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Pokémon Kids TV (Japanese: ポケモン Kids TV Pokémon Kids TV) is an official YouTube channel aimed towards children, that launched on February 1, 2019. It features educational content such as various songs, nursery rhymes, and picture books in both Japanese and English. It is managed by the My First Pokémon Project.[1]

The original ポケモン Kids TV YouTube-Channel primarily releases its content in Japanese, with the occasional English release every once in a while. The English-language version of Pokémon Kids TV launched on January 29, 2021, which also occasionally releases its content in Indonesian, Thai and Hindi as well. For other languages, such as French and German, a selection of songs from Pokémon Kids TV is provided in the Junior section of the Pokémon TV-App.



Japanese only
  • Nakama Wake o Shiyō (なかまわけをしよう)
  • Tsugi wa Dare Kana? (つぎはだれかな?)
  • Syllable Game Featuring Pokémon (ポケモンしりとり Pokémon Shiritori)
  • Let's Go! Pokémon (レッツゴー!ポケモン)
English only

Nursery rhymes

Japanese only
English only
  • BINGO (Pokémon Spelling Song)
  • ABC no Uta (ABCのうた)

Picture books

  • The Forest of Reversals (さかさまの森)
  • The Night of the Shooting Star (ながれぼしのよる)
  • Dunsparce's Game of Tag (ノコッチのおにごっこ)


  • Great March of Pokémon (ポケモン大行進!)
  • Rolling Poké Balls (コロコロモンスターボール)
  • Pokémon Pikaboo! (いないいいないばぁ)
  • Pokémon Lulling Lullaby (ポケモンラララ・ララバイ)
  • Spot the Pokémon (ポケモンど~こだ?)



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