Celestica Ruins

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Celestica Ruins カミナギ寺院跡
Kaminagi Temple Ruins
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Celestica Ruins.png
Map description:
Location: Central Coronet Highlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Celestica Ruins Map.png
Location of Celestica Ruins in Hisui.
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Celestica Ruins (Japanese: カミナギ寺院 Kaminagi Temple Ruins) is an area located in the central region of the Coronet Highlands of Hisui. It is located north of Clamberclaw Cliffs and Celestica Trail, and east of the Sacred Plaza.


The ruins stretch across a long expanse of flat land atop the highlands. On the western side, a portion of the ruins sits on an elevated cliff which is directly connected to the Sacred Plaza. Two sets of ruined stone columns run parallel with the cliff. At the center of the columns, a dilapidated statue of Giratina remains standing on a pedestal; a large crack in the pedestal runs between the legs of Giratina, which are the only discernable remnants of the statue.

The rest of the ruins cover an area downhill to the east of elevated portion. The remaining architecture is more sophisticated: square foundations of ruined buildings, and pillars arranged in a circular fashion. Two statues, one of Dialga and one of Palkia, sit on opposite ends near the center and face each other. The ruins have crates and chests scattered about that contain items and, sometimes, wild Pokémon.


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# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
074 074 Geodude 18-24 All All
075 075 Graveler 18-48 All All
092 092 Gastly 21-24 Night All
093 093 Haunter 21-46 Night All
185 185 Sudowoodo 39-49 All All
200 200 Misdreavus 21-61 Night All
207 207 Gligar 37-56 All All
299 299 Nosepass 39-56 All All
412 412G Burmy
Sandy Cloak
? All All
413 413G Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
? All All
436 436 Bronzor 29-32 All All
437 437 Bronzong 29-44 All All
438 438 Bonsly 44-46 All All


Unown appear after visiting Solaceon Ruins and the Unown Notes are added to the Pokédex.

# Pokémon Unown Notes Location Level
201 201C Unown LOOKNone.pngTONone.pngTHENone.pngRUINED
Atop one of the ruined pillars 25

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 神闔寺院遺址 Sàhnhahp Jihyún Wàihjí
Mandarin 神闔寺院遺址 / 神阖寺院遗址 Shénhé Sìyuàn Yízhǐ
France Flag.png French Temple Céleste
Germany Flag.png German Elysien-Tempelruinen
Italy Flag.png Italian Tempio dei Memordei
South Korea Flag.png Korean 공신 사원터 Gongsin Sawonteo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas Celestiales

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