Clefairy and the group was on a wanted poster. When the police found them, they were taken to jail and Clefairy tries to find a way to escape. As he passed gas, a guard became unconscious and Clefairy unlocked the cell the group was in and made their escape. He found the impostors who were responsible for making the group act bad. Clefairy then battles a Feraligatr that belongs to them. Feraligatr used its fists to attack Clefairy and tried to eat Clefairy up. Pikachu gave him a substance which made him stronger and one punch from Clefairy defeated Feraligatr. The people began to respect the group and Clefairy built an underground area in a department store. However, Clefairy destroyed it when he leaned on a pole and it snapped. Clefairy arrived in Girls Town where he and the group disguise themselves as girls since boys weren't allowed there. He goes to a restaurant there where Whitney served him milk from her Miltank. After Clefairy's cover was blown, he gets chased into the kitchen and Red explained to her that he wanted to have a Gym battle. Whitney accepted and sent out Clefable which made Clefairy think of the time that Clefable and him had fun together when they were childhood buddies. This happened until Clefairy refused to share a bowl of noodles which made the two stop being friends. Clefairy then battled with Clefable with both sides using the same moves until they fell asleep and fought each other in their ghost forms. Clefairy was able to defeat Clefable by eating her ghost form.

Clefairy met Tyrogue when the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto went up to Red as he was interested in Togepi. Clefairy was not interested in Tyrogue joining the team due to the fact that he is different from them. When Clefairy suffered allergies. Tyrogue had him and the others go on a hike on the mountains to search for the source of the allergies, which was a Vileplume. However, due to a break in the equipment caused by Red's outbursts towards Clefairy. The whole group fell several feet from above and were sent to the hospital. As the Vileplume was there the whole time, Clefairy gets angry at Tyrogue for going all the way to the mountains. Clefairy went to the Ecruteak Gym and when he rang the doorbell, he got squished by water being sprayed from the building. He went inside and ate some noodles since part of the Gym was a restaurant but Red did not like Clefairy getting distracted. As Clefairy went to an area mistaken for the bathroom, he goes through a pipe which led them to the basement where Morty was. As Morty sent out Gengar, Red wanted Clefairy to battle it but it was interrupted by Ho-Oh who took things from there. It gave Clefairy and Gengar some challenges to deal with. In one of the challenges where Clefairy had to pull Gengar up, Clefairy got distracted by a shiny object and Gengar fell. In revenge for making Gengar fall, Gengar put Clefairy in a trance and made him think that Ho-Oh was edible. Clefairy started to bite Ho-Oh and continued until Red kicked him which snapped him out of the trance. Despite that, Clefairy still continued his fight with Ho-Oh and the Ho-Oh turned out to be a costume worn by Tyrogue. In relation for being tricked, Clefairy chases Tyrogue with a paddle as a real Ho-Oh flew by.

Clefairy went to Olivine City and went to the lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse, he noticed Jasmine's Ampharos who was running a fever and has a hit temperature. Jasmine has Clefairy fetch a SecretPotion on an island in order for Amphy to light up. Clefairy and the group go to a pharmacy where the shopkeeper there tells them a story about the pharmacy and rewards them with the SecretPotion. Clefairy holds on to it. While returning to Olivine City, Clefairy ends up losing all but one of the pills inside the bottle. As they got back, Clefairy ended up eating that one pill as he tripped while trying to feed it to Amphy. As a result, Clefairy starts glowing and goes outside to steer a ship to turn. However, the ship crashed onto Clefairy instead. This act, as Jasmine and Amphy found it silly, made Amphy feel better. Clefairy is given a lecture by Professor Oak about Celebi. He has him an the group go out and find it. They go on a hike with Clefairy getting tired easily. Local villagers come by and tell them about Celebi, which made it appear. As Celebi made a tree grow, Clefairy tried doing so but it snapped in its early development. Clefairy had a plan to catch it by digging a pitfall trap but he fell in the trap instead of Celebi. He climbed out of there as soon as Giovanni attacked the forest. After Celebi stopped Team Rocket, it saved Clefairy when he fell of a cliff. Clefairy then became sorry for what he did. However, he faked it and stuffed Celebi in a bag. He brought it back to Professor Oak's and Celebi's time-traveling abilities caused Professor Oak's hair to change and chased Red and the group for what Celebi did.

Clefairy battled Chuck's Primeape when Tyrogue and Pikachu could not defeat it. He put on various costumes to distract Primeape but they barely worked. Clefairy ate some food and flipped the table so that the bowl he was eating in was sent flying. Primeape dodged the table but the bowl hit it from above. Clefairy and the others ran out of the Cianwood Gym when Chuck's wife found him after a mess was made. After reuniting with Togepi and the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto, Clefairy participated in a food eating contest. Despite having the ability to eat tons of food, Togepi defeated him after a piece was left over. For being the runner-up, the gang had to clean up the place.

