Shiny VMAX Collection (ATCG)

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Shiny VMAX Collection
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Cards in set 531
Set number 8
Release date Thai: January 29, 2021
Indonesian: March 21, 2021

Sword & Shield: Shiny VMAX Collection is the name given to the third and final of the Asian Sword & Shield Era catch-up sets in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is exclusively available in Thai and Indonesian. It is the final Thai and Indonesian catch-up set in the Sword & Shield Era before joining the regular TPC sets from Single Strike Master & Rapid Strike Master onwards.


Shiny VMAX Collection was originally scheduled to release in Thailand on December 25, 2020. However, Pokémon Thailand announced on December 24 that the launch was delayed due to hindrance in product export and distributing process.[1] The new release date was later announced to be January 29, 2021, along with a compensational Buy 1 Get 1 Campaign, in which customers who bought Shiny VMAX Collection packs and/or boxes before February 28, 2021 would receive the same amount of Double Burst or Legendary Clash for free[2]. The set was officially revealed in Indonesia on February 9, with the release date to be announced.

This set is composed of cards sourced from the Japanese Infinity Zone and Amazing Volt Tackle expansions, the Explosive Walker, Legendary Heartbeat and Shiny Star V subsets, and the Charizard & Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter Sets. It is split into two sets, Set A and Set B, with each focusing on specific types. Set A features Fire-type, Water-type, Lightning-type, and Fighting-type Pokémon, while Set B features Grass-type, Psychic-type, Darkness-type, and Metal-type Pokémon. The set has aspects similar to Japanese subsets, with only cards R rarity and above having them printed on the card. Each pack contains four cards including one Holofoil card.

Set lists

Set A
SetSymbolShiny VMAX Collection Set A.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/159 D Charmander Fire Promotion
002/159 D Charmeleon Fire Promotion
003/159 D Charizard Fire R Promotion
004/159 D CharizardV Fire RR Promotion
005/159 D CharizardVMAX Fire RRR Promotion
006/159 D Flareon Fire Promotion
007/159 D HoundoomV Fire RR Promotion
008/159 D Torchic Fire Promotion
009/159 D Combusken Fire Promotion
010/159 D Blaziken Fire R Promotion
011/159 D Heatran Fire R Promotion
012/159 D Galarian Darmanitan Fire Promotion
013/159 D Reshiram Fire A Promotion
014/159 D Fletchinder Fire Promotion
015/159 D Talonflame Fire Promotion
016/159 D TalonflameV Fire RR Promotion
017/159 D IncineroarV Fire RR Promotion
018/159 D Sizzlipede Fire Promotion
019/159 D Centiskorch Fire Promotion
020/159 D CentiskorchV Fire RR Promotion
021/159 D CentiskorchVMAX Fire RRR Promotion
022/159 D Galarian Mr. Mime Water Promotion
023/159 D Galarian Mr. Rime Water Promotion
024/159 D Vaporeon Water Promotion
025/159 D Vaporeon Water Promotion
026/159 D Suicune Water R Promotion
027/159 D Wailmer Water Promotion
028/159 D Wailord Water R Promotion
029/159 D WailordV Water RR Promotion
030/159 D Feebas Water Promotion
031/159 D Milotic Water R Promotion
032/159 D Relicanth Water Promotion
