Obsidian Fieldlands

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Obsidian Fieldlands 黒曜の原野
Obsidian Fields
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
LA Obsidian Fieldlands.png
Map description:
Location: Southwestern Hisui
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
Hisui Obsidian Fieldlands Map.png
Location of Obsidian Fieldlands in Hisui.
Pokémon world locations
Map of Obsidian Fieldlands

The Obsidian Fieldlands (Japanese: 黒曜原野 Obsidian Fields) are a large area in the southwest of Hisui. It is home to the Noble Kleavor and Wyrdeer. All Burmy that battle here will turn into their Plant Cloak forms.

In the future, the Obsidian Fieldlands became southwest Sinnoh including Twinleaf Town, Sandgem Town, and Lake Verity.


Name Description
Fieldlands Camp Obsidian Fieldlands.png The starting point of expeditions from Jubilife Village. It is located in the northwest. Includes many simple amenities like a shop, crafting, a rest tent, and storage.
Aspiration Hill Aspiration Hill.png A rectangular area in the northwest, just south of the Fieldlands Camp, and bordered by the river on its south side.
Floaro Gardens Floaro Gardens LA.png Located in the northwest. It is somewhat west of Aspiration Hill.
Horseshoe Plains Horseshoe Plains.png A circular area in the north. It is east of Aspiration Hill, and bordered by the river on its east and south sides.
Grueling Grove Grueling Grove LA.png You can find alpha Heracross here.
Worn Bridge Worn Bridge LA.png There are a lot of Pokemon on the bridge, as well as alpha Floatzel.
Deertrack Path 250px
Deertrack Heights Deertrack Heights LA.png
Windswept Run Windswept Run LA.png A strip of land along the coast of the western area of Deertrack Heights.
Nature's Pantry Nature's Pantry LA.png
Tidewater Dam Tidewater Dam LA.png
The Heartwood The Heartwood LA.png
Grandtree Arena Grandtree Arena LA.png The arena of the Obsidian Fieldlands. The Noble Pokémon Kleavor is battled here.
Oreburrow Tunnel Oreburrow Tunnel LA.png
Obsidian Falls Obsidian Falls LA.png
Ramanas Island 250px An island in the southwestern quadrant. The Basculegion mount is required to reach it.
Sandgem Flats Sandgem Flats LA.png Located in the southwest. It is south of Lake Verity and border by the river to its south.
Lake Verity Lake Verity LA.png Located in the west. It is surrounded by tall cliffs on all sides except a narrow pathway from the south, connecting to Sandgem Flats.


Overworld items

Main article: Obsidian Fieldlands/Items

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld around Obsidian Fieldlands.

Fire Stone Thunder Stone Water Stone Stardust Cheri Berry
Bag Fire Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Thunder Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Water Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Stardust LA Sprite.png Bag Cheri Berry LA Sprite.png
Leppa Berry Oran Berry Sitrus Berry Razz Berry Nanab Berry
Bag Leppa Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Oran Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Sitrus Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Razz Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Nanab Berry LA Sprite.png
Pinap Berry Apricorn Tumblestone Dazzling Honey Springy Mushroom
Bag Pinap Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Apricorn LA Sprite.png Bag Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Dazzling Honey LA Sprite.png Bag Springy Mushroom LA Sprite.png
Wood King's Leaf Bugwort Iron Chunk Black Tumblestone
Bag Wood LA Sprite.png Bag King's Leaf LA Sprite.png Bag Bugwort LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Chunk LA Sprite.png Bag Black Tumblestone LA Sprite.png
Sky Tumblestone Spoiled Apricorn Medicinal Leek Vivichoke Pep-Up Plant
Bag Sky Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Spoiled Apricorn LA Sprite.png Bag Medicinal Leek LA Sprite.png Bag Vivichoke LA Sprite.png Bag Pep-Up Plant LA Sprite.png
Swordcap Iron Barktongue
Bag Swordcap LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Barktongue LA Sprite.png

A map and details of all items can be found at Obsidian Fieldlands/Items.

Fieldlands Camp

Item Location Games
Cake-Lure Base LA Cake-Lure Base ×5 From Morel for bringing him a Springy Mushroom as part of Request 6: "Mushroom Cake Marketing"  LA 


