Primeval Grotto

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Primeval Grotto 太古の洞穴
Primeval Cave
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Primeval Grotto.png
Map description:
Location: Central Coronet Highlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Primeval Grotto Map.png
Location of Primeval Grotto in Hisui.
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Primeval Grotto (Japanese: 太古洞穴 Primeval Cave) is an area located in the central region of the Coronet Highlands of Hisui. Its entrance is located north of Celestica Trail.

It is the only known place in Hisui where Origin Ore, as dubbed by Professor Laventon, can be found. The Miss Fortune sisters seek to steal all of the Origin Ore in the cave during Mission 18: "The Counterpart".


The area of Primeval Grotto is composed of two parts: a forest and a grotto. The forest is in a long stretch of valley between Celestica Trail and the base of the Sacred Plaza.

Within the grotto, there is a small cavern located inside of a small cliff. There are two entrances, each leading into a different room of the cave. From the southern entrance, a large vein of glowing red Origin Ore is visible to the right, embedded within the cavern wall. The second room can be accessed from the first room or from the western part of the grotto. In this room, there are the bones of what seem to be a Rampardos and a Bastiodon unearthed from the northernmost wall.


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Item Location Games
Origin Ore LA Origin Ore Given by Lian during Mission 18: "The Counterpart"  LA 


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# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
123 123 Scyther 53-65 All All
130 130 Gyarados 53-64 All All
207 207 Gligar 37-56 All All
215 215H Sneasel
Hisuian Form
43-56 All All
299 299 Nosepass ? All All
420 420 Cherubi ? All All
421 421 Cherrim ? All All
472 472 Gliscor 57 All All Alpha icon.png
476 476 Probopass 58 All All Alpha icon.png


Mission 18: "The Counterpart"

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 太古洞穴 Taaigú Duhngyuht
Mandarin 太古洞穴 Tàigǔ Dòngxuè / Tàigǔ Dòngxué
France Flag.png French Grotte Préhistorique
Germany Flag.png German Urzeitliche Höhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Caverna Primitiva
South Korea Flag.png Korean 태고의 동굴 Taego-ui Donggul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caverna Inmemorial

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