Coronet Highlands

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Coronet Highlands 天冠の山麓
Tengan Foothills
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
LA Coronet Highlands.png
Map description:
Location: Central Hisui
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
Hisui Coronet Highlands Map.png
Location of Coronet Highlands in Hisui.
Pokémon world locations
Map of Coronet Highlands

The Coronet Highlands (Japanese: 天冠山麓 Tengan Foothills) are a large area in Hisui. It is located on Mount Coronet. It is home to a Noble Hisuian Electrode and Sneasler.

The Coronet Highlands has a special magnetic field that allows Magneton and Nosepass to evolve into Magnezone and Probopass, respectively, without using a Thunder Stone. Additionally, all Burmy that battle here will turn into their Sandy Cloak form.


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Name Description
Wayward Wood Wayward Wood.png
Ancient Quarry Ancient Quarry.png
Sonorous Path 250px
Lonely Spring Lonely Spring.png
Clamberclaw Cliffs Clamberclaw Cliffs.png
Celestica Ruins Celestica Ruins.png
Celestica Trail 250px
Primeval Grotto Primeval Grotto.png
Sacred Plaza Sacred Plaza.png
Stonetooth Rows Stonetooth Rows.png
Bolderoll Ravine Bolderoll Ravine.png
Fabled Spring Fabled Spring.png
Cloudcap Pass Cloudcap Pass LA.png
Temple of Sinnoh LA Temple of Sinnoh.png


Overworld items

Main article: Coronet Highlands/Items

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld around Coronet Highlands.

Leaf Stone Stardust Nugget Shiny Stone Dusk Stone
Bag Leaf Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Stardust LA Sprite.png Bag Nugget LA Sprite.png Bag Shiny Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Dusk Stone LA Sprite.png
Dawn Stone Chesto Berry Aspear Berry Leppa Berry Oran Berry
Bag Dawn Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Chesto Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Aspear Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Leppa Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Oran Berry LA Sprite.png
Sitrus Berry Razz Berry Apricorn Caster Fern Tumblestone
Bag Sitrus Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Razz Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Apricorn LA Sprite.png Bag Caster Fern LA Sprite.png Bag Tumblestone LA Sprite.png
Dazzling Honey Hearty Grains Plump Beans Springy Mushroom Crunchy Salt
Bag Dazzling Honey LA Sprite.png Bag Hearty Grains LA Sprite.png Bag Plump Beans LA Sprite.png Bag Springy Mushroom LA Sprite.png Bag Crunchy Salt LA Sprite.png
Wood King's Leaf Bugwort Iron Chunk Black Tumblestone
Bag Wood LA Sprite.png Bag King's Leaf LA Sprite.png Bag Bugwort LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Chunk LA Sprite.png Bag Black Tumblestone LA Sprite.png
Sky Tumblestone Sootfoot Root Spoiled Apricorn Sticky Glob Stealth Spray
Bag Sky Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Sootfoot Root LA Sprite.png Bag Spoiled Apricorn LA Sprite.png Bag Sticky Glob LA Sprite.png Bag Stealth Spray LA Sprite.png
Medicinal Leek Vivichoke Pep-Up Plant Swordcap Iron Barktongue
Bag Medicinal Leek LA Sprite.png Bag Vivichoke LA Sprite.png Bag Pep-Up Plant LA Sprite.png Bag Swordcap LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Barktongue LA Sprite.png
Doppel Bonnets Direshroom Poké Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball
Bag Doppel Bonnets LA Sprite.png Bag Direshroom LA Sprite.png Bag Poké Ball LA Sprite.png Bag Great Ball LA Sprite.png Bag Ultra Ball LA Sprite.png
Scatter Bang Smoke Bomb Honey Cake Grain Cake Bean Cake
Bag Scatter Bang LA Sprite.png Bag Smoke Bomb LA Sprite.png Bag Honey Cake LA Sprite.png Bag Grain Cake LA Sprite.png Bag Bean Cake LA Sprite.png
Mushroom Cake Salt Cake Hopo Berry
Bag Mushroom Cake LA Sprite.png Bag Salt Cake LA Sprite.png Bag Hopo Berry LA Sprite.png

A map and details of all items can be found at Coronet Highlands/Items.