The gang went to Lake of Rage and Clefairy fished out a different-colored Gyarados who was about to eat him. Luckily for Clefairy, Gyarados ended up inflated and spit out Clefairy. The group ran to Mahogany Town and found out from the people there that a building was destroyed and a loud sound is causing Pokémon to go nuts. Clefairy, Tyrogue, and Pikachu get affected and turn on Red. One of the people in town bring out a board to deflect the sound and turned the three Pokémon back to normal. Clefairy taped some big ears on him to investigate and ran to the area that the loud sound was coming from which was hidden in the Mahogany Town shop. Inside, the group noticed that Team Rocket built a machine that emitted the sound that caused Pokémon to go crazy after passing the guards. Giovanni appeared and holds out a CD-rom that recorded the noise, in which it falls out of his hands when Pikachu tackled him and Clefairy chased after it. He ended up stuck inside the CD and the sound changed in made anyone who heard it fat. Clefairy then went on a search for Pryce's Swinub and found it stuck inside a thick layer of ice. It escaped and Pryce challenged Clefairy to a battle using Swinub. Similar to the previous Gym battle, Clefairy dressed up in costume and this time, forced Swinub to do some exercises. When Clefairy dressed up as its evolved form, a real Piloswine appeared and tackled Clefairy away.

He and the group go with Green to the Dragon's Den to get the Dragon's teeth. In the beginning, Clefairy gets attacked by an Ekans after failing to jump over an opening. He burned Ekans's mouth and escaped. Reaching the end of the tunnel, Clefairy and the others fight over the prize which resulted in Green taking it. As a result, a rock slide occurred and Clefairy and the group barely managed to escape the giant rolling Poké Balls. Clefairy managed to get the Dragon's teeth when one of the giant Poké Balls squished Green, and tried it out on a hard to crack nut. He battled Clair and her Dragonair with the teamwork of Tyrogue, despite both of them bickering earlier on. They managed to put aside their differences, only for their clones to get into a fight.

Clefairy returns to Victory Road where its appearance was different than last time as it was previously destroyed. Gold and Silver join Red and his Pokémon. As they got inside the building as Clefairy suggested, the doors close shut, trapping them and Clefairy tried tackling the doors but they were to strong. Clefairy then grabbed a hammer to make an opening to escape but it turned out to be a Pineco. The Pineco tells them that there was no way to get out of the building. Clefairy then battled it and Pineco barely took any damage. Gold's Cyndaquil took over and Pineco blew up which sent Clefairy, Pikachu and Cyndaquil flying back. The whole battle woke up a Bellossom which explained to the group that it was trapped in darkness for many years. This made Clefairy want to barracade the door in order to get out. However, Silver had a plan by having Bellossom use SolarBeam. The plan went in action by Totodile whacking Clefairy on the head with its tail and stars came out and landed on Cyndaquil. Pineco took the light and transferred it to Bellossom where it was able to heal up and use SolarBeam successfully. The group got out as SolarBeam blew a hole through the roof and Clefairy thanked Bellossom for helping them escape. As Bellossom pointed out that they did not actually enter Victory Road, the whole group got mad at Clefairy and they chased Clefairy for taking them to the abandoned building. Red and his Pokémon finally arrived in Indigo Plateau and noticed three members of the Johto Elite Four, Koga, Bruno and Will who fell from the building and landed on Clefairy. Afterwards, Koga explained to them that they should find out what happened themselves and went all the way to the top floor of the building. As they got there, Clefairy noticed Karen and the Pokémon belonging to the Elite Four. As Karen had control over them and decided not to tell the group what happened to Koga, Bruno, and Will, Clefairy took out a giant sieve and "sieved" all of the Elite Four's Pokémon, which left Umbreon and Clefairy battled it. He treated Umbreon as a pet and Umbreon related with Sand-Attack, which made Clefairy unable to see and fell until his "wings" brought him back up. Clefairy then landed on Umbreon and Umbreon tricked Clefairy by having look the other way but it failed as he saw a Blastoise flying with balloons strapped to it. Umbreon than used Mean Look to prevent Clefairy from escaping and Clefairy finished Umbreon off with a combination of Light Screen and SolarBeam. As Clefairy won the battle, Karen explained to the group that Koga, Bruno and Will fell down because she told them a dumb joke. As she tells the group the same joke, Clefairy was the only one who found it to be funny.

Later, Clefairy saw that Pikachu was becoming popular among girls and they gave him various items. This made him jealous and tried pushing him out of the way. Pikachu gave Clefairy a present but Clefairy refused the offer and fought with his cousin. Due to their fighting, both sides switched personalities and Clefairy became Pikachu and vice-versa. As Tyrogue suggested the two what they should do in order to change back, Pikachu in Clefairy's body, chases Clefairy and trips on a rock. As a result, Pikachu ended up returning to normal, while Clefairy was the fountain statue, something he found painful. The group take a train and Clefairy meets a Blissey, which made him act and look different. Giovanni and Team Rocket arrive on the train and want the Blissey for themselves as she makes them happy. Clefairy takes him on in order to rescue Blissey and during the fight, Blissey's Egg cracks and Clefairy reverted to his original self.