033/159 D Kyogre Water A Promotion
034/159 D Oshawott Water Promotion
035/159 D Dewott Water Promotion
036/159 D Samurott Water Promotion
037/159 D Galarian Darumaka Water Promotion
038/159 D Galarian DarmanitanV Water RR Promotion
039/159 D Galarian DarmanitanVMAX Water RRR Promotion
040/159 D Vanillite Water Promotion
041/159 D Vanillish Water Promotion
042/159 D Vanilluxe Water Promotion
043/159 D Cubchoo Water Promotion
044/159 D Beartic Water Promotion
045/159 D Wishiwashi Water Promotion
046/159 D Chewtle Water Promotion
047/159 D Drednaw Water Promotion
048/159 D DrednawV Water RR Promotion
049/159 D DrednawVMAX Water RRR Promotion
050/159 D Cramorant Water Promotion
051/159 D Arrokuda Water Promotion
052/159 D Barraskewda Water Promotion
053/159 D Snom Water Promotion
054/159 D Frosmoth Water R Promotion
055/159 D Dracovish Water R Promotion
056/159 D Arctovish Water Promotion
057/159 D PikachuV Lightning RR Promotion
058/159 D PikachuV Lightning RR Promotion
059/159 D PikachuVMAX Lightning RRR Promotion
060/159 D Voltorb Lightning Promotion
061/159 D Electrode Lightning R Promotion
062/159 D Jolteon Lightning Promotion
063/159 D Zapdos Lightning R Promotion
064/159 D AmpharosV Lightning RR Promotion
065/159 D Raikou Lightning A Promotion
066/159 D Electrike Lightning Promotion
067/159 D Manectric Lightning Promotion
068/159 D Rotom Lightning Promotion
069/159 D Joltik Lightning Promotion
070/159 D Galvantula Lightning Promotion
071/159 D Zekrom Lightning R Promotion
072/159 D VikavoltV Lightning RR Promotion
073/159 D Tapu Koko Lightning R Promotion
074/159 D Zeraora Lightning R Promotion
075/159 D Toxel Lightning Promotion
076/159 D Toxtricity Lightning R Promotion
077/159 D Pincurchin Lightning Promotion
078/159 D Pincurchin Lightning Promotion
079/159 D Dracozolt Lightning Promotion
080/159 D Arctozolt Lightning R Promotion
081/159 D Machop Fighting Promotion
082/159 D Machoke Fighting Promotion
083/159 D Machamp Fighting R Promotion
084/159 D Wooper Fighting Promotion
085/159 D Quagsire Fighting Promotion
086/159 D Shuckle Fighting Promotion
087/159 D Phanpy Fighting Promotion
088/159 D Donphan Fighting Promotion
089/159 D Hitmontop Fighting Promotion
090/159 D Larvitar Fighting Promotion
091/159 D Pupitar Fighting Promotion
092/159 D Tyranitar Fighting R Promotion
093/159 D Trapinch Fighting Promotion
094/159 D Vibrava Fighting Promotion
095/159 D Flygon Fighting Promotion
096/159 D Solrock Fighting Promotion
097/159 D Regirock Fighting R Promotion
098/159 D LucarioV Fighting RR Promotion
099/159 D RhyperiorV Fighting RR Promotion
100/159 D Terrakion Fighting R Promotion
101/159 D Diggersby Fighting Promotion
102/159 D Zygarde Fighting Promotion
103/159 D Zygarde Fighting R Promotion
104/159 D Passimian Fighting Promotion
105/159 D CoalossalV Fighting RR Promotion
106/159 D CoalossalVMAX Fighting RRR Promotion
107/159 D Clobbopus Fighting Promotion
108/159 D Grapploct Fighting Promotion
109/159 D GrapploctV Fighting RR Promotion
110/159 D Galarian Sirfetch'dV Fighting RR Promotion
111/159 D Zamazenta Fighting A Promotion
112/159 D Kangaskhan Colorless R Promotion
113/159 D DittoV Colorless RR Promotion
114/159 D DittoVMAX Colorless RRR Promotion
115/159 D Eevee Colorless Promotion
116/159 D Eevee Colorless Promotion
