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Brilliant Stars
SetSymbolBrilliant Stars.png
SWSH9 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 172+
Japanese: 100+
Set number English: 91
Japanese: 84
Release date English: February 25, 2022
Japanese: January 14, 2022
Theme Decks None
Fusion Arts
Star Birth
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Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars (Japanese: スターバース Star Birth) is the name given to the ninth main expansion of cards from the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sword & Shield Era in Japan). The expansion introduces the Pokémon VSTAR mechanic to the TCG.


Brilliant Stars is the ninth main Sword & Shield Series expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is set to release on February 25, 2022. In Japan, it will be released as Star Birth on January 14, 2022 and will be the ninth expansion of the Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era. Brilliant Stars is expected to consist of cards sourced from the Japanese Star Birth expansion, the Starter Deck 100, and the VMAX Climax subset. Each Brilliant Stars booster pack contains ten cards from the expansion, a basic Energy card, and a code card for use with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. Each Star Birth pack contains five cards.

The expansion centers on the Alpha Pokémon Arceus, which supports the Pokémon V and new Pokémon VSTAR mechanic. Pokémon VSTAR begin to take the place of Pokémon VMAX from this expansion and, like their predecessors, evolve from a requisite Pokémon V. Each one also has an attack or Ability called a VSTAR Power that, much like GX attacks in the Sun & Moon Series, can only be used once in a game. Other Pokémon supporting the VSTAR mechanic in the expansion include Charizard, Shaymin, and Whimsicott. Brilliant Stars includes a subset of cards named the Trainer Gallery, which comprises Full Art reprints depicting Pokémon alongside a Trainer, a concept last seen in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion.

Set list

Brilliant Stars
SetSymbolBrilliant Stars.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
017/172 F CharizardV Fire Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
018/172 F CharizardVSTAR Fire Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
021/172 F Moltres Fire Rare Holo Promotion
122/172 F ArceusV Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
123/172 F ArceusVSTAR Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
134/172 F Cheren's Care Su Uncommon Promotion
143/172 F Kindler Su Uncommon Promotion
144/172 F Magma Basin St Uncommon Promotion
151/172 F Double Turbo Energy Colorless E Uncommon Promotion

Star Birth
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
014/100 F CharizardV Fire RR Promotion
015/100 F CharizardVSTAR Fire RRR Promotion
018/100 F Moltres Fire R Promotion
083/100 F ArceusV Colorless RR Promotion
084/100 F ArceusVSTAR Colorless RRR Promotion
092/100 F Kindler Su U Promotion
094/100 F Cheren's Care Su U Promotion
099/100 F Magma Basin St U Promotion
100/100 F Double Turbo Energy Colorless E U Promotion


SWSH9 Booster Charizard.jpg
English Charizard pack
SWSH9 Booster Shaymin.jpg
English Shaymin pack
SWSH9 Booster Arceus.jpg
English Arceus pack
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
SWSH9 Booster Whimsicott.jpg
English Whimsicott pack
S9 Star Birth pack.jpg
Japanese Star Birth pack
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Stars Étincelantes
Germany Flag.png German Strahlende Sterne
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Astros Cintilantes
Spain Flag.png Spanish Astros Brillantes

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