PMRS series
Clefairy in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

After meeting Professor Birch, Clefairy arrived in Hoenn with Red, Pikachu and Tyrogue. He ate some food as he was getting hungry and gets accused by some monks for stealing dumplings. When the real thief, a Zigzagoon, was found, Clefairy accidentally destroyed their taiko and had to be the replacement for the parade. He arrived in Littleroot Town where the group met up with Professor Birch again. Clefairy and the gang get challenged by Professor Birch and his Pokémon to a fishing contest, as Professor Birch had a determined look on his face. Despite trying ways to get ahead, Red was not able to win the contest, especially when the boat they were on could not support that many Magikarp and sank them in sea. As Clefairy refused to give up, he decided to challenge Professor Birch to a cooking competition where the use of a washing machine costed Red and his Pokémon the second challenge. During the third and final challenge, Clefairy gets into a race with many other Pokémon and is given a piece of bread for encouragement, only for it to get snatched by Treecko. Despite that, he was almost able to win the race due to the leg growth mid-way but got distracted by a snack and went for it instead of the finish line, which made Professor Birch the winner.

Clefairy meets Ruby and in turn, takes an interest in Red's Pikachu. Ruby distracts Clefairy with a bribe of food and runs off with Pikachu while he wasn't looking. Clefairy pretended that it didn't happen but Red saw through it and hears from Ruby's Treecko the truth. The group go to his house and Clefairy dressed up as half of a man and half of a women to distract Ruby while Pikachu was taken back. Clefairy went to Petalburg Gym and found a depressed Norman when he saw whizzing Poké Balls flying by which came from the Gym. Norman told him that Slakoth refused to partake in any battles and swallowed the Balance Badge to prove it. Clefairy surgically extracts the Badge but Red denied Clefairy from doing so. As Clefairy fell asleep, Slakoth wakes up and attacks him as he is being lazier than Slakoth. Slakoth tries making Clefairy sleepy but Clefairy strapped himself with alarm clocks to stay awake. Clefairy went inside Slakoth's body since Slakoth ate him and the alarm clocks. Clefairy found the Balance Badge while inside and Slakoth prevents him from taking it by pounding its body. Clefairy dodged all of the hits and escaped with the Badge. Norman tells him to return the Badge but Clefairy kept it for himself and gets chased by Norman.

Clefairy's rivalry with Sapphire's Torchic

Clefairy is found by a group of people and felt like a star when he signed their autographs. One of the people recommended Clefairy to participate in a Pokémon Contest, in order to get more fans. He meets another person, Sapphire, who is also taking part in the contest, as well as her Torchic that the group met earlier during their first meeting with Professor Birch back in Johto. As Clefairy did his appeal, only one judge gave him thirty while the other two gave him zero. Sapphire's Torchic also got a score of thirty in which the judge who scored them had to choose between the two as the winner. Since Clefairy showed a poor appeal after bumping heads with Torchic, he became the runner up. Afterwards, Red and his Pokémon watched him scare the town with his tremendous eating. Clefairy dressed up as a school official and went to the Pokémon Trainer's School with Red, Pikachu and Tyrogue. Inside, he dealt with a Makuhita in a wrestling match. It went on until they crashed into a food stand that Makuhita ate in earlier and Clefairy used the food to disguise himself as a Makuhita, which made the real Makuhita run and trip out of the ring. Even though he won, a sumo wrestler dragged him away and rigorously trained him to act like and become a Makuhita.

Later, he arrived in Dewford Town and got startled by a man while swimming after he assumed that he was a shark. The man invites him and the gang to a restaurant out on the beach. While they were eating, the group noticed a piece of paper in their mouths which was an invitation to go out back. Things were going well until one of the people point out a Wailmer that was squished in a tank, something that Clefairy and Tyrogue reacted to. The man told his story about having a show and the Wailmer was trapped until he saw Clefairy's stomach as food. Wailmer escaped and chased after Clefairy. As Wailmer was out of the tank, it became dehydrated and Clefairy polished it up to prevent the dehydration problem but Red didn't approve of the wig. As Clefairy tried again, Red was about to yell at him until people start running to a burning house. Clefairy tried getting Wailmer to put out the fire but Wailmer became more dehydrated and was taken back to the back area of the restaurant. As Wailmer was about to get a shot, Clefairy stepped in and he got the treatment instead, which made him woozy at first but gave him muscles. Clefairy went to the Clefairy Village for his class reunion after taking a bus there. He was excited to see the other Clefairy there. Dr. Takeda who was also there wasn't happy to see Red's Clefairy and built a Clefairy robot to have revenge on Red's Clefairy. As Red's Clefairy was about to catch up with the other members of his kind, Dr. Takeda's robot came in and battles Red's Clefairy but ended up becoming more of a goofball instead of threat. As Dr. Takeda built more robots, Red's Clefairy and the other Clefairy fought back since the robots were actually threats. The robots locked them up and as they were about to strike, Dr. Takeda's assistant tells him that the robot versions have been unplugged. Since Red's Clefairy was locked in, he banged on the door and the lock broke off, which revealed other Clefairy cooking in a kitchen. Afterwards, Red's Clefairy went back to Red, Pikachu and Tyrogue.