Wayward Cave

Main article: Wayward Cave

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld in Wayward Cave.

Stardust Star Piece Tumblestone Iron Chunk Black Tumblestone
Bag Stardust LA Sprite.png Bag Star Piece LA Sprite.png Bag Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Chunk LA Sprite.png Bag Black Tumblestone LA Sprite.png
Sky Tumblestone
Bag Sky Tumblestone LA Sprite.png

Stone Portal

Main article: Stone Portal

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld at Stone Portal.

Iron Chunk
Bag Iron Chunk LA Sprite.png


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# Pokémon Sub-location(s) Levels Time of Day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
035 035 Clefairy Fabled Spring 43-53 Night All
036 036 Clefable Fabled Spring 47 Night All Alpha icon.png
041 041 Zubat Heavenward Lookout
Wayward Cave
18-21 Night All
042 042 Golbat Heavenward Lookout
Wayward Cave
18-46 Night All
046 046 Paras Heavenward Lookout
Wayward Wood
18-23 All All
047 047 Parasect Heavenward Lookout
Wayward Wood
18-23 All All
054 054 Psyduck Wayward Wood
Lonely Spring
18-32 All All
055 055 Golduck Wayward Wood
Lonely Spring
18-32 All All
066 066 Machop Bolderoll Ravine
Cloudcap Pass
21-27 All All
067 067 Machoke Bolderoll Ravine
Cloudcap Pass
21-27 All All
074 074 Geodude Bolderoll Ravine
Clamberclaw Cliffs
Celestica Ruins
18-24 All All
075 075 Graveler Heavenward Lookout
Bolderoll Ravine
Clamberclaw Cliffs
Celestica Ruins
18-48 All All
076 076 Golem Bolderoll Ravine 45 All All Alpha icon.png
092 092 Gastly Bolderoll Ravine
Sacred Plaza
Celestica Ruins
21-24 Night All
093 093 Haunter Bolderoll Ravine
Sacred Plaza
Celestica Ruins
21-46 Night All
095 095 Onix Celestica Trail 43-52 All All
100 100H Voltorb
Hisuian Form
Sacred Plaza 21-50 All All
111 111 Rhyhorn Celestica Trail
Sacred Plaza
21-41 All All
112 112 Rhydon Celestica Trail
Sacred Plaza
21-52 All All
123 123 Scyther Primeval Grotto 53-65 All All
125 125 Electabuzz Cloudcap Pass 53-64 All All
129 129 Magikarp Fabled Spring 16-19 All All
130 130 Gyarados Primeval Grotto 53-64 All All
169 169 Crobat Wayward Cave ? All All Alpha icon.png
173 173 Cleffa Fabled Spring 43-50 Night All
185 185 Sudowoodo Celestica Ruins 39-49 All All
193 193 Yanma Heavenward Lookout 18-30 Morning
200 200 Misdreavus Stonetooth Rows
Sacred Plaza
Celestica Ruins
21-61 Night All
207 207 Gligar Clamberclaw Cliffs
Celestica Ruins
Cloudcap Pass
Primeval Grotto
37-56 All All
208 208 Steelix Celestica Trail 40 All All Alpha icon.png
214 214 Heracross Wayward Wood
Sonorous Path
35-44 Morning
215 215H Sneasel
Hisuian Form
Celestica Trail
Primeval Grotto
43-56 All All
216 216 Teddiursa Sonorous Path 21-29 All All
217 217 Ursaring Sonorous Path 21-64 All All
234 234 Stantler Wayward Wood 18-21 All All
239 239 Elekid Cloudcap Pass 53-61 All All
299 299 Nosepass Celestica Ruins
Primeval Grotto
39-56 All All
