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A collection of Pokémon Tazos

Pokémon Tazos are small collectible round discs that were found in bags of chips made by Frito-Lay and its subsidiaries around the world, in the 1990s and 2000s. While Tazos do not exclusively feature Pokémon, they did adopt the phrase "Gotta Catch 'em All!" as part of their slogan. Pokémon Tazos feature not only Pokémon species, but human characters from the anime as well. Some Tazos, rarer than the others, had holograms.

Traditionally, Tazos are played in a manner similar to Pogs. Players form equal stacks of face-down Tazos and try to "win" Tazos from the other player by throwing a Tazo at the stack and keeping any Tazos that land face-up after being knocked over.

Pokémon Tazos are also assigned types with strengths and weaknesses printed on the back. Human characters are considered strong against all types.

Pokémon Tazos were available in many countries worldwide, including Australia, several Latin American countries, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, a few countries in the Middle East, including Turkey and Israel, and in certain Asian countries, including South Korea and Indonesia.

The Netherlands

Pokémon Flippo logo
Pokémon Flippo Evolutions logo
Pokémon Powerplay Flippo logo
Pokémon Slammer Flippo logo

In the Netherlands the discs were called Pokémon Flippos and given away from March 2001.[1][2] There was a daily Pokémon Flippo Update on Fox Kids Netherlands from 2001 to 2002. It was at that time a craze with children.

The complete set consists of 70 Flippos with effect and 4 Slammer Flippos. First came a folder in which there was room for 25 Flippos. Those Flippos have all affect and therefore all 2 or 3 images. Then came an addition for the next series Flippos, the Evolutions. These also feature two or three different Pokémon. Finally, there was another addition for the Powerplay Flippo of 46 until 70, of which number 66 until 70 were Trainer Flippos. Then came the Slammer Flippos A until D. These Flippos are up to 2 mm thick and have no effect.

Each series also contained a map with an overview of the new Flippos where you could tick off which Flippos you had.

At Celebi Tour at Kidsworld which was located at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht from October 27 to 29, 2001 visitors could complete their collection.

Overview of Pokémon Flippos

Pokémon Surprise Flippos

Surprise Pokémon Flippo logo

In 2001 Pokémon Surprise Flippos were issued by Smiths. This series consisted of both Flippos and stickers. On each flippo a sticker was pasted. The packaging of the number 1 to 40 was transparent, but because there was a sticker on the Flippo you could still not see what number Flippo you had until you pulled the sticker off.

There was also a Flippo Collector for sale. This consisted of 10 parts which could be folded like a book or could be put up as a colorful display. When the sticker is removed from the Flippo, the Flippo becomes transparent. There was also a piece of cardboard with the Flippo Collector included to stick on stickers (doubles) and a large poster to collect all the stickers. There were 45 Flippos to collect: 1 to 15, included in larger one person bags sold at gas stations, sports canteens and supermarkets. 16 to 40, were included in family bags. 41 to 45, were included in 'dispenser bags'. Stickers 41 to 45 have a glow-in-the-dark edge. These Flippos had a white paper packaging.

Overview of Pokémon Surprise Flippos



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