Clefairy's father

In Mauville City, Clefairy enjoys some cake that Red bought for him and his team. Unfortunately, it was stolen by an Electrike and Clefairy and the others go after it. Electrike led them to Wattson and as Wattson was doing stuff that Clefairy didn't like, Clefairy got growled at by Electrike. Clefairy was then taken to a Christmas tree shop. Arriving in Wattson's office, Clefairy saw how it was empty and beaten up so he dressed up as Santa Claus and delivered the presents to some kids on his own. However, the shop became empty and Wattson chased Clefairy for stealing his stuff. Later, the group went to a restaurant in another town. As Clefairy was about to eat some sushi on someone else's plate, Red slaps his hand. After eating, the group were forced to leave the restaurant since they couldn't pay the bill. Professor Oak comes by and introduced the group to Red, who was a look-a-like of Red and Clefairy. To prove which Red was better, Professor Oak had them battle each other, with both sides using Clefairy. Clefairy had trouble keeping up with Clefairy and as Clefairy was about to perform the finishing move, Professor Oak stops them and claims that both Reds were good.

Clefairy's dark side

The group go to a sports gym after Clefairy's body was wrinkly. Inside, a fitness trainer decides to listen to Clefairy's story, and agrees to make Clefairy fit. Clefairy tried the treadmill first but he accidentally tipped it over and he fell too. The treadmill, as it was turned upside down, ended up charging towards the group and crashed towards a wall. He ended up doing other stuff in the fitness room and ended up strong in no time but Red saw through it and gave Clefairy a kick. Dr. Takeda arrived with a machine that would make Pokémon evolve. He tried it on Clefairy and the machine turned out to be a trap that kept him stuck inside and brought out his darker side. The good Clefairy came out and did not cause any trouble. As Clefairy faced off his darker side, he took every hit and turned it into a joke. When the darker side saw a building demolisher, he tied up Clefairy and blew up the area but Clefairy survived and this made him lose his temper. Clefairy was able to take out his dark version. Clefairy was held down by the group but he easily pushed them off. Clefairy was placed back in the machine by Dr. Takeda as Red forced him to do so. Despite attempting to get rid of his darker self, it did not work as it created more of them which did some things that the group didn't like.

Clefairy took on the job as a police officer. He went through various areas to see if things were okay and then went to an office where he learns from a guy about planting a fruit tree. Clefairy then went into another room where he ate two bowls of chowder and lied down with a full stomach. He checked out the watermelon garden and ate one of the watermelons, which prevented him from continuing his career in the office. Clefairy gets invited by Scott to the Battle Frontier after saving a little kid from getting hit by a balance beam. He tries begging the group to go and they went to the island where it was located after taking a train. Clefairy got excited in taking on the Trainers and some of the other stuff that he liked. Scott then took them to the Battle Tower and when the group got inside, they were forced to clean up the toilets.

Red gets a letter from the mailman and shows it to his Pokémon. Clefairy got excited that the letter is an invitation and it will feature stuff that he likes. However, this made Pikachu and Tyrogue want to correct him and Clefairy brought out the Avalokiteśvara statue. Afterwards, he gets into a fight with Tyrogue and Pikachu, but Red did not interfere. After the battle, the group turned back to normal with Clefairy feeling depressed. He goes on a train and Red, Pikachu and Tyrogue run after him. Clefairy arrived to a Japanese restaurant but was still sad when he got inside. Later, when the group woke up, they noticed Clefairy's curl straightened out. Clefairy ended up taking advantage of it by treating it as a long arm. It came in handy when the group rescued a child from drowning in a flowing river. While Clefairy was playing with his curl, a Beedrill attacks him and he punches it away with the curl. However, this made several more Beedrill come and sting him, which made the curl bigger and prevented it from straightening out again.

Clefairy gets invited to a sumo match and works out by dragging heavy objects that he could find. In the wrestling arena, he faced off against Hariyama and both sides resorted to eating. He gets into another sumo match with a human this time and loses. While crossing a rocky area, Clefairy and the others get saved by a Poliwhirl and noticed a shadowy figure. Clefairy wakes up a Feraligatr to ask it something but gets slashed in the process while Feraligatr goes back to sleep. Catching up to the shadowy figure, the group noticed that it was an ordinary guy who fished up a Poliwhirl. This made Clefairy fall into a body of water.