117/159 D Dunsparce Colorless Promotion
118/159 D Lugia Colorless Promotion
119/159 D Skitty Colorless Promotion
120/159 D Delcatty Colorless Promotion
121/159 D Swablu Colorless Promotion
122/159 D Altaria Colorless Promotion
123/159 D SalamenceV Colorless RR Promotion
124/159 D SalamenceVMAX Colorless RRR Promotion
125/159 D Rayquaza Colorless A Promotion
126/159 D TogekissV Colorless RR Promotion
127/159 D TogekissVMAX Colorless RRR Promotion
128/159 D Tornadus Colorless R Promotion
129/159 D Bunnelby Colorless Promotion
130/159 D Fletchling Colorless Promotion
131/159 D Pikipek Colorless Promotion
132/159 D Trumbeak Colorless Promotion
133/159 D Toucannon Colorless Promotion
134/159 D GreedentV Colorless RR Promotion
135/159 D Familiar Bell I Promotion
136/159 D Turbo Patch I Promotion
137/159 D Drone Rotom I Promotion
138/159 D Pokégear 3.0 I Promotion
139/159 D Old PC I Promotion
140/159 D Rare Fossil I Promotion
141/159 D Hero's Medal I Promotion
142/159 D Cape of Toughness I Promotion
143/159 D Big Parasol I Promotion
144/159 D Memory Capsule I Promotion
145/159 D Billowing Smoke I Promotion
146/159 D Kabu Su Promotion
147/159 D Bea Su Promotion
148/159 D Leon Su R Promotion
149/159 D Ball Guy Su Promotion
150/159 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su Promotion
151/159 D League Staff Su Promotion
152/159 D Nessa Su Promotion
153/159 D Circhester Bath St Promotion
154/159 D Wyndon Stadium St Promotion
155/159 D Rose Tower St Promotion
156/159 D Heat Fire Energy Fire E Promotion
157/159 D Wash Water Energy Water E Promotion
158/159 D Stone Fighting Energy Fighting E Promotion
159/159 D Powerful Colorless Energy Colorless E Promotion
160/159 D HoundoomV Fire SR Promotion
161/159 D TalonflameV Fire SR Promotion
162/159 D CentiskorchV Fire SR Promotion
163/159 D Galarian DarmanitanV Water SR Promotion
164/159 D DrednawV Water SR Promotion
165/159 D PikachuV Lightning SR Promotion
166/159 D AmpharosV Lightning SR Promotion
167/159 D VikavoltV Lightning SR Promotion
168/159 D RhyperiorV Fighting SR Promotion
169/159 D CoalossalV Fighting SR Promotion
170/159 D GrapploctV Fighting SR Promotion
171/159 D Galarian Sirfetch'dV Fighting SR Promotion
172/159 D SalamenceV Colorless SR Promotion
173/159 D TogekissV Colorless SR Promotion
174/159 D Cara Liss Su SR Promotion
175/159 D Kabu Su SR Promotion
176/159 D Bea Su SR Promotion
177/159 D Leon Su SR Promotion
178/159 D Skyla Su SR Promotion
179/159 D Ball Guy Su SR Promotion
180/159 D Poké Kid Su SR Promotion
181/159 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su SR Promotion
182/159 D Nessa Su SR Promotion
183/159 D Scorbunny Fire S Promotion
184/159 D Raboot Fire S Promotion
185/159 D Cinderace Fire S Promotion
186/159 D Sizzlipede Fire S Promotion
187/159 D Centiskorch Fire S Promotion
188/159 D Galarian Mr. Mime Water S Promotion
189/159 D Galarian Mr. Rime Water S Promotion
190/159 D Suicune Water S Promotion
191/159 D Galarian Darumaka Water S Promotion
192/159 D Galarian Darmanitan Water S Promotion
193/159 D Sobble Water S Promotion
194/159 D Drizile Water S Promotion
195/159 D Inteleon Water S Promotion
196/159 D Chewtle Water S Promotion
197/159 D Drednaw Water S Promotion
198/159 D Cramorant Water S Promotion
