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If you were looking for the Gym Leader whose German, Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese name is Roy, see Raihan.
If you were looking for the Team Rocket member whose Korean name is Roy, see James.

ロイ Roy
Roy anime.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Magenta
Hair color Dark brown (with magenta highlights)
Hometown Unnamed island
Region Kanto[1]
Relatives Unnamed grandfather
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!
English voice actor Anjali Kunapaneni
Japanese voice actor Yuka Terasaki
Member of Rising Volt Tacklers
Rank Member
Trainer class Rising Volt Tacklers
Generation IX
Games Mezastar, GO
Manga series Pocket Monsters
Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~
Debut HZM00 (PM)

Roy (Japanese: ロイ Roy) is one of the protagonists of Pokémon Horizons: The Series.[2] He owns a mysterious Ancient Poké Ball that was given to him by his grandfather. Roy remotely attends online school and is a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In the anime


Young Roy


Roy grew up on an island in the Kanto region with his grandfather and was told the story of a Legendary Adventurer, which inspired him to become a Pokémon Trainer. Sometime later, Roy received a mysterious Poké Ball from his grandfather and decided to undercover the mystery of it.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Roy debuted in For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!. In the morning after a storm, he ran to the beach, where he found the flag missing from the Rising Volt Tacklers' airship.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, it was revealed that Roy attends virtual school and that he couldn't catch a Pokémon because there were no Pokémon Trainers on the island. After noticing that his Secret Base had been raided, Roy came across a Fuecoco and befriended it. Soon, they heard a commotion nearby and ran towards it to find Liko and Sprigatito running from a group of wild Pokémon. Despite their best efforts to escape, however, they were cornered and tied up by multiple String Shots until Friede came to their rescue. Afterwards, Roy and Fuecoco parted ways.

Wanting to meet Fuecoco again, Roy snuck on the Brave Olivine, but he got zapped by Captain Pikachu, waking up everyone on the aircraft in the process. Roy wanted Fuecoco to be his partner, but Friede told him that Fuecoco had to reciprocate those feelings as well. He and Liko searched all over the Brave Asagi, and while they weren't able to find Fuecoco that night, Roy decided to leave it some Oran Berries. In the next day, Roy stumbled upon an agitated Fuecoco, who told him that there was trouble brewing at the Brave Asagi. At the beach, Roy partnered with Fuecoco to battle against Zirc and his Rhydon. By chanting alongside the Fire Croc Pokémon, Roy helped Fuecoco to successfully fire off an Ember.

Roy joining the Rising Volt Tacklers

In The Ancient Poké Ball, Roy battled against Amethio for the first time and, even alongside Liko, was quickly overwhelmed by his strength. When Ceruledge was about to finish off Fuecoco and Sprigatito, Roy's Ancient Poké Ball started to shine brightly and released a Black Rayquaza, who fired a Draco Meteor that forced the Explorers to retreat and flew away. Later that day, Roy opened his heart to Fuecoco, confessing that he wanted it to be his partner. Fuecoco reciprocated those feelings and spat out a Poké Ball that Friede's Charizard gave it, allowing Roy to catch it. After stating he wanted to realize both his and Fuecoco's dreams, his grandfather allowed him to go out on his Pokémon journey with the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In Special Training with Cap!, Liko and Roy had a sparring battle, which ended with both of their Pokémon just exhausting themselves. After a training session with Captain Pikachu, they had another battle, which went much better. Although Roy ended up losing, he wasn't dejected, and promised to battle Liko again later.

In Nemona and Brassius and…, Liko and Roy visited Artazon to meet Gym Leader Brassius, who had supposedly seen the Black Rayquaza. Brassius eventually admitted this to have been the case, with the encounter having left him in an artistic slump, as he felt his Rayquaza statue was not as good as the real thing. Roy, however, thought Brassius's statue looked just as good as the actual Rayquaza. After hearing how Rayquaza had been the inspiration behind his journey, Brassius challenged Roy to a battle to see if he was worthy of facing Rayquaza. During the battle, Brassius told Roy to remember to keep an eye on his own Pokémon, allowing Roy to spot that Fuecoco had just learned Stomping Tantrum. Despite this new move, however, Fuecoco was still defeated after Brassius Terastallized his Sudowoodo, ending the match in Roy's loss. After the battle, Roy expressed interest in getting to try out using the Terastal phenomenon himself.