PMDP series
Clefairy in Pocket Monsters DP

Clefairy traveled in the Sinnoh region where he met a Chatot and Bonsly when he first arrived. He showed them a copy of Pokémon Pearl and gives it to Chatot. Afterwards, the group share it after a confusing argument occurred and when Clefairy took it back, he accidentally threw it in the air and it landed in the water, where a Sharpedo's grabbed it with its mouth. Clefairy went after Sharpedo and tried many way to convince it to give them the game back. After awhile, Clefairy rode on Sharpedo and gave it pepper in order to sneeze the game out. As the group, Chatot and Bonsly got to enjoy the game again, Clefairy had to deal with a Sharpedo that was about to eat him. Red and his Pokémon went to a Gym and Clefairy took on a Munchlax, Weavile, and Buizel. First was Munchlax where Clefairy brought out some bricks and used Tyrogue to smash them. When Munchlax made coconuts fall onto Clefairy, it slipped onto one of them and Clefairy went up against Buizel next. He took advantage of Buizel's Aqua Jet by riding on it. Last was Weavile and Weavile began by scratching him. As Red threw a Potion to give to Clefairy, Weavile used Embargo to prevent Clefairy from using it. However, Clefairy had one last trick up his sleeve. He bought out masking tape and wrapped it around Weavile. Clefairy wrapped it other places around the house and it got onto him too when he fell. Afterwards, the group was forced out of the Gym.

The four of them are out in a forest and a Starly attacks Clefairy when he kicked a piece of dirt at it. Pearl arrived and rescued Clefairy and the gang from the pack of Starly with Chimchar. The group stays with Pearl and camps out with him. Clefairy gets into a fight with Chimchar when he steals their food and gets burned by Chimchar's tail. They make up afterwards. Clefairy decides to go in Pearl's tent but Pearl and Chimchar didn't allow him to do so. He goes inside Pearl's briefcase and surprised Professor Rowan when it was sent to him. Clefairy challenges a Trainer's Lucario after Red was being denied an item of his. Lucario was a powerful foe towards Clefairy as Clefairy's punches and kicks had very little effect. Clefairy snatched the item and Lucario stopped him with Aura Sphere. Having enough, Clefairy finishes Lucario off by throwing some powder which knocked it out. After retaking the item, Red and Clefairy open it which turned out to be junk and Red gets furious at him for going through all that trouble for nothing.

Clefairy's wings

Arriving in Oreburgh City, Clefairy gets denied access in the Oreburgh Gym by Roark and his Cranidos. Clefairy scratches a chalkboard which became irritating for them. The group went to a Trainers' School in Jubilife City where they met three maids and challenge Clefairy to a battle. After the battle, Clefairy accidentally woke up a Torterra. The gang went to Hearthome City where Clefairy baked some Poffin. While baking, he accidentally threw it at someone else and the group left when they were being chased. Clefairy tries out the Pokémon Super Contest where he competed against a Carnivine. He ends up slacking off at the last minute by baking and eating Poffin.

Clefairy and the gang met Diamond. He took on his Munchlax and ran off somewhere else where he and Munchlax had a food eating contest, much to their Trainer's embarrassment. Red and his Pokémon meet an Azelf whose pals were taken by Team Galactic. The group put on their Team Galactic disguises and went in. Everything went well until Clefairy kept exposing himself. He bumped into Mars's Bronzor and told her a joke that she laughed at. Clefairy then took on Mars's Bronzor and threw it out of the window. He battled Purugly next and made it play with a toy. The group escaped with the lake guardians and left Clefairy behind in Team Galactic's headquarters in order to suffer from Team Galactic's wrath.

As a ninja

Red and his Pokémon come by an abandoned Pokémon Center and Clefairy remodels it with Professor Oak's help. The group goes inside as Red and Clefairy claimed it as theirs. Clefairy immediately gets his first customer, which was Aaron and his Stunky. He placed Stunky on a machine and began the treatment. However, Stunky accidentally fell inside the machine. When Clefairy called Aaron over, he noticed that Stunky was worse than before. As a result, Stunky used Poison Gas on Clefairy and the others while Aaron walked out of the Pokémon Center with it. Clefairy decided next to do a spa treatment where he chose Professor Oak to be the volunteer after Tyrogue declined. Clefairy accidentally set Professor Oak on fire while massaging. With no other choice, he converts the Pokémon Center to an airplane. As the group tried it out, the airplane worked successfully at first but broke into pieces. Red and his Pokémon decide to camp out. He has Clefairy, Pikachu, and Tyrogue go get some water. A bright light from Clefable blinds them and sends them falling down from a cliff, injured. When they got back, Red found out that the Clefable, Raichu, and Hitmontop were wild instead of the ones that evolved from Red's Pokémon. Afterwards, a group of Pokémon come by and beat up Clefairy. Clefairy notices a Trainer who amassed a crowd. After hearing that he is very rich, Clefairy becomes jealous and puts on a disguise along with the group using a magic marker. He managed to get in the casino and tried out the slots and won. However, the magic marker on the group melted off and Clefairy was chased out of the casino.

