Battle Tower (Generation II)

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Battle Tower (Johto) redirects here. For Battle Tower located at the Johto Battle Frontier, see Battle Tower (Sinnoh).

Battle Tower バトルタワー
Battle Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Battle Tower C.png
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Location: West of Olivine CityC
Region: Johto
Generations: II
Johto Frontier Access Map.png
Location of Battle Tower in Johto.
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The Battle Tower (Japanese: バトルタワー Battle Tower) in Generation II was the first Battle Tower in the Pokémon games, debuting in Pokémon Crystal. It is Johto's premiere battle facility, located at the northernmost part of Route 40, west of Olivine City.

As the first Battle Tower in the series, it introduced many of the special rules that would later be expanded upon for Battle Towers in Battle Towers introduced later. One addition, introduced in Pokémon Emerald, that the Battle Tower in Crystal lacks is a leader who is in charge of the Battle Tower. Another difference with later Battle Towers is that the Battle Tower in Pokémon Crystal is built on the same landmass as the rest of the region and may be challenged before the player has become the Champion. The Battle Tower in Crystal also allows any Legendary Pokémon to participate, though later generations would ban many of them.

In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower utilizes the Mobile System GB.

In the games

The original Battle Tower established the basic rules of all Battle Tower challenges. Later Battle Towers would modify some of these basic rules to be somewhat more restrictive.

Its slogan is Take the Ultimate Trainer Challenge! (Japanese: 「めざせ! さいきょう トレーナー」 Become the Strongest Trainer!).


Japanese version

In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower is unlocked once the player connects to Mobile System GB for the first time, which requires the Mobile Game Boy Adapter. While the Battle Tower is locked, its doors display the message "The BATTLE TOWER's doors are closed…" (「バトルタワーの いりぐちは しまってる⋯」). After being unlocked, they instead return the message "It's open!" (「あいてる!」).

Since the discontinuation of the Mobile System GB in 2002, it is no longer possible to unlock the Battle Tower in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal. The Battle Tower is also inaccessible in the Virtual Console version.

Western language versions

In the Western language versions of Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower is always accessible (even in the Virtual Console version). The doors can no longer be interacted with, so the localized messages from the Japanese version are unused.


Battle Tower challenges are made by entering three of the player's Pokémon with the attendant at the front desk. The attendant will then guide the player to a special room where they will battle against seven opponents in a row, healing between each battle. After the seven Trainers have been defeated, the player will be rewarded with five of a stat-increasing nutritious drink.


The Battle Tower has several restrictions aside from the amount of Pokémon that can be entered.

  • All Pokémon must be less than or equal to the level of battle challenged. Levels are in intervals of 10, and the player can only choose levels 60 to 100 after entering the Hall of Fame.
  • No two Pokémon can be holding the same item.
  • Items cannot be used by Trainers on their Pokémon.
  • Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi are only allowed to be entered if the level chosen is 70 or higher. Eggs are not allowed to enter.

Banned Pokémon

Aside from the Pokémon mentioned above, other Pokémon are also banned because they can't be obtained by normal means, e.g. in the level 10 division Wartortle is banned because Squirtle evolves until level 16 and there are no underleveled Wartortle in the wild[1]. Below is the list of the Pokémon that are banned on each level:

Level 10

The Level 10 division features a total of 80 banned Pokémon, far more than any other division.

Level 20

There are 34 banned Pokémon in the international versions and 33 in the Japanese version. This is due to the fact that it is possible to obtain a level 20 Golem in the Japanese Blue Version, but not in the international versions.

Level 30

There are 24 banned Pokémon.

Level 40

There are 10 banned Pokémon.

Level 50

There are seven banned Pokémon.

Level 60

There are five banned Pokémon.

Levels 70-100

There are no banned Pokémon, all are available and allowed.


Item Location Games
Calcium Calcium ×5 For winning 7 battles in a row  C 
Carbos Carbos ×5 For winning 7 battles in a row  C 
HP Up HP Up ×5 For winning 7 battles in a row  C 
Iron Iron ×5 For winning 7 battles in a row  C 
Protein Protein ×5 For winning 7 battles in a row  C 

Japanese Crystal

In Japanese Crystal, the Battle Tower is directly associated with the Mobile System GB. Further multiplayer features are available, including mobile battles, for which a small price is charged on the players' mobile phones. If the player battled well enough, they could become a Room Leader (Japanese: ルームリーダー Room Leader). All Room Leaders would be registered in the Honor Roll of the Mobile Center for posterity.


The following Trainers may appear during the Battle Tower challenge. All of them use randomly-determined teams, depending on the level of the selected challenge.

