Inspector Decker

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Inspector Decker

Inspector Decker (Japanese: デッカー刑事 Detective Decker) is a character of the day who appeared in Sleuths for Truth!.

After a series of thefts in Vermilion City of electricity, he and Officer Jenny paid a visit to Cerise Laboratory and compared a drawing of a Pokémon provided by a witness to the Electric-type Pokémon found there, eventually finding a match with Ash's Pikachu and arrested him. After explaining the situation to Ash and Goh, he interrogated Pikachu down at the police station.

When another theft was reported, Inspector Decker let Pikachu go and later assisted in dealing with Team Rocket, who were the true thieves, wanting the electricity for Morpeko. Inspector Decker later gave Pikachu a certificate for helping to solve the case.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 緒方賢一 Ken'ichi Ogata



Language Name Origin
Japanese デッカー Decker From でか deka (slang term for detective)
English Decker Same as his Japanese name

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