East Province (Area Two)

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East Province (Area Two) 東2番エリア
East - Area Two
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Eastern Paldea
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Paldea East Province (Area Two) Map.png
Location of East Province (Area Two) in Paldea.
Pokémon world locations

East Province (Area Two) (Japanese: 東2番エリア East - Area Two) is a grassy region in the East Province of the Paldea region that surrounds Levincia. It connects to East Province (Area One) over a river in the south and west and East Province (Area Three) in the north. The eastern side of the region borders the East Paldean Sea.

Places of interest


Main article: Levincia

The city of Levincia is a coastal settlement along the eastern shore of the area. It is a city with a large population and a wide selection of stores. It is home to the Levincia Gym, led by the Gym Leader Iono.

Levincia Lighthouse

A lighthouse is located just northeast of Levincia, at the top of a cliff. It is accessible via a path from the city.

Poké Mart

Poké Mart Cashier


Beach biome

Item Location Games
Stardust SV Stardust (25.0%)  S  V 
Pearl SV Pearl (15.0%)  S  V 
Great Ball SV Great Ball (25.0%)  S  V 
Big Pearl SV Big Pearl (7.5%)  S  V 
Pearl String SV Pearl String (2.5%)  S  V 
Water Stone SV Water Stone (10.0%)  S  V 
TM Material SV Sandygast Sand (7.5%)  S  V 
TM Material SV Mareanie Spike (7.5%)  S  V 

Prairie biome

Item Location Games
Pomeg Berry SV Pomeg Berry (20.0%)  S  V 
Kelpsy Berry SV Kelpsy Berry (20.0%)  S  V 
Hondew Berry SV Hondew Berry (20.0%)  S  V 
Pomeg Berry SV Pomeg Berry (20.0%)  S  V 
Kelpsy Berry SV Kelpsy Berry (×2) (10.0%)  S  V 
Hondew Berry SV Hondew Berry (×2) (10.0%)  S  V 
Pomeg Berry SV Pomeg Berry (×10) (1.0%)  S  V 
Kelpsy Berry SV Kelpsy Berry (×10) (1.0%)  S  V 
Hondew Berry SV Hondew Berry (×10) (1.0%)  S  V 
Poké Doll SV Poké Doll (7.0%)  S  V 


Pokémon Games Terrain Levels Probability Weight Group Rate Group Pokémon
Land Water surface Underwater Overland Sky Morning Day Evening Night
S V 19-26 50
S V 25-26 1
S V 22-26 40 90%
S V 25-26 3 100%
S V 25-26 3 100%
S V 19-24 80
S V 19-26 40 100%
S V 19-26 0 0 40 40 60%
S V 19-26 2
S V 19-26 70 60%
S V 19-26 30
S V 19-26 20 100%
S V 19-26 20
S V 19-26 20
S V 20-26 15
S V 19-26 10 100%
S V 19-26 110 60%
S V 19-26 2
S V 19-23 40
S V 19-23 0 0 20 20 60%
S V 19-23 60
S V 19-23 4
S V 20-23 30
S V 19-23 10
S V 19-23 20
S V 19-23 20
S V 20-23 30 40%
S V 20-23 15
S V 19-23 20
S V 19-23 1
S V 19-23 10
S V 19-23 20
S V 19-23 80
S V 19-23 0 0 60 60 60%
S V 20-23 50 50 50 0
S V 19-23 0 0 0 70
S V 19-23 0 0 40 40 50%
S V 20-23 10
S V 19-23 30
S V 19-23 30 100%
S V 19-23 10
S V 19-23 20 80%
S V 19-23 15 80%
S V 19-23 10 80%
S V 19-23 5 80%
S V 19-23 60
S V 23 30
S V 19-23 20
S V 19-22 60
S V 19-23 20
S V 19-23 60 70%
S V 19-23 60 70%
S V 19-23 10
S V 22-23 10 100%
S V 19-23 40
S V 20-23 5
S V 19-23 50
S V 20-23 15
S V 19-24 60
S V 19-24 60
S V 20-24 5
S V 19-24 30
S V 19-24 60 70%
S V 19-24 20
S V 23-24 60
S V 19-24 60
S V 19-24 60
S V 19-24 30 30%
S V 19-24 60 60%
Rocky Area
S V 19-24 30
S V 19-24 50 40%
S V 19-24 20
S V 20-24 30 100%
S V 19-24 30
S V 19-24 30 100%
S V 24 30
S V 19-24 60
S V 19-24 1
S V 23-25 30
S V 17-25 60
S V 19-24 30
S V 17-25 20
S V 17-25 30
S V 17-25 80
S V 17-25 60
S V 20-25 10
S V 17-25 60
S V 17-25 60 60%
S V 17-25 15
S V 20-24 15 100%
S V 20-24 60
S V 20-24 10
S V 20 15
S V 24 15
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.
Probability weight indicates the likelihood that a Pokémon will spawn at a certain point in this location relative to others that can spawn there. A higher probability weight generally indicates that a Pokémon is more likely to spawn.
Pokémon with the highest or lowest level requirements may not spawn in every possible location within this area.
A bolded level range replaces the Pokémon's non-bolded level range after the player has completed The Way Home.
  1. 1.0 1.1 This Pokémon that only spawns in trees