In An Unexpected Picnic!, a Wattrel stole a sandwich that Roy had made for Fuecoco. Roy chased after Wattrel, until it reached a cliff, where it turned around to face Fuecoco. After a brief confrontation, Roy agreed to share the sandwich, only for Wattrel to steal both halves of it. Soon after, Roy noticed that Wattrel wasn't flying away with others of its kind. In the next episode, Roy sought Wattrel out again in order to help it learn to fly. Wattrel's fear of heights made this hard, so Roy eventually got the idea of using Ludlow's fishing rod to support Wattrel mid-air while it attempted to fly. This strategy eventually succeeded, allowing Wattrel to fly as high as the others of its kind. Happy to see Wattrel flying, Roy was about to leave, only for Wattrel to fly after him. Taking this as a sign that Wattrel wanted to be caught by Roy, Murdock gave him a Poké Ball to do so. When a sudden gust of wind threw Wattrel off-balance, Roy threw the Poké Ball at it before it could hit the ground, saving it and adding it to his team.

Roy and his friends battling the Explorers

In Someone We Can't See! Whosawhatsit?, Roy was informed that Liko went missing while shopping, so he and the Rising Volt Tacklers went looking for her. However, Roy wondered off when his Wattrel ran to chase after a Corvisquire until they went to Levincia City. After meeting up with Friede, Roy met Dot for the first time and went looking for Liko, being able to find her. Roy was then informed that Liko had her pendant stolen and they agreed to get it back. In the next episode, Roy and his friends found Spinel, the one who stole the object, and then battled him. After Liko got her pendant back, Roy and his friends made their escape thanks to Arboliva.

In Special Training Time!, Roy decided to train his Pokémon in teamwork in the hopes of helping his Fuecoco and Wattrel get along better, due to their constant arguing. Roy asked Friede to battle them, which he accepted. However, due to Fuecoco and Wattrel lack of teamwork, Roy lost the match. The boy then decided to train his Pokémon and was able to get them to work together. Next, he asked Friede a rematch but, although Fuecoco and Wattrel teamwork improved, Roy lost to Friede again.

In next episode, Roy and his friends got curious as to how Captain Pikachu was able to fly during his battle against him. Although they asked Friede for answers, they could't get the information they wanted. However, Roy and his friends refused to give up as they decided to ask the rest of the members, but could’t get an answer from them either. Despite this, Roy and his friends curiosity did get the rest of the members curious as well. They all decided to ask Friede for answers, as they were able to convince him into telling them as to how he met Captain Pikachu and the formation of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In Kabu's Battle Training!, Roy arrived at Motostoke Stadium with Liko in order to get some information about the Black Rayquaza from Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu, due to being from Hoenn. However, Roy and Liko receive some training from Kabu then did a tag battle against him. Despite Fuecoco learning Flamethrower, Roy lost to Kabu while Liko forfeited because she felt bad for her opponent, Wakaba. After the battle, Roy and Liko found out through Kabu that the Black Rayquaza is at the Galar Mine.

In Charge! Galar Mine!, Roy with Liko and Friede arrived at the Galar Mine, but got separated from them. However, Roy was able to meet back up with Liko and encounter the Explores again. During the battle, Roy and his friends met a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball, which got him to realize that its one of Lucius's Pokémon. Unfortunately, Roy and Liko were forced to retreat when Moltres proved to be too strong and Captain Pikachu was injured as they left the mine. In the next episode, Roy and Liko arrived at the Pokémon Center in Motostoke where they reunited with Friede and agreed to battle Moltres again. After finding Moltres again at the Galar Mine, Roy battled the Legendary Pokémon again in order to calm it down. After Moltres calmed down, Roy witness the Legendary Pokémon return to Ancient Poké Ball, as Liko took it under her care.

In Reunion at the Ancient Castle!, Roy, Liko, and Friede arrived at Hammerlocke in order to find an Old Castle that Diana, Liko's grandmother, was at. Through her Squawkabilly, Roy and his friends were able to find her. They hung out at the castle until the Explorers, who have been following them, arrived at their location. In the next episode, Roy and Liko tried to escape the Explorers, but were forced to battle Zirc and Onia, being able to defeat them. After the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers arrived, Roy and his friends were able to escape from the Explorers.