199/159 D Arrokuda Water S Promotion
200/159 D Barraskewda Water S Promotion
201/159 D Snom Water S Promotion
202/159 D Frosmoth Water S Promotion
203/159 D Eiscue Water S Promotion
204/159 D Dracovish Water S Promotion
205/159 D Arctovish Water S Promotion
206/159 D Rotom Lightning S Promotion
207/159 D Yamper Lightning S Promotion
208/159 D Boltund Lightning S Promotion
209/159 D Toxel Lightning S Promotion
210/159 D Toxtricity Lightning S Promotion
211/159 D Pincurchin Lightning S Promotion
212/159 D Morpeko Lightning S Promotion
213/159 D Dracozolt Lightning S Promotion
214/159 D Arctozolt Lightning S Promotion
215/159 D Galarian Farfetch'd Fighting S Promotion
216/159 D Galarian Sirfetch'd Fighting S Promotion
217/159 D Galarian Yamask Fighting S Promotion
218/159 D Galarian Runerigus Fighting S Promotion
219/159 D Rolycoly Fighting S Promotion
220/159 D Carkol Fighting S Promotion
221/159 D Coalossal Fighting S Promotion
222/159 D Silicobra Fighting S Promotion
223/159 D Sandaconda Fighting S Promotion
224/159 D Clobbopus Fighting S Promotion
225/159 D Grapploct Fighting S Promotion
226/159 D Falinks Fighting S Promotion
227/159 D Stonjourner Fighting S Promotion
228/159 D Minccino Colorless S Promotion
229/159 D Cinccino Colorless S Promotion
230/159 D Bunnelbly Colorless S Promotion
231/159 D Oranguru Colorless S Promotion
232/159 D Wooloo Colorless S Promotion
233/159 D Dubwool Colorless S Promotion
234/159 D CharizardV Fire SSR Promotion
235/159 D CharizardVMAX Fire SSR Promotion
236/159 D CentiskorchV Fire SSR Promotion
237/159 D CentiskorchVMAX Fire SSR Promotion
238/159 D LaprasV Water SSR Promotion
239/159 D LaprasVMAX Water SSR Promotion
240/159 D BoltundV Lightning SSR Promotion
241/159 D ToxtricityV Lightning SSR Promotion
242/159 D ToxtricityVMAX Lightning SSR Promotion
243/159 D FalinksV Fighting SSR Promotion
244/159 D DittoV Colorless SSR Promotion
245/159 D DittoVMAX Colorless SSR Promotion
246/159 D CentiskorchVMAX Fire HR Promotion
247/159 D Galarian DarmanitanVMAX Water HR Promotion
248/159 D DrednawVMAX Water HR Promotion
249/159 D PikachuVMAX Lightning HR Promotion
250/159 D CoalossalVMAX Fighting HR Promotion
251/159 D SalamenceVMAX Colorless HR Promotion
252/159 D TogekissVMAX Colorless HR Promotion
253/159 D Kabu Su HR Promotion
254/159 D Bea Su HR Promotion
255/159 D Leon Su HR Promotion
256/159 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su HR Promotion
257/159 D Nessa Su HR Promotion
258/159 D Coalossal Fighting UR Promotion
259/159 D Oranguru Colorless UR Promotion
260/159 D Turbo Patch I UR Promotion
261/159 D Hero's Medal I UR Promotion
262/159 D Cape of Toughness I UR Promotion
263/159 D Big Parasol I UR Promotion
264/159 D Memory Capsule I UR Promotion
265/159 D Capture Energy Colorless E UR Promotion

Set B
SetSymbolShiny VMAX Collection Set B.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/158 D VenusaurV Grass RR Promotion
002/158 D ButterfreeV Grass RR Promotion
003/158 D ButterfreeVMAX Grass RRR Promotion
004/158 D Weedle Grass Promotion
005/158 D Kakuna Grass Promotion
006/158 D Beedrill Grass Promotion
007/158 D Pineco Grass Promotion
008/158 D Celebi Grass A Promotion
009/158 D Seedot Grass Promotion
010/158 D Nuzleaf Grass Promotion
