Underground Ruins

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Underground Ruins 地底遺跡
Underground Ruins
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Underground Ruins entrance B2W2.png
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Location: Clay Tunnel
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Clay Tunnel Map.png
Location of Underground Ruins in Unova.
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The Underground Ruins (Japanese: 地底遺跡 Underground Ruins) is an area located within the Clay Tunnel.

The Legendary giants—Regirock, Regice, and Registeel—can all be found here, depending on which Key is active. Originally, the rooms of the ruins only provide hints on to how to open Regirock's chamber (which hint is available depends on if "the sun" or "the moon" is out), but fulfilling the conditions will change the great door into the entrance of Regirock's chamber and all other chambers activated by Keys.

Regirock can be found in the Rock Peak Chamber (Japanese: 岩山の間 Rock Mountain Room), which is opened when the player presses the A-button after walking 6 steps down and then 9 steps right, from the center of the panel just before the great door. Registeel requires the Iron Key to unlock the Iron Chamber (Japanese: 鉄の間 Iron Room), while Regice requires the Iceberg Key to unlock the Iceberg Chamber (Japanese: 氷山の間 Iceberg Room). The Iron Key can only be found in Black 2 and the Iceberg Key can only be found in White 2; the key that cannot be found in one version can be sent through Unova Link from another game. A key can be used by selecting Unova Link followed by Key System after the title screen.



Item Location Games
Fire Gem Fire Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Water Gem Water Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Electric Gem Electric Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Grass Gem Grass Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Ice Gem Ice Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Fighting Gem Fighting Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Poison Gem Poison Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Ground Gem Ground Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Flying Gem Flying Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Psychic Gem Psychic Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Bug Gem Bug Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Rock Gem Rock Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Ghost Gem Ghost Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Dragon Gem Dragon Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Dark Gem Dark Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Steel Gem Steel Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Normal Gem Normal Gem Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Fire Stone Fire Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Water Stone Water Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Thunder Stone Thunderstone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Moon Stone Moon Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Sun Stone Sun Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Dusk Stone Dusk Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Dawn Stone Dawn Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Oval Stone Oval Stone Dust cloud  B2  W2 
Everstone Everstone Dust cloud  B2  W2 


Underground Ruins

  • During the day
"Chamber of the one that joins the sun in protecting this place."
"Two answers are needed to find the true path. Courageous one, let me tell you the answer I know. Check the ground six steps down and ● steps right of the eyeball. The other answer can only be found when the moon is in the sky."
"The world is split into two: day and night...black and white..."
"The protectors were born out of rock, ice, and magma..."
  • During the night
"Chamber of the one that joins the moon in protecting this place.
"Two answers are needed to find the true path. Courageous one, let me tell you the answer I know. Check the ground nine steps right and ● steps down from the eyeball. The other answer can only be found when the sun is in the sky."
"The world is split into two: day and night...black and white..."
"The protectors were born out of rock, ice, and magma..."

Rock Peak Chamber

"Rock Peak Chamber"
"It protects this place with the power of rock."

Iceberg Chamber

"Iceberg Chamber"
"It protects this place with the power of ice."

Iron Chamber

"Iron Chamber"
"It protects this place with the power of steel."


Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Onix Onix
B2 W2
Cave Cave
57 5%
Nosepass Nosepass
B2 W2
Cave Cave
55, 57 15%
Lairon Lairon
B2 W2
Cave Cave
55, 57 15%
Boldore Boldore
B2 W2
Cave Cave
54-55 35%
Woobat Woobat
B2 W2
Cave Cave
54 10%
Durant Durant
B2 W2
Cave Cave
54 20%
Dust clouds
Onix Onix
B2 W2
Dust cloud Dust cloud
54 20%
Excadrill Excadrill
B2 W2
Dust cloud Dust cloud
54-57 75%
Steelix Steelix
B2 W2
Dust cloud Dust cloud
57 5%
Special Pokémon
Regirock Regirock
B2 W2
Premier Ball Only one
65 One
Regice Regice
B2 W2
Premier Ball Only one
65 One
Registeel Registeel
B2 W2
Premier Ball Only one
65 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


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Version Underground Ruins 1 Underground Ruins 2 AM Underground Ruins 2 PM
Black 2 Underground Ruins entrance B2W2.png Underground Ruins plain B2W2.png
White 2

Version Rock Peak Chamber Iceberg Chamber Iron Chamber
Black 2 Underground Ruins Regirock B2W2.png Underground Ruins Regice B2W2.png Underground Ruins Registeel B2W2.png
White 2


  • This location is based on the Sealed Chamber in Hoenn, and the music is a remix of that location's music.
  • At the northern part of the chamber, there are rock formations based on the dot patterns seen on Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
    • All three dot patterns are present at once if a clue is available, but only the dot pattern for the Legendary giant found in the current chamber can be seen in the chambers that contain the Legendary giants.
  • The three chambers share their names with the category names of the Legendary giants, as well as three ruins in which they are encounterable in Pokémon Platinum: the Rock Peak Ruins, the Iceberg Ruins, and the Iron Ruins.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 地底遺跡 Deihdái Wàihjīk
Mandarin 地底遺跡 / 地底遗迹 Dìdǐ Yíjī / Dìdǐ Yíjì
Denmark Flag.png Danish Undergrundsruinerne
France Flag.png French Ruines Enfouies
Germany Flag.png German Unterirdische Ruine
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine Sotterranee
South Korea Flag.png Korean 땅밑유적 Ttangmit Yujeok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas Subterráneas
Sweden Flag.png Swedish De underjordiska ruinerna

Rock Peak Chamber

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 岩山之室 Ngàahmsāan jī Sāt
Mandarin 岩山之室 Yánshān zhī Shì
France Flag.png French Salle Pic Rocheux
Germany Flag.png German Steingipfelkammer
Italy Flag.png Italian Sala Picco
South Korea Flag.png Korean 바위산의 방 Bawisan-ui Bang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sala Pico Roca

Iceberg Chamber

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰山之室 Bīngsāan jī Sāt
Mandarin 冰山之室 Bīngshān zhī Shì
France Flag.png French Salle Iceberg
Germany Flag.png German Eisbergkammer
Italy Flag.png Italian Sala Iceberg
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빙산의 방 Bingsan-ui Bang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sala Iceberg

Iron Chamber

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 黑金之室 Hākgām jī Sāt
Mandarin 黑金之室 Hēijīn zhī Shì
France Flag.png French Salle Fer
Germany Flag.png German Eisenkammer
Italy Flag.png Italian Sala Ferro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 쇠철의 방 Soecheor-ui Bang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sala Hierro

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