Static Encounters

Species Level Range Availability
GrowlitheGrowlithe SV
TaurosTauros SV


Trainer Pokémon
Backpacker Jonathan
Backpacker Jonathan
キョウスケ Kyousuke
Reward: $1,320
Deerling Deerling Lv.22
No item
Stantler Stantler Lv.22
No item
Backpacker Arturo
Backpacker Arturo
レイジ Reiji
Reward: $1,260
Sandile Sandile Lv.21
No item
Cristian the Office Worker
Cristian the Office Worker
ヒトシ Hitoshi
Reward: $2,024
Klefki Klefki Lv.22
No item
Cabbie Omar
Cabbie Omar
ハルヒコ Haruhiko
Reward: $1,840
Varoom Varoom Lv.20
No item
Rebeca the Dragon Tamer
Rebeca the Dragon Tamer
ツバサ Tsubasa
Reward: $4,160
Skrelp Skrelp Lv.26
No item
Swablu Swablu Lv.26
No item
Goomy Goomy Lv.26
No item
Monica the Student
Monica the Student
マホ Maho
Reward: $1,200
Shellos Shellos Lv.20
No item
Lina the Student
Lina the Student
カオリ Kaori
Reward: $672
Cubchoo Cubchoo Lv.21
No item
Beatriz the Student
Beatriz the Student
ウタ Uta
Reward: $1,040
Alomomola Alomomola Lv.20
No item
Anas the Student
Anas the Student
キョウイ Kyoui
Reward: $4,160
Lokix Lokix Lv.26
No item
Rufflet Rufflet Lv.26
No item
Rosario the Student
Rosario the Student
サエコ Saeko
Reward: $1,728
Oricorio Oricorio
Baile Style
No item
Houndoom Houndoom Lv.24
No item
Ramon the Student
Ramon the Student
シュンタ Shunta
Reward: $1,656
Rufflet Rufflet Lv.23
No item
Drednaw Drednaw Lv.23
No item

In the anime

East Province (Area Two) in the anime

East Province (Area Two) first appeared in An Unexpected Picnic!, where the Rising Volt Tacklers had a picnic there and Roy encountered a Wattrel. In the next episode, Roy helped Wattrel overcome its fear of heights and learn to fly. Out of gratitude, Wattrel then allowed itself to be caught by him.

In HZ044, the Explorers started an operation to summon and capture the Black Rayquaza at Levincia Lighthouse. Using a device that simulates the energy created by Terapagos, the Explorers succeeded in summoning Rayquaza and started attacking it in order to weaken it for capture. The Rising Volt Tacklers arrived on the scene to stop the villains, with Roy using Wattrel to block Chalce's thrown Ultra Ball and Dot disabling the Explorers' machine. While Rayquaza started its counterattack with Draco Meteor, the short-tempered Coral ignored Chalce's orders and had her Glalie recklessly charge at Rayquaza and use Self-Destruct, which sent the Sky High Pokémon crashing into the Brave Olivine, severely damaging the airship.

In the next episode, Spinel had the Explorers retreat, allowing Liko and Roy to challenge Rayquaza. Surprisingly, Amethio joined the confrontation as well, teaming up with Friede. Friede's Charizard and Amethio's Ceruledge were both Terastallized and fought against Rayquaza, but were eventually overwhelmed by its Dragon Ascent, leaving the fight to Liko and Roy. During the confrontation, Roy's Fuecoco learned Flame Charge and Liko's Sprigatito evolved into Floragato, but they were still unable to do much against the Legendary Pokémon, which fled when its opponents collapsed from exhaustion.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 東第2區 Dūng Daih 2 Kēui
Mandarin 東第2區 / 东第2区 Dōng Dì 2 Qū
France Flag.png French Zone Est nº 2
Germany Flag.png German Östliche Zone 2
Italy Flag.png Italian Area 2 Est
South Korea Flag.png Korean 동부 에리어 2 Dongbu Area 2
Spain Flag.png Spanish Área 2 (Este)

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