The group go to a Japanese convention and Clefairy takes up the job as an artist. He has done many other hobbies until he attacked a Drifloon. For punishment, Drifloon summons out Regigigas and engaged in a battle with Clefairy. Regigigas started out with Stomp and then Fire Punch. As Regigigas was too powerful, nothing that Clefairy did made things better for him. Regigigas then finished him off and walked away with Drifloon, seeing that its deed was done. Clefairy, all beaten up, was given a reminder from Red that he was an artist and Clefairy immediately got busy. He hid inside a can thinking that no one will like his work. After Red got mail from a Pelipper, it contained some stuff drawn by Clefairy but it also turned out to be Clefairy himself hiding in there. Later, Clefairy goes to another circus where the clown notices him and Red's Pokémon cheering up close. The clown didn't like it when Clefairy was in the act uninvited. The clown than gets into an argument with Clefairy but Loudred points out that it was time to start the performance. As Clefairy got bored, he decided to join the show even though the clown told him not to beforehand. Despite disrupting the show, the audience cheered at his performance, and the clown and the Pokémon decide to have him stay. Clefairy's first act was walking on a tightrope and when he fell, he landed on two Sandslash and bounced all over the place. His next act was going through the ring of fire. He was unsuccessful since the ring stayed on his stomach. As Clefairy performed trapeze with a Machamp, he was not able to catch Machamp and fell. Clefairy fell asleep and the clown levitated him up in the air. Clefairy passed out some strong gas which flipped the circus tent upside down.

As Clefairy went to the Lost Tower nearby, he became scared and stiffed himself to sleep. After a tree and the Lost Tower tumbled down, a Duskull appeared and talked to Clefairy. The Duskull took him and the group inside where they met the guardian of the Lost Tower. Duskull tried to scare Clefairy which made Clefairy mad and fought Duskull. Clefairy then saw Duskull sleeping and forced it to wake up. Clefairy gave it a bandana and as he forced Duskull to work, it ran out of the Lost Tower and Clefairy was given the bandana instead. He began exercising with the bandana on but after awhile, it came off which turned Clefairy wrinkly. He went on a solo mission with Looker after Team Galactic stole a kid's food truck. They go on a chase but Team Galactic went inside a garage to prevent Clefairy and Looker from getting to them. As Team Galactic got out of the garage, Looker and Clefairy continued their chase and Clefairy was able to stop them when he tripped on a small rock and landed on them.

Red and his Pokémon come across the same Trainer in a Rich Boy costume from before in a battle facility. Clefairy did not want to go inside but Red forced him to. Inside, he ends up finding a large amount of food and eats it up. The Trainer than appears and goes to a battle field with Red in order to conduct their battle. The Trainer sends out Roselia while Red went for Pikachu but Clefairy took over instead. Clefairy started off with Pound and Roselia stood its ground. As the attack reached, Clefairy flipped in the air and landed with a thud. As Clefairy saw a drink about to fall down, he runs to it and was able to drink it up. The Trainer switched Roselia for Togekiss and started with Sky Attack on Clefairy. Tyrogue tried to give Clefairy advice but Clefairy smacked him away. After Togekiss tackled Clefairy again, Clefairy went for his passing gas technique which prevented Togekiss from seeing and slapped it. However, this wasn't enough for Togekiss to get defeated and Clefairy collapsed from exhaustion. As Clefairy lost the battle to the Trainer and his Togekiss, Clefairy had to clean out the bathroom. While the Trainer and his Togekiss were having a good time, Clefairy snuck out but every room he went to was the same thing. Clefairy decided to use one of the rooms to relax but the Trainer and Red didn't like Clefairy slacking off. Red and his Pokémon go to a Game Corner to work there temporarily and when Clefairy tried out one of the slots, he was able to get straight 7's but it turned out that the slot machine was actually bigger. Looker arrives and tells the group about Team Galactic being in the Game Corner. Clefairy finds some footprints and goes to where Team Galactic was. On Looker's signal, Clefairy barges the door and slams the door on Charon's Pokémon. While Looker went after Charon, Clefairy found a stash of coins and placed them in a bag. A Meowth who was one of the Pokémon gagged and tied by Team Galactic found Clefairy with the coins inside his body. Clefairy spitted out the coins and went all over the place. When Clefairy tried another slot machine that was the right size for him, it broke. He, Tyrogue, and Pikachu go inside the broken slot machine and get stuck, with Clefairy spitting out the remaining coins.

PMHGSS series
Clefairy in Pocket Monsters HGSS

During Clefairy's return to Johto, he, Red, Pikachu, and Tyrogue go to the Pokéathlon. Professor Elm who was the judge of it, didn't want Clefairy to participate. Clefairy tries changing his mind by singing and then breaking 100 bricks and was successful in the latter by using Tyrogue's power. Professor Elm gets upset at Clefairy for not listening and Clefairy makes a big hole that the professor and Sudowoodo fell in. With no other choice, Clefairy got to participate in the Pokéathlon. Before the events began, Professor Elm tried convincing Clefairy to leave but Clefairy refused. During the Snow Throw event, he saw that his teammates were struggling against a Feraligatr and Miltank. Clefairy did some silly stuff until he made some snowballs out of Miltank's milk and ate them. During the Relay Race event, he stayed behind to warm up but Red told him to go. Professor Elm was excited to see that Clefairy was way behind until he ran by with a basket on his head. Clefairy returned to the Violet Gym where he challenged Falkner's Pidgeotto. During the battle, Clefairy had trouble with Pidgeotto's Gust attack since Reflect only dealt with Physical-moves and the wind in the move was too strong. However, Clefairy ate some Berries on the table and finished Pidgeotto with a powerful punch. Later, Clefairy challenges the other Gyms as part of Red's goal to re-obtain all eight Johto Gym Badges.