011/158 D Shiftry Grass Promotion
012/158 D Nincada Grass Promotion
013/158 D Ninjask Grass Promotion
014/158 D Shaymin Grass R Promotion
015/158 D Genesect Grass R Promotion
016/158 D Skiddo Grass Promotion
017/158 D Gogoat Grass Promotion
018/158 D Rowlet Grass Promotion
019/158 D Dartrix Grass Promotion
020/158 D Decidueye Grass R Promotion
021/158 D Bounsweet Grass Promotion
022/158 D Steenee Grass Promotion
023/158 D Tsareena Grass Promotion
024/158 D Wimpod Grass Promotion
025/158 D Golisopod Grass R Promotion
026/158 D Dhelmise Grass Promotion
027/158 D Grookey Grass Promotion
028/158 D Thwackey Grass Promotion
029/158 D Rillaboom Grass R Promotion
030/158 D OrbeetleV Grass RR Promotion
031/158 D OrbeetleVMAX Grass RRR Promotion
032/158 D ZarudeV Grass RR Promotion
033/158 D Clefairy Psychic Promotion
034/158 D Clefable Psychic Promotion
035/158 D AlakazamV Psychic RR Promotion
036/158 D MewV Psychic RR Promotion
037/158 D Girafarig Psychic Promotion
038/158 D GardevoirV Psychic RR Promotion
039/158 D GardevoirVMAX Psychic RRR Promotion
040/158 D Shedinja Psychic Promotion
041/158 D Lunatone Psychic Promotion
042/158 D Shuppet Psychic Promotion
043/158 D Banette Psychic Promotion
044/158 D Duskull Psychic Promotion
045/158 D Dusclops Psychic Promotion
046/158 D Dusknoir Psychic R Promotion
047/158 D Cottonee Psychic Promotion
048/158 D Whimsicott Psychic Promotion
049/158 D Gothita Psychic Promotion
050/158 D Gothorita Psychic Promotion
051/158 D Gothitelle Psychic Promotion
052/158 D Dedenne Psychic Promotion
053/158 D Xerneas Psychic R Promotion
054/158 D Diancie Psychic R Promotion
055/158 D Morelull Psychic Promotion
056/158 D Shiinotic Psychic Promotion
057/158 D Mimikyu Psychic Promotion
058/158 D Sinistea Psychic Promotion
059/158 D Polteageist Psychic Promotion
060/158 D Hatenna Psychic Promotion
061/158 D Hattrem Psychic Promotion
062/158 D Hatterene Psychic Promotion
063/158 D Galarian CursolaV Psychic RR Promotion
064/158 D Milcery Psychic Promotion
065/158 D Alcremie Psychic Promotion
066/158 D AlcremieV Psychic RR Promotion
067/158 D AlcremieVMAX Psychic RRR Promotion
068/158 D IndeedeeV Psychic RR Promotion
069/158 D Zacian Psychic A Promotion
070/158 D Galarian SlowbroV Darkness RR Promotion
071/158 D Koffing Darkness Promotion
072/158 D Galarian Weezing Darkness R Promotion
073/158 D Spinarak Darkness Promotion
074/158 D Ariados Darkness Promotion
075/158 D CrobatV Darkness RR Promotion
076/158 D CrobatVMAX Darkness RRR Promotion
077/158 D Galarian Zigzagoon Darkness Promotion
078/158 D Galarian Linoone Darkness Promotion
079/158 D Galarian Obstagoon Darkness R Promotion
080/158 D DrapionV Darkness RR Promotion
081/158 D Darkrai Darkness R Promotion
082/158 D Scraggy Darkness Promotion
083/158 D Scrafty Darkness Promotion
084/158 D Trubbish Darkness Promotion
085/158 D Garbodor Darkness Promotion
086/158 D Deino Darkness Promotion
087/158 D Zweilous Darkness Promotion
088/158 D Hydreigon Darkness Promotion
089/158 D Yveltal Darkness A Promotion
090/158 D Hoopa Darkness R Promotion
091/158 D Nickit Darkness Promotion
092/158 D Nickit Darkness Promotion
093/158 D Thievul Darkness Promotion
094/158 D GrimmsnarlV Darkness RR Promotion
095/158 D GrimmsnarlVMAX Darkness RRR Promotion