In HZ031, Roy joined his friends and Ludlow in finding a Lapras, who happened to be one of Lucius's Pokémon, after they got a led through a ship crew that saw the Transport Pokémon. Fortunately, Roy, Liko, Dot, and Ludlow were able to find Lapras, but they failed to get it to come out, as it was covered by the Mist and two Pokémon appeared on the ship. When Friede devised a plan to get Lapras back, Roy and Liko stayed on the deck to wait for the Transport Pokémon. Through the Professor and Captain Pikachu, the two saw Lapras with battle scars and other various Pokémon on a Wailord, who also had scars as well. In the next episode, Roy joined Liko and Friede in going after Lapras and, after convincing it that they were friends, the Transport Pokémon returned to its Ancient Poké Ball and Liko took it under her care. However, before setting off, Roy and his friends witnessed the Black Rayquaza arriving at their location.

In HZ033, Roy attempted to battle the Black Rayquaza, but could't because Amethio arrived to battle it and Terapagos transformed in order to protect its friends. However, after Terapagos collapsed and the Black Rayquaza left, Roy was depressed that he didn't get to battle the Legendary Pokémon. Fortunately, after doing a training battle with Liko against Diana, Roy cheered up and understood that he had a long way to go in order to battle the Black Rayquaza. In the next episode, Roy and Liko overheard Diana's intentions to continue traveling alone. They decided to organize a surprise farewell party for her. Through the help of their teammates, Roy and Liko surprised Diana with the party, which she appreciated. Once they bid farewell to Diana, the Rising Volt Tacklers resumed their search for the remaining Six Heroes. However, Roy was informed by Friede that they were heading to Paldea first in order to gain information on Terapagos.

In HZ037, the Rising Volt Tacklers took on a job to deal with a group of Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile that were disturbing some archeologists. Roy and Fuecoco eventually found the group and quickly befriended them upon learning they were a family trying to protect their Eggs. When the archeologists' digging equipment disturbed the young Sandile, Krookodile and the Krokorok went on a rampage in order to destroy the machinery. By learning Disarming Voice, Fuecoco managed to calm its new friends down. Afterward, once the situation was explained to both parties, Krookodile and its family agreed to work alongside the archeologists.

In HZ042, the Rising Volt Tacklers successfully returned to Paldea. In the following episode, Roy and Liko were challenged to a battle by Coral and Sidian, respectively. Fuecoco struggled to land any hits on Coral's Glalie due to it freezing the battlefield, but upon noticing Fuecoco's growing frustration, Roy commanded it to use Stomping Tantrum, creating an ice fence that sent Glalie flying. Impressed by her opponents' determination, Coral decided to stop holding back, only to be forcibly pulled away by Sidian for a mission involving the Black Rayquaza.

In HZ044, Coral, Sidian, and Chalce used a machine capable of recreating Terapagos's energy to summon the Black Rayquaza. While Dot worked on a kill program for the machine, Roy and Liko used their Pokémon to keep the Explorers distracted. Their efforts worked, but after Dot shut the machine down, Coral lost her temper and commanded her Glalie to use Self-Destruct. The attack collided with Rayquaza's Dragon Pulse, creating an explosion powerful enough to blast the Sky High Pokémon directly into the hull of the Brave Olivine.

In HZ045, the ship was safely docked while the Explorers retreated, realizing their operation was a failure. Hoping to convey Terapagos's desire to reach Lakua, Roy, Liko, Friede, and Dot challenged Rayquaza to a battle, which it readily accepted. Amethio later joined the fray and teamed up with Friede, with them Terastallizing Ceruledge and Charizard, respectively, but both were eventually defeated by a devastating Dragon Ascent. Roy and Liko confronted Rayquaza next, but despite Fuecoco learning Flame Charge and Sprigatito evolving into Floragato, they were unable to do much against the Sky High Pokémon. After Rayquaza took off, the Rising Volt Tacklers regrouped. While the Brave Olivine underwent repairs, Roy, Liko, and Dot decided to become stronger by learning how to use the Terastal phenomenon as well.