Clefairy goes to a bike race and gets hit by one of the participants for stealing his drink. When Tyrogue tried out, he and Clefairy went to a bike shop. After Tyrogue received a special bike, Clefairy gets jealous and attempts to sabotage Tyrogue's bike. He did so by taking apart a bike but one of the workers easily placed the pieces back. Clefairy overtrains Tyrogue but this made Tyrogue even better. During the race, Clefairy shouted out in the sidelines and after Tyrogue won, Clefairy beat him up. Red, Tyrogue, and Pikachu run to check up on Clefairy and they see Clefairy draw a silly picture of Machamp, which made Machamp mad. Clefairy and Machamp get into an argument. Two unknown figures volunteer to get drawn by transforming into different Pokémon which confused Clefairy and Red until they revealed themselves as Zorua and Zoroark, two Pokémon from the Unova region. Clefairy makes a silly gesture of himself being drawn. Red, his Pokémon, Zorua, and Zoroark sneak over to a mansion and when Clefairy and Zoroark got in the pool, Clefairy got caught by one of the people and the group runs off. Clefairy digs a giant hole and when he struck oil, he became recognized by a construction worker and became rich. When Zoroark was about to strike, Clefairy stood there and Zoroark fell down. Zorua then decided to transform into Clefairy and despite the differences between the tails, Red liked Zorua's illusion than the real Clefairy.

The group has a picnic outside and when Clefairy ran off, they wondered where he went. Clefairy ran to an office building where Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Professor Rowan, and Professor Juniper were having a meeting. Clefairy eats the Berry that Professor Oak held out earlier and gets surrounded by the professors and their assistants who notice Clefairy's behavior when he misheard Professor Oak say "consecutive days off" instead of "research". The professors wonder where to start with their research and Professor Oak suggested to them that Clefairy's height and weight should be checked. Clefairy felt that he was unprepared but Professor Oak told him to relax since it wasn't an Elementary School health check. When Clefairy got on the scale, the professors noticed that he did not grow any taller the last time they saw him and since he was too heavy, the measurements were not accurate. Clefairy was shown pictures of himself napping, eating sweets, and standing in a long line at the ramen shop every five hours. Since Professor Oak found this to be something not suitable for any Pokémon, he decided to train Clefairy to make Clefairy more Pokémon-like. After some unsuccessful attempts in getting Clefairy to be more Pokémon-like, the professors get his attention officially when a Giratina appeared in order for Clefairy to battle properly. Since Clefairy did not know which moves to use, he stopped the battle before it began to get out a book called, "The Book of Clefairy's Attacks", since he did not know which moves to use. After reading it, the battle gets resumed and Clefairy started off with finger-based moves which had little to no effect on Giratina. Clefairy was then told by Professor Oak to use moves which involve Clefairy's whole body instead of only his fingers. Clefairy leapt into action and used Rest instead of a damaging move. While Professor tried waking up Clefairy, Giratina flew off after it could not take Clefairy's goofyness anymore. After a failed attempt in getting Clefairy to be more Pokémon-like, the professors gang up on him and fight Clefairy. When Clefairy was looking at Red's Badges, Clefairy goes into Red's bag and dumps out tons of stuff. When Tyrogue saw his toy ruined, he takes it out on Clefairy by fighting. Afterwards, Clefairy watches as Tyrogue was floating in the air when Tyrogue's evolutionary relatives came by, and Clefairy pulled him down. When Clefairy stepped on the toy, Tyrogue got into a fight with him again. When Tyrogue was planning on staying behind with his evolved forms, Clefairy, Red, and Pikachu rode their bike out to the sunset as they say their goodbyes to Tyrogue.

PMBW series
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Clefairy traveled to the Unova region with Red and Pikachu after leaving behind Tyrogue. The trio crashed into some bushes and saw some Pokémon surrounding them. Since Clefairy was beaten up and bruised after crashing, Red did not recognize him right away. As the trio wondered where they were, a Patrat told them that they are in Unova. Since Red had no idea what Patrat was saying, he had Clefairy translate it and mistranslated Patrat's statement as something else. When Patrat corrected him, Clefairy got smacked on the head by Red. After Patrat advised the trio what to do while in Unova, Clefairy brought out his stash of Berries and gave Patrat the tinest one. Afterwards, Clefairy ran off with Red and Pikachu to Professor Juniper's. Clefairy met up with Professor Juniper in her lab and insulted her age by calling her old but Red turns it around by saying the opposite and Professor Juniper felt better. As Professor Juniper laid out the Unova first partner Pokémon, Clefairy wondered which one he wanted but before he could decide, Professor Juniper told him that three other Trainers were already promised to be given those. Clefairy and Red plan on making Professor Juniper give them a Pokémon but Professor Juniper saw what they were doing. Clefairy decides to capture Pokémon on his own and left the lab. The three Trainers that Professor Juniper told Red about appear and tell the professor that they came to get their Pokémon. As the three fight each other, Clefairy tells them that fighting is no way to settle differences. Clefairy snuck behind Professor Juniper and got the box containing the Unova first partners. Red caught him and the first partners get into a fight with Clefairy.