096/158 D EternatusV Darkness RR Promotion
097/158 D EternatusVMAX Darkness RRR Promotion
098/158 D Forretress Metal Promotion
099/158 D SteelixV Metal RR Promotion
100/158 D ScizorV Metal RR Promotion
101/158 D ScizorVMAX Metal RRR Promotion
102/158 D Aron Metal Promotion
103/158 D Lairon Metal Promotion
104/158 D Aggron Metal R Promotion
105/158 D Beldum Metal Promotion
106/158 D Metang Metal Promotion
107/158 D Metagross Metal Promotion
108/158 D Jirachi Metal A Promotion
109/158 D Dialga Metal R Promotion
110/158 D Ferroseed Metal Promotion
111/158 D Ferrothorn Metal Promotion
112/158 D Klink Metal Promotion
113/158 D Klang Metal Promotion
114/158 D Klinklang Metal Promotion
115/158 D Galarian StunfiskV Metal RR Promotion
116/158 D AegislashV Metal RR Promotion
117/158 D AegislashVMAX Metal RRR Promotion
118/158 D Magearna Metal R Promotion
119/158 D Cufant Metal Promotion
120/158 D Copperajah Metal R Promotion
121/158 D Duraludon Metal R Promotion
122/158 D DuraludonV Metal RR Promotion
123/158 D Zacian Metal R Promotion
124/158 D Zamazenta Metal R Promotion
125/158 D EeveeV Colorless RR Promotion
126/158 D Snorlax Colorless R Promotion
127/158 D Lugia Colorless R Promotion
128/158 D Starly Colorless Promotion
129/158 D Staravia Colorless Promotion
130/158 D Staraptor Colorless Promotion
131/158 D Ducklett Colorless Promotion
132/158 D Swanna Colorless Promotion
133/158 D Skwovet Colorless Promotion
134/158 D Greedent Colorless Promotion
135/158 D Rookidee Colorless Promotion
136/158 D Corvisquire Colorless Promotion
137/158 D Corviknight Colorless R Promotion
138/158 D Suspicious Food Tin I Promotion
139/158 D Team Yell Towel I Promotion
140/158 D Yell Horn I Promotion
141/158 D Rotom Phone I Promotion
142/158 D Pal Pad I Promotion
143/158 D Moomoo Cheese I Promotion
144/158 D Rusted Sword I Promotion
145/158 D Rusted Shield I Promotion
146/158 D Rocky Helmet I Promotion
147/158 D Telescopic Sight I Promotion
148/158 D Beauty Su Promotion
149/158 D Allister Su Promotion
150/158 D Bird Keeper Su Promotion
151/158 D Piers Su Promotion
152/158 D Opal Su Promotion
153/158 D Rose Su Promotion
154/158 D Spikemuth St Promotion
155/158 D Glimwood Tangle St Promotion
156/158 D Aromatic Grass Energy Grass E Promotion
157/158 D Hiding Darkness Energy Darkness E Promotion
158/158 D Coating Metal Energy Metal E Promotion
159/158 D ButterfreeV Grass SR Promotion
160/158 D OrbeetleV Grass SR Promotion
161/158 D ZarudeV Grass SR Promotion
162/158 D AlakazamV Psychic SR Promotion
163/158 D GardevoirV Psychic SR Promotion
164/158 D Galarian CursolaV Psychic SR Promotion
165/158 D AlcremieV Psychic SR Promotion
166/158 D CrobatV Darkness SR Promotion
167/158 D DrapionV Darkness SR Promotion
168/158 D EternatusV Darkness SR Promotion
169/158 D SteelixV Metal SR Promotion
170/158 D ScizorV Metal SR Promotion
171/158 D Galarian StunfiskV Metal SR Promotion
172/158 D AegislashV Metal SR Promotion
173/158 D Beauty Su SR Promotion
174/158 D Allister Su SR Promotion
175/158 D Gym Trainer Su SR Promotion
176/158 D Bird Keeper Su SR Promotion
177/158 D Piers Su SR Promotion
178/158 D Piers Su SR Promotion
179/158 D Opal Su SR Promotion
180/158 D Marnie Su SR Promotion
181/158 D Rose Su SR Promotion
182/158 D Rose Su SR Promotion
183/158 D Rowlet Grass S Promotion
