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The following is a list of locations in alphabetical order in the Pokémon world of the core series games. This list excludes numbered routes and major named routes (see list of routes), anime-only locations (see list of anime-exclusive locations) and locales (see list of cities and towns).

Some location names, such as Radio Tower and Safari Zone, have been used in more than one region. The region that they are in will be indicated in parentheses after their name.

English name Japanese name Region Location
Abandoned Ship すてられぶね Abandoned Ship Hoenn Route 108
Altering Cave (Hoenn) へんげのどうくつ Changing Cave Hoenn Route 103
Altering Cave (Sevii Islands) へんげのどうくつ Changing Cave Sevii Islands Outcast Island
Amity Square ふれあいひろば Contact Plaza Sinnoh Route 209
Ancient Tomb こだいづか Ancient Mound Hoenn Route 120
Artisan Cave アトリエのあな Atelier Hole Hoenn Battle Frontier
Azure Bay アズールねん Azure Bay Kalos North of Route 12
Battle Chateau バトルシャトー Battle Chateau Kalos Route 7
Battle Frontier (Hoenn) バトルフロンティア Battle Frontier Hoenn South of Route 130E
Battle Frontier (Johto) バトルフロンティア Battle Frontier Johto North of Route 40HGSS
Battle Frontier (Sinnoh) バトルフロンティア Battle Frontier Sinnoh Fight AreaPt
Battle Maison (Kalos) バトルハウス Battle House Kalos Kiloude City
Battle Maison (Hoenn) バトルハウス Battle House Hoenn Battle Resort
Battle Resort バトルリゾート Battle Resort Hoenn South of Route 130
Battle Tower (Hoenn) バトルタワー Battle Tower Hoenn South of Route 130
Battle Tower (Johto) バトルタワー Battle Tower Johto West of Olivine CityC
Battle Tower (Sinnoh) バトルタワー Battle Tower Sinnoh Battle Park
Bell Tower スズのとう Tin Tower Johto Ecruteak City
Berry fields きのみ畑 Berry fields Kalos South of Route 7
Berry Forest きのみのもり Berry Forest Sevii Islands Bond Bridge
Big Stadium ビッグスタジアム Big Stadium Unova Nimbasa City
Bike Shop ミラクルサイクル Miracle Cycle Kanto and Johto Cerulean City and Goldenrod City
Birth Island たんじょうのしま Birth Island Sevii Islands South of Six Island, east of Seven Island
Brass/Burned Tower かねのとう Gold Tower Johto Ecruteak City
Castelia Sewers ヒウン下水道 Hiun Sewers Unova Castelia City
Cave of Origin めざめのほこら Shrine to Awakening Hoenn Sootopolis City
Celadon Condominiums/Mansion タマムシマンション Tamamushi Condominiums Kanto Celadon City
Celadon Department Store タマムシデパート Tamamushi Department Store Kanto Celadon City
Celadon Game Corner タマムシゲームコーナー Tamamushi Game Corner Kanto Celadon City
Cerulean Cape ハナダのみさき Hanada Cape Kanto Route 25
Cerulean Cave ハナダのどうくつ Hanada Cave Kanto Cerulean City
Chamber of Emptiness 空ろの間 Empty Room Kalos South of Route 22
Citadark Isle ニケルダーク島 Nickeldark Island Orre Western Orre
Cliff Cave だんがいのどうくつ Cliff Cave Johto Route 47
Connecting Cave じつなぎのどうけつ Connecting Cave Kalos West of Route 7, east of Route 8, east of Cyllage City
Cove Lily Motel みんしゅくモナミ Monami Boarding House Hoenn Lilycove City