See also: List of Battle Tower Pokémon (Generation II)
Spr GS Fisher.png Fisher
Spr GS PokéManiac.png Poké Maniac
Spr GS Guitarist.png Guitarist
Spr GS Scientist.png Scientist
Spr GS Pokéfan M.png Pokéfan
Spr GS Lass.png Lass
Spr GS Youngster.png Youngster
Spr GS Hiker.png Hiker
Spr GS Teacher.png Teacher
Spr GS Pokéfan M.png Pokéfan
Spr GS Kimono Girl.png Kimono Girl
Spr GS Boarder.png Boarder
Spr GS Picnicker.png Picnicker
Spr GS Biker.png Biker
Spr GS Juggler.png Juggler
Spr GS Pokéfan F.png Pokéfan
Spr GS Firebreather.png Firebreather
Spr GS Swimmer F.png Swimmer♀
Spr GS Swimmer M.png Swimmer♂
Spr GS Skier.png Skier
Spr GS Camper.png Camper
Spr GS Gentleman.png Gentleman
Spr GS Beauty.png Beauty
Spr GS Super Nerd.png Super Nerd
Spr GS Blackbelt.png Blackbelt
Spr GS Cooltrainer F.png Cooltrainer
Spr GS Officer.png Officer
Spr GS Psychic.png Psychic
Spr GS Pokéfan M.png Pokéfan
Spr GS Scientist.png Scientist
Spr GS Beauty.png Beauty
Spr GS Camper.png Camper
Spr GS Bird Keeper.png Bird Keeper
Spr GS Picnicker.png Picnicker
Spr GS PokéManiac.png PokéManiac
Spr GS Scientist.png Scientist
Spr GS Sage.png Sage
Spr GS Schoolboy.png Schoolboy
Spr GS Fisher.png Fisher
Spr GS Kimono Girl.png Kimono Girl
Spr GS Psychic.png Psychic
Spr GS Camper.png Camper
Spr GS Lass.png Lass
Spr GS Gentleman.png Gentleman
Spr GS Pokéfan F.png Pokéfan
Spr GS PokéManiac.png PokéManiac
Spr GS Youngster.png Youngster
Spr GS Teacher.png Teacher
Spr GS Sailor.png Sailor
Spr GS Blackbelt.png Blackbelt
Spr GS Super Nerd.png Super Nerd
Spr GS Cooltrainer F.png Cooltrainer
Spr GS Swimmer M.png Swimmer♂
Spr GS Bird Keeper.png Bird Keeper
Spr GS Boarder.png Boarder
Spr GS Lass.png Lass
Spr GS Officer.png Officer
Spr GS Skier.png Skier
Van Dyke
Spr GS Schoolboy.png Schoolboy
Spr GS Swimmer F.png Swimmer♀
Spr GS Youngster.png Youngster
Spr GS Guitarist.png Guitarist
Spr GS Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher
Spr GS Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher
Spr GS PokéManiac.png PokéManiac
Spr GS Scientist.png Scientist
Spr GS Super Nerd.png Super Nerd
Spr GS Swimmer F.png Swimmer♀
Spr GS Biker.png Biker
Spr GS Firebreather.png Firebreather


Version 1F Elevator Hallway Battle Arena
Crystal Battle Tower C 1F.png Battle Tower C Elevator.png Battle Tower C 2F.png Battle Tower C Battle Room.png

In the anime

The Battle Tower in the anime

The Battle Tower made a cameo appearance in Fight for the Light, where Team Rocket mistook it for an office building and tried to get in, but to no avail as the security officers asked for Gym Badges.

In the manga

The Battle Tower in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

In Querulous Qwilfish, the Battle Tower was under construction and was due to be finished in a month. A tank that was collecting waste from the construction cracked under pressure, spilling its contents into the sea nearby and contaminating the water. As a result, Qwilfish attacked a worker and Crystal out of anger and to protect a baby Qwilfish that became sick due to the pollution. It was also where Suicune first appeared, purifying the water and curing the baby Qwilfish in the process.

In Popular Pupitar, Silver was revealed to have first met Lance at the Johto Battle Tower construction site, wanting to question him if he knew anything about the giant bird Pokémon that the Masked Man had used to kidnap him nine years earlier.

Platinum chapter

In Deprogramming Porygon-Z, Platinum mentioned the Johto Battle Tower (as well as the Hoenn Battle Tower) when she was explaining the Sinnoh Battle Tower.


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 對戰塔 Duìzhàn Tǎ *
鬥技塔 Dòujì Tǎ *
France Flag.png European French Tour de Combat
Germany Flag.png German Duellturm
Italy Flag.png Italian Torre Lotta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시합타워 Sihap Tawo
Poland Flag.png Polish Wieża Walki
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Torre da Batalha
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Torre Batalla
Torre Combate*
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Tháp Thi Đấu


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