Roy and his grandfather

Roy is an upbeat, energetic boy who likes to go hunting for treasures. Adventurous by nature, Roy seeks to start a journey to meet Pokémon he has not seen and see the world, just like the fabled Ancient Adventurer he has heard about from his grandfather. Although he starts inexperienced about the inner workings of being a Pokémon Trainer, he is nonetheless adept at other related activities, such as building Secret Bases, and an expert in stone throwing, being able to ricochet pebbles for long distances to cut Berries from trees and create distractions, which makes his Poké Ball throws very accurate. Roy also seems to enjoy mysteries and doesn't rest until he solved it.

Like his Fuecoco, he is shown to enjoy singing and eating berries and spicy food. Roy's enjoyment of berries and spicy flavored foods is also shown in his curry, as seen in As Long as I'm with My Friends, as most of the ingredients he uses are spicy flavored and berries. However, despite berries and spicy stuff being his favorite food, Roy does like certain other types of foods, such as sweets. Roy also gets excited to eat in general, as seen in The Bittersweet Truth, when he and Fuecoco got excited to eat all the sweets that Murdock and Mitchell made from their unexpected bake-off.

Roy and his friends

After befriending and spending time with Fuecoco and Liko, Roy learns that the feelings of the Trainer and the Pokémon have to coincide in order for a partnership to be born. Roy is also shown to be passionate about Pokémon, particularly Legendary Pokémon, with his dream being to meet and battle them, much like the Ancient Adventurer, who managed to catch the Black Rayquaza. In addition, Roy would help any Pokémon in trouble as he would solve or work out their problems. Due to living on an island for most of his life, Roy can get excited to see various places for the first time. However, despite this, Roy does have social skills as he isn't shy to talk with people or Pokémon. Although, Roy can be oblivious when it comes to the field of romance until someone points it out to him. Roy also enjoys being around nature, and often does his online classes in various spots on the island, with him deciding to make the battlefield on the Brave Olivine his main place to do them.

Roy share a close relationship with his grandfather, as he raised and took care of him growing up. Since meeting Friede in The Treasure After the Storm!, Roy began to show admiration for him, as he looks up to him for both his skills and knowledge as Pokémon Trainer and Professor. Roy also takes inspiration from Friede, as seen in Special Training Time!, when he was inspired by his Pokémon training together and decided to do the same thing for his Pokémon. In addition, Roy seems to have a great relationship with the rest of his teammates. However, out of all of his teammates, Roy seems to have a special relationship with Liko, as they often hang out together and seem to enjoy each other's company. Throughout their journey, they would support each other, usually training together to become both better Trainers and versions of themselves. Roy seems to be very good friends with Dot and gets along well with her, as he would go to her for advice. Although, Roy had no clue that Dot and Nidothing are the same person, but was eventually told the truth.

Ever since the events in The Ancient Poké Ball, Roy took an interest in Pokémon battles and enjoys them, but lacked experiences. However, thanks to the help of others, Roy has shown gradual improvement in his skills. Roy has also learned that having his Pokémon train with each other not only helps them become stronger, but also would help strengthen both their friendship and teamwork, as seen in Special Training Time!. In addition, Roy learns that failure in a Pokémon battle is part of a Trainers growth.


Roy and his Pokémon

Roy's team consist of gluttons and had various problems, which was either fear or insecurities. However, Roy was able to help his Pokémon overcome their fears and insecurities, such as his Fuecoco's embarrassment of singing in front of others and Wattrel's fear of heights. Roy's Pokémon also look up to Friede's Pokémon, due to them being a Fire and Electric-type.

This listing is of Roy's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Roy Fuecoco.png
Roy Wattrel.png

Traveling with

Roy Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone


Black Rayquaza.png
Black Rayquaza Shiny
Main article: Black Rayquaza

This Black Rayquaza was contained in Roy's mysterious Ancient Poké Ball. According to Roy's grandfather, Rayquaza once was under the ownership of the fabled Ancient Adventurer. It was released from the Poké Ball after it had reacted with Liko's pendant and flew away soon after, setting up Roy's goal of finding it again.

Debut The Ancient Poké Ball


Roy's Sunflora (×10)
Sunflora (×10)
As part of trying to create inspiration for Brassius, Roy, Liko, and Nemona collected several Sunflora that were scattered around Artazon.