Crescent Isle 弓形の島 Crescent Island Hoenn South of Ever Grande City
Desert Resort リゾートデザート Resort Desert Unova Route 4
Desert Ruins さばくいせき Desert Ruins Hoenn Route 111
Desert Underpass さばくのちかどう Desert Underground Tunnel Hoenn Route 114
Devon Corporation デボンコーポレーション Devon Corporation Hoenn Rustboro City
Distortion World やぶれたせかい Torn World Sinnoh Alternate dimension
Dotted Hole てんのあな Dotted Hole Sevii Islands Ruin Valley
Dragon's Den りゅうのあな Dragon's Hole Johto North of Blackthorn City
Dreamyard 夢の跡地 Site of Dreams Unova East of Striaton City
Eterna Forest ハクタイのもり Hakutai Forest Sinnoh West of Eterna City
Fabled Cave おぼろの洞窟 Hazy Cave Hoenn North of Route 133
Faraway Island さいはてのことう Furthest-away Island Hoenn Southern Hoenn
Fiery Path ほのおのぬけみち Fiery Path Hoenn Route 112
Five Island 5のしま Island 5 Sevii Islands Southeast of Navel Rock
Floaroma Meadow ソノオのはなばたけ Sono-o Flowerbed Sinnoh North of Floaroma Town
Floccesy Ranch サンギぼくじょう Sangi Ranch Unova Route 20
Flower Paradise はなのらくえん Flower Paradise Sinnoh North of Route 224
Four Island 4のしま Island 4 Sevii Islands Northwest of Navel Rock
Friend Safari フレンドサファリ Friend Safari Kalos Kiloude City
Frost Cavern フロストケイブ Frost Cave Kalos North of Dendemille Town
Fullmoon Island まんげつじま Full Moon Island Sinnoh The Western Sea
Glitter Lighthouse かがやきのとうだい Shining Lighthouse Johto Olivine City
Glittering Cave かがやきのどうくつ Shining Cave Kalos North of Route 9
Global Terminal (Johto) グローバルターミナル Global Terminal Johto Goldenrod CityHGSS
Global Terminal (Sinnoh) グローバルターミナル Global Terminal Sinnoh Jubilife City
Gnarled Den いびつな穴 Warped Hole Hoenn North side of Mt. Chimney
Goldenrod Department Store コガネひゃっかてん Kogane Department Store Johto Goldenrod City
Goldenrod Game Corner コガネゲームコーナー Kogane Game Corner Johto Goldenrod City
Goldenrod Tunnel ちかつうろ Underground Passage Johto Goldenrod City
Granite Cave いしのどうくつ Stone Cave Hoenn Route 106
Great Marsh だいしつげん Great Marsh Sinnoh Near Pastoria City
Hall of Origin はじまりのま Hall of Origin Sinnoh Near Spear Pillar
Hallowed Tower みたまのとう Ghost's Tower Sinnoh Route 209
Ice Path こおりのぬけみち Looping Ice Path Johto Route 44
Icefall Cave いてだきのどうくつ Frozen Waterfall Cave Sevii Islands Four Island
Iron Island こうてつじま Steel Island Sinnoh Near Canalave City
Island Cave こじまのよこあな Islet Cave Hoenn Route 105
Jagged Pass デコボコさんどう Rugged Mountain Pass Hoenn North of Route 112, south of Mt. Chimney
Joyful Game Corner たのしいゲームコーナー Joyful Game Corner Sevii Islands Two Island
Jubilife TV テレビコトブキ Kotobuki TV Sinnoh Jubilife City
Kalos Power Plant カロス発電所 Kalos Hatsudensho Kalos Route 13
Lake Acuity エイチこ Eichi Lake Sinnoh North end of Route 217
Lake of Rage いかりのみずうみ Lake of Rage Johto North of Route 43
Lake Valor リッシこ Risshi Lake Sinnoh Junction of Route 213, Route 214, and Route 222
Lake Verity シンジこ Shinji Lake Sinnoh West end of Route 201
Lilycove Department Store ミナモデパート Minamo Department Store Hoenn Lilycove City