Red, Clefairy, and Pikachu go to the Striaton Restaurant where Clefairy tried to instigate a fight between the three brothers but was unsuccessful since they haven't got into an argument at all. The Striaton triplets then challenge Clefairy to a Gym Battle with Cilan leading things with Pansage, followed by Cress and Chili with their Pokémon. As Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear fire out their attacks, Clefairy takes advantage of them and makes green tea. When Team Plasma make a speech about Pokémon liberation, Red became surprised that Clefairy was joining along. When N was talking to a Purrloin, Clefairy listened in and recorded the whole thing on a tape recorder. Clefairy makes a big business by selling the tapes but is prevented midway by N who demands that Clefairy cease production. As an employee tells Clefairy that the production was slowing down, Clefairy invited N to dinner but N declines since he knows that Clefairy will record him again without permission. Later, the whole business turned out to be a dream as the customers were not able to learn anything from the CDs.

PMXY series

Clefairy went to Kalos with Red and the others.

PMSM series

Clefairy went to Alola with Red and the others.

Personality and characteristics

Clefairy is often an unintelligent, lazy, loudmouthed, crass, vulgar, and generally rude Pokémon. He is typically selfish, often thinking about himself instead of others, and is also cowardly, preferring to win battles through the use of trickery, luck or other unconventional means. More often though he will try to flee and hide, sometimes even going as far as to disguise himself, to avoid battling others, especially against Pokémon who are by far larger and stronger than he. Clefairy would also rely on his signature item, the Poké Doll, for his ways of avoiding anything especially battles.

Clefairy does occasionally show some redeeming qualities, but he is usually a mischief maker most of the time. His manners and stupidity are often an annoyance to Red and the rest of his Pokémon team, and is also especially a major cause in fights between Pikachu and Tyrogue, who are both smarter, more well-behaved and otherwise more capable than Clefairy.

His mannerisms are also well known among Pokémon across entire regions, who typically refer to Clefairy as "that blockhead Clefairy". Rather than taking offense to this, Clefairy falsely believes it to be a compliment with the idea that he is "famous" among Pokémon.

Moves used

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Red Clefairy Tackle PM.png
Using Tackle
Red Clefairy Follow Me PMHGSS.png
Using Follow Me
Move First Used In
Minimize The Big Battle In The Viridian Forest!!
Barrier × The Big Battle In The Viridian Forest!!
Transform × Bring Down the Powerful Opponent Onix!!
Metronome Get Rid Of The Ghost Pokémon!!
Tackle Pikachu Was Kidnapped!!*
Defense Curl Pikachu Was Kidnapped!!
Mega Punch Pikachu Was Kidnapped!!
Flash Clefairy Evolves... At Last?!
Double Slap Bring Down the Strongest Pokémon!!
Light Screen The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Rollout Demanding Tests at the Pokémon School!
Teleport The Gym Challenges Begin!!
Dynamic Punch Don't Accuse Me!!
Headbutt The Ultimate Battle...?!
Double Team The Ultimate Battle...?!
Solar Beam A Challenge to the Elite Four!
Rage Clefairy Transforms?!
Hypnosis × Great Discovery of the Fossil of the Era!!
Pound Serious Battle with a Rich Boy!!
Reflect Let's Get all the Badges!
Sing Very Popular!! Black & White Clefairy!?
Follow Me Great Research of the Doctors!!
Rest Great Research of the Doctors!!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the anime

Clefairy in the anime

Clefairy appeared along with Red and Pikachu in Lights, Camerupt, Action! as characters in one of Ash's favorite films. The movie showed Red, Pikachu, and Clefairy walking a road together, when Clefairy complained that he was hungry, even though Red said that he just ate. He then smelled a delicious sandwich, which a Teddiursa was holding, and ate it himself, making the Teddiursa cry. A parent Ursaring rushed to the scene, angry at Clefairy for making its child cry, and sent Clefairy flying.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山口眞弓 Mayumi Yamaguchi
English Bella Hudson
Finnish Elina Jollman
Brazilian Portuguese Gilmara Sanchez


  • Clefairy and Pikachu are stated to be cousins. This is actually possible according to video game canon as Clefairy and Pikachu both belong to the Fairy Egg Group. However, this was not known when the manga was originally published, as Pokémon Gold and Silver had not been released yet.
  • A running gag in the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga was created which involved Clefairy destroying buildings, mostly ones that belong to Professor Oak such as his laboratory and house.

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