None of Sunflora's moves are known.

Debut Nemona and Brassius and…
Captain Pikachu
Captain Pikachu
Main article: Captain Pikachu

In Charge! Galar Mine!, Captain Pikachu volunteered to split up from his Trainer, Friede, to search for Liko and Roy in the Galar Mine. He arrived just in time to help them fend off Onia and Zirc, but the battle was soon interrupted by a Galarian Moltres that once belonged to Lucius. Pikachu battled it, but he was injured while protecting Sprigatito and Fuecoco, so the group was forced to retreat. In the next episode, Pikachu was reunited with Friede at the Motostoke Pokémon Center.

Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part Two)
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Otani
English Ikue Otani

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 寺崎裕香 Yuka Terasaki
English Anjali Kunapaneni
European French Julia Kaye
German Mio Lechenmayr
Indonesian Leni M. Tarra
Italian Elisa Giorgio
Portuguese Brazil Danilo Diniz
Portugal Maria Leite
Spanish Latin America Ana Lobo
Spain Carlos Larios



Roy anime 2.png Roy Naranja Academy Uniform.png
Official artwork
from Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Roy's Naranja Academy uniform


Roy Concept Art Sugimori Pokemon 2023.jpg Roy Pokemon 2023 Expression Sheet.jpg
Concept art of Roy drawn by Ken Sugimori from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[3][4] Concept art of Roy from Pokémon Horizons: The Series [5]
Pokemon 2023 Anime Promo Artwork.png Pokemon 2023 Airdate Promo Artwork.png
Reveal artwork of Liko, Roy, and the Paldean first partner Pokémon Air date reveal artwork of Liko, Roy, and the Paldean first partner Pokémon[6]
Roy Pokeball HZ.jpeg Pokemon Day 2024 Countdown 5 Pokemon Horizons.png
Concept art of Roy's Poké Ball [7] Pokémon Day 2024

In the manga

Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Roy in Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Roy appeared in the Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~ manga. In DVT03, Roy and Fuecoco were practicing their singing when they were interrupted by Liko. During the course of the story, Liko tried to help the two to improve their music.


Roy Fuecoco DVT.png

Pocket Monsters

Roy made a brief appearance in the Pocket Monsters manga.

In the games

Pokémon Mezastar

Roy, in a version based on the anime, appeared in Pokémon Mezastar. In this game, Roy is seen using Quaxly, Charizard, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco, with Quaxly, Charizard, and Sprigatito being Pokémon that he was not seen using in the anime, although it could be a reference to Dot's Quaxly, Friede's Charizard, and Liko's Sprigatito. In the first Gorgeous Star series, as part of a tie-in with the anime, Rising Volt Tacklers Liko, Roy, Friede or Explorers Admin Amethio, could randomly challenge the player as a Trainer and Battle opponent.


Rising Volt Tacklers Roy
ライジングボルテッカーズ ロイ
Mezastar Trainer Roy.png
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Mezastar Water type.png
Mezastar Water type.png Water Gun
Mezastar Fire type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Flamethrower
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Leafage
Mezastar Fire type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Ember


Tag No. Name Type Grade
4-1-070 Fuecoco Fire
P Fuecoco Fire


  • Roy was originally designed by Ken Sugimori before being adapted for the anime by the series' character designers.[3][4]
  • Roy has a stylized Unown R on his shirt, which directly alludes to his name.
  • Roy is the first:
  • Roy's name was changed in the German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese localizations of the anime, presumably due to a naming conflict with Raihan, one of the Gym Leaders in Pokémon Sword and Shield, who is named "Roy" in those languages. His name was also changed in the Korean localization of the anime, presumably due to a naming conflict with James, who is named "Roy" in that language.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ロイ Roy Possibly from roy (derived from Gaelic, meaning red, a color associated with him)
English, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish,
Swedish, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Roy Same as his Japanese name
German Rory Similar to his Japanese name
Spanish Rod Similar to his Japanese name
French Rhod Similar to his Japanese name
Portuguese Rain
Korean 로드 Rod Similar to his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 羅伊 Luóyī Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 羅伊 Lòhyī
Thai รอย Roy Same as his Japanese name


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