Lilycove Museum ミナモびじゅつかん Minamo Art Gallery Hoenn Lilycove City
Lost Cave かえらずのあな Hole of No Return Sevii Islands Resort Gorgeous
Lost Hotel 荒れ果てホテル Desolate Hotel Kalos Routes 15 and 16
Lysandre Labs フラダリラボ Fleur-de-lis Labs Kalos Lumiose City
Marine Cave うみのどうくつ Marine Cave Hoenn Route 105E, Route 125E, Route 127E and Route 129E
Mauville Game Corner キンセツゲームコーナー Kinsetsu Game Corner Hoenn Mauville City
Meteor Falls りゅうせいのたき Meteor Waterfall Hoenn Route 115
Mirage Cave マボロシ洞窟 Phantom Cave Hoenn Eight various locationsORAS
Mirage Forest マボロシ森 Phantom Forest Hoenn Eight various locationsORAS
Mirage Island (Generation III) まぼろしじま Phantom Island Hoenn Route 130RSE
Mirage Island (Generation VI) マボロシ島 Phantom Island Hoenn Eight various locationsORAS
Mirage Mountain マボロシ山 Phantom Mountain Hoenn Eight various locationsORAS
Mirage Tower げんえいのとう Phantom Tower Hoenn Route 111
Moomoo Farm モーモーぼくじょう Moomoo Ranch Johto Route 39
Mossdeep Space Center トクサネうちゅうセンター Tokusane Space Center Hoenn Mossdeep City
Mt. Battle バトル山 Mt. Battle Orre North of Realgam Tower
Mt. Chimney えんとつやま Mt. Chimney Hoenn Northeast of Lavaridge Town
Mt. Coronet テンガンざん Mt. Tengan Sinnoh Central Sinnoh
Mt. Ember ともしびやま Mt. Firelight Sevii Islands Kindle Road
Mt. Moon おつきみやま Mt. Otsukimi Kanto Route 4
Mt. Moon Square おつきみやま ひろば Mt. Otsukimi Square Kanto Mt. Moon
Mt. Mortar スリバチやま Mt. Suribachi Johto Route 42
Mt. Pyre おくりびやま Mt. Sending-off Fire Hoenn Route 122
Mt. Silver シロガネやま Shirogane Mountain Johto Route 28
Nameless Cavern 未知の洞窟 Unknown Cavern Hoenn Route 126
National Park しぜんこうえん Nature Park Johto Between Route 35 and Route 36
Navel Rock へそのいわ Navel Rock Sevii Islands Southeast of Four Island, northwest of Five Island
New Mauville ニューキンセツ New Kinsetsu Hoenn Route 110
Newmoon Island しんけつじま New Moon Island Sinnoh The Western Sea
Oceanic Museum うみのかがくはくぶつかん Ocean Science Museum Hoenn Slateport City
Old Chateau もりのようかん Forest Manor Sinnoh Eterna Forest
One Island 1のしま Island 1 Sevii Islands West of Two Island
Oreburgh Gate クロガネゲート Kurogane Gate Sinnoh Route 203
Oreburgh Mine クロガネたんこう Kurogane Mine Sinnoh Oreburgh City
Oreburgh Mining Museum クロガネたんこうはくぶつかん Kurogane Mine Museum Sinnoh Oreburgh City
P2 Laboratory P2ラボ P2 Lab Unova Route 17
Pal Park パルパーク Pal Park Sinnoh Route 221
Parfum Palace パルファム宮殿 Parfum Palace Kalos North of Route 6
Pathless Plain 名もなき平原 Nameless Plain Hoenn South of Route 131
Pattern Bush しるしのはやし Symbol Thicket Sevii Islands Green Path
Petalburg Woods トウカのもり Tōka Woods Hoenn Route 104
Pewter Museum of Science ニビかがくはくぶつかん Nibi Museum of Science Kanto Pewter City
Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop フラワーショップいろとりどり Flower Shop Multicolor Sinnoh Floaroma Town
Pledge Grove ちかいのはやし Oath Woods Unova North of Floccesy Town
Poké Ball Factory ボールこうじょう Balls Factory Kalos North of Laverre City
Pokémon Communication Center ポケモンコミュニケーションセンター Pokémon Communication Center Johto Goldenrod CityC