# Pokémon Sub-location(s) Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
025 025 Pikachu Nature's Pantry 6-13 All All
041 041 Zubat Deertrack Path
Nature's Pantry
The Heartwood
Oreburrow Tunnel
3-18 Night All
042 042 Golbat Oreburrow Tunnel 3-24 Night All Alpha icon.png
046 046 Paras Nature's Pantry 9-13 All All
047 047 Parasect Nature's Pantry 15-26 All All Alpha icon.png
054 054 Psyduck The Heartwood 13-17 All All
063 063 Abra Windswept Run
Sandgem Flats
9-15 All All
064 064 Kadabra Sandgem Flats 12-30 All All
065 065 Alakazam Sandgem Flats 40 All All Alpha icon.png
066 066 Machop Oreburrow Tunnel
Obsidian Falls
13-27 All All
067 067 Machoke Obsidian Falls 24-27 All All
074 074 Geodude Deertrack Heights
Worn Bridge
Oreburrow Tunnel
7-16 All All
075 075 Graveler Oreburrow Tunnel
Sandgem Flats
15 All All Alpha icon.png
077 077 Ponyta Horseshoe Plains 3-17 All Sunny
078 078 Rapidash Horseshoe Plains 25-42 All Sunny
Alpha icon.png
113 113 Chansey Obsidian Falls 20-27 All All
122 122 Mr. Mime Sandgem Flats 15-30 All All
123 123 Scyther Grandtree Arena 13-27 All All Alpha icon.png
129 129 Magikarp Obsidian Falls
Lake Verity
13-40 All All
130 130 Gyarados Obsidian Falls
Lake Verity
16-64 All All Alpha icon.png
133 133 Eevee Horseshoe Plains 2-17 All All
143 143 Snorlax Sandgem Flats 25 All All Alpha icon.png
172 172 Pichu Floaro Gardens
Nature's Pantry
3-10 All All
190 190 Aipom Ramanas Island 24-27 All All
211 211H Qwilfish
Hisuian Form
Ramanas Island
Not mentioned in in-game Pokédex,
but can still be found there
53-60 All All
214 214 Heracross Grueling Grove 30 Morning
All Alpha icon.png
234 234 Stantler Deertrack Heights 9-27 All All Alpha icon.png
242 242 Blissey Obsidian Falls 42 All All Alpha icon.png
265 265 Wurmple Horseshoe Plains
Floaro Gardens
The Heartwood
2-6 All All
266 266 Silcoon Floaro Gardens
The Heartwood
2-9 Morning
267 267 Beautifly Floaro Gardens
The Heartwood
Grueling Grove
13-24 Morning
268 268 Cascoon Floaro Gardens
The Heartwood
2-9 Night All
269 269 Dustox Floaro Gardens
The Heartwood
Grueling Grove
13-24 Night All
390 390 Chimchar Deertrack Heights
Ramanas Island
10-13 All All
391 391 Monferno Ramanas Island 10-17 All All
392 392 Infernape Ramanas Island 45 All All Alpha icon.png
396 396 Starly Aspiration Hill
Horseshoe Plains
Windswept Run
Tidewater Dam
2-13 Morning
397 397 Staravia Nature's Pantry
Tidewater Dam
Ramanas Island
Sandgem Flats
Windswept Run
9-18 Morning
All Alpha icon.png
398 398 Staraptor Nature's Pantry
Lake Verity
34-44 All All
399 399 Bidoof Aspiration Hill
Horseshoe Plains
Tidewater Dam
2-14 All All
400 400 Bibarel Tidewater Dam 1-17 All All Alpha icon.png
401 401 Kricketot Deertrack Path
Nature's Pantry
Windswept Run
6-9 All All
402 402 Kricketune Nature's Pantry 6-29 All All Alpha icon.png
403 403 Shinx Aspiration Hill
Floaro Gardens
Oreburrow Tunnel
2-14 All All
404 404 Luxio Floaro Gardens
Oreburrow Tunnel
Sandgem Flats
11-29 All All Alpha icon.png
405 405 Luxray Sandgem Flats
Lake Verity
15-44 All All
412 412 Burmy
Plant Cloak
Deertrack Path
Deertrack Heights
Nature's Pantry
Grueling Grove
? All All
413 413 Wormadam
Plant Cloak
Grueling Grove
Sandgem Flats
~21 All All
414 414 Mothim Grueling Grove 15-18 All All
415 415 Combee The Heartwood
Grueling Grove
Ramanas Island
6-20 All All
418 418 Buizel Horseshoe Plains
Windswept Run
Worn Bridge
2-16 All All
419 419 Floatzel Worn Bridge 16-40 All All Alpha icon.png
420 420 Cherubi The Heartwood 22-24 All All
421 421 Cherrim The Heartwood ? All All
422 422 Shellos
West Sea
Sandgem Flats
Ramanas Island
15-29 All All
423 423 Gastrodon
West Sea
Sandgem Flats
Ramanas Island
15-40 All All
425 425 Drifloon Aspiration Hill
Horseshoe Plains
Floaro Gardens
Ramanas Island
2-27 Night All
426 426 Drifblim Sandgem Flats
Ramanas Island
10-44 Night All
427 427 Buneary The Heartwood 13-18 All All
428 428 Lopunny The Heartwood 25 All All Alpha icon.png
439 439 Mime Jr. Horseshoe Plains
Sandgem Flats
3-25 All All
440 440 Happiny Oreburrow Tunnel
Obsidian Falls
13-27 All All
446 446 Munchlax Deertrack Heights 6-9 All All
468 468 Togekiss Lake Verity 42-45 All All
481 481 Mesprit Lake Verity* 70 All All
492 492 Shaymin
Land Forme
Floaro Gardens*
Requires save data from
Pokémon Sword or Shield
70 All All
645 645 Landorus
Incarnate Forme
Ramanas Island* 70 All All
706 706H Goodra
Hisuian Forme
Lake Verity* 58 All All Alpha icon.png

Pokémon marked with an * are unique and are not actual overworld spawns.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 黑曜原野 Hākyiuh Yùhnyéh
Mandarin 黑曜原野 Hēiyào Yuányě
France Flag.png French Plaines Obsidiennes
Germany Flag.png German Obsidian-Grasland
Italy Flag.png Italian Landa Ossidiana
South Korea Flag.png Korean 흑요 들판 Heugyo Deulpan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pradera Obsidiana

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