315 315 Roselia Fabled Spring 43-53 All All
339 339 Barboach Wayward Cave ? All All
340 340 Whiscash Wayward Cave ? All All
358 358 Chimecho Celestica Trail 43-63 All All
403 403 Shinx Sonorous Path 11-21 All All
404 404 Luxio Heavenward Lookout
Sonorous Path
Sacred Plaza
Cloudcap Pass
11-29 All All
405 405 Luxray Heavenward Lookout
Sonorous Path
Sacred Plaza
Cloudcap Pass
11-45 All All Alpha icon.png
406 406 Budew Fabled Spring 43-50 Morning
412 412G Burmy
Sandy Cloak
Heavenward Lookout
Celestica Trail
Celestica Ruins
Stonetooth Rows
? All All
413 413G Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
Heavenward Lookout
Celestica Trail
Celestica Ruins
Stonetooth Rows
? All All
414 414 Mothim Wayward Wood 35-46 All All Alpha icon.png
420 420 Cherubi Lonely Spring
Fabled Spring
Primeval Grotto
? All All
421 421 Cherrim Lonely Spring
Fabled Spring
Primeval Grotto
? All All
429 429 Mismagius Stonetooth Rows 46 Night All Alpha icon.png
433 433 Chingling Sacred Plaza 50-56 All All
434 434 Stunky Ancient Quarry 18-33 All All
435 435 Skuntank Ancient Quarry 18-53 All All
436 436 Bronzor Ancient Quarry
Clamberclaw Cliffs
Stonetooth Rows
Celestica Ruins
29-32 All All
437 437 Bronzong Ancient Quarry
Clamberclaw Cliffs
Stonetooth Rows
Celestica Ruins
29-44 All All Alpha icon.png
438 438 Bonsly Celestica Ruins 44-46 All All
443 443 Gible Wayward Cave
Clamberclaw Cliffs
20-23 All All
444 444 Gabite Clamberclaw Cliffs 41-47 All All Alpha icon.png
449 449 Hippopotas Celestica Trail 30-33 All All
450 450 Hippowdon Celestica Trail 30-52 All All
453 453 Croagunk Ancient Quarry 33-36 All All
454 454 Toxicroak Ancient Quarry 33-64 All All
455 455 Carnivine Lonely Spring 37-40 All All
462 462 Magnezone Celestica Trail
Fabled Spring
Clamberclaw Cliffs
38-49 All All Alpha icon.png
464 464 Rhyperior Sacred Plaza 54 All All Alpha icon.png
466 466 Electivire Cloudcap Pass 49 All All Alpha icon.png
469 469 Yanmega Heavenward Lookout 18-42 Morning
472 472 Gliscor Primeval Grotto 57 All All Alpha icon.png
476 476 Probopass Primeval Grotto 58 All All Alpha icon.png
479 479 Rotom Stonetooth Rows
Sacred Plaza
21-50 All All
488 488 Cresselia* Moonview Arena 70 ? ?
491 491 Darkrai* Clamberclaw Cliffs 70 Night ?
550 550W Basculin
White-Striped Form
Fabled Spring 43-46 All All
704 704 Goomy Ancient Quarry 33-39 All All
705 705H Sliggoo
Hisuian Form
Ancient Quarry 33-49 All All
706 706H Goodra
Hisuian Form
Ancient Quarry 50 All All Alpha icon.png

Pokémon marked with an * are unique and are not actual overworld spawns.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 天冠山麓 Tīngūn Sāanlūk
Mandarin 天冠山麓 Tiānguān Shānlù
France Flag.png French Contrefort Couronné
Germany Flag.png German Kraterberg-Hochland
Italy Flag.png Italian Pendici Corona
South Korea Flag.png Korean 천관산 기슭 Cheongwan-San Giseuk
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ladera Corona

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