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Lavaridge Town フエンタウン
Huen Town
"An excellent place for relaxing!"
Lavaridge Town ORAS.png
Lavaridge Town in {{{variable2}}}.
Map description
A popular spot in the Hoenn region, thanks to its hot springs, said to cure any ailment.
Lavaridge Town Gym - Hoenn Gym #4
specialist Gym
Heat Badge
Heat Badge
Lavaridge Town Gym - Hoenn Gym #4
specialist Gym
Heat Badge
Heat Badge
Lavaridge Town Gym - Hoenn Gym #4
specialist Gym
Heat Badge
Heat Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Lavaridge Town
Route 112
Hoenn Lavaridge Town Map.png
Location of Lavaridge Town in Hoenn.

Lavaridge Town (Japanese: フエンタウン Huen Town[1]) is a small town in central western Hoenn. It is located on the southern foot of Mt. Chimney. The town is well known for its hot spring and is a popular destination for elderly citizens.

Pokémon Trainers often come to Lavaridge Town in order to win the Heat Badge from Flannery, the Lavaridge Gym Leader who specializes in Fire-type Pokémon.

Northeast of the town is the Jagged Pass, leading down from Mt. Chimney. East of the town is Route 112.


Pokémon Center Hot Springs An excellent place for relaxing! (Japanese: ポケセン おんせん よいところ Pokésen, onsen, an excellent place.)

Places of interest

Hot springs

The hot springs are connected to an opening in the back of the Pokémon Center. The people draw as much hot water as they need, yet the spring never runs dry. The magma in the active volcano causes veins of water nearby to well up as hot springs. According to legend, the Lavaridge hot springs calm tension, relieve muscle ache, solve romantic problems, and attract money. An old woman standing by the sand baths will give away an Egg containing a Wynaut. There is also an Ice Heal hidden in the water.

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the hot spring is split down the middle based on gender, indicated by blue and pink doorways, but the player is able to enter either side. A gentleman in the Pokémon Center comments that the hot springs are for Pokémon only. A female Pokémon Breeder in front of the hot spring entrances sells Moomoo Milk individually or by the dozen. After GroudonOR/KyogreAS has been dealt with, The old woman by the sand baths will give away a second Egg, containing a Togepi.

Pokémon Breeder (Generation VI)

Pokémon Herb Shop

Main article: Herb Shop

"Bitter taste - better cure!"

The Herb Shop sells four different types of herbal medicine. The herbs are extremely bitter and will cause a Pokémon's friendship to decrease when used. An old man inside of the shop will give the player Charcoal.

All four of the herbs in some way heal the Pokémon that they are used on but cause the Pokémon to be less friendly. The Energy Root heals a Pokémon's HP by 200. The EnergyPowder heals a Pokémon's HP by 50. The Revival Herb revives a fainted Pokémon with all of its HP. The Heal Powder heals any status condition.

Herb Shop (Generation III)
Herb Shop (Generation VI)

Residential home

In Pokémon Emerald, the house next to the Herb Store is the home of a boy who will teach the move Mimic. However, he will only do this once.

Lavaridge Gym

Main article: Lavaridge Gym

The Lavaridge Gym specializes in Fire-type Pokémon. Flannery, the Gym Leader, hands out the Heat Badge to those who defeat her. The Gyms separate floors are accessed through holes in the floor, with the lower floor containing geysers that can lift the player to the higher floor. Due to having only recently taken over the Gym, Flannery is still getting used to her role as a Gym Leader.


Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the population of Lavaridge Town is 28. This makes it the second most populous town in Hoenn.

Pokémon Emerald

In Pokémon Emerald, the population of Lavaridge Town is 32, making it the largest town in Hoenn.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Lavaridge Town has a total population of 27, tying it with Verdanturf Town for being the largest town in Hoenn.