Pokémon League Reception Gate 受付ゲート Reception Gate Kanto Intersection of Routes 22, 26 and 28 and Victory Road
Pokémon Mansion ポケモンやしき Pokémon Mansion Kanto Cinnabar Island
Pokémon Tower ポケモンタワー Pokémon Tower Kanto Lavender Town
Pokémon Trainers' School トレーナーズスクール Trainer's School Hoenn Rustboro City
Pokémon Village ポケモンの村 Pokémon Village Kalos West of Route 20
Pokéstar Studios ポケウッド Pokéwood Unova North of Virbank City
Power Plant むじんはつでんしょ Unmanned Power Plant Kanto Route 10
Pretty Petal Flower Shop フラワーショップ サン・トウカ Flower Shop St. Touka Hoenn Route 104
Pyrite Bldg パイラのビル Pyra Building Orre Pyrite Town
Pyrite Cave パイラのどうくつ Pyra Cave Orre Pyrite Town
Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop サイクルショップじんりき Human Power Cycle Shop Sinnoh Eterna City
Radio Tower (Johto) コガネラジオとう Kogane Radio Tower Johto Goldenrod City
Radio Tower (Kanto) シオンラジオとう Cion Radio Tower Kanto Lavender Town
Ravaged Path あれたぬけみち Ravaged Path Sinnoh Route 203
Realgam Tower ラガルタワー Ragal Tower Orre Southern Orre
Reflection Cave うつしみのどうくつ Reflection Cave Kalos North of Route 11, south of Shalour City
Relic Castle 古代の城 Ancient Castle Unova Desert Resort
Ribbon Syndicate リボンシンジケート Ribbon Syndicate Sinnoh Resort Area
Rock Tunnel イワヤマトンネル Rock Mountain Tunnel Kanto Route 10
Rocket Hideout ロッケトだんアジト Team Rocket Hideout Kanto Celadon City
Ruins of Alph アルフのいせき Ruins of Alph Johto Southwest of Violet City
Rusturf Tunnel カナシダトンネル Kanashida Tunnel Hoenn Between Route 116 and Verdanturf Town
Rydel's Cycles サイクルショップカゼノ Hoenn Mauville City
S.S. Anne サント・アンヌごう S.S. St. Anne Kanto Sailing from Vermilion City
S.S. Aqua アクアごう S.S. Aqua Kanto and Johto Sailing between Vermilion City and Olivine City
S.S. Tidal タイドリップごう S.S. Tiderip Hoenn Sailing between Lilycove City, Slateport City, and the Battle TowerRS/FrontierE
Safari Zone (Hoenn) サファリゾーン Safari Zone Hoenn Route 121
Safari Zone (Johto) サファリゾーン Safari Zone Johto Safari Zone Gate
Safari Zone (Kanto) サファリゾーン Safari Zone Kanto Fuchsia City
Santalune Forest ハクダンの森 Hakudan Forest Kalos North of Route 2, south of Route 3
Scorched Slab ひでりのいわと Drought Slab Hoenn Route 120
Sea Cottage みさきのこや Cape Cottage Kanto Route 25
Sea Mauville シーキンセツ Sea Kinsetsu Hoenn North of Route 108
Sea Spirit's Den わだつみのあな Sea God's Hole Kalos Azure Bay
Seafloor Cavern かいていどうくつ Seafloor Cavern Hoenn Route 128
Seafoam Islands ふたごじま Twin Islands Kanto Between Routes 19 and 20
Sealed Chamber おふれのせきしつ Stone Chamber of the Proclamation Hoenn Route 134
Seaside Cycling Road シーサイドサイクリングロード Seaside Cycling Road Hoenn Route 110
Secret Islet ひみつの小島 Secret Islet Hoenn South of Route 126
Secret Meadow ひみつの花畑 Secret Meadow Hoenn North of Route 130
Secret Shore ひみつのいそべ Secret Shore Hoenn South of Route 129
Sendoff Spring おくりのいずみ Sendoff Spring Sinnoh East of Route 214
Seven Island 7のしま Island 7 Sevii Islands Southwest of Six Island, west of Birth Island
