Inuko Inuyama

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Inuko Inuyama

Inuko Inuyama (Japanese: 犬山イヌコ Inuyama Inuko) is a Japanese voice actress for the Pokémon anime. Her most famous role is that of Team Rocket's Meowth.


Inuyama was born on December 16, 1965, in Tokyo, Japan. She had previously spelled her name 犬山犬子; her real name is Chie Tozuka (Japanese: 戸塚千絵 Tozuka Chie). As an adult, she became a voice actress and led a prolific career. Out of all the roles Inuyama has held during her career, Meowth is the most famous and popular. She has also voiced other Pokémon, a handful of them belonging to a main character, and was the host of the radio program Inuyama Inuko's Pokémon Hour.

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