184/158 D Dartrix Grass S Promotion
185/158 D Decidueye Grass S Promotion
186/158 D Grookey Grass S Promotion
187/158 D Thwackey Grass S Promotion
188/158 D Rillaboom Grass S Promotion
189/158 D Blipbug Grass S Promotion
190/158 D Dottler Grass S Promotion
191/158 D Orbeetle Grass S Promotion
192/158 D Gossifleur Grass S Promotion
193/158 D Eldegoss Grass S Promotion
194/158 D Applin Grass S Promotion
195/158 D Flapple Grass S Promotion
196/158 D Appletun Grass S Promotion
197/158 D Galarian Ponyta Psychic S Promotion
198/158 D Galarian Rapidash Psychic S Promotion
199/158 D Galarian Corsola Psychic S Promotion
200/158 D Galarian Cursola Psychic S Promotion
201/158 D Dedenne Psychic S Promotion
202/158 D Sinistea Psychic S Promotion
203/158 D Polteageist Psychic S Promotion
204/158 D Hatenna Psychic S Promotion
205/158 D Hattrem Psychic S Promotion
206/158 D Hatterene Psychic S Promotion
207/158 D Milcery Psychic S Promotion
208/158 D Alcremie Psychic S Promotion
209/158 D Indeedee Psychic S Promotion
210/158 D Dreepy Psychic S Promotion
211/158 D Drakloak Psychic S Promotion
212/158 D Dragapult Psychic S Promotion
213/158 D Koffing Darkness S Promotion
214/158 D Galarian Weezing Darkness S Promotion
215/158 D Galarian Zigzagoon Darkness S Promotion
216/158 D Galarian Linoone Darkness S Promotion
217/158 D Galarian Obstagoon Darkness S Promotion
218/158 D Nickit Darkness S Promotion
219/158 D Thievul Darkness S Promotion
220/158 D Impidimp Darkness S Promotion
221/158 D Morgrem Darkness S Promotion
222/158 D Grimmsnarl Darkness S Promotion
223/158 D Galarian Meowth Metal S Promotion
224/158 D Galarian Perrserker Metal S Promotion
225/158 D Galarian Stunfisk Metal S Promotion
226/158 D Corviknight Metal S Promotion
227/158 D Cufant Metal S Promotion
228/158 D Copperajah Metal S Promotion
229/158 D Duraludon Metal S Promotion
230/158 D Ducklett Colorless S Promotion
231/158 D Swanna Colorless S Promotion
232/158 D Skwovet Colorless S Promotion
233/158 D Greedent Colorless S Promotion
234/158 D Rookidee Colorless S Promotion
235/158 D Corvisquire Colorless S Promotion
236/158 D RillaboomV Grass SSR Promotion
237/158 D RillaboomVMAX Grass SSR Promotion
238/158 D EldegossV Grass SSR Promotion
239/158 D IndeedeeV Psychic SSR Promotion
240/158 D DragapultV Psychic SSR Promotion
241/158 D DragapultVMAX Psychic SSR Promotion
242/158 D CrobatVMAX Darkness SSR Promotion
243/158 D GrimmsnarlV Darkness SSR Promotion
244/158 D GrimmsnarlVMAX Darkness SSR Promotion
245/158 D DubwoolV Colorless SSR Promotion
246/158 D CramorantV Colorless SSR Promotion
247/158 D ButterfreeVMAX Grass HR Promotion
248/158 D OrbeetleVMAX Grass HR Promotion
249/158 D GardevoirVMAX Psychic HR Promotion
250/158 D AlcremieVMAX Psychic HR Promotion
251/158 D EternatusVMAX Darkness HR Promotion
252/158 D ScizorVMAX Metal HR Promotion
253/158 D AegislashVMAX Metal HR Promotion
254/158 D Beauty Su HR Promotion
255/158 D Allister Su HR Promotion
256/158 D Piers Su HR Promotion
257/158 D Opal Su HR Promotion
258/158 D Rose Su HR Promotion
259/158 D Rillaboom Grass UR Promotion
260/158 D Galarian Obstagoon Darkness UR Promotion
261/158 D EternatusV Darkness UR Promotion
262/158 D EternatusVMAX Darkness UR Promotion
263/158 D ZacianV Metal UR Promotion
