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Pokémon in Bulgaria
Pokemon logo Cyrillic.png
Bulgaria Flag.png
Flag of Bulgaria
Language Bulgarian
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 November 2001
AG001 Never Aired
DP001 December 2008
BW001 Never Aired
XY001 Never Aired
SM001 Never Aired

The Pokémon franchise first reached Bulgaria in November 2001 with the airing of Покемон, избрах теб!. In Cyrillic script, Pokémon is written as Покемон, its plural is Покемони, and it's fully inflected.

Pokémon video games

The Pokémon video games are released in Bulgaria in English. From 1997 to 2015, Nintendo games were sold by Nortec Multimedia.[1] Since 2016, CD Media has been selling games.[2]

Pokémon anime

Nova Television

The anime originally premiered in Bulgaria on Nova TV in November 2001, broadcasting every Saturday and Sunday until mid-2004. The first five seasons were aired throughout the subsequent years. Eurocom began re-airing the first five seasons beginning in the summer of 2006 on weekdays at 9:30 before ending those re-runs. After a long hiatus, the anime returned to television with the airing of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl on December 2008 on Jetix Bulgaria. Season 11 began to air shortly after the end of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl on March 2009. After a lengthy hiatus, they resumed the airing of Season 11 on March 1, 2010 when Jetix Bulgaria was re-branded into Disney Channel Bulgaria on weekdays at 10:35 and 15:40. The 12th season was on the same channel on July 5 of the same year. Due to unclear reasons, presumably waning interest in the anime, no other seasons beyond Season 12 have been dubbed.

However, the Eurocom and EKids channels have been broadcasting re-runs of the anime since March 24, 2014 every weekday at 7:00 with a repeat at 19:30. The anime is available on Netflix in Bulgaria.

Cast and crew

Studio Dolly was responsible for dubbing the original series and the first 3 movies. Meanwhile, Media Link and Alexandra Studio were responsible for dubbing Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl and the 11th movie.

Ash was voiced by Zhivka Doneva (Живка Донева) in the original dub and by Zivko Dzhuranov (Живко Джуранов) in the Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl dub; Brock was voiced by Alexander Voronov (Александър Воронов) while Kiril Boyadjiev (Кирил Бояджиев) took over the role in the first and third movies; Misty and Jessie were voiced by Darinka Mitova (Даринка Митова); Dawn was voiced by Petya Abadzhieva (Петя Абаджиева); James was voiced by Yanko Lozanov (Янко Лозанов); Meowth was voiced by Georgi Todorov (Георги Тодоров).

Nurse Joy was voiced by Asya Bratanova (Ася Братанова); Officer Jenny and Delia Ketchum were voiced by Vesela Hadzhinikolova (Весела Хаджиниколова); Professor Oak was voiced by Stephan Stefanov (Стефан Стефанов).


M01 was released under the title Покемон: Първият филм; M02 under the title Покемон 2000: Филмът; M03 under the title Покемон 3: Филмът; and M11 under the title Покемон: Гиратина и Небесният Войн. The intros for the second and third movies were dubbed. The first three movies were also released on VHS in 2002, though it is unknown whether they released separately or together.

A Bulgarian dubbed version of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu was also shown in cinemas on May 10, 2019.


The original theme song was performed by Yuksel Ahmedov (Юксел Ахмедов) and the group Indigo (Индиго).

The Pokémon the First Movie soundtrack was released in Bulgaria by Orpheus Music.

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