Shoal Cave あさせのほらあな Shoal Cave Hoenn Route 125
Silph Co. シルフカンパニー Silph Company Kanto Saffron City
Six Island 6のしま Island 6 Sevii Islands Northeast of Seven Island, north of Birth Island
Sky Pillar そらのはしら Sky Pillar Hoenn Route 131
Slowpoke Well ヤドンのいど Yadon Well Johto Azalea Town
Small Court リトルコート Little Court Unova Nimbasa City
Southern Island みなみのことう Southern Island Hoenn Southern Hoenn
Spear Pillar やりのはしら Spear Pillar Sinnoh Mt. Coronet
Sprout Tower マダツボミのとう Madatsubomi Tower Johto Violet City
Stark Mountain ハードマウンテン Hard Mountain Sinnoh North end of Route 227
Stern's Shipyard クスノキ ぞうせんじょ Kusunoki Shipyard Hoenn Slateport City
Tanoby Chambers アスカナのせきしつ Asukana Stone Chambers Sevii Islands Tanoby Ruins
Team Aqua Hideout アクアだんアジト Team Aqua Hideout Hoenn Lilycove City
Team Flare Secret HQ フレア団秘密基地 Team Flare Secret Base Kalos Geosenge Town
Team Magma Hideout マグマだんアジト Team Magma Hideout Hoenn Lilycove CityR or Mt. ChimneyE
Team Rocket HQ ロッケトだんアジト Team Rocket Hideout Johto Mahogany Town
Terminus Cave 終の洞窟 End Cave Kalos Route 18 and Couriway Town
Terra Cave りくのどうくつ Land Cave Hoenn Route 114E, Route 115E, Route 116E and Route 118E
The Underground ちかつうろ Underground Passage Sinnoh Underneath Sinnoh
Three Island 3のしま Island 3 Sevii Islands East of Two Island
Tohjo Falls トージョウのたき Tojoh Waterfall Kanto Route 27
Tower of Mastery マスタータワー Master Tower Kalos Shalour City
Trackless Forest 未開の森 Primeval Forest Hoenn East of Rustboro City
Trainer Hill トレーナーヒル Trainer Hill Hoenn Route 111
Trick House カラクリやしき Trick House Hoenn Route 110
Trophy Garden じまんのうらにわ Proud Back Garden Sinnoh Route 212
Turnback Cave もどりのどうくつ Returning Cave Sinnoh Sendoff Spring
Two Island 2のしま Island 2 Sevii Islands East of One Island, west of Three Island
Unknown Dungeon ななしの洞窟 Nameless Cave Kalos Pokémon Village
Valley Windworks たにまのはつでんしょ Valley Powerplant Sinnoh East of Floaroma Town
Veilstone Department Store トバリデパート Tobari Department Store Sinnoh Veilstone City
Veilstone Game Corner トバリゲームコーナー Tobari Game Corner Sinnoh Veilstone City
Victory Road (Hoenn) チャンピオンロード Champion Road Hoenn Ever Grande City
Victory Road (Kalos) チャンピオンロード Champion Road Kalos East of Route 22, west of Route 21
Victory Road (Kanto) チャンピオンロード Champion Road Kanto Route 23
Victory Road (Sinnoh) チャンピオンロード Champion Road Sinnoh South of Pokémon League
Victory Road (Unova) チャンピオンロード Champion Road Unova South of Pokémon League
Virbank Complex タチワキコンビナート Tachiwaki Industrial Complex Unova South of Virbank City
Viridian Forest トキワのもり Tokiwa Forest Kanto Route 2
Vista Lighthouse シルベのとうだい Shirube Lighthouse Sinnoh Sunyshore City
Wayward Cave まよいのどうくつ Lost Cave Sinnoh Route 206
Weather Institute てんきけんきゅうじょ Weather Research Institute Hoenn Route 119
Wellspring Cave 地下水脈の穴 Underground Waterway Opening Unova North of Route 3
Whirl Islands うずまきじま Whirlpool Islands Johto Route 41

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