264/158 D ZamazentaV Metal UR Promotion
265/158 D Suspicious Food Tin I UR Promotion
266/158 D Telescopic Sight I UR Promotion

Pack artwork

SC3a Shiny VMAX Collection Booster Thai.png
Thai Set A pack
SC3b Shiny VMAX Collection Booster Thai.png
Thai Set B pack
SC3a Shiny VMAX Collection Indonesian.png
Indonesian Set A pack
SC3b Shiny VMAX Collection Indonesian.png
Indonesian Set B pack
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Shiny VMAX Collections sets are released in Thai and Indonesian, and lacked any Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Pedang & Perisai: Koleksi VMAX Berkilau
Thailand Flag.png Thai ซอร์ด&ชีลด์: ไชนี VMAX คอลเลกชัน Sword & Shield: Shiny VMAX Collection


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Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions and releases
Bold indicates a main expansion. Italics indicate a special set. Releases that are entirely composed of prints from other releases are small.
Traditional Chinese exclusive releases
SM-P Promotional cards
All Stars Collection: All Stars Collection GX Starter Deck
Dreams Come True Collection: Dreams Come True Collection GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
S-P Promotional cards
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Infinite Power: Infinite Power V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter DeckChallenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter DeckStrength V Starter Deck
V Starter Sets
SV-P Promotional cards
Simplified Chinese exclusive releases
SM-P Promotional cards
Storming Emergence: Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck
Lillie's Support BoxBattle EliteEevee-GX Box Sets
Shining Synergy: Shining Synergy GX Starter Deck
Striking CompetitionArceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Premium Deck Building BoxShining Pokémon Poké Ball BoxBattle Party Set
Golden Energy
S-P Promotional cards
Dynamax Clash: Dynamax Clash V Starter DeckDynamax Clash Deck Building Box
Dynamax Tactics
Vivid Portrayals
Brilliant Counterattack
Thai exclusive releases
SM-P Promotional cards
First Impact: First Impact GX Starter Deck
Legends Awakened: Legends Awakened GX Starter Decks
Hidden Shadow: Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks
Sky Ruler: Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
S-P Promotional cards
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Shiny VMAX Collection
Challenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter DeckStrength V Starter Deck
Awakening V Starter DeckTransformation V Starter Deck
SV-P Promotional cards
Indonesian exclusive releases
SM-P Promotional cards
First Impact: First Impact GX Starter Deck
Legends Awakened: Legends Awakened GX Starter Deck
Hidden Shadow: Hidden Shadow GX Starter Deck
Sky Ruler: Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck
Tag Team Collection: Tag Team Collection GX Starter Deck
S-P Promotional cards
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Shiny VMAX Collection
Challenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter DeckStrength V Starter Deck
Awakening V Starter DeckTransformation V Starter Deck
Venusaur & Blastoise Half DeckPikachu & Charizard Half Deck
SV-P Promotional cards
Black Shine