Icepeak Cavern

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Icepeak Cavern 氷山の地下道
Iceberg Underpass
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description:
Location: Underneath the Alabaster Icelands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Icepeak Cavern Map.png
Location of Icepeak Cavern in Hisui.
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Icepeak Cavern (Japanese: 氷山地下道 Iceberg Underpass) is a vast cave system located underneath the Alabaster Icelands of Hisui. It is accessible at various points across the central region of the Alabaster Icelands. It has two sections, one underneath Bonechill Wastes and a separate one underneath Arena's Approach.

The Ice Rock is located in the section underneath Bonechill Wastes, which allows the player to evolve their Eevee into Glaceon.


The Icepeak Cavern is divided into segments underneath the surface of the icelands that are isolated from each other. The entrances to segments are clean-cut circular openings that are horizontal to the ground. The snow has grown thick around the rim of the openings. The walls of the interior curve toward both the floor and the ceiling, giving the spaces a rounded appearance. The entirety of the interior of the caverns are composed of pure ice, from the floor to the ceiling. At the entrances to the caverns, a climbable vertical wall lined with snow allows easy access into and out of the cavern.

The cavern below Bonechill Wastes is a long passage that goes across the entire length of the region form east to west. An entrance lies on either end of the cave. Four ice columns are found in the central hub of the cavern, two of which are thicker than the other two. In the middle of the passage, a circular cavern branches off, where Hisuian Zorua can be found. The Ice Rock is found on the western part of the cavern at the end of a branched pathway, with the other path leading to the surface.

The section of cavern below Arena's Approach is the smallest of the three sections. Its singular entrance is located at the base of the elevated pathway leading to the Snowfall Hot Spring, directly to the southeast of the spring itself. A short corridor from the entrance leads into a rounded dome area. A few ore deposits are in this room.


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Item Location Games
Old Verse LA Old Verse 12 At the end of the cavern southeast of the Snowfall Hot Spring (hidden, requires Ursaluna)  LA 


Pokémon Levels Alpha
Time of day Weather
Morning Day Evening Night Clear Cloudy Snow Blizzard
21-24 36-39
45-48 60-63
45-52 60-67
26-29 41-44
45-52 60-67
33-36 48-51
Shaking ore deposits
33-36 48-51
Non-fixed alpha Pokémon do not spawn until the player quelled the frenzy of the subregion's noble.
Some of the Pokémon marked with (‡) may only spawn near the area's borders.
  1. Only undernath Bonechill Wastes
  2. Only undernath Bonechill Wastes

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰山地道 Bīngsāan Deihdouh
Mandarin 冰山地道 Bīngshān Dìdào
France Flag.png French Souterrain de Givre
Germany Flag.png German Eisgipfelhöhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Cunicolo dei Ghiacci
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빙산 지하도 Bingsan Jihado
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gruta Glacial

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