Item Location Games
Ice Heal Ice Heal In the hot spring (hidden)  R  S  E 
Ice Heal Ice Heal In the female side of the hot spring (hidden)  OR  AS 
TM Normal VI TM75 (Swords Dance) From the Black Belt near the Poké Mart if his question is answered negatively  OR  AS 
Houndoominite Houndoominite Near the sand baths, after defeating or capturing GroudonOR/KyogreAS  OR  AS 
Charcoal Charcoal From an old man inside the Herb Shop  R  S  E  OR  AS 
Go-Goggles VI Go-Goggles From Brendan/May after defeating Flannery  R  S  E  OR  AS 

Poké Mart

Generation III
Generation VI


Generation III

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
Wynaut Wynaut
Egg Egg
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Generation VI

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
Togepi Togepi
Egg Egg
1 One
Wynaut Wynaut
Egg Egg
1 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Special encounters

Generation VI

A Kecleon appears in the ladies' hot springs after dealing with GroudonOR/KyogreAS. The Devon Scope must be used to battle it.

Normal Unknown
Color Change
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Kecleon/ Lv.40
Normal Physical
Normal Status
Shadow Claw
Ghost Physical
Normal Status


Ruby Sapphire Emerald Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Lavaridge Town RS.png Lavaridge Town E.png Lavaridge Town ORAS.png

In the anime

Lavaridge Town in the anime

Ash and his friends arrived in Lavaridge Town in Poetry Commotion for Ash's next Gym battle. They tried Lavaridge's famous hot springs and also met up with Flannery, the new Gym Leader who was initially struggling with the responsibilities of running the Lavaridge Gym. Ash battled her in Going, Going, Yawn! and won his fourth Hoenn League Badge, after which the group departed from Lavaridge.

In Serving Up the Flute Cup!, Ash met Hodge, who is from Lavaridge Town, and battled him during the Battle Frontier Flute Cup.

In Absol Absolved!, Ash and Goh visited Lavaridge Town at the request of Hodge to investigate a problem with their hot springs. After solving the problem on Mt. Chimney, they took a bath in the hot springs before returning to Kanto.

In the manga

Lavaridge Town in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire arc

Lavaridge Town first appeared in Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill I. After winning her 149th consecutive victory at the Lavaridge Gym, Flannery was contacted by Winona and informed of Sapphire, who had earned three Badges already and was headed to Lavaridge Town. Flannery stepped out of the Gym to cool off and yelled out that she was going to accept Sapphire's challenge. Shelly and Matt overheard her, and, assuming that she knew Sapphire, proceeded to kidnap her.

In Assaulted by Pelipper I, after Team Aqua succeeded in using the Meteorite to make Mt. Chimney become dormant, the hot springs in Lavaridge Town cooled down, along with the rest of the town, causing confusion and panic. In Assaulted by Pelipper II, a wild Absol was seen looking over the panicking town.

In It All Ends Now VIII, Flannery was seen welcoming people, including Tabitha, to the restored hot springs.


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese フエンタウン Huen Town From 釜 fu (cauldron) and 炎色 enshoku (color of flame)
English Lavaridge Town From lava and ridge (raised land formation commonly associated with volcanic activity)
German Bad Lavastadt From Bad (placename prefix indicative of spa sites), Lava, and Stadt (city)
Spanish Pueblo Lavacalda From lava calda (hot lava)
Portuguese Lavaridge From its English name
French Vermilava From vermillon (vermilion) and lava
Italian Cuordilava From cuore di lava (heart of lava)
Korean 용암마을 Yong-am Maeul From 용암 (熔岩) yong-am (lava)
Chinese (Mandarin) 釜炎鎮 / 釜炎镇 Fǔyán Zhèn From 釜 fǔ / fú (cauldron) and 炎 yán / yìhm (flame)
Chinese (Cantonese) 釜炎鎮 Fúyìhm Jan
Hungarian Lávaorom From láva (lava) and orom (peak)
Polish Lavaridge From its English name
Vietnamese Thị trấn Fuen Transcription of its Japanese name


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