Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

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Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop フラワーショップいろとりどり
Flower Shop Multicolor
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop.png
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Location: Floaroma Town
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Floaroma Town Map.png
Location of Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop in Sinnoh.
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The Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop (Japanese: フラワーショップいろとりどり Flower Shop Multicolor) is one of the chief landmarks of Floaroma Town. Notably, this flower shop is where the player can get their first Berries, which are found planted outside and given out daily by a girl inside the shop.

One woman in the shop gives the Sprayduck to the player, allowing them to water Berry plants and therefore grow more Berries. The blonde woman behind the counter inside gives out Accessories for Pokémon Super Contests in exchange for a certain amount of Berries. A girl to the right will give the player a random Berry once per day upon being spoken to.


A sign outside the shop reads:

Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop
Free Berries Available


Item Location Games
Sprayduck Sprayduck Given by a woman in the shop  D  P  Pt 

Random Berries

A girl in the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop will give out a Berry once per day.

Item Location Games
Cheri Berry Cheri Berry Received from a girl  D  P  Pt 
Chesto Berry Chesto Berry Received from a girl  D  P  Pt 
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry Received from a girl  D  P  Pt 
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry Received from a girl  D  P  Pt 
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry Received from a girl  D  P  Pt 


These are the Accessories that can be obtained, and the numbers of Berries required to buy them.

Accessory Cost  D  P  Cost  Pt 
Accessory Red Flower Sprite.png Red Flower 10 Razz Berries 1 Cheri Berry
Accessory Pink Flower Sprite.png Pink Flower 10 Bluk Berries 1 Chesto Berry
Accessory White Flower Sprite.png White Flower 10 Nanab Berries 1 Pecha Berry
Accessory Blue Flower Sprite.png Blue Flower 30 Cornn Berries 1 Oran Berry
Accessory Orange Flower Sprite.png Orange Flower 15 Magost Berries 1 Rawst Berry
Accessory Yellow Flower Sprite.png Yellow Flower 15 Rabuta Berries 1 Aspear Berry
Accessory Googly Specs Sprite.png Googly Specs 20 Nomel Berries 1 Leppa Berry
Accessory Black Specs Sprite.png Black Specs 20 Wepear Berries 1 Persim Berry
Accessory Gorgeous Specs Sprite.png Gorgeous Specs 40 Pinap Berries 10 Razz Berries
Accessory Sweet Candy Sprite.png Sweet Candy 30 Nanab Berries 10 Bluk Berries
Accessory Confetti Sprite.png Confetti 30 Razz Berries 10 Nanab Berries
Accessory Colored Parasol Sprite.png Colored Parasol 50 Magost Berries 10 Wepear Berries
Accessory Old Umbrella Sprite.png Old Umbrella 50 Pamtre Berries 10 Pinap Berries
Accessory Spotlight Sprite.png Spotlight 80 Nomel Berries 50 Cornn Berries
Accessory Cape Sprite.png Cape 250 Cornn Berries 100 Pamtre Berries
Accessory Standing Mike Sprite.png Standing Mike 80 Bluk Berries 50 Magost Berries
Accessory Surfboard Sprite.png Surfboard 180 Wepear Berries 100 Watmel Berries
Accessory Carpet Sprite.png Carpet 100 Spelon Berries 50 Rabuta Berries
Accessory Retro Pipe Sprite.png Retro Pipe 120 Pamtre Berries 50 Nomel Berries
Accessory Fluffy Bed Sprite.png Fluffy Bed 150 Watmel Berries 100 Durin Berries
Accessory Mirror Ball Sprite.png Mirror Ball 250 Durin Berries 100 Spelon Berries
Accessory Photo Board Sprite.png Photo Board 200 Belue Berries 100 Belue Berries


Version Exterior Interior
Diamond Floaroma Flower shop DPPt.png Floaroma Flower shop Interior DPPt.png

In the anime

The flower shop in the anime

The Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop appeared in Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!, in which it was visited by Ash and his friends. A young woman named Forsythia lives there and teaches Poffin-cooking classes. She also cares for the flower garden and Berry orchard located behind the shop with the help of her two Pokémon, Roserade and Lotad.

After seeing a poster advertising Forsythia's class, Dawn convinced Ash and Brock to visit the place along with her. The group was taught how to correctly stir the Poffin mixture to avoid burning it, with Dawn using her Pokétch's Kitchen Timer app to time her cooking. In the end, Dawn and Brock produced Poffins that tasted good and got the approval of their Pokémon, while Ash was unable to cook properly and ended up with a plate full of burnt Poffins.

The shop made a brief appearance in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, in which Forsythia was seen using a Sprayduck to water the flowers on her garden along with her Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 花店花花世界 Huādiàn Huāhuā-shìjiè
France Flag.png French Un Bouquet de Couleurs
Germany Flag.png German Blumenladen
Italy Flag.png Italian Fiorista Milletinte
South Korea Flag.png Korean 플라워숍 각양각색 Flower Shop Gagyanggaksaek
Spain Flag.png Spanish Floristería Arco Iris
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Cửa hàng hoa

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